[Magic Story] A Question of Confidence

[Magic Story] A Question of Confidence

I love that she saw Ghirapur and thought it was Orazca. The reader can clearly see it's the wrong golden city, but it will drive her character's actions for the rest of the block I'm sure.

"Fuck these guys, get me to the city and I'll fucking worship the sun, the moon, that big scaly bastard over that, fuck it, GET ME OUT OF HERE! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MISERABLE IT IS TO HAVE FUR IN THIS CLIMATE?!"

I think it's important to note that Angrath is also a planeswalker, and during their fight becomes aware that Huatli is a planeswalker, and that he immediately wants to team up with her so they can find a way off the plane together.

Huatli (unsparked) returns from a campaign against the Vampires. She wants to be named the once-per-generation Warrior-Poet, but is not yet. She and her cousin Inti are assigned to watch out for pirates. They run into Angrath, who is confirmed to be a Minotaur who uses red-hot chains in combat. She sparks and sees Kaladesh, mistaking it for the Golden City. After escaping Angrath, she is tasked by the Emperor to chase the vision of the Golden City and is promised the title of Warrior-Poet when she finds it. Her magic seems to focus primarily on summoning Dinos.
Hell yes, Angrath is a minotaur !


Hell yes, Angrath is a minotaur !

Can't wait until she actually does planeswalk to Kaladesh.

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me!"

Wonder where he's from? He seems a little too articulate to be a Theros minotaur, and he has a bull head rather than a ram's head, so Amonkhet is out. Maybe he's a Talruum from Dominaria? His name does bear a certain resemblance to Tahngarth's...

sees a gremlin

"Jeez, what happened to your dinosaurs?!"

So there are 4 trapped planeswalkers now. I wonder how many there actually are, and how many died drinking rum.

Saurs v Taurs

Also first story confirmation that Angrath is a planeswalker, or at minimum knows of the existence of planeswalkers/other planes.

I wonder what Angrath's home plane was, since the story heavily implies that he's not of Ixalani origin. Maybe he's Ravnican, and was affiliated with the Rakdos (the chains)? I really hope so, because maybe he'll recognize the Living Guildpact who doesn't even know his own name, and Jace will be confused like "WHY IS THIS MINOTAUR PISSED AT ME".

"No pirate fought with this kind of callous rage. No River Herald would kill with such disregard. And no Legion of Dusk foe was so unpredictable" He does sound very Rakdos-y going off this description... then again it's just generic enough that black-red walkers from anywhere could be designed to fit that description. Are there any cards that specifically depict rakdos members using chains?

Huatli seems super cool but I was excited to see what happens with Jace and Vraska. Guess that'll be next week.

It looks like Huatli's first planeswalk was would have been to Kaladesh, then Ixalan said "No".

It looks like Huatli's first planeswalk was would have been to Kaladesh, then Ixalan said "".

Isn't there minotaurs in the Boros legion as well? I guess BR doesnt really fit color wise for that though.

sees a Dragon

"That Dinosaur seems to have two limbs too many."

Duel Decks- Dinosaurs vs. Minotaurs

"The man" is in this story 113 times less than in the last story.

But "the mantle" is in this story 3 times more.

Huatli gave her an honest smile in return. "There are only two types of poems in the world. Poems that are good, and poems that are honest. Poetry that is good is clever, and anyone can be clever if they try hard enough. But poetry that is honest has magic in it; the ability to let other people feel what you feel is a very powerful magic indeed."

Huatli continued. "If you think your work isn't ready to share, don't try to make it good. Try to make it honest."

Fucking amazing description of what it's like to make art of any kind.

Rakdos has minotaurs IIRC. Maybe he has the chains from there.

So a BR Minotaur planeswalker. I am having an excite

They needed something with a giant golden city that could be easily mistaken for Orazca. Pretty much only Kaladesh, Amonkhet (before Bolas wrecked everything) and Ravnica fit the bill.

Remember, Angrath only knows Huatli is a planeswalker because he watched her try to planeswalk and trigger the "WARNING NO EXIT" glyph.

Unless he's seen Vraska attempt a planeswalker, he would never be able to tell just by looking at her.

Unless, of course, he knows that Ixalan has no native gorgons, and he knows what a gorgon is.

Even better, [[City of Ass]].

Huatli: "Listen, Emperor, I think we're better off without Orazca. The smell alone!"

She could have gone to Rabiah and seen the [[City of Brass]]!

