me irl

me irl

Windows didnt release 9 because some programs would get confused, because there were windows 95 and 98

It's just funny that Apple went from 8 to 10 also.

Its like they copied windows

It's more like they had a rich neighbor and Microsoft broke in first.

More like 7 8 9

They didn't want consumers to confuse it for the iPhone 97.

They went to iPhone 10 because it was 10 years ago that the first iPhone was introduced.

It's because 7 8 9


I'm personally more surprised they did 8...

10 makes since because it's the 10th anniversary

Windows 10 at least had a valid technical reason. I don't get why Apple skipped Nine.


No. Lazy programmers would make their program ask what windows version it was and if it was 9 or something it would register it as windows 95 or something like that.


Windows 💯

Really? Thats what you assumed?





Parent is referencing the Apple keynote yesterday, where they announced the iPhone 8 and 10.

Ohhhh not so bad I guess.

Isn't it because it's the tenth anniversary or something?

Couldn't the name stay 9 and they just coded it 99 or something