me irl

me irl

this is the day i unsubbed from me_irl

This is a monument to this subs stupidity and depression

And no I don't mean me too thanks


I examine every post to make sure that nothing has changed. vodafoneUK? Check. wifi? Check. 21:16? Check. night mode? Check, 12% battery? Check. Charging? Check. Local Notes? Check. 10 January 2017, 21:16? Check. Text? Check. oh god. what if I didn't use the original and all the things i've been checking are wrong?!

This will be buried I kissed my best friend when I was younger for a girl on chatroulette and his lips were really moist

Hey, don't lump depression into this. This is pure stupidity in action.

Me too thanks

This sub is fuckin embarrassing

I leave you guys for 12 hours...

9gag. Meirl!!!!

me too thanks