LPT: You can check your credit report anytime, not just 1 time per year, by starting a dispute process with any of the 3 credit reporting bureaus.

LPT: You can check your credit report anytime, not just 1 time per year, by starting a dispute process with any of the 3 credit reporting bureaus.
LPT: You can check your credit report anytime, not just 1 time per year, by starting a dispute process with any of the 3 credit reporting bureaus.

Going through the online dispute process will get you to your credit report with Equifax, Experian and Transunion. From there, you can see everything that you would if you received your report from Annual Credit Report. You don’t have to actually dispute anything, just put in your information, look at your report, then exit out of it. Rinse and repeat as often as you like.

The credit bureaus want to push everyone to either look at their own credit report once a year or to purchase a monthly subscription service they are selling. By law, they have to let you look at your credit report anytime when you say you want to dispute an account.

If you are planning on getting a mortgage DO NOT do a dispute, you cannot get a mortgage while there is a dispute status on your credit, and the only way to remove the status, even if the dispute goes thru, is to write a letter to whomever you disputed and ask them to remove the status...

Learn from my mistake.

"That'll teach you to attempt correcting us!"

-Credit Companies, probably.

Good LPT, I've done it in the past when Citi tried saying I paid my credit card bill late once, but most people don’t need to look at their credit reports very often.

You’d almost be better off signing up for either a Credit Karma account, which would let you see your score every week, or a Credit Sesame account which sends you an email anytime there is any sort of change to your credit, and it let’s you see your credit score.

You might end up getting locked out of the online portals for the credit agencies if you do what you’re saying to do too often.

Also most decent credit cards now will show you your score monthly for free.

Edit: TIL the difference between your credit report and credit score.

Or... creditkarma...

Thank you sooo much!! I was about to file a dispute tonight so I could do some last minute cleanup on my reports. I'm actively searching for houses and could apply for a mortgage any day now. Thanks to this we'll-timed comment, I will be waiting to file those disputes!

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A pre-qualification was definitely the first step. It helped to set the range of prices that I'd be shopping in. My disputes were coming from an identity theft issue where they pulled my credit to open new accounts. I will be able to get those removed because they were not under my authorization. And in case you're curious, some of the lenders I have talked with came from a realtor I know and others came from cold calling local banks and credit unions.

It's on their mugs.

I used to think it was some scam, it's totally legit.

They show FICO scores. Lenders, rental properties, etc look at Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian. These are way more detailed. They report how much debt you have, and even how often you made payments and the individual amounts.

So while FICO scores provide a rough estimate, lenders care about the nitty details.

I have accounts with both of these sites and credit sesame is better IMO. They give you a better breakdown of how you can improve your credit while credit karma has their directdispute thing which doesn't work very well.

If you are searching now you really ought to have a pre approval for your mortgage already

Fuck Equifax. Signed up for a report to get a condo lease. Piece of shit website can't figure out anything. AND they don't let you cancel online anymore. When you call, you're going to be talking to some fucking monkey that asks you 5 times (seriously, it's not the 3 try policy, it's 5 fucking times) to stay. I hope their company burns to the ground.

Yeah, takes a few minutes with a banker, and shouldn't be a cost.. they'll tell you what they'll loan you, and provide you with a handy-dandy letter to hand to the realtor so they know you're a well-paid eater of paste!

You can get admitted to the ER anytime you want. Just punch yourself in the face until bloody and they'll give you all the care you need. And you don't even have to pay them for it!

And now they provide free online tax filing software too.

True, but the bank won't give you a loan with a dispute status on your credit; they do credit checks before giving anyone a loan, especially for one as large as a home.

I used it for my taxes this year. It was awesome and completely free for state and federal. I'd highly recommend it.

I know it's a joke but credit companies actually want you to qualify. Most of the ones people deal with are 3rd party lenders. They sell to the big bigger guys like Fannie Mae. So they only care as much about the rules/risks as whoever they sell to on the secondary market.

That's why there is a page you sign during closing that says they are allowed to ask you for additional documentations and blah blah blah even after closing. It's because whoever they sell to on the secondary market may have requirements they did not expect. That or they are covering their anticipated sloppy work. Both of which happens pretty often.

