Macron denounces his country's collaboration in the Holocaust, and lashed out at right-wing nationalists who still downplay the French role in the deaths of tens of thousands of Jews.

Macron denounces his country's collaboration in the Holocaust, and lashed out at right-wing nationalists who still downplay the French role in the deaths of tens of thousands of Jews.
Macron denounces his country's collaboration in the Holocaust, and lashed out at right-wing natio...

Yeah, Le Pen fucked up with her remarks during the campaign.

So much work went into making it look like she isn't like her father and that the party had changed. All destroyed in one sentence.

She said that France was not responsible for the Vel' d'Hiv roundup of Jews during WW2.

More than 13,000 french jews (including 4,000 children) were arrested on that day of 1942 by the French authorities.

Basically, her reasoning is a kind of "no true Scotsman" fallacy. She thinks that France isn't responsible because anyone who does this isn't really French. She thinks that "France was in London" during the nazi-occupation.

But that's not how it works.

Correction: She rather claims it's because France was occupied by Germany and thus the French can't be held account for the deportation of the Jews.

Which is untrue at least in 1942, at this point Pétain's France willingly sent the Jews to Germany while he was not obliged.

I don't follow French politics.

What was said?

While in Denmark the government protected the jews when invaded 1940 and the resistance evacuated more than 99% of them when the Nazis siezed the government 1942.

Good for Macron, actually standing up for something once again. I'm really starting to like this guy despite not completely agreeing with his economic policies. A leader with integrity is rare nowadays.


Q. Why do people keep bringing up the Holocaust?

A. Because of the cunts in the bottom of this thread that appear in every thread with the word Jew or Holocaust just to complain about people bringing it up.

We live in a crazy world where this even counts as integrity. "That well-documented and obviously bad thing my country did decades before I was born? I'm against it." Bold stance.

He's not wrong, it's just that the far right is really lowering the bar.

And because it's worth bringing up. When my grandma was a little girl in Buffalo, New York, her cousins were being rounded up and murdered for who they were. By Germans. Members of great civilizations, who had participated democratically in the dismantling of their democracy, people who read the paper, who went to the opera, who read books, who went to university, real, ordinary and developed people, murdered my family. This wasn't some small incident. This is something from which all of humanity recoils in horror. It's something that will happen again, unless we make sure that it doesn't. How much of a fucking snowflake do you have to be to get offended when people point out the worst crimes against humanity in our species' history?

My father in law lost his young lover because of this. She was Jewish and was taken away from Paris to die while he was left behind. He swore against Germany and France that day. When he was much older he renounced his French citizenship and harboured ill will against France until the day he died.

I mean, Turkey and the United States still refuse to admit they committed genocides. I recall reading that Hitler even used the global disinterest in the Armenian genocide as justification for what he planned to do, basically "Nobody talks about what Turkey did, so in thirty years nobody will care about what Germany is planning to do."

Seeing a world leader admit that they fucked up so, so badly is something few leaders have the courage to do. Kudos to President Macron.

Meanwhile, Turkey still denies the Armenian genocide

By the way, just last year, members of FN (Le Pen's party) commemorated the Nazi traitor Pétain as a hero

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Basically, her reasoning is a kind of "no true Scotsman" fallacy. She thinks that France isn't responsible because anyone who does this isn't really French. She thinks that "France was in London" during the nazi-occupation.

But that's not how it works.

Yes but also that statement was doubly offensive because National Front traces its lineage through ideology and through specific politicians directly to the pro-Nazi Vichy regime, and to Jews its like she's calling them idiots, as if she assumes that they're blind to the connection.

He was, he fought bravely against the germans in WW1 and cowardly against the germans in WW2.

But to quickly play devil's advocate, he was just given power by the president after France was completely destroyed by Germans, he was put in a shitty position.

Denmark, Sweden and Norway are always making the rest of us look bad.

Good country that Denmark

That's really sad. I hope he lived a happy life wherever he made a new home.

Sure, my point is just that Hitler rode to power democratically, at first. It wasn't some wormhole alternate reality with comic book villains who didn't have access to any moral insight or guidance, or ruled without any consent and support from ordinary people.

Um, the USA had to kill people, in order to help them. They may not want our help, but they need it. /s

A lot of people in my country have this mentality and I hate it.

