Make sure you report Erdogan's thugs' violence against American citizens at the ICE website. That's why it is there.

Make sure you report Erdogan's thugs' violence against American citizens at the ICE website. That...

There will be some who say versions of "this is stupid".

But the point is to highlight the absurdity of that tip line while also emphasizing how fucked up that violence was.

And that violence was truly fucked up.

I'm usually on the opposite side of protesters In D.C. this year. But fuck that. This is like an attack on US citizens from a foreign power. Report these assholes.

Edit: It isn't "like" an attack on U.S. citizens from a foreign power. It IS an attack on U.S. citizens from a foreign power. George Washington would turn back over in his grave if Trump denounced the Turks for this. But let's be real, it won't happen.

TBH, I'm scared to report it, I think they'll lock me up.

While we're at it, we should probably also report it to the VOICE tipline.


For those who don't know, this is the tip line Trump set up to document crimes by immigrants.

This might help:

Direct link

My submission:

Where are you reporting from? Inside the US

Suspected Violation: Terrorism related

Location of criminal activity: 1606 23rd St., NW Washington, 20036

Violator Information: Individual

Information about the individual: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

DOB: February 26, 1954 age 63

Have you previously submitted? No

Summary of criminal activity? Erdoğan's thugs (non Americans) beat up American citizens for no reason other than to promote terror, which constitutes terrorism. Our President did nothing to defend his citizens which he has responsibility for. Thus, I am writing to ICE to inform you guys of immigrants foreign nationals that are harming Americans so you can take action as we cannot rely on our president to do so.

Additional reports? No

Edited immigrants and location

Edited pt 2:Another great summary from u/Strbrst (better than mine haha):

Recep Erdoğan's security detail assaulted American citizens in an attempt to promote terror. Our President took no action to defend the American citizens who were assaulted. As such, I am writing to inform you of foreign nationals that are harming Americans so you may take appropriate action to defend our citizens.

If you are here illegally they unfortunately might. Jk they have no way of finding you.

Fucking unreal that this happened in the USA of all places. I could have never imagined it would be allowed to occur here.

Sheridan Circle is not embassy grounds

What the attackers did was run out of soverign soil to attack a US citizen and then ran back ONTO their soverign soil so they cannot be arrested. This is not unlike the wave of diplomats running over kids in the NYC in the 90s where they do not get into trouble. diplomatic immunity and what not.

But again, diplomatic immunity doesn't protect them from a us citizen stabbing them in retaliation. Sure the us citizen can face jailtime, but that would require evidence. In that melee, based on what I know from jail, a shank can easily have been deployed and used without anyone knowing the attacker.

Right - they had no authority to do what they did.

The NSA is laughing right now.

You just pointed out why the phone number is basically bullshit to begin with. People can't really know if someone committing a crime is actually an illegal alien, legal resident, citizen or otherwise just by witnessing it happen. It's all based on who a person thinks looks like an immigrant.

So call them up and let the professionals figure it out.

And what is determined illegal is decided by a few people who don't actually represent the whole of everyone. Many laws are fucked up and straight up wrong.

It happened in Washington.

Really? Because entire states are doing so.

Entire presidents are doing so.

Thank God MLK didn't subscribe to that.

STILL no mention of this violence on or

what the fuck is going on?


Here's what I wrote. I believe it's a little more polished and more likely to be taken seriously.

Recep Erdoğan's security detail assaulted American citizens in an attempt to promote terror. Our President took no action to defend the American citizens who were assaulted. As such, I am writing to inform you of foreign nationals that are harming Americans so you may take appropriate action to defend our citizens.

This is an attack on foreign soil, the perpetrators should be imprisoned immediately. How will the worst president of all time react?

Please post the link to more right leaning subs to join this too then, this shouldn't be a partisan issue, but my history of leftist posts will just me called out if I try to post to right leaning subs.

I support Trump as much as I possibly can, but I even have to disagree with him here. Letting that piece of shit Erdogan step foot in our country was by far the biggest mistake he could have made.

This is why TOR exists, folks. Don't let anyone trick you into thinking its only for selling drugs. Many governments out there are doing everything they can to get rid of TOR, either by detecting it, equating it to a drug-selling tool or by raiding exit nodes.

It's one of the many good things to come out of DARPA, like the Internet.

There will be some who say versions of "this is stupid".

