Merkel has a degree in physics and a doctorate in Quantum Chemistry. Trump misspells "tap"

Merkel has a degree in physics and a doctorate in Quantum Chemistry. Trump misspells "tap"

So it turns out that like leadership is somewhat proportional to intelligence...

Who would have thought?

The whole not shaking her hand in the oval office in front of the press killed me. Be a fucking man, a gentleman, you know the fucking President of the United States of America and shake the hand of your ally.

Edit: specificity of my comment

Nah the worst part of these subreddits is the people that come to them to complain about them.

And even worse is when some moron then complains about poor logic, while using poor logic.

Hmm. Would Ben Carson make a better leader than Trump? Of course. And why is that? Cause he isn't a complete dumbass.

That doesn't contradict my statement at all. In fact I specifically said it was "somewhat proportional".

But enjoy your feeling of false superiority.

As a German, I'm feeling pretty damn good about my country right about now!

"Smart people have cooties."

--POTUS, apparently

No one said Ben Carson would be a bad leader because he's a neurosurgeon.

In fact it surprises most people how a man who's obviously very intelligent can believe such ridiculous things, we expect much more of him.

That bothers me so much. Not just the hand shake thing, but the entire way he treats our allies.

Republicans complained for years that Obama damaged the image of America on the world stage, making us look weak, etc. Now, however, we have a president who makes us look like lunatics or idiots (depending on the day). Apprently, "saying it like it is" is not a particularly diplomatic approach, especially when "like it is" is centered around false beliefs (the whole British wiretap thing).

Oh yeah? Let's not forget that Ben Carson is a world class nuerosurgeon...

Being an expert in one area doesn't qualify you as an expert in anything else.

The most annoying thing about these subreddits, whether they're pro-donald or anti-donald, you all use the same shitty logic. It's really incredible how much hypocrisy there is from both sides, and this past couple years has really shed some light on just how stupid voters on both sides of the aisle are.

You elitists with your science...

holy fuck you just destroyed him.

Guessing that as a former East German, she has no love with Moscow's ambitions?

Merkel: "look what I've made!" Trump: "bing bong bing bong!"

It's almost like we judge people on what they say and do, not the color of their skin.

Not being racist != Believing black people can do no wrong.

Maybe this fundamental misunderstanding drives a lot of the backlash against 'identity politics'. It's never been the case that being a member of a minority group makes you above criticism, except in someone's fevered imagination.

Nope, she hasn't. She knows how Russia helped to suppress the people of East Germany.

He's purposefully pissed off our most loyal allies. I'm not saying he's a traitor but if he was one this is how he would act.

* physical chemistry

Quantum and physical ain't the same thing, physical is a bit broader.

Eventually someone will discover that he's hard of hearing.

He's a moron who thinks "Uncle Tom" is a racial epitaph rather than a criticism of someone's morals and willingness to selfishly betray a group for personal gain.

It's ironic that mr. Talk tough negotiator is probably significantly weakening the bargaining power of the US for a long time.

It's frightening because it's very telling about the difference between the societies and populations intellect.

Back in the elections in 2005 She was mocked for being blindly pro-American as opposed to current Chancellor Schröder who was a little too pro-Russian

Oh I think it's indicative of a much bigger sin; he's too smart to believe the shit he says so he's obviously lying to manipulate people. I give sort of a free pass to naturally stupid but never one to purposely manipulative.

as opposed to current Chancellor Schröder who was a little too pro-Russian

Considering the fact he's good friends with Putin and on the board of Gazprom (or was it Nord Stream?) "a little" would be a huge understatement.

Reminds me of something David Frum said (paraphrasing): I'm not saying Donald Trump is necessarily a Russian puppet, just that if Putin were to draw up a list of things he would like the POTUS to do Trump is doing all those things and in the same order.

Obama was always accused of being a "secret Muslim". Now Trump refuses to shake a woman's hand...

Wanna hear my take? I think Ben Carson is losing his mind. I have heard him talk before and it is a treat. He used to sound concise, smart, and confident. All that seems lost now and I really wouldn't be shocked if something was seriously up with his mind (ironically).

Of course it's bullshit and so were the accusations against Obama. That's the joke.

