Mormonleaks releases a doc with 316 pages of reported child sexual abuse in the Mormon church from 1959 until now. Why is this not as big as systematic abuse in the Catholic Church? It is equally terrible. If you have also been a victim, info to have your story added to this doc is in the comments.

Mormonleaks releases a doc with 316 pages of reported child sexual abuse in the Mormon church fro...

If you want a serious answer, the people I know who expressed outrage about the Catholic version of this were particularly focused on the idea that the requirement for priestly celibacy more or less "guaranteed" that sexual abuse would happen. The distrust of that institutional requirement, and the feeling that sex abuse proves they were right to distrust it, drives a lot of outrage most likely.

The reality is that anywhere you have adults with authority over, and access to, kids, it happens. It's pretty obvious I think that people with those predilections would seek out those positions. Adding a religious component of loyalty and secrecy just ups the attractiveness of religious vocations to people who want that access. There's plenty of instances to be outraged about, apart from the Catholic Church, but people seem to be belatedly waking up to that fact now.

If you give people power, some will abuse it.

Case: U.N diplomats sexually abusing children in other countries and can't be prosecuted. Or Americans raping Native American women on Native land and the tribunal courts can't get the people arrested and brought to justice.

When you have a mentality and an organization willing to hide you, LDS is no different. It makes it worse because religion should keep one feeling safe in faith.

Biggest flaw in the mormon church is that anybody can become a bishop. They are just regular people..

Everyone is just "regular people", regardless of how they came into positions of authority.

The biggest mistake anyone can make in how they view leadership is assuming leaders aren't just average people with the normal set of flaws and biases that everyone else has.

Seems to be common amongst missionary religions.

One of my exes was a Mormon and the local bishop got put away for it.

His teenage daughter burst in on him one day and he quickly shut down his windows, which made her suspicious enough to spy on him. She saw him looking at kiddie porn and told her mum. The mum confronted him and told him that he had 24 hours to hand himself in, which he did.

Bishop Tapp had also been in chat rooms grooming a 12 year old girl called Jessica. Turned out that Jessica was also a paedo so he was busted too.

Bishop Tapp also had a job as a lab technician in the local girls' school and had been taking upskirt pics of the girls.

My ex also told me that one of her sisters had been abused as a child by a 15 year old Mormon boy and the church kept it quiet and moved the boy away.

It is equally terrible

It's not on the same scale. The Catholic Church has been bouncing pedophiles around between countries to keep them from being prosecuted for decades.

The Mormon church doesn't have the international clout that the Catholic Church does

Good for his wife, to give him that ultimatum. Didn't try to cover up his crimes or downplay it's seriousness.

I think you are mistaking what they're saying. Nobody is implying that all Mormons are child molesters, nor does anyone think all Catholics are child molesters.

What people are upset about is the systematic cover-up from these religious organizations to protect child molesters.

Biggest flaw in the mormon church is that anybody can become a bishop. They are just regular people.. thats why there are a lot of angry mormons who have had bad experiences. Because for them the wrong person was in power.

There are Jehovas in my area and boy do I wonder about how bad it is.. The way they treat their women and children is appalling

It’s the LDS church, not FLDS. There’s been many post about this over at /sub/exmormon

I think the only reason it isn't given the same media attention as the Catholic church's coverup of child sex abuse is that Mormonism isn't as prominent of a religion like Catholicism is. I find that all religions tend to cover up sex abuse of any kind and justify the rape of women. How very godly of them.

Spotlight is on Netflix, must watch imo.

Any excess outrage (and outrage is certainly warranted, don't get me wrong) is probably due to how the Catholic Church is viewed in the US.

American Protestants tend to hate the Catholic Church.

You probably won't see the same level of outrage over equally outrageous scandals when a Protestant sect is involved.

Have you seen the movie Spotlight? It details the beginning of what would turn out to be the international Catholic Church child abuse sex scandal. I don't know that much about the LDS child abuse scandal, so I can't say for sure, but I suspect that the Catholic Church scandal was/is much more widespread. There are so many more Catholics than Mormans, and like /u/ChitChatJuiJitsu said, the Catholic Church is respected around the world.

In addition, Mormons in general tend to be a little bit more insular (or at least that is my perception), so it doesn't surprise me that it took so long for this to come out. On the other hand, the Catholic Church is a much more public organization. I mean the Pope regularly tours the world to meet with his constituents, and makes pronouncements about current events, and he's just one person. There had to be organized coverups at every level of the organization for this scandal to be kept under wraps for so long.

It is definitely just as terrible. I think it touches fewer people directly though, so for most people there is less of a visceral response.

I just finished "The Keepers" that's on netflix as well. There are some truly heinous people in our world.

Except, this particular document is not a leak. It was compiled from public sources of information, according to the creater of the document themselves.

There are creeps in every race, religion, special interest group, and every other possible demographic. None of these people represent these particular groups as a whole, so stop vilifying. It makes you look vicious and weak.

Sure, let's minimize systemic abuse and coverups on an international level for decades--at least among Catholics this happened. You can't use the Bad Apples analogy when the whole orchard is rotten.

Also, there is still prejudice against Catholics.

FLDS warrants entire books, not a mere few pages in reports.

It's the cover up everyone is pissed about. Duh.

Curious whether this is the LDS church, or the Fundamental LDS church? The fundamental still practices polygamy, and the LDS does not.

It's LDS. Mormon leaks has a source in the mainstream church's corporate office and they've been leaking things for months.

The issue is, Mormon, Catholics and Jehovah's witnesses ruling councils, or board of directors, whatever you want to call it. The people in charge of the religion at the top most levels, were involved in covering it up. If it was just some members that's different. The top leadership is covering it up. And the congregations themselves do nothing to stop or get rid of said leadership.

I'll stop grouping them together when 50-70% of each congregation threaten to quit if the leadership isn't removed and prosecuted. Instead they duck their heads and pretend like it's not my personal church so that's ok. I wanna see some heads rolling and leading councils jailed and prosecuted.

Pope Francis cracked down on the child molesters very hard. He has done a lot of good in a short amount of time. It will take a while to restore the tarnished image of the Catholic Church but, it's a step in the right direction. The Mormons are not as well known but, regardless this needs attention and the guilty need to be punished.

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Cardinal Pell

Why is it not as big? Well remember, it took years for people to take the Catholic church's abuses seriously. People were speaking out about it and being ridiculed. It took a lot of momentum before people said "No, actually, this is a really serious problem we need to deal with."

The whole situation with wasn't even taken seriously and that happened much later on.

Whoever the leaker is, good on him/her.

I didn't read the PDFs but at what level did they cover it up. I mean some of these are missionaries, some of these are bishops.