Longtime voice of Kermit the Frog fired, says he is "devastated"

Longtime voice of Kermit the Frog fired, says he is "devastated"
Longtime voice of Kermit the Frog fired, says he is "devastated"

I just want to know the reason behind this. He apologized for failing his hero so I feel like there's more to the story.

Seriously it takes a lot to get fired after 27 years.

He was accused of molesting children, but there was no evidence that he ever had. Ruined his entire career.

Edit: Not molesting little children as headlines made it out to be, but, according to his Wikipedia page, he was having inappropriate relationships with teenage boys.

EDIT: When in this did I say that I supported pedophilia? I didn't. I simply pointed out the difference between targeting small children and teenage boys. There is a difference. Pointing out that difference does not mean I'm defending him or saying he's any less wrong. I also think it's wrong for a grown man to target teenage boys. I didn't think I had to say, verbatim, when trying give people information so that they weren't misinformed, but since some of you seem to get offended easily. It is not okay for adults to have sexual relationships with small children and teenagers below the age of consent.

Please don't be an Elmo thing, please god.

I just imagine Kermit screaming "Which of you stupid fucks can't tell the difference between coffee and diarrhea? Get it right this time!"

After a bit of searching, I found this reddit thread where a guy who knows a Henson employee leaked the firing details 2 months ago (accurate about being fired over the phone & before Thanksgiving). Apparently one of the reasons was "They said he was growing increasingly difficult to work with. "

The puppeteer was molesting children or something like that.

He said he offered "multiple remedies" to the reasons he was given for his firing.

Just conjecture, but this feels like maybe a substance abuse problem or something, with related tardiness/absence issues. The way he says he failed his hero really makes it seem that way, and it makes sense that the company wouldn't comment on the reason for his firing. Again, just a theory.

Well the cases were dismissed for statute of limitations reasons. I doubt we will ever know what happened.

He must have done something right? I mean both he and the company refuse to say why he got fired.. My money's on him getting busted fucking the puppet.

"They said he was growing increasingly difficult to work with. "

Given what we know about corporations, I suspect that means he didn't want to use the voice to do stupid shit to make them more money promoting products that Henson would have firmly opposed.

"Kermit the Frog for Geico here."

Tangentially related: there was a DJ that for quite a while went by "DJ Muppetfucker" until he finally got a cease and desist letter. This is also why Disney owns the web address Muppetfucker.net.

What happened with Elmo?

Let's just say Elmo's wasn't the only hole he had his hand up.

Yes buzzkilligton99, he is your father.

You may want to google the definition for "bureaucrats".

No it doesn't. Someone who's been there that many years usually gets paid a lot more, you could hire a few fresh candidates for the same price. Restructuring. New ownership. You haven't worked in corporate America if you think any amount of tenure guarantees your job.

From the article

Whitmire said he was informed that Kermit would be recast in October, and has kept silent in the ensuing months in the hopes that he could get his bosses to change their minds. He said he offered "multiple remedies" to the reasons he was given for his firing.

They probably recast with a bunch of no-names who haven't received 27 years of raises.

An appeals court threw out the three charges against Clash, 53, saying the claims were made outsi...

Clash has denied the charges and says the relationships he was involved in were consensual.

There was a civil case and a criminal one. He admitted to having sex with these boys.

He paid the troll toll.

The company wouldn't comment on his firing, regardless of the reason. That's an unwritten rule in the entertainment industry, you never talk about your last job negatively because you never know what bridge you might accidentally burn.

Muppet drama and politics. Nothing is sacred anymore. I miss Jim Henson.

It's not easy being formerly-known-as-green.

It's actually good practice for all industries and life in general. No prospective employer wants to hear how you might bad mouth them in the future, nor does any potential companion.

I just can't function without a hot cup of diarrhea in the morning!

He seems really dedicated to the character. I bet he fucked a pig.

A 17yr old is not a 10yr old. The distinction is huge, and a teenager is not a little child no matter how sharp your pitchfork is.

Not really. They're recasting all the voice actors. They'll probably hire some nobodies who they can pay a fraction of the original VA's salary and say they're trying to win over audiences with a new, fresh take. Piece-of-shit bureaucrats.

Given that this is a Disney company now, he probably wanted to be paid for his work.

Holy shit, how did I not hear about this?

Guys... should we break the news about Cosby.

I'm sure there was some creative disputes, but Steve should've known early on that Henson's Kermit wasn't going to be the same after the Henson kids sold the Muppets. It definitely sucks but he didn't have enough leverage to take principled positions forever (assuming that was part of what got him canned).

The Hollywood Reporter and ABC News reported Wednesday that longtime Muppets performer Matt Vogel will take over as Kermit.

Nope. Matt Vogel, who wikipedia says has been with the Muppets since the 90's, will be taking over. This isn't about the money.

"It really sounds like you're saying 'hole,' Frank."

And that ruined the man's career, and much of his life. Kid touching allegations will follow you forever.