Uncle Tom isn't a racist term. It's a term used for a black person or minority that bows down and kisses the feet of their oppressors and throws their fellow black people or minority group under the bus to gain acceptance by the oppressing group.

Bush was far from retarded, he just knew how to dumb himself down to appeal to his voter base. Perpetuating the myth that he was stupid only serves to lessen his responsibility for all the horrific shit he did.

Hard of hearing, mentally ill and a liar extraordinaire....reminds me of someone:

Hard of hearing, mentally ill and a liar extraordinaire....reminds me of someone:

It's the leader of the free world and Donald Trump

Leadership is a skill not an innate talent. Intelligence makes it easier to learn but you do have to learn it.

You are right. Merkel got her PhD in 1986 from the University of Leipzig by writing a dissertation on "on the reactions of hydrocarbons."

I was just posting the meme. Not the creator of the content.

wait, where is the racism? Am I missing something here?

He's a world class Uncle Tom, per Samuel L Jackson.

sue people for speaking their mind

So how much money is /u/Precious_Trumpflake suing for? Or is he or she suing for karma?

The GOP loves electing the truly stupid and intellectually lazy. They do it over and over again. They think being an idiot is a virtue. If you eat paste, you're in.

I think it's lovely when my supermarket employs the mentally handicapped but perhaps high office, in particular President of the US, is a bit much.

It's consistent with Bannon's desire to bring the whole system down

While the dailymail is horseshit, this article includes photos of the greeting handshake...

I'm writing lazy this late at night. I'll be specific in my gripe. This is to do with press-heavy, photo opportunity to show some respect between each other as leaders. This is where I take issue with the sort of man Trump is. Here's my sauce.

Quote: Trump and Merkel shook hands when she arrived at the White House but did not do so in the Oval Office where she frequently leaned towards him while he stared straight ahead, sitting with his legs apart and hands together. In the Oval Office both leaders described their meeting in brief remarks to reporters as having been very good.

I just feel when it's obvious to everyone in that room that the world is watching that Trump will sit there, like a pouting child showing defiance to an ally and fellow leader. You can all say what you like, "who gives a shit it's just a handshake, let's focus on the bigger issues." These are telltale issues in themselves. These are cracks in the foundations, divisions among allies. Trump is at that forefront with his actions (or lack thereof) and childlike tweeting. It's an embarrassment.

IMO he was given PR advice to tailor the way he talks with the intended recipients in mind. Devout Republican voter base is comprised mainly from people who'll punish you if you sound too smart or use 'long' words.

This is the tweet with the misspelling.

is the tweet with the misspelling.

As Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder was a strong advocate of the Nord Stream pipeline project, which aims to supply Russian gas directly to Germany, thereby bypassing transit countries. The agreement to build the pipeline was signed two weeks before the German parliamentary election. On 24 October 2005, just a few weeks before Schröder stepped down as Chancellor, the German government guaranteed to cover 1 billion euros of the Nord Stream project cost, should Gazprom default on a loan. However, this guarantee had never been used.[25] Soon after stepping down as chancellor, Schröder accepted Gazprom's nomination for the post of the head of the shareholders' committee of Nord Stream AG, raising questions about a potential conflict of interest. German opposition parties expressed concern over the issue, as did the governments of countries over whose territory gas is currently pumped.[26] In an editorial entitled Gerhard Schroeder's Sellout, the American newspaper The Washington Post also expressed sharp criticism, reflecting widening international ramifications of Schröder's new post.[27] Democrat Tom Lantos, chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs, likened Schröder to a "political prostitute" for his recent behaviour.[28] In January 2009, the Wall Street Journal reported that Schröder would join the board of the oil company TNK-BP, a joint venture between oil major BP and Russian partners.[29]

Fuck that guy

"Girls have cooties."

--POTUS, probably

It's hilarious to read his worshippers try to push his business skills and the fact that he's a billionaire while she's a government worker (parasite in their vernacular). He's not a self-made man. He inherited hundreds of millions. He's not very successful at business. Trump U. Trump Steaks. Trump's Atlantic City casino. Trump himself. He's a mess. He's a thief. He's a disaster for the country.

He flunked out of Fordham twice, then Daddy Fred pulled strings to get him into Wharton, which was greatly aided by an uncle in the admissions office.

He only has an undergrad, not an MBA.

