[misc] Comic book stores are discovering that, despite the noise, SJW don't buy the comics they "cleanse".

[misc] Comic book stores are discovering that, despite the noise, SJW don't buy the comics they "cleanse".

Pretty much confirming what people here already know: the noisy social justice complainers don't really drive sales for the comics they shriek about.

"books like "Squirrel Girl," "Ms. Marvel" and the Jane Foster "Thor" title...sales of the first issues of all of those series are actually below (dramatically so in the case of "Thor!") the final issues of the "old series".


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Man, I'm actually loving this right now. All my "such progressive, very diversity" comic snob FB friends are eating their hats right now over this.

"Bu..bu...but their debut issues sold so well, what happened?"

The same thing that happens with every flavor-of-the-week, bandwagon-hopping SJW, they stopped giving a fuck.

The debut issues sold so well because the media parasitically hopped on the diversity bandwagon and spared no article space to cover this shit, and now that the debuts came and went, the SJWs were told by their Kotaku and AV Club overlords to be worried and outraged at THIS new injustice now! Being buttsad over comic diversity is soooo 48 seconds ago.

You reap what you sow. You kowtow to these ADD, self-diagnosed idiots with the convictions of a distracted toddler, and you'll always lose in the long run

For what it's worth, I stopped buying Marvel when they went all in on female Thor (seriously, how hard is it to just write a new character) who's comic seemed to be more about social justice and social commentary than a super heroine story. And I can't support DC after they caved to SJWs about the Batgirl #41 variant. I hope both companies burn and that future companies realize that SJWs are not their audience, nor will SJWs make them money. Happy fucking trails.

female Thor

Violently beats a surrendered foe, because "empowered feminist."

WORTHY to wield the hammer of Thor.

The only thing the Female Thor comic series accomplished was being noteable for being used by Tim Preston Tom Preston Andrew Dobson to mock Robin William's daughter after her father died.


female Thor

Violently beats a surrendered foe, because "empowered feminist."

WORTHY to wield the hammer of Thor.

The only thing the Female Thor comic series accomplished was being noteable for being used by Tim Preston Tom Preston Andrew Dobson to mock Robin William's daughter after her father died.




Maybe it's my weaboo tendencies speaking, but aside from short run original stories(watchmen)the concept of buying comics on legacy characters written by different people after every retcon/reboot sounds stupid.

How many times do you have to kill Bruce Wayne's parents before you decide to go write something original?

I'll stick to manga.

That guy is such a dishonest, disingenuous piece of shit it makes my skin crawl.

Typical fucking fat shit face who spent years drawing inflation fetish porn only to try and reinvent himself once "muh femuhnisum" became trendy and he tried (and failed miserably) to capitalize on gamergate-shaming comics with his retarded bear character.

That guy is Grade A dickbag.

Not surprising at all. They infect then cleanse then move on. Now comics are hamfisted messes that have alienated a lot of readers. Tell me again how comics were worse when it was a "boy's club" e.g. when it wasn't pandering to people like this because it didn't seem to stop women readers before from enjoying them.

He misused the archaic second person possessive. It should be "calm thy tits". Thine would only be used if the word following started with a vowel sound.

my little bro has stopped reading american comics all together. he said that "the male heroes just don´t get to act heroic anymore" so we started to look into European comics and Mangas. and boy it´s on giant leap in quality I tell you. Not only are the stories all new and unique but the art is better as well.

plus with all this sjw nonsense going on right now in american comics I don´t see any reason to support them any longer.

We'll almost certainly see this in gaming over the next few years. Studios will be spending massive amounts of money on diversity hires for new projects, spend extra money/time redesigning existing ip's and creating new ones just for them, spending extra time on in-game assets to meet diversity quotas, and creating marketing campaigns to say "hey look, we listened!"

They'll realize after catering to their whims over the next 3-4 $CURRENT_YEARS that that the people who wanted these changes so bad aren't a new, untapped gaming market. The enormous droves of women and minorities just waiting for something more accessible that Leigh Alexander hallucinates in the bottom of her bottle don't exist.