Plus only talking about the government's role in it is forgetting that everyday people were more than happy to denounce their neighbours for being jews. And those people sure were French citizens.

EDIT: I don't literally mean all French people denounced Jews, and all those who did did it for antisemite reasons

Neat comic

His father-in-law

So does Israel.


It's a bit more complicated than that.

It's true that Petain was a collaborator: he willingly and wittingly ordered the deportation of French Jews, refused the British ultimatum to sink or turn over the French fleet at Mers-el-Kabir so the Nazis couldn't use the ships (in turn prompting the British to sink the French fleet themselves), and generally functioned as a puppet leader of Vichy France. But he also insisted, repeatedly, that the only way the French could ensure their survival was to give in to the Germans, who had all but completely annihilated their military and occupied their entire country. This was at the absolute height of the Reich's military power, where nobody was left to fight them on mainland Europe. He was put into an impossible situation, because it was a given that if the French did not surrender, Germany would stomp them out. In that context, it's not wholly unreasonable to surrender.

That having been said, we shouldn't be minimizing Petain's role in history or apologizing for him, because there's ample evidence that he exploited his "This is the only way" mantra in order to enforce his own politics and actively aided the enemy. Most famously, he changed the motto of France from "Liberty, Egality, Fraternity" of the French Revolution to "Travail, Famille, Patrie (Work, Family, Fatherland)", reflecting his politically conservative stance, and further cracked down on French Jews and the French resistance movements still present on the mainland by setting up French concentration camps (which were nicer than the ones in eastern Europe, but still abysmal) and imprisoning or executing rebels. There's no doubt that he was not a passive collaborator: he worked actively to aid the enemy and implement his desired changes upon his nation while it was occupied.

Petain may not be an outright villain because he was in a no-win situation, but he is certainly a traitor for his actions while in charge of Vichy, and he does not—IMO—deserve to be lionized for either his coerced or witting actions.

TL;DR: History is complicated.

It's complicated, but the short story is that Israel needs allies and needs to have good relations with other regional powers, particularly ones that are more secular. Not recognizing it as a genocide is a relatively simple way to stay off Turkey's shit list.

Relations are complicated, though, and diplomatic relations really soured after Erdogan took office.

Wasn't he a WWI hero ?

Where? Is that a part of Austria?

Careful though - the guy is full on Marketing and Communication.

There's the article title, but then he invited Netanyahu for the commemoration. Not the ideal person, but ok.

Also, he's famous for the Make our Planet great again. After inviting openly experts from all over the world - and especially the US - he proceeded to reduce the budget of education and research.

Macron is a nice product, very shiny, but when you look behind the marketing BS, he's the same as any modern politician.

Jesus, that story has the makings of an epic drama. You should write a screenplay

To be fair, if he didn't enthusiastically collaborated with the Germans and didn't treat them as the New Order of Europe, history would have been nicer to him

Why exactly is inviting the prime minister of the Jewish state not ideal for a holocaust commemoration

It is actually connected. When Jean-Marine Le Pen founded the National Front, he did it with a bunch of Vichy collaborators. , voted for Petain this guy was actually a member of the French Fascist Party.

Unless it's oil based obviously.

That's pretty hard to remove with water.

Canadians don't really like Trudeau.

He did win the election and he has a 50%+ approval rating so to say they don't really like Trudeau is a fallacy.

I agree with you, but Weimar wasn't exactly democratically dismantled. Unlike Turkey today, for example.

It's not just the US, although the US might be the most ignorant and aggressively nationalistic about it. The majority of British think that their country has no reason to apologize for British colonialism, and I'm sure plenty of people in France feel the same way. They're wrong, but many people do feel this way.

That said, Macron taking the initiative to criticize his country's past is a breath of fresh air.

Yeah, fuck Vichy.

Vive la France.

It's always nice to see a politician standing up and showing integrity especially in these times.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 85%. (I'm a bot)

On July 16-17 1942, French police under the Vichy regime - a puppet government of Nazi Germany - launched "Operation Spring Breeze," which led to the roundup of more than 13,000 Jews in Paris.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu marked the anniversary with a ceremony at the arena on Sunday.