I don't think it's "stupid" per se, but as an act of protest it seems pretty ineffective and self-congratulatory.

What does flooding that form practically accomplish? At the end of the day you might burn a few taxpayer-funded hours for the low-level ICE employee who has to move all the messages into file 13.

Or if the volume is high enough, maybe they add a new spam filter to their system that tosses out all submissions with the keyword 'Erdogan' so no human eyes ever see them.

Calling your congressional representatives, writing an article, or posting about it on social media would all be more effective uses of your time.

You don't have to include your name or contact info - not required fields.

We so sure the trumpeteers agree on that?

Now my comment makes me look like I'm responding to something you didn't say. Haha, oh well.

I don't think this is the route to take. But think how crazy this is. Trump has allowed the dictator of another country to violently put down dissenting Americans in our own capital.

Because they know and can't legally tell anybody without publicizing domestic surveillance.

Wouldn't they be considered foreign nationals not immigrants?

Depends on where the residence is. If it's in the embassy or ambassadorial grounds, then it's Turkish ground. If it's just an apartment or house somewhere without proper affiliation (which I highly doubt that an ambassador would live off grounds), then it's American.

are only against the kind of illegal immigrants that fit their agenda.

I mean yeah we're gonna approve of some and not others. I approach many crimes the same way. I don't care if a guy downloads movies off the internet. If he sets up one of those shitty stores where he pumps out bootlegs for money, he's an asshole.

If someone comes here illegally and turns to violent crime, fuck em. If someone came here looking for a better life, I say let 'em stay.

Liberal and conservative "agendas" have nothing to do with it. Otherwise why would we be speaking out for all of these religious, conservative Mexicans? We're just okay with any immigrant until we have a concrete reason not to be.

That's what happens when your sense of right and wrong is guided by "values" and "morals", not just the law books.

Finally something Trump supporter and antitrumper agrees on. FUCK ERDOGAN

This was not at the White House, it was at the Turkish ambassador's residence: 1606 23rd St NW, Washington, DC 20008

Ip address. No thanks.

Nah, see what happens is files with child pornography hidden in them end up on your hard drive, and then you get arrested for that.

Long story short, Trump had a meeting with the president of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, in DC. There were Greek, Armenian, Kurdish, and Turkish protesters demonstrating peacefully against Erdogan, whose recent actions in Turkey have resembled the rise of a new dictator. Erdogan's bodyguards attacked several protestors and injured them, but were not arrested. People are claiming that this is terrorism, which I'm inclined to agree with, but you should draw your own conclusions.

Edit: forgot Kurdish protestors

I see comments like yours with increasing frequency. "I support Trump, but...."

Where is you ideological line? What act is negligent enough or deceptive enough or ignorant enough to anger you? What is it that democrats have done to cross that line that the republicans haven't?

What does flooding that form practically accomplish?

It's worse - it gives trump "data" to self-aggrandize himself even more - "the ice reporting has been massive, just massive, the amount is so big, we had no idea how big the criminal illegals was, but now everyone sees I was right"

I submitted my complaint. If enough people do this it should hopefully gain some attention but in these days who knows...

Direct link to form

It's all US sovereign soil, even the embassy grounds. We just don't do much enforcement on those grounds as a courtesy.

If embassy grounds were sovereign soil of the embassy nation, then the Netherlands embassy would be a very, very popular place with its legalized marijuana.

They did up until the point Trump called to congratulate Erdogan on becoming a dictator. They've since amended their views to match those of the God Emperor.

I realize my comment makes it sound like I didn't know what was going in. I'll edit.

Gay sex was against the law up until fairly recently. Do you think that was a reasonable law too?

Seriously though, just because it "the law" doesn't mean that it's a good law or that you should follow it.

Just called and was told, "I already filed your report" and the bitch hung up on me. Now every time I call I get a busy tone.

I thought Mr. Trump wanted us to snitch on unruly immigrants.

They're going to make that claim if they want to make that claim, whether it's true or not.

It's like the most American thing to rebel against the laws

This would be excellent. This is an American issue. Parties do not matter with this

So is speeding, but I'm not gonna bitch about it unless it puts me in danger.

I was wondering the same thing.

an unjust law is no law at all

Foreign nationals

But weren't they on the property of the residence of an Ambassador? That's technically not US soil, right? Does that matter?