Not the guy you're replying to but I think that the first part needs something added: sometimes I complain about ETS on ETS because I like this sub and sometimes it's disappointing to see things that are arguably detrimental to anti-Trumpism, like intolerance for moderate opinions; as someone who has been using ETS a long time, I do worry about the direction of the sub sometimes.

But I don't​ get too torqued up about it, it is the internet after all ¯\(ツ)/¯

So I guess we're really on the "pro Bush because at least he ain't Trump" train now because there's no way anyone here would've said Bush wasn't dangerous back in his or Obama's presidency

Careful. Every time Germans get too organized or proud of their country the end up wreaking havoc on some of the most esteemed nations. Look at what you people did to Brazil in 2014

Proof? Tax returns will do just fine.

You really shouldn't worry.

There's literally no practical way for the populist right-wing party to win this election. It's more likely that I win the lotto than that that happens... and I don't play lotto.

Some info so that you don't have to worry about us:

we have (right now) six parties that are likely going to be part of the next Bundestag (like congress), and one or more of them that together have >50% will form the next administration (most likely a coalition), with the candidate of party with the most seats (out of the coalition partners) becoming the next chancellor our populist right wing party (the AfD) is at about 10% right now, the highest (and most unlikely) predictions think something like 20% will be in the realm of possibility Merkel's CDU (center-right) is somewhere between 30-35% Schulz' SPD (center-left) is at 30%, up from ~25% all parties have said that they will not form a coalition with the AfD and will stand by that (no left-wing party would anyway, and Merkel's CDU, which is the only right-wing party, wouldn't because the AfD is running on anti-Merkel-populism) there has literally never been an administration that wasn't a coalition of two or more parties there has only been one election where a single party got over 50%: it was the CDU, in 1957.

There's only one way for the AfD to win: get over 50%. Even if they got more votes than Merkel's CDU (which isn't going to happen), nobody would form a coalition with them, so the candidate of the runner up party would be chancellor. There are only two possible ways this can play out: Either Merkel stays, or (which would still be a huge surprise) the center-left SPD beats her and Schulz, a pro-EU social democrat, becomes chancellor.

Another fun fact: We recently elected a new president! (Yes, we have that too.) It's a social democrat, a former politician, cabinet member and also former candidate of the center-left SPD.

The only election I'm worried about is France, and even that is nowhere near as close as Brexit or Trump.

Tl;dr: The situation is like in the Netherlands with coalitions and all that, but it's even less likely that there's a big change. This isn't like Trump winning - it's like if Gary Johnson had won.


The guy he was replying to was a new user who cultivated some random low-context posts then posts here to complain

Wheres the proof? Show me the transcripts.

Only if you kiss them. You're safe if you just grab 'em by the pussy.

I dunno, once he is forced from office, I imagine the next president will be a sweet relief and welcomed with open arms.

Hey guys! I found the racist!

B-B-B-B-B-BOTH SIDES! *jerks off while refusing to take any hard stance on anything*

Hard of presidenting, too.

No, I have not. I've seen nothing from my sources at least. Do you have a source?

Well, I heard Trump sometimes likes an extra little p?

Brilliant woman. Too bad she has to deal with toddler, mentally ill donnie.

It was in one of his tweets from either this week or last when he accused Obama of a phone "tapp".

Is there any proof he went to Wharton? A 'very credible source' tells me that he just tells people that he went to Wharton.

Watch Trump's speech to the CIA on inauguration day. He claims that he is an intellectual.

I kid you not.

Once upon a time America actually valued intellectualism. Where did we go wrong?

He either shakes too hard... or not at all.

Hmm it looks like it...

The only people that say this shit have never actually been to Germany. Get off your computer and go outside for once.

Naa, it's more benign than that. Lots of experts have a tendency to put zero effort into any other field because they view them as being so much easier than their own. See: Richard Dawkins on anything other than genetics.

I think this is my new favorite photo of Trump. Really captures his essence.


Absolutely, but in that time being pro-American wasn't really appealing to the German public, and Russia wasn't that big evil either

Conceding that East Germany and the USSR were authoritarian is not "anti-communist". And saying "A lot of liberals hate socialism just as much, if not more, than fascism." is just plain untrue.