"I call for a resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians in the framework of the search for a solution of two states, Israel and Palestine, living in recognized, secure borders with Jerusalem as the capital," Macron told reporters, with Netanyahu at his side.

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She didn't fuck up, she just revealed her true colours. They wouldn't have to put so much effort into reforming their "image" if their substance underneath it all wasn't still so ugly.

A Scotsman is sitting in Glasgow reading the newspaper. There's a story in it about a horrible murder committed in Manchester.

"Humph! Just goes to show what bloodthirsty animals the English are. No Scotsman would ever commit such a heinous crime!"

The next day the newspaper has a story about the crime being solved; a guy named Angus MacDougal did it.

"Humph! Shows what happens when you're surrounded by the corrupting influence of England. No true Scotsman would ever commit such a heinous crime!"

Closely related to "moving the goalposts."

You can put on make-up all you want, a bucket of water will reveal all the ugly underneath.

The word Quisling comes from Norway. Vidkun Quisling was the wartime leader of Norway. Quisling was a enthusiastic collaborationist. Quisling was executed by firing squad.

And let's not forget "they lost, get over it."

I love SATW. It's silly but I actually learned a lot from her, and she's very clever.

Except New Zealand

Eh, not sure I'd bring up Norway in this context. They looked pretty bad themselves in WW2.

The scary thing is that it's happening again and again in varying degrees even though people now have the internet, better communication, and history itself to learn from.

I'll take a polished turd over a sloppy dump any day.

Norway did the same as France and rounded up all the jews and sent them off to concentration camps in Germany when ordered to by the Nazis.

On the tip of Ile de la Cité, immediately behind Notre Dame cathedral, and just a few metres from the Seine flowing past on both sides, lies a tiny, crypt-like Memorial des Martyrs de la Deporation, dedicated to the 200,000 French citizens who were sent to concentration camps by the despicable collaborationists of Vichy France. And inside lies a memorial within a memorial, the Tomb of the Unknown Deportee.

The Memorial des Martyrs never gets the attention it deserves, even though it is situated quite literally just steps away from one of the world's most famous and heavily-visited tourist sites.

But it is brilliantly executed, evocative, and profoundly moving. It was described by one visitor as "small, stark and savagely detailed... which goes unnoticed by the thousands of tourists who take selfies of themselves in front of the adjoining cathedral every day. It is a place for tears and quiet contemplation; a refuge from the crowds and a reminder of one of the darkest episodes in recent history."

Every single, card-carrying member of the National Front should be forced to spend an hour in that symbolic crypt, contemplating exactly how evil is that which they seek to rationalize ... if not to reproduce wholesale.

Mind telling that to americans waving confederate flags?


we need a macron in US office.

It's usually them saying it

I like it's use of shit and lines.

Again, like in my other response, I think you're interpreting my comment as me saying all French people hated Jews and tried to get rid of them. That's not the case at all, that's not what I said either, my point is there were French citizens who did participate in Germany's efforts and saying "France was not involved in it at all" is inherently wrong as a result.

Claiming Pétain's France doesn't count is delusional, as his government willfully handed Jews over to Germany without being asked, and claiming the French people didn't have any involvement is false as well.

That's not true, 75% percent of the Jews were able to survive (in Metropolitan France only, the rate is higher if we include the Jews from the colonial empire in North Africa )which is one of the highest rate of Europe. For comparison 90% of the Jewish population of Poland was eliminated. Obviously the difference of treatment by the occupants and other parameters should be taken into account (Polish people denounced Jews so that they can avoid the brutale starvation...)but without the help of the population or at least the passivity of the population, the number of Jews deported would be much higher.

There was a blatant antisemitism in France(but that was the case of the whole Europe and even the US) for sure and many people participated to the holocaust but France has also the third highest number of citizens who were awarded the Righteous Among the Nations.

Well, taking into account the co-realities that the second world war is so much more proximate to us than the civil war and that Le Pen's father (former head of the party) was a virulent anti-semite and holocaust denier, I'd swing towards denying them the benefit of the doubt.

Thats not entirely true. The Madagascar plan never materialized mostly because GB survived the battle of Britain, which meant Germany never controlled the shipping lanes required to move their Jews to Africa. Also, it was never going to be possible to move all the Jews out of the Reich, due to logistical and infrastructural reasons. Germany planned to send all the Jews as eastward as possible, but none of the Nazi officials in charge of those areas were keen on taking them in. When they realized this plan wouldn't work, they were quick and happy to move on to mass extermination. Although western countries could and should have done more, we should be careful not to paint the picture that they were somehow responsible for pushing Germany into the holocaust.