Hey, friend. I'll submit a report on your behalf. I was born and raised in America, and I'm white. So, I'm not too concerned about getting in trouble by filing a report.

No, their systems only scan full-sized images. Thumbnails should be safe.

I just called, the lady was really rude and seemed to not care.

I'm not saying that the FBI was the world's largest distributor of child pornography. Certainly not saying that.

I don't really see reporting it as a protest. What happened is that some apparently foreign nationals attacked civilians in the US. These are things that ICE investigates. The individuals should be investigated and potentially deported or denied visas in the future.

I don't understand how people here are only against the kind of illegal immigrants that fit their agenda.

How dare people show sympathy. Who do they think we are talking about here? Other human beings?

Illegal is illegal.

Exactly. Everything in politics is always this black and white. Why are more people not realizing this?

I think 'immigrants' is not the correct term in this context.

No. That's not how embassies work. The basic legal framework for modern embassies was laid out in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations in 1961. You can read the full text of the treaty here.

Embassies are not the sovereign territory of the country they represent. They enjoy many forms of immunity from their host country's legal devices, but at the end of the day they are still a part of the host county. For example babies born on US soil are automatically granted US citizenship - but babies born in US embassies are not because US embassies are not US soil.

As far as being immune to arrest, that only applies to one person - the ambassador. A diplomatic bag is also immune from detainment so in practice a diplomatic courier is also immune to arrest during the course of their duties. Other than that there aren't any special protections against detainment or arrest. The host country's agents aren't allowed to enter an embassy or ambassador's residence without permission - but it turns out that this entire line of reasoning about land-related protections is moot because this incident didn't take place at the embassy or the ambassador's residence!

If you watch the video that is currently on the front page of /sub/worldnews and stop 4 seconds in, you will see a backdrop that can be easily matched up to this location in Washington, DC (the street view link for some reason won't replicate the exact view, but if you're looking at the park and move one click to the right down the street, you'll see the exact "one way" sign that is visible in the video at 0:04). That is Sheridan Circle Park, a public park across the street from the ambassador's residence. It is not part of the grounds of the embassy or the ambassador's residence, and so our police can operate there normally.

Again - those bodyguards enjoy no special immunity from arrest. The only protection they have is that our police aren't allowed to enter the grounds of the embassy or ambassador's residence without permission - but since this did not take place at either of those locations that isn't a factor here. The US absolutely could have arrested those bodyguards without violating Turkey's rights.

Here you go. Welcome to the outrage.

Fuck Trump in his Putin Holster.

You have a downvote. Stop bitching.

Please feel free to share the link on other subs. I am obviously pretty leftist and am not going to post on any right leaning subs since I'll just get called out for not being one of them. But this a universal thing, and the more support the better.

I mean, you can't just ignore a law because you don't like it. It doesn't make it any less illegal

I'm really happy there are still conservatives that won't sell out their countrymen.

Their diplomatic credentials can also be revoked.

IIRC one of the founders said something about resisting laws that were shitty or "unlawful." Straight up said it was patriotic duty to defy such laws, or something to that effect. Again, if memory serves...

Edit: found it, was thinking of Jefferson.

Quotation: "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so."

Called the ICE hotline and got the same thing; 'we've got a million of these calls' hangup

I voted for Trump.

Honestly, you should be ashamed. We warned you. Every single expert on authoritarianism warned you about Trump's affection for brutal dictatorships-- Putin, Erdogan, even Kim Jung Un-- and you still voted for him. That you see this as a random incident and not connected to your action of voting him into office is disturbing. He's going down the checklist of authoritarianism (pivots to other dictators, employs his children to concentrate power, disdain for journalists, attacking any checks on his power or investigations into his actions) and still you're "on the opposite side of protesters In D.C. this year"? Wake up.

It happened just a year ago. Protesters clashing with Erdogan's bodyguards, punches thrown, woma...

As others have mentioned, it wouldn't hurt to call also -


Who can VOICE help?

A victim of crime(s);

A witness of crime(s);

An individual with a legal responsibility to act on behalf of a victim or witness (e.g., attorneys, parents, legal guardians, etc.); or

Individuals acting at the request of a victim or witness.

Yay outrage

Actually this is what guns are for. Erdogan's goons aren't the police. If they get violent you're legally allowed to control the situation, with deadly force if necessary.

you can't just ignore a law because you don't like it.

