Miss the fish.

There's always a bigger fish

Turtle used withdraw, defense greatly increased!

Little fish is dead.

So, then everyone lost. Turtle didn't get, shit. Nor did bigger fish. And little fish was already fucking, dead. This is a depressing, ass gif.

Try spinning, that's a good trick.

Was the turtle ok?

Your "you're" use is horrible. Also, you're right

Now this is pod racing!

that turtle was in a lot of treble

Bro do you even pokemon? Withdraw raises defense by one stage only, not two.

It looks like a huge bass

You're comma use is horrible.

I'm so glad this isn't a thing.

How rude.

I love scenarios like these, where everyone wins.

Little fish = escapes from both turtle and big fish.

Turtle = doesn't get his head chomped off.

He's ok but he's got shellshock

Of all my years here, this is my least favorite username gimmick.

Check his username

They both ended up missing the fish

I don't care how big it is, it ain't gettin no tree-fiddy from me

IDK, his defense seems to have increased greatly. I'm pretty sure that Hard Shell lets Withdraw increase your defense greatly instead of just increasing it a bit.

Largemouth Bass

Edit: love being downvoted for being right



"nobody here... I'll just have a taste of the tail..." ... "WOW WHAT THE FUCK MAN!"


That guy Pokémons, but this guy definitely Pokémons.

I hate water. It's soft and smooth, and it gets everywhere.

@thefishwhisperer1 on instagram, the guy has a private pond with bass he's been hand feeding for years and has tonnes of these kind of videos

That's because you're a, dumbass.

It checks out.

It's pod racing, then.

Well no wonder the monster keep coming back to our damn house, you keep giving him tree fiddy!

Psst that's what JarJar says after the big fish is eaten by the biggest fish.

This is why I don't go swimming.

Oh shit

Bout that bass, no turtle

I hope the turtle was okay

Turt is fine, if you look it tucked it's head in. The fish wouldn't have enough of a bite force to bite it off anyway

I gave it tree fiddy once. He tricked me.

Double points for escaping while dead!

There is no argument. That is a largemouth bass

The fish may be dead but he still escaped.