Love one another or GTFO of my house.

Love one another or GTFO of my house.

Everybody love everybody

My father was a pastor and very much a Jekyll and Hyde personality. He would preach love and kindness on Sunday but the rest of the week the stuff that came out of his mouth was occasionally horrifying. He absolutely despised homeless people and if he was drunk had a tendency to rough up my mom. Best thing I ever did was move out of that house in nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hell in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.

I was raised congregationalist. One of the most relaxed religions, I would like to believe this isn't shopped

Why are you performing drive-by on this church!?

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I drive by this Chruch once a week. Very much like their messages as I like to think I'm one of those kind atheists. They usually have messages just as great.

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Thanks mom

It's not. I drive by this church all the time.



It is better to be hot or cold than lukewarm.

And atheists prefer rational Christians over militant atheists.

this is the kind of church I love as an atheist who doesn't personally hate all religions and religious people

if they want to be religious (of any religion) and they don't let it affect me (i.e. preach to me annoyingly), then why should I care

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They know what they did

My type of church:

My type of church:

"God prefers fruits of the spirit to religious nuts."

That's what makes you an atheist rather than an antitheist.

I'm just glad he was able to get over his traumatic childhood and embrace his inner neckbeard

Militant atheists, where not believing in something somehow becomes it's own religion.

Definitely not shopped. United Church of Christ is a very chill denomination.


Unless you're a baby's bath....then lukewarm is perfect ;-)

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If you're to take the bible seriously this is 100% wrong, though. It's pretty explicit that if you do not believe in God, he doesn't prefer you over anyone who does believe in God. So that's why hateful christians who read this sign will still feel righteous about treating others who don't follow their doctrine like shit.

EDIT: People keep responding with single bible passages that show you need to be a good person as well. I never said this wasn't the case. It actually shows a lot of ignorance and misunderstanding of the actual point when all you respond to this post with is a bible passage about being a decent human being.

'don't be a dick' Ezekiel: 23:117

It's really sad to see so many angry people in the comment section. Religious or not we could all use a little kindness towards one another.

u/I_FUCK_SLUTS and u/VIOLENT_COCKRAPE were meant to be. May your future be filled with happiness.

I disagree. I don't believe that had to do with anything.


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Not exactly true. “Believing in” God is not really a concept in the New Testament. In some of Jesus’ parables about judgment day he describes himself damning people to hell for not knowing him (e.g. “many will say to me, haven't we done many wonderful works in your name, but I will say to them, I never knew you.”) At other times he describes himself damning people for not helping the poor, visiting the imprisoned, etc. It’s sort of implied that a) you can believe in Jesus without knowing him and still go to hell, and b) knowing Jesus and helping the less fortunate are pretty closely related.

source: am ex-religious person

More of an apatheist...

Baptists are typically very hellfire and brimstone type people. That's mainly Southern Baptists though.

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As a Christian, it make me so sad to see hateful Christians giving us a worse reputation...

Unless you're inside a Tauntaun. That's the only way to keep Luke warm.

I don't agree with that analysis. I think what that sign is saying is that god prefers a good person who doesn't believe in him over a Christian who isn't a good person.

Yeah I was raised in UCC myself and more and more I feel like it is the Christian version of hippies.

Several of the kids in my confirmation class were out as homosexual and no one cared, and the whole thing was a lot of questions about what do you believe, what does church mean to you, and things like that.

Interesting how everyone claims to know the preferences of God.

Just a denomination (sect) of protestant Christianity. Congregationalist in definition means the church is ran by its own congregation (members) and often people they elect, rather than a large governing body (think Catholic church).

United Church of Christ (UCC) is actually its own denomination too, which is what this church is as well as the one I grew up in. My experience was much like OP's, we were taught the primary way to connect to god is by showing kindness to those around us (What would Jesus do, etc.). We weren't looked down on for questioning parts of the bible, that was considered normal. We were taught that church attendance does not correlate to how good of a person you are. We ran a food bank for the town I volunteered for once a day every month. It was a very stress free environment.

A passage from the UCC constitution: "...It affirms the responsibility of the Church in each generation to make this faith its own in reality of worship, in honesty of thought and expression, and in purity of heart..."

Congregationalist denominations make up 5 million of the world's protestants. UCC is 1.2 million of that. For perspective there are about 800 million practicing protestants. About 100 million baptists. So it's a smaller group.

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also raised in a UCC church, I have conflicting feelings about christianity because of how much I respect and admire the pastor and the work that the church does. from a really young age I was always kind of skeptical of all the bible stories but even in sunday school they never focused on the mythical stuff, it was always about what you can learn from it, treating everyone equally with kindness.

