me irl

me irl

I thought the meme was supposed to be things that weren't actually made by Nintendo...

You could actually buy a Bible ebook on a Gameboy cartridge, so...

Mario died for our sins share of you agree

Pretty sure that's a sin... 3 Hail Marys and you're in the clear

1:23 Switch

Is there a rom?

But can you play Skyrim on it?

Christianity Switch

乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

冂 丨 几 十 㔾 几 さ 〇

I agree

爪卂Ꮆ几ㄩ爪 ᗪㄖ几Ꮆ

It's-a me


me too thanks


Ew, King James. It's like the Amy Schumer of bibles.

God bless Miyamoto

And so the Holy Nintendo created the holy Famicom and said "Let there be games"

It's a -me too grazie.

No, but you can play DOOM.

I don't know Chinese, I know a good amount of Japanese though.

And of course not


Waluigi 3:16

excuse me kind sir you just spelt out the word "??hijyuu??sazero" i mean me too thanks

Sorry the CSS removes the share button.

Hmmm I don't see an Official Nintendo® Seal....

Are you there God? It's-a me, Mario.

I don't understand, explain D:

廾丹廾丹 卞回卞丹ししと 尺ヨし丹卞丹日しヨ

But does it have a Skyrim port?

I don’t remember very many tampon jokes in the Bible.