Loud and Clear Message

Loud and Clear Message

"Greg, we are going to have to fire you. This is the 3rd time this week you cut the clothes off of someone in a fender bender."

Clothes or bumper stickers like this make most EMTs cringe hard. Shuddering from douche chills right now...

have you considered saving money on pants by not wrecking your bike?

AS an emt I hate seeing this tacky shit.

"Well yeah Steve, they weren't driving safely!

Same same same. Unprofessional as fuck and just general douchebaggery of the people that buy these shirts.

It's fucking tacky. It looks like you are searching for hero worship or recognition. It's the mark of a noob or a wanker.


Drive safely! or I get to sexually assault you in the back of the ambulance!

You're dead or dying. You dont care if you're naked while we try to bring you back. Chest needs to be cleared for the pads, whole torso if you have an autopulse.

At that point in time anyway the only thing on our mind is the next step in our protocol.

Essentially. I may wear t-shirts with my company name on it in public because its a free t-shirt and im a scrub. But I will never advertise being in EMS on my vehicle or clothes otherwise.

"But, the sweatshirt says!"

Assess damage.

14 in so far.

Reminds me of an old CPR video I had to show. The first thing the guy did to the female mannequin was rip off her shirt and bra

... Huh.

So that's why all those people on the beach got angry at me. Makes sense.

first thing you do is check if she is conscious/breathes/has any sign of life, you don't run up to someone who's laying down and start ripping their clothes off...

why do they cut your pants off anyway ? I was in a couple motorcycle accident, not hurt or unconscious but the first thing they did was cut off my pants. both times

Or by not wearing pants at all!

I was being forced to stay down . brand new pair of pants both fricking times

From a practical standpoint, I don't like getting approached in public. Last time I wore anything identifying out, I had the guy in line behind me at the gas station start moaning and rubbing his back, and then asking me if I had anything for it...