Once all is said and done, they'll realize sales growth at best will be just the same as it was before, and they'll realize that the extra time, money, and effort was essentially wasted, and they'll cut all the extra costs and go back to the way things were before to get their profit back. We might even watch the demise of a major game studio who goes too far down the rabbit hole and isn't able to recoup their profits.

No game studio ever anywhere whatsoever at all cares about anything more than profit growth, and when all their efforts don't result in any growth, they won't continue, but it'll be fine because the esjaydubs will have moved on to another medium. Just gotta weather the storm out.

There's a good parallel with the decline of science fiction sales and average customer reviews of science fiction as well.


Maybe it's my weaboo tendencies speaking, but aside from short run original stories(watchmen)the concept of buying comics on legacy characters written by different people after every retcon/reboot sounds stupid.

Yeah,that's always been my problem with comics too.I really like superheroes,but I never really much got into the actual comics.Mostly because they're so static.Any character growth or change goes right out the window when the next writer comes along and they want to do something entirely different with the character.

Doing it like manga would be infinitely better.Even if you still wanted to have like thirty different versions of Batmans life series,at least keep them all consistently written by the same writer and with an actual storyline and plot/character advancement.

If he hasn't read one punch man get him into it. It's a super hero manga and he'll love it if he liked the old style american comics. and all the various monsters he fights explode when punched... and its over the top usually.

One thing you can't deny about a nerd audience - they're loyal as fuck. They'll suffer many many low points just to be there for those transcendent high points.

Whinging on the internet about stuff we love is just how we weather the low points. We still buy shit though.

I am a comic book fan. I have read some recent Marvel stuff and the quality is pretty lacking. I don't know if it's actually going down or if I'm just getting older.

SJW bullshit in general will never play with the majority of people. No one likes being lectured to, told what to do and threatened with "racist, misogynist" labels if they don't tow the line.

In the 80s when Rhodes took over as Iron Man, it wasn't some big annoying social justice thing. It was just, "oh ok Tony's a drunk so Rhodes is Iron Man now. Cool."

These days, though, it seems like you can't have a POC or female character without the creators trying to pass themselves off as some kind of morally superior jackass.

Always blowing things out of proportions.

This is the very reason of the Sad Puppies revolt: science fiction that was covered in awards and lefty media accolades for pandering to the liberal/SJW ideology, or because it was written by a person belonging to one of their less privileged groups of interests. Not because of any merit of the work itself.

Sad Puppies is jut a reaction to the lengthy self-immolation of a whole literary genre at the hands of activists with a method and an agenda.

Why the fuck did Inflation Boy do that?

This right here.

We are a loyal fucking bunch, and we will normally weather whatever atrocity the corporate overlords decide to impose simply because a focus group gave a thumbs up, but one other thing we're known for is closing up our wallets when they toe too close to the line.

And here's the other whammy. When we finally do say "go fuck yourself", we don't go back on it. Once the wallet is closed, it's VERY hard for us to open it back up.

It's that, but also it's all the times that DC and Marvel burned their readers with cheap stunts to drive up sales of individual issues. They'll bring back the original Thor and they'll bring back Steve Rogers as Captain America if they didn't already. DC and Marvel constantly pull cheap stunts like this and walk them back in a year or two. No one could possibly give a fuck because they know nothing is going to stick and everything will revert back to formula sooner than later.

Because he is an asshole.

Much like television, the best way to tell a good story is within a limited time-frame. Sustaining the same characters for years will always become tired and repetitive. Short, self-contained arcs will always be better. It comes down to the dollars: ongoing series are guaranteed sales/ad revenue and (until recently) were something you could rely upon for steady income.

Judge Dredd is an amazing comic for this reason - he ages in real time, and characters stay dead.

The comic's been going since 1977, when the character debuted, aged 33. As a result, the character is now 72 in the strips, and the stories often reflect him dealing with his age, and realising his time is coming to an end. At some point they'll kill off the character too, despite him being the UK equivalent of say Batman in popularity and acclaim - and he'll stay dead.

In terms of supporting characters and villains, they die regularly, and are never brought back. There's only ever been two long-standing recurring villains - Mean Machine, and Judge Death. The former was a semi-joke character who's now been given a happy ending and retired. The latter is supernatural, and can't be killed, only trapped. Everyone else meets their logical end - usually being killed by Dredd.