Hautli: "Emperor, I had a great vision of a gleaming city."

Emperor (gasping in shock): "You mean Orazca, our lost City of Gold?!"

Hautli (eyes glancing to the side): "Ehhhh....."

Her magic seems to focus primarily on summoning Dinos.

I can't believe it only took one story for a character to objectively become the best character in the history of Magic.

I thought it would be super interesting if he came from Theros, if only because he would be a Black-Red planeswalker who uses chains, which on Theros is the weapon of the White Hieromancers like Gideon, which is the mutual enemy of BR.

Why is leg?

"I'm gonna kill you!" five seconds later "Do you wanna be best buddies and find a way out?"

Except for the part where Huatli seeing a "golden city" in her failed planeswalk was key to setting off everything she's done since then?

I think it's a matter of respect. He considers every single noun on the entire plane to be beneath him, but other planeswalkers are his peers. He expects his peers to have the same outlook as himself, so clearly if another 'walker is on the plane, they're almost certainly an ally of convenience, if nothing else.

He's like an asshole tourist in a third-world country who just realized that the person he dismissed as another ignorable local is actually a fellow countryman, so he's suddenly super interested in chatting and spending time with them, even though he wouldn't give them the time of day a moment ago.

So there could be several crazed drunk old walkers running around somewhere if the curse is that old.

Considering she (and the majority of the sun empire, by the looks of things) consider rapiers tacky, she's not going to take kindly to Kaladesh

The plot twist is that literally all of the inhabitants are planeswalkers.

And Ixalan was Mirrodin all along. New Phyrexia was actually Chia-Mirrodin, a papier-mâché replica made as part of Memnarch's master plan to distract them from the real plane before he can steal a spark.

sees a dragon

"I had no idea you could mate a sunwing and a raptor..."

"Finally, I can get back and see by brother Neheb! Wonder what he's up to these days?"

Jokes aside though, Amonkhet minotaurs have ram heads instead of bull heads, so I doubt he's from Amonkhet.

I thought for a moment it was their ship Huatli attacked...but no.

That said, Angrath was interesting and Huatli shows promise.

There's a bunch. [[Rakdos Cackler]] immediately comes to mind.

Sounds like what Kanye West thinks sounds like Kanye West

I don't know how much of a pain the fur is compared to the literal furnace magic he uses.

Dinos vs Minos

Ixalan, as well as being the name of the plane, is also the name of the continent that the merfolk and the Sun Empire live on. The vampires come from a continent to the east called Torrezon, which they've basically ruled for centuries.

The pirates are the descendants of the refugees who escaped to sea from Torrezon as it got conquered by vampires. They are entirely seafaring folk, but they have key locations like the floating city of High and Dry, which acts as the big pirate base.

They explain a lot of the backstory in their story podcast.

Gotta love some dramatic irony

I kind of want all of these conflicting factions of Ixalan to get to Orazca at the same time and have it just be some big let down.

Like, there's just this one creepy old guy already there that comes out and says (in a thick accent of some sort), "Orazca, City of Gold?! No, no -- this Orazca, City of Mold. This my mold city I make."

And it's just the most rundowniest, tourist trappiest place. Built by this one guy's great-great-granpappy 100 years ago.

I just want to see them all get super deflated, and have to come to terms with the fact that this is what they've been fighting and killing each other over.

No world-ending dragon calamity, or plane-saving super contrived story, or fucking time travel. Just a guy who grows and cares for mold on his island estate.

There must be a ton of them stuck there right? If none of them can leave it should theoretically just continue accumulating them. Honestly it would seem like really bad writing to me if there were only four walkers in this plane when that's the same number as we tend to see on planes where they can leave.

It's also on-theme for her -- Huatli is an extremely creative soul about to spark, so she sees the city in the Multiverse where creativity is arguably the most celebrated.

She didn't leave Ixalan. She only saw a glimpse of Kaladesh before being denied by whatever is keeping Planeswalkers on Ixalan (the Immortal Sun).

Conservation of detail is a thing. It's important for readers to be able to look at the image and recognize which plane it's really on, so they can follow the parts of the story Huatli isn't picking up on.

He was confirmed as a planeswalker on the flavor text of dragon skull summit

Seems to be mostly the latter.

Chandra planeswalks to Regatha, where fire magic is studied; Liliana planeswalks to Innistrad, a place full of necromancy; Samut planeswalks to Theros, where there are many gods; Gideon planeswalks to Bant, which is like an idealized version of his native Akroas.