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A savage who doesn't know any better doesn't get to govern an empire. You might want to read up a bit on the Khans - pretty interesting stuff.

Happening in turkey right now.


To be fair, wasn't that largely because the nazi official who was responsible for getting rid of the Danish Jews thought it would be easier to let them escape the country than to ship them all to Poland?

I'm a Canadian. I'm a fan. The first major act he did as PM was to reinstate the long-form census, a matter which is near and dear to my heart. He's been strong where it counts in the US-Can relationship and supported his MPs in coordinating directly with their US counterparts to forward economic and environment policies, subverting Washington if necessary. I would be wary of saying "Canadians don't really like Trudeau," as I don't think that's actually true. Hell, I didn't even vote for the Liberals and I can admit he's done well.

The number of Norwegians that turned over Jews or straight-up joined the Nazi military was higher proportionately than any other country that I'm aware of.

Sure, it wasn't everyone, or even most people (in some areas it was, though). But the Norwegians were definitely more collaborative than the Danish.

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I'm really starting to like this guy despite not completely agreeing with his economic policies.

Careful. Thats how they get us in the US. Fuck us over while saying 1 or 2 things we like that have no real impact on anything.

Why exactly is inviting the prime minister of the Jewish state not ideal for a holocaust commemoration

Because not all Jews live in Israel or agree with Israels hawkish military behavior in recent years, of which Netanyahu is very representative. Netanyahu is a very controversial figure in Israel; Putin-esque nepotism, accumulation of power, private accumulation of wealth, manipulation of Israeli media .. etc etc etc.

Furthermore because the vast majority of the population of the world consider N guilty of war crimes himself (like collective punishment, use of internationally banned weapons etc).

If you ask me, he's a piece of shit.

Why? Doesn't seem to do them any good.

It's almost like history is a complex series of actions and reactions that are tainted with human bias and motives. Shocking right?

The thing to understand was that Le Pen's position is nothing more than the standard Gaullist shtick on how Vichy wasn't the "real France", and therefore France can't be held responsible for anything that happened. It used to be the more or less the official state line up until a couple of decades ago. It's not historically accurate, but it isn't as "non-mainstream" of an idea in France as a lot of English speaking media sources are portraying it, unfortunately.

But that's because the Vichy government was the enemy of the "Free French" government headed by De Gaulle in London. Members of the Vichy government were subsequently hunted down, tried, and convicted of treason for their collaboration with the Nazis. It is natural then for De Gaulle to disavow the acts of those he considers his enemies.

It's not like a previous government doing something wrong, and then a follow up government after a peaceful transition making apologies for the previous government's act. There was nothing peaceful going from Vichy to the IVth Republic.

but one thing they have in common is that many people who vote for them living in certain milieus (say, bien-pensant upper middle class communities in Paris) will lie to pollsters about it, so one must be cautious about underestimating her potential support.

Actually, there is no evidence supporting this. Compare poll results leading up to this year's election and the actual results. Le Pen actually underperformed the polls slightly (the polls were still quite close).

But Le Pen is 48 years old. Don't be fooled by what the Usual Suspects say. She's not going anywhere, and now has another 5 years to polish her approach and get used to her national political role. The FN's ascent from fringe to "possible next leading party of France" has been very quick over the past decade, ever since Marine took over the party.

I'm not sold on her even running in 2022. She has legal troubles that may bar her from running, and her party members are unhappy with her performance in this election campaign.

Macron and his new neoliberal party was drafted in a hurry by an Establishment so discredited that the mainstream parties failed to stop Le Pen.

** Eye-roll ** Yeah, ok. The Establishment Illuminati did this.

The French Establishment is courting big trouble by choosing policies that will exacerbate Le Pen's appeal, focusing on the next 5 years, but not the next 30. Radical economic privatization + further open immigration + insistent on PC orthodoxy increasingly at odds with the living reality for most Frenchmen plays right into the hands of Le Pen.

Ça commence a bien dérapé vers la fin, là.