No reboots, and good attention to continuity. So much so, that children of supporting characters have grown up in real time in the strip, and are now adult supporting characters themselves. Part of this reason is that series creator John Wagner is still the main writer, nearly 40 years on.

I seriously recommend it.

Gee, SJWs have no interest in anything interesting and only want to ruin OTHER peoples' stuff? Who woulda fuckin' guessed?

Shitty AGG webcomic artist who hates criticism and used to make inflation fetish drawings of cartoon characters.

And have this be the result!?

Ugh. I remember way back when DC made Alan Scott gay and IGN couldn't shut up about how great it was. At the time all of the folks in the comments were going on about how everyone that had a problem with it was a homophobe and how it was such a big win for "muh diversity".

Flash forward to now and the entire Avengers roster has been replaced by new "diverse" versions of the characters. Because diversity means "no straight white guys".

I enjoyed Squirrel Girl. A joke character they fleshed out. Reminds me of the New Warriors/Speedball comics back in the early 90's. Original idea, not a gender change of an existing hero.

It's an interesting book if you're into Deadpool, as well.

But Ms Marvel and Thorette are jokes. Ms Marvel is proof they'll never be happy. You have Ms Marvel, an already female character, so it has to be problematic. Solution- make her Muslim. WTF is that.

As a Norwegian with strong viking ties. I find the female Thor to be extremely problematic. It is not only cultural appropriation, but it is twisting my heritage as well ;)

The thing is,you could still do Batman and still keep him going for decades.That's why they do reboots and alternate universe continuities and things like that.Since comics are basically a world where anything you want can happen you could easily sustain the characters indefinitely.Hell,as a writer I can still think of a lot of fresh new angles that I could take the character or the story of even someone like Batman without trashing the core character.

But you need consistency in the story,and you need to change.It's all of these constant retcons and complete character changes that ruin the medium.You can have the comics run for a decade or more,but keep it consistent and written by the same person/people and the same world. You can even have multiple Batman comics,each in different worlds where different things are happening,just keep them consistent.

The biggest thing that turns people off comics is knowing that anything that you like that happens or that changes a character or gives them growth will eventually be tossed out or rewritten by the next writer. Characters like Emma Frost are a good example of this.After all the years of character development they toss that out so they put her into a stupid relationship with Cyclops by effectively mindraping/manipulating him into the bed with her.For no real rational reason.Just because someone wanted to see them together.

You know what a good sci fi series is? The Expanse. Tons of powerful and interesting women, lots of breaking gender roles. And they're all very very flawed.

Write interesting characters. Don't write mouthpieces.

No, the current one is a time displace younger version who intrudes into everyone's minds and has made two versions of Iceman gay by "helping" them realize their sexual identity.

Nope. She is in fact Muslim. Some of her issues include her father not approving her hanging around boys.

I am being completely serious.

I'd always rather see something new but I absolutely loath the reskinning/regendering of existing properties. I would much rather see an obese Tumblerina superhero with telekinesis (easier to get the food I guess) than making Jean Grey Obese in the name of diversity. The problem is, judging by the awful "re-imagining" of characters like The Hulk and Thor, I suspect that the loudest proponents of change in comics/videogames/sci-fi are just not creative enough to create new properties.

Really though, comics are in for a messy end when you can spend four dollars on a game and get twenty hours of playtime as opposed to spending four dollars on a poorly written, poorly drawn comic that you'll finish in five minutes and put down knowing it won't be worth the paper it's printed on in two years.

It's not JUST the "so progressive!" stuff that's hurting comics right now, though that's definitely part of it. It's a few things.

1: Comic books are simply a dying medium. I'm sorry but it's true, they missed their time. 30 years of comics code authority relegating them to being for children only was something they could never quite recover from to regain mainstream acceptance. And now, with all the media we have today? They're just selling to a world that has passed them by. How can they compete with netflix and video games? Especially at such a premium price point. 3-4 bucks for 10-15 minutes of entertainment? That's just not a good value proposition, especially now that market saturation and reboots making "#1s" meaningless has basically killed the idea of "if you keep these comic books in good condition, years from now they could be worth a lot of money".