That kind of makes the multiverse a bit small, in my opinion. I mean out of everywhere she could have walked to (if she were able to walk and wasn't pulled back) she walked to the plane we were on a year ago.

Tarkir might have been interesting. Or even Zendikar. But...Kaladesh. I get that for story reasons something RESEMBLING Orazca was needed, but still makes the universe feel small.

Man, wouldn't it be sad if he was from Amonkhet and was stuck here while his home got wrecked by Bolas?

"The Brazen Coalition" is a term for the entire Pirate faction and an entire fleet of ships, and they're UBR, so organization is most definitely not their forte. And even if they were super organized, it is an absolutely huge number of ships to know the captain of. And even THEN Vraska has only arrived within, what, the last year?

So the mere fact that Vraska is a pirate captain means she's part of the Coalition, and it's entirely reasonable she and Angrath have never met.

And all that is assuming that, if Angrath did meet Vraska, he wouldn't just assume there are gorgons (or strange green tentacle hair people) on Ixalan and carry on.

It'll be interesting to see how she reacts to the immense level of technology there compared to her home as well as how it compares to the real orazca.

She wants to be named the once-per-generation Warrior-Poet

...don't we all?

I really think he's from Theros, too. The only thing I wonder about is that Angrath is like Purphoros-level of being on fire. Maybe he's a WBR walker who follows both the twin gods and uses both of their techniques? White for chains, red for fire, and black for his ruthlessness? Just spitballing here.

Ok, so, Angrath is with the Brazen Coalition, right? But he's not seen another planeswalker on Ixalan.

Can we then confer from this that Vraska is not with the Coalition?

I usually assume that when a planeswalker first sparks, they either go to the nearest available plane OR somehow instinctively end up in a plane that has something they are looking for or need. In this case, a golden city.

I think Kaladesh has the added benefit of the audience immediately knowing the truth of the situation. We know it wasn't Orazca so we are already a few steps ahead of the characters and left wondering when the other shoe will drop. I'm not going to say if that's good or bad, but I do find it an interesting way to utilize reader information.

Summary for those at work:

Huatli is a warrior in the Sun Empire, along with her cousin Inti. She does not yet know she is a planeswalker. After a successful campaign against the Legion of Dusk (vampires), she hopes that the emperor Apatzek will bestow her the title of Warrior-Poet, which is only given out once a generation.

Apatzek does not yet give her the title, but instead tells her she is needed in the city as there could be more invaders coming to the shores. He proves to be correct a month later as the Brazen Coalition lands. Huatli and Inti go to stop them.

Huatli and Inti are successful against the pirates, but soon encounter a minotaur (something Huatli has never seen before) named Angrath. Angrath bests them and is about to kill them when Huatli's spark ignites. She sees Ghirapur and believes it to be the fabled golden city Orazca before she is pulled back to Ixalan. Angrath reveals he is a planeswalker and wishes to join with her to escape Ixalan, but she and Inti flee instead.

Huatli speaks with the emperor about what she has seen. The emperor takes this as a sign that Huatli should seek out Orazca in the name of the Sun Empire. If she finds it she will gain the title of Warrior-Poet. With a new goal, she sets out the next day with Inti to find a River Herald (merfolk) to guide them further.

Our options for Minotaurs (afawk) are Alara, Theros, Amonkhet, Dominaria, Ravnica, Ulgrotha and Zendikar. I agree that Theros and Amonkhet are both out, I could definitely see Dominaria as well as a minotaur from Jund. I do hope he's not Ravnican given our large number of native Ravnican walkers already.

I find it hard to believe Ixalan has gorgons, so I think it's more likely they simply have never met, specially considering Vraska is new to the plane.


"Once-per-generation Warrior-Poet" sounds like Kayne West

My bet's on the Dominaria idea, seeing as that's where we're going next, and it can provide some semblance of continuity

Yeah, entire characters like the emperor are a blur in my mind. Is he old, young? He could look like anything, I have no idea.

Walkers are supposed to be one in a million, right? That should mean that New York City has twelve or thirteen.

Ravnica has an absolutely massive population. There might be dozens or hundreds of walkers from there.

[[Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch]] [[Rakdos Cackler]] [[Rakdos Ragemutt]] only sort of counts

And not Gore-House Chain Walker?



