Man uses energy shield to block MMA fighter's punches.

That's because he used kinetic energy, the shield only blocks potential energy.

Reminds me of the lady who said she didn't need to eat or drink water or something ludicrous. Some people challenged her to prove it on camera and she ended up quitting for some BS reason. Pretty sure her 'teachings' ended up killing a few people, sadly.

Went about as you'd expect:

The Australian television programme 60 Minutes challenged Jasmuheen to demonstrate how she could live without food and water. The supervising medical professional Dr Beres Wenck found that, after 48 hours, Jasmuheen displayed symptoms of acute dehydration, stress, and high blood pressure.[2] Jasmuheen claimed that this was a result of "polluted air". On the third day, she was moved to a mountainside retreat about 15 miles from the city, where she was filmed enjoying the fresh air, claiming she could now successfully practice Inedia. But as filming progressed, Jasmuheen's speech slowed, her pupils dilated, and she lost over a stone (6 kg or 14 lb) in weight. After four days, she acknowledged that she had lost weight, but stated that she felt fine. Dr. Wenck stated: "You are now quite dehydrated, probably over 10%, getting up to 11%." The doctor continued: "Her pulse is about double what it was when she started. The risk if she goes any further is kidney failure."[2] Jasmuheen's condition continued to deteriorate rapidly due to acute dehydration, despite her contrary insistence. Dr Wenck concluded that continuing the experiment would ultimately prove fatal. The film crew agreed with this assessment and stopped filming.

Man uses force activated convergent energy aka F.A.C.E to block MMA fighter's punches.

I thought it was because the guy waited until the Ewoks could take down the shield generator.

Man uses face shield to block MMS fighter's punches


He wiggled his fingers at the last second, that interrupted the energy field and the Chi wavered for a second opening up weak spots

"Oh, I'm afraid the deflector shield will be quite unoperational when my fists arrive."

I always wonder with people like this whether they are lying and know it or have truly fooled themselves in to believing. Both happen, but it always bugs the hell out of me that you can never know for sure which one it is. Are they evil or mentally ill? We almost never find out and it's so, so frustrating. For once, I'd just like to see one of these lifelong hucksters admit that they knew what they were selling was bogus. I guess maybe I've seen it before but it seems like it never happens.

MMA fighter vs Kiai Master

She states that her DNA expanded from 2 to 12 strands to take up more hydrogen

What the fuck does this even mean?

Where could the extra 10 DNA stands even be? There's no room in the nucleosomes. And why do you need to take up more hydrogen? How do extra DNA stands help you take up more hydrogen??

It's like she heard some sciencey words and thought she'd sound cool if she said a bunch of them in the same sentence.

Jesus, how did that dude break through?!

Another segment showcasing energy shield's wonderful properties.

What did that guy think was going to happen? On another note, why in the hell do those students just play along? I have to imagine they're paying a lot of money to scam themselves

Alternate title: Moron gets punched in the face

She has stated that she has not yet mastered the ability to be fluid-free for more than short periods.

Lol I find I have the same problem.

When offered $30,000 to prove her claim with a blood test ... She claimed that such a challenge would be a deliberate attack on her beliefs

Haha this shit is gold

The MMA guy just didn't have enough faith in the power of Chi. The students are surely laughing at his ignorance.

What the fuck does this even mean?

It means that she's an idiot and assumes that everyone else is too.

Inside the house? That was someone with a pair of scissors.

She didn't end up quitting. The documenters ended it because it'd look bad on them for letting some deranged lunatic kill themselves on camera.

I think the problem was that his chakra gates were closed, or was the reiatsu that wasn't flowing well? Maybe he was out of mana.

If she weren't so dumb I might feel bad.

this chi master seriously claimed the person debunking him was not affected because the guy "was not ready to believe."

I know you are joking, but

Even if your bullshit "magic martial art" truly worked as presented, it would still be a fucking useless martial art. To believe in something you have to, at very least, heard of it. So if say, a mugger comes at you with a knife, and you pull out our mystical hand waves of sleepiness, the mugger with the knife is just going to assume your high and then stab you in the dick. You know what doesn't rely on your opponent's belief? Punching him in the fucking face.

Could you imagine if that punch had actually gotten through??

It would have been a sucker punch to his soul.

Bold strategy cotton

We trained him wrong as a joke

Begins to slowly die

Jasmuheen claimed that this was a result of "polluted air".

It's weird to me, because in my experiences and observations, it seems almost like a mix. Like you have both sides of the spectrum (knowingly lying <-> full unsubstantiated belief), and of course some people fall on one of those two sides. But it seems like for a lot of people in these scenarios, it's something that started out as a lie and in their mind they know it's a lie, but over time they just start to slowly believe it more and more, but stilll not to the full extreme of fully believing. And then it's a really grey and they feel like if they allow themselves to feel convinced that their lie is actually the truth, then they'll be able to be more convincing when they are talking to others about whatever it is. But deep down they still remember it started as a lie, but they think that maybe they had 'thought' they were lying, but it ended up being true (even though it really isn't). Idk, the mind is good at trying to justify things that it probably shouldn't; cognitive dissonance is a common and powerful thing.