2: Marvel and DC have pulled so many stunts in the last 10 years or so they've completely burned through reader goodwill and created an environment of cynical apathy. Between killing off Captain America (but not really), killing off Batman AND Robin within a year or two of each other (but not really), killing off Wolverine (which should have been logically impossible, AND he's already on his way back), killing off Batman AGAIN (it lasted one whole issue this time) and so forth, they've burned readers out on shock value and stunts. There's basically nothing they can do at this point which will genuinely surprise a veteran reader and not just get a reaction of "I wonder if this change will last a full year before being retconned or reverted". Readers are jaded, there's a general impression the people writing the comics don't care about the characters or care about creating good stories, they care about creating deliberate controversy, desperately trying to nab a mainstream headline, clickbait on the scale of an entire medium, while bilking readers for more and more money with "families" of titles, where you have to buy five books you don't want for the story in the sixth to make sense and have full context, and the old paradigm of a "summer crossover" event being stretched into a PERPETUAL crossover where one universe-shattering event hasn't even ended before another begins. Between that and a number of massive storyline missteps (Superman taking a walk across America, anyone? Spiderman selling HIS MARRIAGE to the devil?), fans are exhausted, annoyed, and generally just can't even anymore.

3: Comic book continuity no longer makes any sense, or any EFFORT to make sense. Reboots barely last five years before getting rebooted again, reboot SOME aspects of continuity but not others, and give readers no clear indications of what is still canon. Titles blatantly contradict each other, and sometimes don't even manage INTERNAL consistency. Certain writers are just let loose on major lore events with no apparent editorial oversight and allowed to create completely unintelligible, pretentious nonsense in the name of "high art" (Seriously, if anybody here understands what happened in Multiversity, AT ALL, please explain it to me, I have no idea what the fuck I read). It's basically impossible for the reader to follow what's canon and what's not anymore, making it very hard to get invested in any of the characters or stories because you know the outcome won't matter. A character can be dead in one title and alive in another. After all that controversy about Wonder Woman's SJWified new costume, most of her books don't even use it and just stick with the costume she had before or some slight variation of it. After decades of rigorously maintaining a single, intelligible continuity all the way from Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1986 to Flashpoint in 2011, they threw it all away, and now Marvel has done the same thing.

4: And then yes, it's all the SJW stuff and the companies clear willingness to completely throw their existing audience under the bus for even the glimmer of hope that they could get mainstream approval and target other demographics. Insult to injury, after all the above, they shit on the people who stuck with them through it all. Who wants to give their money to people who take them for granted? Who's going to fanboy and defend a company in spite of their mistakes if it's obvious that company wants to "trade up" from having them as its audience?

So yeah, SJWs ARE "ruining comics"....but so are a lot of other things, the problems are so extensive and run so deep that I'm honestly not sure the medium CAN be saved, even if the SJW cancer is defeated, short of a step as drastic as going fully into digital distribution so that a larger audience can be brought in by eliminating the costs of printing and distribution and radically cutting prices...which would be rather a tragedy in and of itself because it would put most of the "local comic stores" out of business, taking away so much of the face to face community around the hobby, and so many people's livelihoods.

....WOW that was a wall of text, I hope some of you guys find it useful at least!

I could have dealt with FemThor if they'd just put in even a little fucking effort. Just a smidge. Instead they produce poorly written, preachy garbage that messes with established characterization and unnecessarily goes against canon. Writing a female Thor that fits in the established lore wouldn't have been hard. It would have required a little research. But no, that's work, and who has time to work when you could be congratulating yourself for your correct political opinions?


It's interesting, as that article said those books sold well, and were moving copies, until they did a relaunch and started back at #1. That audience is very clearly does not include collectors who seek out #1 issues and as the article said, doesn't understand the periodical renumbering system. Or more likely just doesn't care enough.

So...the take away is that there is a market there, but it does not behave like a typical comic audience and can be very hard attract and retain. At least from my substandard understanding.

So, I'm new here. I've been following for some time, but this thread made me want to join.