What's interesting to me is the debate (more like one sided accusations) was very focused on whether he was Muslim or not. Though I realize it would be a total lost cause to have a discussion with those same people about it, Obama hypothetically being Muslim, would not disqualify him from being POTUS. I can't stand the fact that people believe the US is a Christian nation deserving of a 'good' Christian leader. I don't know if or when we'll have a Muslim president, but there are 2 Muslim congressmen which is pretty cool.

Check it: science has seven letters in the word, there are five letters in the word five and four letters in five... and four letters in four!

Donald trump is eleven letters and six letters in eleven, three letters in six and five letters in three and four letters in five...

Four letters in four! Mak America grate again! Science is good and everything but as a poor American who will someday be as rich as Donald trump I don't need science for that! All I have to do is get a school voucher from Betsy and den I'm be rich. So that is America being grate agin!

You know, bias does not necessarily equal bad.

You realize the Daily Mail is only a slightly better source than The Sun.

What a bitch for caring about the well being of people who aren't her own skin color.

Ah yes. That's on me. I wasn't specific enough. I'm aware of handshake at the conclusion. What about Abe and Trudeau before her. Where was the fucking handshake in the oval office for the photo opp? More fucking posturing from a man-child President.

Edit: to avoid splitting hairs. Specifying the location of the lack of handshake.


8/8 gr8 b8 m8

are you really this butthurt because someone mentioned someone you dont like?

Sure, but the damage is done and the US will remain a partner that cannot be relied on for the foreseeable future.

It's okay you had a Trump moment.

Letting the flyover states decide the election, for starters.

He spelled it Tapp.

That and a softly-spoken black man doesn't feel scary or uppity.

Damn, that's quite the alma mater.

No puppet. No puppet. You're the puppet!

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It wins over Republicans, who don't even want to see his transcripts nor tax returns. For all we know someone else did 99% of Trumps' work at school

Secret Muslim...

Are you serious? Without a doubt. You want a list of dumb shit that's been said by the president here's an archive.

"Teller" them? Is that anything like "tap"?

This NYT article is a great summary of her attitude towards Russia and Putin during her career. In short: She sees and has seen Putins Russia as a threat long before anyone else.

As an American, I feel pretty damn nervous about your country right now! After Brexit and our 2016 election, competence is looking a little too easy to be targeted. Prove yourselves better than us next election, please!

(That's not to say that necessarily means "Merkel 4 Lyfe". I honestly am not informed enough, frankly.)

trump graduating anything immediately makes the place suspect.

The dailymail is your news source? The beautiful irony. They're tabloild journalism nothing close to a credible news source. Please don't lecture me and my "horizons" and then throw me this bullshit link.

This is hilarious. We have never defended Putin. On the contrary, Bernie's supporters are the ones who defend him and accuse us of "red scare tactics" whenever we mention his interference in the election. And of course because they are too stupid to know that Russia hasn't been communist in decades, and therefore, "red scare" and "red-baiting" are no longer applicable terms. Secondly, we are unabashedly capitalist. We penly defend it and have never pretended otherwise. So feel free to show us one example of pro Putin or faux-communist sentiment from our sub. I'll wait.

ironically this is more ironic because irony is apparently anything and is generally used by dolts like you to indicate anything you don't like

so ironic xd

His own twitter feed. He spelled it tapp.

Dr. Cox and Todd

Ben Carson is a world class nuerosurgeon

Every time someone implies that surgeons are smart I have to think of . On a serious note, I think that theoretical physics provides a better training of critical thinking skills than surgery.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration proposes budget cuts which will harm many times more people than refugees ever will.

First of all, the reliability of dailymail and a source it uses in that article, the Gatestone Institute. The bias checking website used here also lists left leaning sites, such as Mother Jones.

According to this article, 1% of over 200,000 crimes linked to refugees in 2014 were related to sexual assault. However, data was not included for the time around new years celebrations.

Lol what is with the obsession of idiots with Germany and Sweden? You'd think it's a hellscape the way you morons who've never even been there talk about it

Leave your fucking basement and stop getting your information from fox news/Breitbart

mass rapes

Jesus christ, it's designed to infuriate you. How do you not see through this b/s?

No, what's hilarious is you pulled that out of your ass with no relevance whatsoever to what he said.