Gotta say as a non-Frenchman, I am really liking what I hear from Macron. Seems a lot better than the French leaders of the past. Seems.

Also, because the French in particular have trouble owning up to their participation, instead insisting that the resistance had 112% of the population from the very start.

While I'm not exactly a fan of his, we can't say 'Canadians' don't like him. Last I saw his approval rates were still pretty high.

This is correct. The original "solution" was to send the Jews somewhere else, like an Israel-ghetto type colony. One of the proposed locations was Madagascar because of how inhospitable it was. When almost every single country turned German ships full of Jews away the Nazis thought their only other solution was the one we know today.


Not the beard!

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He was also campaigning about changing the 'first past the post' election process, but as soon as he was elected, he did a 180, because who would change a system that got them elected, right?

I'm gay and live in France, a lot of gay people support her because gays are some of the primary victims of harassment and hate crimes committed by Muslims(particularly recently immigrated ones) and so they have come to the conclusion that supporting tighter borders and deportation is the way to safety.

Same with Jews, they are very badly treated by immigrants just day to day, and are also sometimes the victims of serious crimes like mass murders and terrorist attacks.

It's the logic of "sure, they want to take away my right to marry/their immediate family profited immensely off the holocaust, but I can worry about that once I feel safe walking down the street."

I can understand them, but obviously it's a lot more nuanced than Le Pen is capable of comprehending and her sound bite solutions would solve nothing, they just sound good to reactionary voters.

This was actually the case in many instances. I forget the specifics, but there were early attempts to "send the Jews away;" I think to someplace in an African colony? I also happened to have forgotten what interfered with those plans, but there was some sort of obstacle and so they ended up going a different, awful route instead.

Ugh, that kind of semantic wriggling pisses me off.

Every generation since WWII has experienced genocide from Laos, Serbia, Rwanda, Somalia, Panama, Columbia, El Salvador, Iraq, Syria to name a few. As great as the web is, governments controlling the information, killing journalists, or suppressing information for political/economic favors means you have to dig deep to find out what's going on. Sometimes it takes years or generations to uncover.

Unexpected SatW!

It's never been confirmed either way. But it the facts do point in that direction. Werner Best had been efficient and ruthless against the Jews in other places, but advised Hitler to not pursue "the Jewish question" in Denmark. Best believed that the peace in Denmark (and by extension the huge amount of food produced for Germany and the German army) would be endangered by angering the Danish people, so it would be foolish to risk that by dealing with the Jews.

It is believed that Best either had a hand in Ferdinand Duckwitz leaking that the Jews would be rounded up, or at least encouraged his troops to ignore the rescue efforts.

There are reports of resistance fighters encountering armed German patrols who turned about and walked the other way instead of engaging them. And the Germans forces decreased the patrols on the Øresund strait during the period. It seems that the German forces only captured Jews who refused to leave their residences and Jews that were directly ratted out by collaborators.

However Best couldn't directly countermand Hitler's order to round up the Jews, and it is unlikely that he did so. There are other possible explanations for the events as they took place, and there is no direct evidence that anyone from the occupying forces but Duckwitz actively chose to aid the resistance.

Probably it was a myriad of factors that made the rescue possible rather than just Werner Best deciding it had to take place. The mindset of the Danish people, the fact that Duckwitz decided to leak the information, the closeness of Sweden, the fact that almost all the Jews lived in Copenhagen and the fact that Best thought it was tactically wrong to pursue the Jews all came together to create a situation where the German zeal for the matter was almost non-existent while the Danish resistance was very zealous about the matter.

They are not at the receiving end of the stick, of course they're gonna be full of themselves and have the "Europe/America exceptionalism" going.

I really respect Macron for denoucing France Imperialism, and then this. This guy at least has the integrity, to admit (and give legitimacy to) the false of his nation.

Japan, US, UK could learn a thing or 2 from him.

Yeah off the coast, its like Wales but the sheep have a different accent.

J'adore la France. Shit, I even actually like French people.

But Vichy wasn't something "other than" or separate from France. Just as we Americans need to face up to our racism and horrible stuff like the interment of Japanese Americans during WWII, the French need to deal with the reality that Vichy was French people. Yes, they were largely forced into it by Germany, but they can't pretend they were all acting with literal guns to their heads or under the control of some sort of mind-control ray.