So I totally agree, why can't new comic writers thrive and produce new characters instead of constantly rehashing the old guard?

I mean....I would pay serious money to see a spiderman tv show (which I'm never ever going to get apartently).

But for the love of god, what ever happened to new characters? Worse, all the new ideas seem to be SJW dribble that is just crap on pages. My wife asked me about Jessica Jones when the show came on, and I couldn't even tell her about it because I never read it and I don't know anyone who did.

Same goes for Gender-Bender Thor and all the other crap.

This is why internet comics are making print comics look like a pile of refuse.

Current Wolverine is his teenage female clone.

Holy fucking shit, what an asshole.

No.She's actually her own complete character.And she's actually very good.

Though she came before the whole SJW thing.She's been around for a while in Marvel,but before she was called X23.She just took on Wolverines codename after he died.

He should read JoJo

There's a plebcomic about the idiocy of the weird 'animated' style of the current Squirrel Girl comic. Her face looks like a butt.

They killed off wolverine.

I don't even buy marvel comics.

Certainly won't now.




There's plenty of cool stuff coming out of Europe, France especially has had a very long a varied comicbook culture.

[edit] Definitely check out Metabarons

I...I...surely you must be joking.

This has been my general appreciation of Japanese culture as a whole with regards to anime and manga.

They tend to tell entire stories and that's it. Not run a franchise into the ground under the weight of its own inconsistent canon.

The authors generally have an idea of how things will end, where they begin and everything in between is under their control.

Not even a little bit.

Creating a new character? Not very hard. Getting the fans to care about that new character? Next to impossible. I think part of the reason why the initial reaction is to change pre-existing characters (from Marvel's stand point) is that it takes years to build a new character, and trying to contrive ways of making new character's monumentally important to storylines is usually met with a fair amount of resistance.

Hopefully they'll have learned from this, though. If the people demanding change aren't really your target audience, you're not going to retain them very long.

This is why I'm not terribly worried about a lot of this stuff. They don't actually buy the things they bitch about, and the bottom line is what matters most to companies ultimately.

honestly, the best solution would be to test the waters with new IPs rather than change old ones, because changing old ones really doesn't go down well with the readerbase.

They don't buy them, no. I think most of these companies are probably (hopefully) aware of that by now.

The thing is, it doesn't really make a difference to the companies. The marketing value they provide makes up for it, more or less. People call them social justice warriors, but a better name of them would be Social Media Marketteers. They'll tweet and blog and share everything they think is great.

So maybe they don't actually give a damn about She-Thor, but it raises Thor's brand awareness which Disney will calculate to be more valuable in the long run. If everyone is talking about Thor, that means his next movie will benefit. Or the action figures. Or other merchandise. They don't care if they take a few lumps in the comic. That's small potatoes anyway, even if it were the best selling book in years.

The social justice crowd is considered really, REALLY valuable with advertising and marketing departments.

ZOMG! Toxic masculinity! /s

That phrase had lead to this bullshit.

Personally I'm currently into Assassination Classroom (or as the Japanese title is, Ansatsu Kyuoshitsu). But there are a lot of manga&anime (and a couple of European comics, but most are only for a specific language market without a translation often) which are worth it. Plus, the most decent ones don't suffer from intentional mistranslation.

(Hell, Assassination Classroom is even in the original type of format, so reading from right to left / back from the book to the front)

To be fair, Jessica Jones (The book was called Alias) predates the SJW trend in comics by a decade. Ironicly, it's the booked that launched the MAX line, Marvels adult readers imprint, that's full of all the sex and violence the SJWs deplore. It's only since the Netflix series they've cottoned onto her as a "feminist hero".

As some others have suggested, I guess comic book fans are pretty loyal to a title and just keep dropping dollars regardless of what's going on in the actual book. Maybe this is a sign that actual comic book readers are finally saying, "Huh, this isn't the Avengers I want to read about so I'm not going to buy it." There's a very good reason Marvel chose the reskin/regender route: no one would buy a new team comic called The Progressives.

It's part of the reason why I have given up on mainstream science fiction from the big publishers and read a lot of self published kindle scifi books. There is a lot of bad books but there are also some good books hidden in there.