Oh, that makes A LOT more sense


He went around it, which destabilized the field. Then was able to go straight in.

He really wanted to punch that guy

He's thinking "I'm going to hit you hard to teach how stupid you are"

or do you mean force field guy? he look like he wanted to return the punch for looking so stupid :)

I'm bleeding, making me the victor

Suddenly gains owl neck abilities

"The first one maybe an outlier, let me try another....nope still got through. Well, we might as well get a full data set."

TBH it's kind of similar to beating up a mentally handicapped person. I mean this old guy truly believes in supernatural powers.

On a lighter note, that first hit - "you... you HIT me!"

gets his ass beat like a rented mule


I think there is a tosh.0 about the guy who ran into her. He is the instructor and she did something wrong and the said woe is me so he just pretended he was hurt and vibrated on the ground.

e. Words

What the hell is that animal inside?

My mom's an alternative medicine/conspiracy theorist who once took us to some meeting by some guy who claimed that if you put your feet on the earth and look at the sun for like 30 minutes each day then you don't need to eat. And if you do that long enough it will also cure you of diseases and even mental illnesses. But it had to be on dirt; sand and grass don't work for whatever reason. And he recommended doing it during sunrise or sunset so it wouldn't damage your eyes.

I heard a lot of weird theories growing up.

I'm willing to concede that she may have had an extra chromosome.

Ha, like 80 out of 100 of them died, they had no idea what the fuck was going on.

Well to be fair it's basically the equivalent to if Colombus showed up to the Americas in an Abrams tank

I used to be a woowoo man, and one of my favorite phrases was "Western ideas of 'truth' and 'reality' are much too simplistic." Still not sure exactly what I meant by that, but it sounded cool and made me feel better. Also, no one could ever really argue with it. That shit was airtight yo.

I'm so fascinated by these sorts of things. I always watch them when they pop up on reddit.

I boggles my mind how it happens. I just can't comprehend how a person reaches a stage they utterly believe in their powers.

I always end up feeling very sorry for the person though :( They usually get rather hurt, and I assume their world kinda crumples around them? Or do they just go straight back to believing in their power??

I got a camera and don't mind documenting for science... tell her to give me a call!

Was he part flower?

The normal air she breaths contains food and water.

That's why I always carry apower brick mana potion.

This is the historical fiction I want to read.

If you watch the whole video the first time they do it the guy just punches through the "shield" but doesn't hit the guy, just wanted to show there was no shield, but shield guy fucking slaps him in the face afterwards. From there on the guy starts just beating the shit out of shield man.

She's not dumb she's just not ready yet

Well they did take down at least 2 AT-ST's.

Let's see if it pays off

Have you ever considered specializing in bird law

I actually got invited to one such class years ago. The "master" had some ridiculously stupid techniques. One of them was a takedown move that put his head in perfect position for a guillotine choke. Sure enough, he asked for a volunteer, and little 'ol me, just a Judo yellow belt at the time, choked the shit out of him.

His devout students made excuses, like you'd expect.

Kia makes decent, affordable cars. Their martial arts masters suck though.

Translation from description of video

"Contactless battle, a test from Alexander Litvinenko, 2009. Alexander Litvinenko was invited to take part in the seminar on contactless combat. And he decided to test the system in practice. The problem was this: Alexander had to inflict a simulating blow towards the enemy, the enemy promised to demonstrate a system of contactless combat and prevent Alexander from carrying out a blow to his side . But in response, Alexander received a slap in the face. Apparently this was the skill of the very contactless battle. What happened next, you see yourself..."

I think it's more that the first punch showed him the shield crap was stupid, and then the next few punches after that were because he just wanted to hit him some more. I mean, it didn't really seem necessary to knock him out after he got the point across.

Or she desperately wants attention and saying crazy things is the only way she's capable of doing it.

Edit: this would be especially fucked up since she's written books trying to convince people to try it, and been directly linked to several deaths because of her followers trying it. I actually hope she's just a lunatic

Also Chi Master vs. some random dude who thought it was bullshit


And created the distraction that allowed the rebels to break free.

Remember, those furry little guys hunted large beasts. They knew what they were doing.

Not from blonde's perspective. Kneeling like that would have made it a heck of a lot more difficult to hit hard. Without a decent amount of practice, there is no way mullet was punching as hard as he normally could standing up.

Fuck what do I do? Let's vibrate a bit, maybe that'll help.

That is giving a lot of credit to the importance of the ewoks in that battle.

That's her! Thanks

>Human body is 70% water

>Claim you don't need rehydration to keep that at 70%

>Turn into a raisin

You know it's like science is meant to be right sometimes.

Or she gained nutrients from the sun like the vegetable she is.

Spend enough time among people who think you're a god, and eventually you'll believe it too.

He's a Terran player. He used the Science Vessel's EMP Burst to disable the shield, allowing the Marine to pummel his weak flesh.