Mortgages are generally the largest, and longest term loan, most individuals will ever get. The financier wants to make sure your credit report is completely correct, which they can't do if there is a dispute in progress.

I ran it against Turbo tax to see if there was any differences and there wasn't. Why pay $70 when someone will do it for free.

Only when it's under dispute. Takes around 30-60 days usually

Op said to start the dispute process to view your credit report for free, then cancelling after you get the info. The guy you replied to was saying that it'll be harder to get a mortgage with a legitimate dispute on your credit report.

It won't show on your report when you start a dispute if you don't finish it. Go to the credit bureau's website, click the dispute link, verify your info just like you're doing the free annual one, then it'll bring up your report so you can choose what you want to dispute. View your report for free, then either cancel or just close the browser. Nothing gets saved and there is no incorrect dispute on your credit

Wait... So if I actually have something incorrect on my credit I'll never be able to get a mortgage? Or does the dispute only display on your report while it's under process?

If a dispute is ruled in my favor, I would expect it to be completely removed from my report since it was shown to be invalid.

Precisely. The score doesn't truly matter. What's important is the good behaviors, responsible management of credit, and not having derogatories on your account. Hit on those three topics and your score will automatically be high.

Credit Karma has affiliate programs with credit cards, so basically they take your info and offer you cards on the page or in app. I'm sure they get a "finders fee" or some sort of commission.

This is correct, and it's not really a huge secret either: https://www.creditkarma.com/faq/howitworks

(Disclaimer: I work there)

well-paid eater of paste!

My dream job

This is a shitty thing to do and harmful to the merchant account of whomever you dp this to for no reason. If you do this regularly you may also be blacklisted by certain card companoes. Very bad idea just pay for your credit reports or get them from Chase for free. This is a horrible idea

I use both sites regularly, but I've actually had good success with Karma's DirectDispute tool. I've had three delinquent accounts removed from my report with zero effort.

Credit Karma sends me an email any time there is a hit or inquiry on my credit

There's nothing to dispute, and nothing is actually being disputed. The bank sees it and thinks something went wrong enough with your history that you're legally disputing it with the credit bureau. That's a big unknown on your history until it's finalized.

I can't figure out what you're saying.

I get my free credit report quarterly, not annually.

For what it's worth, credit karma had my score almost 100 points higher then what my bank had it when i applied for my jeep loan..same when I applied for my mortgage..credit karma is way off..at least for me.

Mine perpetually presents itself to me in its most current form.

If you have an Amex they show you your credit score on the website.

That'll teach you for abusing the dispute process. You're making your own choice to make your credit history incorrect.

How does this make it incorrect at all? This logic is so Bizzarre.

I know, right? I'm like fuck are you taking about OP? It's been free on various websites for years. I got a good CC deal linked from credit karma too. It's how they make their money, but it's a good card so I don't mind a bit.

Without getting into too much detail - this is a dumb LPT and I'd strongly encourage people to not do it.

FICO is the most commonly used score, although Vantage/Auto Score is commonly used for car loans. CK gives EquiFax and TransUnion only, and there are big differences between the 3 bureaus based on the particular formula they use.

In my state (Maryland), the state will let you check the reports from the three credit bureaus on top of the one from the federal level, so you can look at your credit score every other month.

Tl;dr: In MD you can look at your credit report 6 times a year.

Edit: You can check the full report from a credit bureau, not just the score.

Disputes can artificially boost your credit which is why lenders do not like to see them when you are trying to obtain a mortgage. I believe the company the dispute is filed against is not factored into your score when the score is calculated. Once the dispute is over, if the negative information remain it will then be calculated back in.

If your dispute is general information like name, address or something along those line I don't believe that matters much.

You can't get your FICO score from creditkarma.

They are huge advertisers for credit card companies.

You still want to check your credit report occasionally to make sure no one has stolen your identity.

This is false. Source: worked at fico

When you're this close to buying don't mess with your credit report. Anything new can be a negative just because it's new. As in for instance you have a five year old bad collection. Don't pay it. It then becomes a new paid collection.