Naruto is already over, and One Piece is more than half done.

I haven't read any 2000AD in over a decade, but I've got more than a thousand back issues up in my mum's loft!

2000AD was always way ahead of its time, it's always such a shame that the mainstream likes to demonise comic book fans, when we were engaging with their pet issues way before they had ever even heard of them. And now SJWs want to tell us that we're all bigots because an arbitrary selection of big name titles don't tick enough of their boxes often enough.

2000ad had transgender characters in the early 90s - and not in any jokey way either. Joe Pineapples - the coolest robot assassin in the galaxy, came out as trans in 1992, his level of coolness was never diminished because of it, in fact it was shown to be a very positive thing that he'd finally given in to Hekate and become his true self, rather than worrying about being cool all the time. Slaine was based on a feminist reading of Celtic mythology - at a time when such a thing was actually transgressive, instead of mainstream pandering. Nemesis The Warlock was similarly an anti-religion screed, that attacked the bigotry of the Catholic Church. Develin Waugh was an outrageously gay Vatican exorcist with a body like Schwarzenegger, who challenged the over bearing machismo of boy's comics - not in a haughty or patronising way either.

Judge Dredd himself is a fascist anti hero, it's always been primarily a work of satire where you essentially root for the bad guy.

2000AD was always at the vanguard of liberal politics, if you believed in equality and you hated bigotry then 2000AD was the comic for you.

Basically done the same. They managed to take the Sci-Fi community or at least the publishers in general before anyone noticed what was happening. They did the same to quite a few other branches. They turned them all into the same grey boring slush and then moved on. The publishers still working alongside the same lines despite declining sales all over the place, as the people they're pandering to simply aren't interested or buying them in any meaningful numbers and the former fans don't find them to their liking.

It's like they have one recipe, they move into every kitchen and restaurant and replace all other recipes with theirs but keep the old label on it. Maybe trying to dress it up as the thing it was before but not even being very convincing about it.

Then they move on, because unlike what they told the owner and cooks, they were never really interested in becoming regulars and they have to chase the crowd which moved on to start it's own restaurants. Those also need to conform to their recipe and menu afterall.

The attack is on the readerbase itself, not the titles. They have no interest in comics, only in spreading their political agenda. This is just one method of attacking the nerd/geek demographic. Gaming is another. Cons are another again.

That's grotesque.

I'll pretend to be surprised.

Outside of occasional TPB, I've been out of comics for a while but are you serious about the Muslim thing?

None of these are longer than your standard novel or trilogy. Naruto was just poorly written and DB was always a gag manga. One Piece is solid, consistent and well written all the way through, just don't watch the anime.

Of course they don't. They just want to purge everything that has different thinking than they do. And it doesn't matter if they actually consume the content or not, they want to ban, censor and eliminate it all.

At which point I'll repeat what I've been saying for all this time: "I don't like turn based games. Because of this, no one should like them. Ban turn based games!"

This is their logic. Their way of thinking. If they don't like it, no one should. Well, that's just dumb way of thinking because people don't like same things and if you don't like something, that doesn't mean someone else shouldn't be allowed to enjoy that either.

Problem is, new IP doesn't sell well enough for them to take the risk. At least, that's the perception. Neither company sell to a general public anymore, who might be interested in new IP but a small population of die hard fans and geeks. I remember buying comics in a grocery store as a kid, now I'm not even sure if you can find them at Walmart.

Comics are so cringe worthy with all the SJW narratives and all the bullshit things they did to characters. I just stopped reading them and jumped to manga's like bobbybonnadouchey did.

Fucking hyperconsumerist rapemurderers.

What's really dumb is how it all came to be. I could write a better origin story for a female Thor in my sleep than "Oh, Thor just stopped being able to pick up his hammer while Jane Foster just... could."

Like, seriously, how's this instead:

A ruined city is burning, screams unanswered as two gods fight in the sky. Thor and Loki's fight has been brought to Earth and it's seriously not pretty. In the chaos, Loki stabs Thor in the ribs while bystanders watch on in horror.

