Melee Science with Tafo is back and on HTC with a new tier list

Melee Science with Tafo is back and on HTC with a new tier list


Kinda funny this was posted right after kage upset chu twice yesterday lol

She's better character

this is like the least controversial tier list that couldve been made lol but its still a pretty solid ordering

for the record pichu isnt shit tier and zelda is

Tafo is a genius

Donkey Kong suffers from mobility issues and having an awful shield, but still can do well as a niche counterpick character on Final Destination against fast-fallers with his devastating grab combos and against Tafokints.

lmao tafo throwing shade at himself

That placement for Game and Watch made me so happy

her fair and bair are insane

text version (characters within tiers are "interchangeable" whatever that means)

Top Tiers S Fox S- Marth, Falco A Sheik, Jigglypuff, Peach A- Captain Falcon, Ice Climbers Mid Tiers B Samus, Pikachu B- Luigi, Yoshi, Dr. MarioMario, Ganondorf, Young Link, Donkey Kong Bottom Tiers C Mr. Game and Watch, Link, Mewtwo D Roy, Ness, Zelda D- Pichu, Bowser, Kirby

guess we have to wait another 2 years for kirby > bowser

Understandable. have a great day.

A skilled Roy can beat any pichu

"against fast-fallers with his devastating grab combos and against Tafokints."

lmao, nice to see tafo can joke about his DK set

Nah my boy 60-40 slice slice tiara man is the best

Bowser > kirby makes me upsetty :( tafo why. Bowsers never beat armada, bowsers never beat blur.

I could see Ness over Pichu, can't see Zelda over Pichu at all though.

The characters between YL and Link make sense though imo.

Not sure how you figure it's outdated tbh

I mean however good of a list it is it's just one person's opinion, and shouldn't really be taken as law.

This is Tafo's tier list.

I'd argue Roy is too

SeemsGood Thanks Tafo SeemsGood

Zelda has a stronger niche against ICs than any other character in her tier

This is the tech we've been missing. Instead of complaining about the matchup, Sheik players should just press Down-B against ICs!

Peach has better grounded options, better OOS options, good recovery, better combo starters on fastfallers, and probably better everything else besides speed.

Puff loses to Fox/Falco/Marth, but is pretty close with Falco/Marth the same way Sheik is close with Falco/Marth. Besides that, Puff loses no matchups.

Sheik loses to Fox, Falco, debatably Marth, Ic's, and Puff herself. You left out the Sheik-Puff matchup in your analysis, which is important. Neither Sheik nor Puff really "beat" the characters above them in the S tier, but Sheik also loses to Puff and IC's whereas Puff loses to no one else.

Again, it all comes down to how much you weight the fox matchup. If Puff loses 65-35 then Sheik loses like 60-40.

Surprised he put YL three spots above Link and Pichu below Zelda and Ness.

Still putting sheik above puff, which is an outdated bias from the past when sheik was considered top tier. Besides that, this looks really good.