Defending banks and credit reporting agencies on reddit? Bold strategy cotton.

They also report stuff from people you shared a house with, people with similar names as you have, irrelevant stuff from eleventeen years ago, etc. Check that shit once in a while and keep it cleared up. Credit report with errors are more common than accurate ones are

It makes your credit disputed, incorrectly.

Yup. Recently had to deal with this POS company and I hope to never again. TransUnion was a pleasure to deal with after trying to talk with the unhelpful shrew at Equifax. If someone burns that company to the ground I'll be right there shaking that person's hand.

You have to request the dispute be removed no matter what the outcome. I had 2 disputes, 1 that was ruled in my favor and the credit hit was removed, but the disputed status stays there until you request it be removed. I know it sounds weird and stupid, but it's just how it is. It blew my mind too, like wait, I disputed this charge and was proven to be correct, why would it stay on my credit?

Doesn't CreditKarma provide the entire report weekly? Or am I missing something?

I get mine every seven days.

See a lawyer about something that old. I discovered that a loan I had from 5 years ago was no longer collectible. They could send all the notices they wanted but legally could not collect. That's why they never pursued it. My lawyer wrote them a letter saying the alleged debt was so old it was well past the statute of of collections or something like that.

Source: I'm an electrician. Not a lawyer.

From the site:

How we stay free

Credit Karma will always be free. The offers on our site help us keep it that way. When you take an offer through Credit Karma (like for a credit card or a loan), we usually make some money from one of our partners (like the bank that issues the card or the lender who funds your loan).

We'll even crunch the numbers and give you personalized recommendations. When those tips are on target, we both win. But if you're not interested, that's totally fine too - you'll never get charged for using Credit Karma.

Doubt it he never does

not their own algorithm, a competing credit algorithm called VantageScore which was developed by the three credit reporting agencies, and is actually much more consumer friendly (forgiving) than the competing FICO that charges the reporting agencies.

E this is absolutely correct, we just purchased a home last year, and we had used an agency to help fix our credit, and they had opened up about for disputes which we had to have removed in writing before we could close in the house. Not only did it cost us money as we had to pay the seller's some additional fees that they incurred, but we also almost didn't close on our house at all. Just because the company has opened up some disputes. This honestly is not really the best advice in general.

mine displays the correct score from multiple universes.

It takes hours usually.

I've disputed multiple things on all 3 reports several times in the past two years. Nearly all of them took less than 24 hours to resolve.

When I did it, fed was the same exact amount, but CK said I owed the state like $150. Went back to turbotax and I get a refund of like $9 (same as every year). I just trust a site that has been doing it for decades, not the site that is doing it for their first time. Also TurboTax is waaaayy friendlier for the end-user (not to mention w2 auto-importer). They broke down, not only, exactly where to look on each form, but why. I wasn't getting any "whys" on CK. Plus, TT's knowledge base is way more fleshed out...because of the decades of experience.

I don't mind trying CK again a few years down the road, I just rather not be a guinea pig with my taxes.

Your comment isn't clear. The FICO scores come from those 3 places as well. Credit cards won't give you the report. It is the report that has the details.

My guess would be that it's because America is built on credit, so we commonly use it as a system of measurement.

Why does it touch the merchant !? Note that the OP's method says to commence BUT NOT COMPLETE/SUBMIT a dispute.

Really that will place a hold on your morgage, i did irit throught Credit Karma and it went through, is that a bad thing, I am in the process on purchasing a home? 😮

You need to check to make sure all the personal information being reported to the credit bureaus is correct then. There's no reason you wouldn't have a credit score after having years of lines of credit unless something was botched with your social or name or something.

They advertise for credit card companies.

The LPT is you can check it MORE than once a year.

The point is you don't have to subscribe to anything $$ and get as many as you want.

Because they're certainly not keeping track of that. Keep it up and they will change the process to require you to file some dispute before letting you see the report.

What you can actually do since you get one report per year per bureau is to spread them out. Every 4 months request from a different bureau.

You don't have to dispute to get a copy. If you visit annualcreditreport.com you can get a copy for free once a year from all three bureaus.