One woman is not horrified, she's furious.

"WHO THE F#$& DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!" She screams into the air, towards the asgardians. They come to her planet, destroy and maim cities and countries forever and why? Everyone knows that Loki isn't much of a fighter, so it must have been Thor who started this.

The hammer falls from Thor's fingers and smashes into the ground below, the woman never casts her eyes towards it, instead she starts running towards the now on the ground Loki and Thor. Loki's having a little moment of triumph and gloating when a brick smashes harmlessly off his head.

Turning, he see's the woman and her angry face storming towards him and finds it hilarious until she walks passed him and kicks the downed Thor in the ribs. Loki backhands her away somewhat gently, sending her sprawling about 10 feet away. She stands back up and continues trying to scream and rage at the unfairness of it all, picking up and throwing things at the now appraching Loki.

Everything's bouncing off of him until, without noticing, she lobs the hammer of Thor off him and sends him soaring through the air. It returns to her hands and she realises what has happened on an instinctual level.

"Get the F%@# off my planet."

Well your now banned in several sub reddits just for posing here, welcome to the club.

This is pretty much what I think. There is a reason Detective Comics and Spider-Man (and many others) had long runs up until recently. Sure, you're going to see the Waynes get ventilated over and over, Batman almost beating the joker to death over and over, etc. but the amount of stories you can tell within the framework of those beats is endless.

Now it's flavor of the week where the simple question of "who is Batman" produces a long list of nonsense like: cop in robot batsuit, former robin in a batsuit, werebat in a batsuit, batsuit in a batsuit, and on and on.

Top fucking post! Allow me to reward with fool's gold.

What's really dumb is how it all came to be. I could write a better origin story for a female Thor in my sleep than "Oh, Thor just stopped being able to pick up his hammer while Jane Foster just... could."

Yeah, that doesn't make sense based on the context of the comic. One minute, Thor is holding the hammer - the next minute it's falling from his grip after someone whispers into his ear. This suggests that Thor was only "worthy" as long as he believed he was worthy, and stopped being "worthy" the moment someone told him something that made him think he wasn't. However, that then means that someone can just pick up the hammer if they just believe they're worthy, whether they actually are or not. The last time I checked, Mjolnir doesn't work like that. There's been numerous people that thought they were suitable to wield the hammer, and couldn't so much as make it budge.

...wow. Why would anyone do that? Poor kid, man.

"Female Thor"

Well just look at how many Spider Man/Batman/Superman/Justice League/X Men/etc. tv series there are.Hell just look at how many Trasnformers series and tv shows there are.I am over thirty years old and I don't think there has ever been a time when there was not a Transformers series of some kind. I can name at least 20 different tv series alone in my lifetime,and they're still going. People still watch it and pay for the toys and merchandise.

The problem is not that the characters or stories are old and unwanted,it's that the medium itself is no longer conducive to telling the good stories.

All of this or "Gay Iceman" SJW bullshit is just a cheap dodge to avoid them having to face and deal with the actual problem by blaming it on their readers instead of themselves.

Exactly. The future is supposed to be about these things not even mattering anymore.

A character is a woman in power. A hero or villain is queer. So what? it's just how life is. People are different and most of them aren't asking special attention because of that.

Specially don't make those traits a preachy point and don't make readers irritated about that.


[edit] I don't give two shits about your religion until you start waving it like a flag.

I would recommend Boku no Hero Academia, which is a great fusion of shounen and X-Men.

I used a have a line graph that showed Fem-Thor's sales for a 6-7 month span. It looked like a water slide, I think it debuted around 140k issues sold, but it dropped off quickly and after 3 months it flatlined somewhere between 40-50k per new issue

2000AD was always liberal in the sense of being intelligently liberal, not foaming SJW.

However I did read that they brought back Bad Comapny recently with a prequel that made a ham-fisted attempt to retcon the war with the Krool as an analogy for US imperialism, with the standard lazy "War for Oil" arguments, and essentially trying to say Islamic terrorism is our own fault, etc.

Hoping It's a blip, as they've never been that stupid before. And as 2000AD is generally very much a comic which gives a lot of freedom to Its creators, probably more to do with the individual writer than the comic itself having a stance.