So on Zendikar chain mages are from the black aligned pirate town of Zulaport [[Zulaport Chainmage]] and their Minotaurs are red [[Ondu Champion]]. Seems like Angrath would be a good fit there.

I don't think so, mostly due to Angrath not really feeling like a Greek-inspired name. It feels like a pretty generic fantasy name more in line with a Ravnican/Dominarian native.

Concerned big sister assassin? Only wants his help because she knows he's smart and may be able to get her off this plane. Then, when that puzzle is solved, she will go back to trying to kill him

I really hope so, because maybe he'll recognize the Living Guildpact who doesn't even know his own name, and Jace will be confused like "WHY IS THIS MINOTAUR PISSED AT ME".

I hope not, because Vraska already fills that role in the story!

Besides, Ravnica already has three native planeswalkers - Domri Rade, Ral Zarek, and Vraska. I'd like planeswalkers to remain rare.

Well they both could be, Pirates don't tend to all get together for Sunday Brunch. It's very reasonable to have both of them be in it and not have literally seen each other. There are a lot of Pirate captains after all.

Precisely, With Ajani the numbers for the block are

W - 1 U - 1 B - .5 R - .5 G - 1

which means Angrath is BR to bring the totals up to 1 across the board.

That bit in the story was accompanied by an image of Kaladesh. It seems to be "normally planeswalkers can't get far enough to see another plane, but first planeswalks are an exception".

Maybe it's the red in her the fuels the creativity of her poetry and gave her the curiosity of exploring. Creativity and curiosity seem like strong traits to be drawn to Kaladesh.

They've pretty much stated that a Planeswalker's first walk is to a plane most suited for their current mentality. Liliana went to Innistrad because Zombies. Chandra went to Regatha because Fire. Nissa went to Lorwyn because Elf Supremacist. Ajani went to Jund because Angry. Elspeth went to Theros because Monsters.


Ok, that last one kinda fell apart.

I dig Huatli, but the prose in this story is really, really bad. A lot of repetitious sentences, whole paragraphs of flashback exposition, and vague description that doesn't really give me a clear picture of what things look like or where people are.

Huatli is cool, but boy howdy does WOTC need to throw money at their writing department. This is a rough draft, not a finished product.

I was just setting up the joke :p

More of a...

Huatli: "So, Emperor. When your mom told you about this City of...Precious Metals. Did she use the words "City of Gold" precisely?

"I'm just saying, if it turns out to be not quite gold per se, is there...do we have a warranty or insurance for this place?"

*cue theme for It's Always Sunny in Ixalan*

Then he is probably BR

I dint think so because there are dinosaurs on dominaria and according to the flavor text of the new dragonskull summit he has no idea what a dinosaur is.

Isn't there literally Rakdos Chainwalker

I think you mean the pirates are the descendents of the refugees. Otherwise we'd have ghost pirates.

Huatli Starts 'Splorin

Yeah... maybe 'tell me where the city is or you die' is not the best first impression to give a stranger.

Angrath needs to work on his people skills, really.

The best that could be said with Elspeth is: because not phyrexia infested hellhole.

Sure, and they've done that. Kaladesh's story involved planeswalkers visiting both Ravnica and Kamigawa, and earlier, Origins spanned ten planes, including Lorwyn and Alara as well as new ones.

They're incorporating broader references where they can, but this just wasn't the place.

Ahhhh, what a well-aged meme this is.

[[Gore-House Chainwalker]] same category as the dog since it's not using it as a weapon, although that requirement is an inference based on how the chains were "used" in the story. I just did a simple search for "Rakdos" on gatherer, and posted the easiest examples for that sweet karma

Yeah, I can imagine lots of novice planeswalkers just accidentally going to Ixalan and getting trapped there haha.

Two-Chains vs Bird-Brains?

EDIT: Made a critical error in syllable symmetry.

IDK man, Kaladesh does have those sweet tiger-striped dragons, elephants, giants, and sky-whales.

Rabiah has been more-or-less exiled from continuity because it doesn't meet the modern bar for IP distinctiveness. (Its existence is technically still canon, but I think they have a policy of never alluding to it in new creative.)

Or if she planeswalks to the Nalaar household when Chandra's there.

"Oh you've gotta be kitten me!"

Are they? I thought they were reptiles. Aren't all reptiles cold blooded? I learned that more than 20 years ago, so science may have confirmed otherwise, but I'd hate to think Mrs. Twilliker lied to me.

Birds vs Bulls