Wow, that's insane. Can they really be directly connected, or is it more like saying the US Democratic Party is the party of slavery and the KKK?

when you try to claim a member of your group isn't a real member of the group, normally to distance from a crime or bad optics. Often used in situations like, "well that serial killer isn't a REAL christian" or "the fundamentalist Mormons aren't REAL Mormons".

Almost as if no one's hands are historically clean, and chest thumping about being the "good guy" is fruitless and ignorant.

just as guilty for other crimes.

last time I checked he didn't invade other countries with an invasion force bent on takeover, round up 6 million jews, send them to death camps and kill over 6 million in 6 years.

Don't ever compare the Holocaust to Netanyahu, its a fallacy and is disgustingly downplaying the events of the Holocaust.

She basically said that the French government is not responsible

The media made it seem like she was denying the act ever happened.


Ms. Le Pen on Sunday claimed that the French state was not responsible

Marine Le Pen’s Denial of French Guilt

Far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen said Sunday that France is not responsible for the...


la France n’était pas responsable

Marine Le Pen persiste dans l'irresponsabilité


Marine Le Pen: France not responsible

Marine Le Pen has denied that the French state was responsible


Marine Le Pen denies French state responsible

I know /sub/worldnews is a far right-wing leaning subreddit so this will get downvoted to oblivion but at least try to lie about something that's not as easy to verify.

The far right isn't attracting many Jews - look at the election results for electors in Paris's Jewish quarters, or the results for French electors in Israel. You can basically count the votes on one hand.

She can take a look at Denmark if she wants to see how an occupied nation should have responded to Nazi Germany's demands regarding the Jews.

Yes, this is a good summary. 9-10 years ago relations with Turkey were invaluable for us.

but they can't pretend they were all acting with literal guns to their heads

I mean... Weren't they? Like, that's the point of an invasion and an occupation, right?

Even if guns weren't pointed at the heads of every single French person during the occupation, there were plenty of guns around and they were definitely pointed at French people. The condition for those guns not firing was obedience.

There are lots of things wrong with Vichy France but saying they weren't threatened is a bit silly, and a little insulting to the average person of the time just trying to keep their family safe.

They can be directly linked to Petain, or at least Petainists and collaborationnists..

The FN comes from the party Ordre Nouveau (New Order).

Ordre Nouveau originates from Occident, a political movement.

Occident originates from the dissolution of the Fédération des Etudiants Nationalistes (Nationalists Student Federation).

And finally, the FEN comes from Jeune Nation (Young Nation), a political movement created by Petainists, collaborationists, and Nationalists.

You can find more information on the french wikipedia page of those political movements, don't think it'll exist on the English one.

Their stances haven't really changed with time, Marine tried to shift her party to a more moderate position, but everone knows who are their most fervent voters. And it failed, now they're basically crumbling, and the party has split into two separate entities..

Well, someone vying for leadership in their recent elections decided to make a reference to this event, presumably in order to make a political point. The fact that this person is either misinformed or willfully spreading ignorant statements to make points is a worthwhile topic of current political discussion.

If they didn't want to talk about it, then they shouldn't have brought it up.

You're over simplifying this. The liberals would benefit more from a ranked ballot than any other party anyway so they would prefer that method.

After being appointed Premier by President Albert Lebrun, Marshal Pétain ordered the French Government's military representatives to sign an armistice with Germany on 22 June 1940. Pétain subsequently established an authoritarian regime when the National Assembly of the French Third Republic granted him full powers on 10 July 1940. At that point, the Third Republic was dissolved. Calling for "National Regeneration", the French Government at Vichy reversed many liberal policies and began tight supervision of the economy, with central planning a key feature. Labour unions came under tight government control. The independence of women was reversed, with an emphasis put on motherhood. Conservative Catholics became prominent. Paris lost its avant-garde status in European art and culture. The media were tightly controlled and stressed virulent anti-Semitism, and, after June 1941, anti-Bolshevism.

It's more complicated than that. A majority of the French population accepted the Vichy government and had no qualms with the rounding up of Jews. And the Vichy government wasn't wholly imposed by the Nazis either.

It's more a condemnation of what the french were willing to do to avoid open conflict with the occupying army.