My father didn't ever touch a kid, nor was he ever accused by anyone. Lets get that upfront before I tell this story. He was a little league coach in the 80's - 00's even after I had quit and moved on. He loved the game, and he was good at coaching. Ocassionally when an under priviliaged kid couldn't get a ride to the field he would go and pick him up at the kids house. There was even one kid who came from some place and had to change into his uniform. Well he starts stripping down in the cap of my fathers truck, which even in the early oo's my father was aware enough to essentially run away to where the people were.

He gave up coaching because his business had taken off and he didn't have the time, but he's retiring and I asked him if he thought about going back and his answer was no chance. All it would have taken was one of those kids to get pissed at him for not playing them and one allegation of impropriety to ruin my father's life.

I'm torn on the subject because yes we need to protect kids from animals, but I think the kids are missing out a lot of positive roll models because of this fear.

He admitted it and said it was as consensual...

It's not PBS.

Are you saying the new Kermit will have a strong Indian accent?

No puppet, no puppet...

You don't become a puppeteer without a sick sense of satisfaction from pulling others' strings.

Yeah, it's called Roofi's Restful Raspberry.

Huh. When I heard about it I was told he was retiring... this is more unsettling

That's an interesting passively aggressive assertion you've pulled out of your ass. If you bothered to read the article you would see it is being taken over by a long time puppeteer. You don't hand Kermit to a newbie.

Considering how he says he is sorry about whatever it was he did and how he offered multiple remedies, i would guess at some sort of thing that you go into rehab or take anger management classes for, there isn't much of a remedy you can offer for fucking kids like Elmo supposedly did.

I smell bacon after that burn.

I think you mean piece-of-shit capitalists?

Tickling was involved, but it wasn't the only thing that was involved.

You don't hand Kermit to a newbie.

Kermit is the nuclear football of talking hand socks

I wonder if he will still voice Ernie on Sesame Street or other Muppet characters like Rizzo the Rat or Bean Bunny.

Ernie seems more likely since Sesame Street isn't controlled by Disney. I haven't seen Kermit on Sesame Street in years, but I heard that they can still use him by permission from Disney.

He says he worked on the muppets for fourty years. The kermit gig was the twenty seven years.

He said he offered "multiple remedies" to the reasons he was given for his firing.

"See guys, I washed him three times with stain remover, he's good as new!"

I'd bet money it was something related to creative direction. Steve Whitmire worked under Jim Henson, and The Muppets were quite different back in those days. Now, they're reduced to advertising for random shit and less-than-stellar movies. I bet he clashed with some Disney execs over where to go next. Or maybe they were pinning a lot of the blame on him for the recent Muppet projects failing.

Then again, that's all a guess. I hope the whole story comes out in the future.

When Kermit was asked to come clean, He left without making a scene. His pink slip he read, And, shaking his head, Said, "It's not easy being green."

A rainbow connection?

The Elmo thing was over blown, he had a non-sexual relationship with a 17 year old boy, he wasn't diddling little kids [clarifacrion] I guess I have to clarify here that I don't think what he did was right, his relationships with those teen was completely inappropriate and dangerous. My point is that the media tried to play the narrative of "Elmo touches kids" and fabricated ridiculous headlines and stretched facts in order to widen the controversy and garner more views and attention by putting the image of Elmo touch prepubescents in our conscious.


What is there a new pudding flavor?

Kermit yelling

He's not salaried. Go read SAG-AFTRA's rules. OT for VO starts at hour 4 if it's not contracted. Hour 8 or 10 for performance, depending on his existing contract. They can recontract him, but his agent will fight for more pay. You're probably right, that it won't be double. But it won't be free either. And he still had to be allowed his union breaks and max set times. Unlike cartoons, he's also manipulating the puppet, so he can't knock out 5 characters in an hour. I'm guessing it's deeper than money. Given how it was written, I'm guessing creative, health, drugs, or legal. Changing a voice is never good for a production. Especially one that iconic. The risk isn't worth it for a single pay dispute. And I wager he's not getting enough to matter to Disney. He'd also crow that one loud. Because that saves face of the brand, which he obviously loves. It puts this all on Disney. He's apologizing. It's something in his court.

I saw him at my very first rave. Played happy hardcore if I remember right

Miss piggy's emails were recently leaked. There must be a connection

I don't know all the gory details and don't really want to but just because there weren't criminal charges doesn't mean they were money grabs.

Kids don't really notice or care about a change in a character's voice. Child voice actors especially are routinely replaced.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates was only on for 5 years and had 4 different Jakes.

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Its a bit nutty

When you're famous, they let you do it.

It's called G-rape

I didn't miss it, he isn't even done until October. Not airing dirty laundry is being a professional.

He offered multiple remedies to the reasons they gave him for the firing, so I imagine he would have taken a pay cut if that's all there was to it.

Prior employers don't want to risk lawsuits if they give a poor reference. Common practice is to just verify dates of employment nowadays.

Hmm. They speak of a Thanksgiving skit that was the last straw. What skit was that? And would that timing work for an October firing? Like rehearsal or something?