Dredd isn't really the bad guy either (though now and again he is). The genius of the strip is that it makes you challenge your own preconceptions of good and bad. Dredd might be brutal, but he is honourable, and doing what he thinks is for the best. And with the state of the world It's set in, he may even be right.

Do they know they're an ad?

Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers) has taken up the Captain Marvel title. She still has her own ongoing series under the new title. (I don't think the series has been very good for a while. Not terrible, just kind of bland.)

The new Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan) is a new superhero who took up the Ms Marvel title and is muslim. This new Ms Marvel is probably one of Marvel's best ongoing right now if you like more lighthearted/comedic stories.

This isn't like the whole female Thor fiasco, which had Thor deciding not to call himself Thor anymore because he thought the new female character deserved the name more than he did. That was just a stupid turn of events with just terrible "girl-power" writing all around. I don't know if the writing has improved at all since then, but I imagine it would be hard to enjoy regardless.

I vote against, remove all kebab

I really don't think he's involved with Marvel, it just looks like he was posting a panel as a Twitter reply.

petered out



Us long-time comic readers already knew the pandering wouldn't work.

Oh man, It's got the stand and the menacing, that might be the absolute best one of those I've seen.

You can't just throw a manga virgin into JoJo; it's too intense.

He'll be cursed with the need to make dramatic poses for the rest of his life.

Getting the fans to care about that new character? Next to impossible

It really isn't. It's only next to impossible if you are a shitty writer. There are all sorts of break away hit characters like Invincible & Static Shock from Milestone.

It's not nearly as hard as people pretend it is to attract a readership to a new book when you have all the backing of a DC or Marvel level of PR.

I don't know much about the Captain Marvel character tbh but my impression was that this was a character that has had countless origin stories and retcons long before it became the norm at Marvel.

Still waiting for Luke Cage to suddenly become an Irishman and the Black Panther to become Captain Panther and a Scottish girl to become Blackish Panther.

Many new characters are written however they almost never sell unless they are legacy characters and even legacy characters don't sell very good (the new Ghost Rider). However sometimes these legacy characters are great (Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales, etc). My problem isn't that a female is wielding Thor's hammer and calling herself Thor. My problem is that it's fucking Jane Foster. There are several other character it could've been but as soon as they revealed it was Jane Foster I became so absolutely dissapointed with Marvel.

The issue isn't that Thor is a woman (he was a woman in the Earth X universe), but that Jane Foster is using the Thor name when it's his actual name, not a title. Other people that wielded the hammer, like Beta Ray Bill and Thunderstrike, didn't adopt the title. the other people that did, like Eric Masterson and Jake Olson, were actually merged with Thor.

It would be like if Falcon got Captain America's shield and Costume, then started calling himself "Steve Rogers" as his code name.

This is just a lazy stunt to boost sales, and will be repealed around the time that the third Thor film comes out.

Why because licensing. Fox owns the rights to all "Mutant" characters, as well as a few others (Fantastic Four, one of the longest running comics, cancelled just so the movie would have no additional materials to sell). Wolverine, being a mutant, had to die. Marvel/Disney is hoping that the interest for Wolverine dies enough that they can buy the rights back for dirt cheap and then pimp him out again.

But X-23 is pure garbage.

You know what, Marvel actually fucked up Deadpool in that whole "Marvel NOW" series thing they have going on, they turned him into a pacifist who didn't want to hurt anyone and basically killed all humor due to some stupid spiritual awakening he had, completely stopped reading him right as that happened

Excellent summation! I doubt neither Marvel or DC has much to worry about since they are making plenty from their licensing, and Warner Brothers and Disney will be harvesting their stories for many years to come. At some point, though, traditional comics and comic book stores will likely yield to a digital format with some being released as novelty cash-grabs for hipsters trying to prove their special uniqueness (think resurgence of vinyl music).

As far as world building continuity or original characters? Nah. Just look at how Disney expects people to read their shitty Star Wars novels and buy their art books to fill in the blanks about the characters and events in the movie, any hope of a coherent universe will be lost to the whims of marketing directors and trending consumer preferences.