Mission impawssible

I love the expression of the other dog. He doesn't know what is going on.

He just looks at her like "Wait, are you not seeing this???"

I love the dog on the couch looking at her like "You seeing this shit?"

"I think I ate too many of those acid laced rawhides."

No, the dog definitely planned this.

I once had a dachshund, a rescue. That dog loved pork.

Once a friend of mine was holding up a pork chop, eating it like the girl in the image... and then all of a sudden I saw this brown blur FWING... and then my friend was still sitting there with his hands up to his mouth like the pork chop was still there....

but it wasn't.

This reads like a bad creepypasta

"Recon, is the coast clear?"

"She's looking the other way"

I've only just realized that this is read as "are you seeing this shit?"

Is it just me or does this look a little staged?


Hes the lookout.

'My dog only moves in blurs - Part 19'

The dog on the couch really makes it for me.

I feel like I would like to try those lol

Never turn your back on a Dachshund when there is food involved.

"I believe I can fry."

I thought you were crazy but I see it too now

"Thank you, Abelard."

Oh okay, here, start with this, a little vape bath salts to get you ready. Imagine the rush of smoked cocaine, the thrill of exstacy, and the desire to see vaginas like meth, except just as it wears off, you get a taste for some face eating take out. Combo that up with some LSD hide, and boy, you've got a trippy amphetamine psychosis stew cookin'!

*Talk to your doctor if you feel the need to take off all your clothes and denounce demons out of squad cars. Not valid in all states, see terms and conditions for details on naked street tazings.

**This comment may or may not be ironic and actually personal experience.

***Apparently some bath salt enthusiasts do not find this very witty. I'm mean, sure, it's shitposting, but no need to take it personally. I know MDPV doesn't lead to flesh eating, that Florida dude was skitzo and only on weed. I'm sorry I demonized your drug of choice. It's good shit, just, too good.

Yeah, the dog staged it all perfectly.

You can see the wires.

The other dog is wondering if it's qualified for such missions or if chilling on the couch will be all it takes to get snacks too.

I don't think either dog knows what's going on


It's also deadly to the pig.

You might even say he deserves an Awwscar. I'll see myself out.


Without the other dog, it would be mildly amusing at best. But that little shit makes me die everytime.

He's like an amazing actor in an otherwise mediocre movie.

I didn't know Dachshunds were Chinese.

You mean the wiener dog didn't orchestrate this heist?

so... /sub/nosleep

You're right.

I think the dog is using a leash/harness device of some sort but I'm not entirely sure.

No you're cra... huh.

Oh good, we skipped the whole /sub/nocontext spiel. Reddit's getting more efficient by the day.

Once owned a dachshund. Can confirm. If they had opposable thumbs, they would be one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet, simply because they would totally pull crap like this.


"So are you, saucy. Are you getting this?"

Needed this

I found my old Dachshund on the countertop one day eating my food. I can't even get onto my countertop.

Pawssibly the best thing I've seen today


I think the dog on the couch is an actor.

Is it just me or does the movie mission impossible seem staged?

She's into Greek (;

I can barely recognize Tom Cruise here.

Shut up Meg.


Remember the Jurassic Park video with the wiener dogs? Same dogs. The girl in the video has a few of them.

Edit: Her name is Anna. She has a bunch of funny videos. Super cool lady. I was in a Deep Eddy commercial with her once.

Here is the Jurassic World video


Original YouTube video version with sound:

i fucking love Dachshunds! They have such big personalities. Mine is such a lazy blob, he's the snooziest sausage you ever did see

Except shitty on purpose

That flying horse did it for me

I will not.

And not after midnight...

I used to have one too. The little bastard was probably smarter than me.

Search Engine Veterinarian, here.

Pork has a higher risk of carrying food-born illnesses. Pork can contain trichnella muscle varvae, which when consumed can lead to roundworms. As long as the pork is cooked thoroughly to kill the parasite, there is minimal risk.

Dogs also have a higher chance of being allergic to pork. So it's okay for some, and not others. If your dog is sneezing, get it a tissue.

Cuts with high fat are difficult for the digestive tract of dogs. Use lean pork.

Conclusion: It's fine as long as you take precautions. Don't stick razorblades in it. This can lead to internal bleeding and/or a ruptured asshole.

Doctoral quadruple-blind study: https://ultimatehomelife.com/can-dogs-eat-pork-and-can-dogs-eat-pork-bones/

"What's he doing up there? Oh there he comes... He's eating her food! She didn't notice... And there he goes up again"


I only recognized him by his tiny baby legs

"Apparently some bath salt enthusiasts do not find this very witty" Youre just ruining their buzz

Of course it did. Dont' let them ruin it for us!

Am I a bad person if I hoped the couch dog was going to get blamed for it?

A dog can't. But two can.

There's a third dog off-screen operating the crane.

I tried telling him. /shrug


Love that the dog has no idea what's going on, but sees food and thinks "Whatever. Food."


20 minutes after saying that i dropped a chip on my pants that had a tiny bit of bbq sauce on it.

i'm a slob