Jury Nullification. If a society does not want a law enforced they can simply refuse to participate in any court case that attempts to enforce it. We have plenty of ways of telling the 'powers that be' that we do not want a law enforced.

If you go 1 mph over the speed limit, sorry man, illegal is illegal, you'll get a ticket.

More to the point, you deserve a ticket. You must be ticketed. Absolutely and without exception. No room for interpetation, nuance or human judgment here!

Trump supporter here, fuck Erdogan

Just came from /sub/all can someone fill me in on what's going on?

Is there a specific link where we can submit a complaint? I'm on my phone having trouble finding where to go.

So...should peeps come prepared with guns on their next visit so they can shoot in self defense? I might actually do this. BRING IT

wtf I love ICE now

I posted the link on facebook and not one person I know commented on it or liked or anything. It really feels like facebook censored my status update and didn't show it to people.

I like where you're going with this, but the criminal activity didn't occur at the White House. It actually occurred outside the Turkish Ambassador's Residence, which is located at 1606 23rd St., NW Washington, DC 20036.

Nuance is dead

Dont worry. As long as you are not in Turkey, Tayyip can do nothing. However, if you report it in Turkey, you will instantly get jailed

Good, now let's hope they act. If they don't, we now know that Mexicans are only in their agenda.

It's sad to feel this way in America. Thanks Trump. You dumb fucking orange ball bag.

As a Turk, this is incredibly shameful of us. I hate Erdogan. I hope that motherfucker kicks the bucket soon. I hate political Islam - heck I hate organized religion everywhere.

I'm even more worried about the future because Americans fucked the region and we have more than 3.5 million refugees now. What's going to happen when they eventually acquire citizenship? They will all grow up hating the civilized world. That means more internal problems for us and more problems with the West.

And here I thought ICE existed solely to raid and separate immigrant families.

This. You can't use passive aggressive ironic tactics with this. They'll take everything at face value, and twist it to make their stuff look like it's working.

You know, you had your reasons for voting Trump. For believing he was the better choice for the job. I respect that. I'm sorry that other people are trying to bash you when you're just being honest. But I also hope that you can objectively look at the state our country is in and not choose a side but what is right. We, as Americans, need to start stepping up for ourselves and one another.

Murica got cucked

lol, they did already. It was complete inaction.

"Press Statement Heather Nauert Department Spokesperson Washington, DC May 17, 2017

We are concerned by the violent incidents involving protestors and Turkish security personnel Tuesday evening. Violence is never an appropriate response to free speech, and we support the rights of people everywhere to free expression and peaceful protest.

We are communicating our concern to the Turkish government in the strongest possible terms."

Wouldn't they be considered foreign nationals not immigrants?

So? They still have visas, they are still here committing crimes against American citizens on American soil. ICE jurisdiction extends beyond the official definition of immigrant.

Yeah that's probably not the best idea in Washington DC.

If I wouldn't get arrested for it, I would be down there at protests with my AR-15

Yeah, that would calm everybody down.

You do know you can smoke up in the Netherlands embassy and will not face any prosecution. They will likely kick you out because they do not want to piss off their host country, but you will not face any charges (because as you said, it is not illegal in Netherlands). Now try doing that in say the chinese embassy and they can and will detain you for the cops to cart you away (even though weed is also quasi-legal in DC so it would just be a fine)

so no, you are wrong. please go read up on embassys and the protections they are afforded. this is the exact same outrage from all of the hit and runs and subsequent victim's deaths in the 90s by foreign diplomats. yet here we are again... bitching to social media about it instead of activating and writing/calling/visiting our elected representatives.

something something those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it

EDIT: downvotes. its easier to click an arrow than to have your beliefs violated.

And simultaneously the best

Fuck em. I'm an Iraq vet and find this whole thing reprehensable. The Turkish government presumes that they can assault or out right attempt to murder my Countrymen, for as much as I disagree with them, in my country and get away with it?

I'll bang it out with a bunch of bullies that will almost assuredly panic the second they're met with force to defend the rights of my fellow citizens from foreign threats.

Better shut up and take our beatings then.

That's not how it works. Diplomatic immunity doesn't apply to staff like that, and especially not for assault that is captured on camera.

Lethal Weapon 2 is not an accurate portrayal of international politics.