Map of Stick RPG

Map of Stick RPG

Oh my godddddd the nostalgia! I used to spend hours on this game!!

....and then you got stuck in a glitch while fighting in the bar, making you lose all your progress.....

Ohh well, w/e. Let's try again.

That castle has some MC Escher perspective going on.

haha i know right, this is one game i had absolutely no problem starting from scratch repeatedly.

Defend Your Castle

This game is so good compared to how small it is. Too bad the sequel was terrible and messy (imo).

I just now realized they used the same castle from Defend Your Castle, didn't even know it was made by the same guys!

I used to play their games for hours :)

I still remember the song from Stick RPG 2.

how about that one where you have to get the pictures ehh guys????? you know which one

I think it's the same castle as an another game by the same guys

I know its your opinion but the sequal was better than the original in every way

Wasn't "HEYZUES" a cheatcode to get max everything.. sorry if i ruined hours of work for you.

Ah, sending people to hell with the sledgehammer in Stick Arena while camping the bathroom. Fond memories of that game.

Or, you know, Zeus.

yeah, you use it to get to other cities to sell drugs for money. You gotta bring a gun though or you'll get mugged

Yes, the post is a map of it

I wish I could pop pills and work 24 hour days... I need that kinda money.


Good old Newgrounds.

What was the name of the sorta zelda game where you walk around talking to other nintendo characters, i remember going to a graveyard digging up a body and selling the meat to a burger joint

Edit: zelda and the lampshade?

1e24 deposit

This game and Motherload were released around the same time by the same developer and I remember that it was literally every kid's goal to get as far as possible in both games because they both had rumored endings that nobody had actually seen (like Satan in Hell in Motherload).

But alas, there never was enough time.

I am moderately horrified that I know what you mean.

I don't know what it's called anymore.

I still play Stick RPG 2

Rule number one when you played this game was too avoid the bar because of the glitch.

Witcher 3's map looks tiny in comparison.

Yeah, heyzeus.

I think it's a meant to reference the way Latin countries pronounce jesus.

The Legend of Zelda and the lampshade of no real significance

Makes you say "too" when you mean "to"

Frank's Adventure

After a few days of playing I found out you get the job at McSticks whether you do the interview or not. You can check the answering machine and the hire message is there either way.

stick defense? lol

There was a time where that button didn't exist. The button saying "it froze" was added in an update.

Probably both.

Stick RPG map compared to Skyrim and Zelda BotW.


Was there any reason to use the bus depot? I never figured it out so I figured I would ask a decade late, and that time has now come


Yeah, they even did a sequel!

I still play it from time to time. I've fully completed it maybe 3 times now.

I don't remember quite well, but the game freezes at a certain point. You couldn't leave the fight or do anything.

Lol, good thing I never went to the bar or that would be happening to me to



nah you're wrong mate.

it was way bigger weren't it? nah cos i swear that was way bigger? :(

That ending is real. Thats where I first learned Mr. Natas was Satan backwards. Also in the paid version of the game they had Mr. God.

Sorry for the garbage video, its what was on google.

This is the correct answer


I wish they make stick rpg 3 which you can visit to other countries and stuff which would be awesome

remember the drag and drop mode where you just had to throw the enemies away from your castle? that was the best.


Wasn't that the only mode?

Haha newgrounds like 10 years ago

Something about Frank.

Loved this game, the sequel was pretty badass too. I found the maps for the sequel here.

laggy motherfuckers with the hammer jittering all over the place and hitting you when you thought they were out of range

Now how to get my work to allow me to do 24hr shifts...

XGen Studios

Or Die Hard.

Who else played this game during days in the computer room, in high school, instead of doing class work?

I looked at the game code, and determined it's a glitch because they forgot to turn the deposit input into an integer when checking if it's greater than 0, but then turn it into an integer causing it to overflow and become negative.

Basically the code goes like this

if ( >= int(amount) && amount > 0) { = - int(amount); player.bankcash = player.bankcash + int(amount); }

So in the if statement the amount is a double, and it's positive even though it's 1024 The glitch wouldn't have happened if they turned the amount to int when checking if it's greater than 0, like

if ( >= int(amount) && int(amount) > 0)

longer than that bro.

There was a button to exit the fight.