Not to mention squirrels have a built-in parachute with all of their fur and extremely bushy tails. It's almost as if they evolved to live in trees and survive the eventuality of them falling out of said trees.

Reminds me of mac fighting in always sunny

Nah, they come up with an excuse as to why their beliefs failed in this one instance then go on believing the bullshit.

Since she was so weak they should have just taken her to a hospital.

Face to foot style how'd you like it!?

James Randi has done some amazing take downs of these quacks. He has some really good videos taking down everyone from televangelists claiming superpowers to people who said they could read minds and bend spoons. Spoiler: None of them actually had super powers.

Just spent 45 minutes watching monks and other sorts of martial art inclined folks fighting. TY.

I once thermometer the whole room. It wasn't a quantifiable Celsius or anything, the zinc phosphate platter didn't really show any math solution.

This is strangely more common than many would think. I recall there was this "chi master" who would shoot out invisible beams at his "students" and knock them out from over fifty feet away.

I believe he may have even promised decent money to the MMA fighter if he could somehow defeat him.

It was fucking brutal! The invisible beams had no effect on this non-student. You can actually see the referee and the MMA fighter start to feel sorry for the new age/weaboo phony.

My theory? His "students" are some of the greatest, cruelest trolls on the face of this earth. How they weren't laughing as they watched this beating from the sidelines I'll never know.

And people say I inhale my food.

I find his lack of faith disturbing.

That's a whole lot of unnecessary kneeling...

Man who believes in woo-woo.

Literally beating the sense into him.

She doesn't assume everyone is an idiot.

The bigger society grows, the more idiots there are. Therefore getting your message out to 50% of the population ensure it gets out to ~50% of the idiots too. Idiots are numerous enough to be a market all on their own. They're not starving to death (heh) and in jail; they have jobs, collect welfare etc. They have disposable income. In fact, because they're idiots, ALL their income is disposable, so they're actually a better market than smart people.

So, it makes perfect sense to get your message out and trust that idiots will take you up on it, no matter how idiotic it is. What's important is that it gets out to as many people as possible. In this way, controversy actually feeds the beast.

We're talking about her and she's laughing all the way to the bank on the sales of her 11 books.

Now who're the idiots?

Still waiting for that sequel...

I've had an experience that I think you might find interesting. When I was 10 I was bullied by my school teacher so I started faking illness to not have to go into school. My favourite became headache because it has no outward signs so there's so no way to verify if I'm lying. Eventually I was having so many of these headaches that my mam took me to the doctor and I was diagnosed with migraines. So now I had a legit medical condition I could trot out whenever anybody asked any questions about why I was off school so much. It was perfect, this justified me, I told everyone, even my best friends. The next year I didn't have that teacher anymore and I could stop faking the headaches but I'd told that lie for months, I couldn't just admit I'd been lying to everyone that whole time so I kept telling people I used to have migraines. About 4 years later I was in the middle of telling that lie once again when I suddenly remembered it wasn't true. I had forgotten. It'd just become a part of the narrative of my life. When conversations about headaches, or illness, or being off school would come up I would mention it. I'd just been telling it as a story, it had ceased to be a lie in my mind.

I've always heard the rule of two. Master and Apprentice.

They almost certainly did.

"You know, for science."

This needs to be higher. It was supposed to be 'no contact' defense. But he slapped attacker in the face. Boxer got a bit offended at this + his smirk, and tried a little harder. Gif only shows the part when calmed down and put some final touches. Some people stepped in by the end saying "that's enough".

i assume the "master" was just some judo teacher that couldnt even beat his own student, so he ends up making his own school where judo students that didnt want to do any actual fighting ends up paying out for some cultish jumbo

If I remember right he payed the mma fighter to throw the fight so he could increase enrollment to his school however, once the fight started the fighter just beats the shit out of him

I understand the people who conveniently find a way to never be tested. That's a shyster who is totally self aware. But why would the guy in the gif allow himself to be filmed getting his ass kicked? Surely he had to know it was going to happen??

It was in a controlled environment. Probably one of the quicker and safer ways to learn the lesson that he can actually be punched in the head. It wasn't like it was out on the street or a sucker punch from behind.

I once witnessed my cousin knock a squirrel out of a tree with a potato fired from one of those potato cannons made out of PVC pipes. It fell about 60 or 70 feet, got up, and ran off. This was only mildly relevant but it was one of the most /sub/nevertellmetheodds things I've ever seen.

It's not that they're "playing along" it's a similar thing to placebo. I remember in a self defense class our instructor showed us a similar thing where he spent two weeks building up this one technique that would always take someone to their backs that he was going to show us. You believe and respect the instructor and you just sort of believe him. When it came to demonstrate it put over half of us on our backs before someone just didn't let it work.

He was making the point that believing your opponent can't be defeated can be enough to make you fail to escape to safety regardless of either of your strength or technique.

The Ewoks single-handedly toppled the Galactic Empire and don't you let anyone tell you different.