I bet there was a penis involved.

I'm the voice of Kermit the Mother Fucking Frog you fucking bean counting assholes! What are you gonna do? Fire me and replace me with another voice actor?!

Wait... what do you mean "Yes"?

Not to mention it happened right after the media blitz for the documentary (and book?) Being Elmo

Kermit sang a song

Actually, on the day Jim Henson died, .

Warning: Link is tear-inducing.

Age of consent is lower than 18 in many states and countries. My state it is 16.

I love when marketing for kid's movies go entirely against the moral of the movie. Like the point of the LEGO Movie was that you should do your own thing and not blindly follow instructions. But in stores it is easy to find pre-designed LEGO Movie sets and really hard to find the traditional bucket of bricks. Or that Grinch movie with Jim Carrey, the moral was that you don't need material goods to be happy. So they marketed the crap out of it with cheap plastic toys nobody wanted.

He probably did just as much as those 250 IT employees Disney sacked a few years back.

I really wonder about this. Like, if you know you did some shady shit, wouldn't you try and AVOID being in a media spotlight? Collect your checks with the main gig, but keep your name and face out the spotlight.

Let me make some predictions based on the Elmo / Kevin Clash affair:

Pressure will mount to reinstate Whitmire, or at least provide transparency on his firing.

PBS will eventually reveal the facts under their investigation

Some people will be unhappy with Whitmire, others will say "So, hire him back anyway!"

The show will go on.

Fucking SUV commercials featuring the Lorax.

Also worth noting that every single one of the lawsuits against him were dismissed.

Heh, that's literally the plot of The Muppet Movie.

Elmo didn't fucks kids, he had a non-sexual relationship with a 17 year old boy [edit] changed the word nice to non

"Stop Touching Me Elmo" makes a lot more sense now.

That was on being let go in general. Doubtful he'd have said this if he'd done some irredeemable act

Whitmire said he was informed that Kermit would be recast in October, and has kept silent in the ensuing months in the hopes that he could get his bosses to change their minds. He said he offered "multiple remedies" to the reasons he was given for his firing.

Probably recasting a bunch of no-names to save a money.

said Thursday he is "devastated to have failed" Muppets founder and his mentor Jim Henson


He said he offered "multiple remedies" to the reasons he was given for his firing.

I bet it's drugs.

It's a little different, though, when you're talking about a truly iconic character like Kermit who's been around for decades. I mean, as a related example, EVERYONE knew when Mel Blanc retired from voicing the Looney Tunes. It took several actors to replace him, and none of them ever sounded quite right. It took a lot of time for people to get used to the new Bugs and Daffy and soforth.

We're not just talking about some kids show that was on and off the air in a couple years. The Muppets are absolute cultural touchstones for multiple generations. Keeping continuity in their voices is important since their voices really are part of the overall brand\image\character\etc, just like with Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny or even Mario.

(Nintendo has used the same voice actor for Mario for over twenty years, and the character barely even talks!)

So having just looked it up because it was not fresh in my mind apparently what happened was is that some adult man made allegations against him that he molested while they were minors. Apparently the cases were dismissed because the statute of limitations had run.

And it's also good practice for an employer too. Don't tell candidates why you aren't hiring them, because you might accidentally be breaking some law or setting yourself up to be fired. Same thing with firing people.

He said he is devistated, but did he say it in his kermit voice?

It's possible to convey dissatisfaction, without badmouthing. It's a matter of tact. Talking poorly about others, especially when they aren't present to defend themselves, is never a way to build credibility.

Its sucks that people hastily blame Redditors for jumping to conclusions when they're not actually doing that

They changed their minds, apparently.

The Hollywood Reporter and ABC News reported Wednesday that longtime Muppets performer Matt Vogel will take over as Kermit.

They were civil not criminal cases. No criminal cases were ever filed. Say what you want but these were money grabs.

They're already paying him... they just cut the salary of one of their senior members. Trust me, he doesn't get paid double.

Perhaps it has something to do with the "power" aspect of it? A lot of sexual predators want to feel like they are in control of another and that's why they do it, maybe he got feeling like he could take on the world and that he was too big to fail?

Oh, well that makes it better.

You missed the part where he refused to say what those reasons for firing were.

Large corporations don't really care anymore, they probably didn't want to pay him more money, so will find someone cheaper.

If there's ever been a comment that deserved this reply, this is it.

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PBS will eventually reveal the facts under their investigation

PBS has no ownership of Sesame Street, The Muppets, or Kermit the Frog and nothing to do with any of this.

The Muppets and Kermit are both owned by Disney.

Sesame Street is owned by Sesame Workshop.

Sesame Workshop has to work it out with Disney to get Kermit on Sesame Street. After Disney acquired Kermit and The Muppets (in Feb 2004), Kermit did not appear on Sesame Street for ~5 years (in Nov 2009).

Or about keeping your severance package. Most severance packages include contingencies. In this case any severance he receives would have a huge "don't damage the franchise or corporate in any way ever" clause hanging from it.