I never remember any of the kind of scare tactics and shaming about sin and hell that seem so common in other churches. even though I was never religious, in my mind it was always a very positive and welcoming place. we also ran a food bank and soup kitchen along with a homeless shelter in the winter.

when people say you don't need religion to be a good person or to help others they're not wrong but they're missing the fact that being organized like with a church gives people the power and resources to do so much more.

"Be excellent to each other" Bill S. Preston, Esq. 1:23


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We're All Friends. Friends Love Eachother Each Other

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I've known conservative Christians, who rarely ever mention their faith or politics and are completely fine with others voting and believing different than they do...and I've also known liberal atheists who never shut up about religion or politics. They have zero tolerance for anyone who disagrees with them, and they always try to convert others to their way of thinking.

Guess which one's more obnoxious?

OP was raised congregationalist

Idk about all that, but the Bible does say many will go to hell sayin "but IM a believer" and god will say "I don't know you". Basically Pharisee never died out

Edit: Matthew 7:21-23 is what I'm talking about.

I live on this street, and this is the second time this church's board has been on the front page. Guess I'm really missing some easy karma huh?

This is /sub/pics not /sub/wholesomememes - I'm here for the hate and judgement!!

Oddly enough, the fact its a Baptist church does not surprise me at all.

His beliefs include that this photo isn't shopped.

Please tell me this isn't a thing yet

Guess that's the end of an era

Yes, there are numerous scripture references to support the idea of salvation by faith, not by works. But there are also plenty of passages that make the case that true faith is evidenced by good works, and that somebody that claims to believe in God but does not do good things is not a believer at all. James Chapter 2, for example.

The UCC has been on that for a very, very long time. A super truly accepting group in which your good works, kindness, and willingness to question is way more important than what you believe.

Don't agree with my father on a lot but he could sure tell a story and one of his favourites was about an old preacher talking about hell. In a grisled voice he says "There will be a wailing and a gnashing of teeth" when an old lady pipes up on the front row and says she has no teeth left. He leans forward toward her and shouts in a thick Scottish accent "teeth will be provided".

Sounds pretty similar!


As a follower of Christ I would say this sign is right at the core of Jesus' message. The signs of true faith are in acts of selfless love.

Well, I think some religions view their texts as sacred and infallible, which means a lot of problems. The UCC views the Bible as written by man and often wrong or misguided... which, in my eyes, is undoubtedly true. Of course it's true!

But the Jesus story is important for the UCC, because it is a historically meaningful story of someone who lifted up and spoke for the lowest of the low; the people a lot of self proclaimed Christians want to keep out of our communities.


I don't know man, there's thousands of other examples that fairly explicitly state that it is through belief that you are saved. Not to say that just because you believe in God/Jesus means you're directly going to heaven.

This is evidently a very reddit-rich town. You're the fourth person so know this church. It's making me think maybe I know this church.

I dunno the last part seems like something westboro would agree with.

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One of the most relaxed religions.

This is incredibly unbiblical.

It's not.

Maybe it's some kind of instructional course on how to use a grille more better?

Wantagh, N.Y.? I did a double take when I saw this on front page. My hometown finally made it lol.



Same with Episcopalian. Robin Williams called it Catholicism lite, all the benefits of the Catholic Church and none of the guilt.

Your apology mixed with emoticons of happyness sends the vibe that you're directly responsible for grandpas death.

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That reminds of a good quote about evangelical atheists "You are mistaking atheism, which is I have no god, for antagonism, which is you have no god."

I have a church I drive by to get to work....last week billboard had three words: Turn or burn

How is that suppose to make me feel welcomed?

Choose your own adventure Christianity is my favorite Christianity.

Hey that's the church in my hometown!


I'm not saying that's what the Bible says, only the sign.

This is the most reasonable religious discussion I've ever seen. Plus I'm learning stuff.

Sounds like they're cribbing off the Pope, though as an undated photo maybe he's the Francis-come-lately around here.

Anyway, it's a good thought worth sharing.

My church had a schism with his back in '17. We believe that this photo was shopped, but only the trees in the background were changed.

I just learned that "each other" is actually two words!

That's okay. I was saying what the Bible said.

WAFFLEO We Are Friends Friends Love Each Other

And you're not mistaken. I was simply stating that anyone who can rationalize hate based on religious preferences is also going to be able to rationalize away passages that state that you should be a decent human being.


Agreed. I wasn't expecting that. I'm pretty pleased by it, though