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I came up with a strategy in middle school that actually turned out to work very well. My baseline thinking was that if you spend enough time around people, they'll eventually get used to you being around and you'll be integrated into the group as a "friend". So I just had to figure out a way to be able to put myself into the "popular" group for a long enough time that this could happen. Rather than just try and force my way in right away, I stood aside and subtlely but thoroughly studied their body language, common phrases, and general mannerisms. I saw it as each group having their own closed off language that, when learned, acted as a catalyst for group acception. Eventually I knew them well and began talking to them in casual situations whenever I got the chance, got them to notice me. I came up with jokes and conversations ahead of time laced with phrases and mannerisms that I would recite to them. I made them think I was like them. Then I would wait for opportunities to talk to multiple at once, then more, until eventually I was spending time with them all at the same time. I continued this long enough until I could begin inventing new mannerisms and phrases so that they would try to mimick me. That's when I knew I was officially part of the group, because I wasn't just an idle member anymore, I was a contributor which meant I held an integral role in that group. But the thing is, the real me wasn't popular, only the facade me was. If I were to be myself, people still would call me weird and nerdy. I needed to feed them a lie they would believe.

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Here we can see the evolution and complex relationships between memes

The copypastas have surely been evolving...

Oh god it has mutated.

Came here to say this

I examine every post to make sure that nothing has changed. vodafoneUK? Check. wifi? Check. 21:16? Check. night mode? Check, 12% battery? Check. Charging? Check. Local Notes? Check. 10 January 2017, 21:16? Check. Text? Check. oh god. what if I didn't use the original and all the things i've been checking are wrong?!

Boi why this so specific but so relatable at the same time


I used to really like this sub. It had lots of funny, original, offbeat memes. Now it's just shitposting. I'm unsubbing today, and am really disappointed in the direction this sub has taken.

I mean, me too thanks.

I don't care if it's slightly different it's still fuckin stupid

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Don't stop, I was learning so much

Ikr. It's like he described me, in real life.

Congratulations then.

haha i like this one 😂👌🤗


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This sub is dying a slow death.

This one is tailor-made /sub/totallynotrobots material.

It's now extra spicy

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I long for the good old days of ironic depression memes

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Honestly, you need to start somewhere and copying a group of people's mannerisms and phrases tends to be an easy one until you actively start to associate certain feelings with the way they express them. They're all tools used to begin to be social in some group and being with that group can help you understand what other kinds of groups you feel more comfortable in-I mean me too thanks.

This exact reason is why /sub/punchablefaces went to shit.

Welp, I think it's time to unsub this shit show... I mean, me too thanks

It needs to die faster tbh.

my favorite part of this video has always been that you can hear him walking off frame

Same thing with dating. They say "be yourself" but that's shit.

You have to pretend to be collected, creative, and in control. No one wants to start off meeting the broken side of people. Who we really are.

Plot twist: he's a skeleton

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This is a guy holding a stop sign, but the inside of the stop sign is photoshopped into a meme that was upvoted repetitively yesterday as a joke.

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Literally this



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What is this from?

I didn't.

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I can relate to this as well, and I appreciate the opportunity to have done so

It sounds like he's wearing heavy boots or something

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You're not cummybot gtfo!