Local bar has metal coasters made from cars wrecked in drunk driving accidents for St. Patrick's Day

Local bar has metal coasters made from cars wrecked in drunk driving accidents for St. Patrick's Day

They could do the same with the metal to make cellphone cases. "This is the metal from a car that crashed while the driver was looking at dank memes on reddit."

I use Sprint for that.

This is a wonderful business idea. The only thing missing is a qr code to link up to uber or Lyft.

Added bonus: it would impede the cell signal, rendering your cell phone largely inoperable.

Or to the youtube video of the crash...because once you bring someone down may as well keep swinging.

Maybe that car's life goal was to become a coaster, you never know

I'm not advocating drink driving at all, but this is a terrible material to make a coaster out of. The condensation would pool and every time you sipped on your pint, a big drop of water will drip on your clothes. Murphy's Law means it's generally your crotch...

I like this. Maybe the server spits in your face calls you a murderer if you order more than two drinks.

They said he couldn't be a coaster... they were dead wrong.

Could they make it out of the body parts of dead drunk drivers? I'm not advocating harvesting a cadaver for coasters, but could it be done?

Implying anyone uses QR codes

Perhaps they could use their skin and make leather coasters.

Better to be buzkilled at the bar than kill someone because you're buzzed.

I hear there's only a 1% difference in service!

*Voice service within 1% of Verizon's network with 3G service covering 37% of the US. 4G and 4G LTE subject to availability and the user standing directly under and over the side of the tower. We won't tell you which side.

Comment not based on factual information.

Best buzkill.

And take a shit in your Irish car bomb

That puddle of condensation on the bar next to the coaster makes this /sub/mildlyinfuriating

Rekt, like that car.

Order two and they actually put a bomb in your car.

Seriously I hate qr codes. It isn't something most phones can scan without an additional app. So I have to go to the play store download an app, open the app, aim the camera just so and wait for it to focus, click the scanned link, which opens up chrome, then get redirected back to the play store to download another app...

One of the many ways the alcohol industry profits from ruining people's lives, cheap coaster metal.

I work for Verizon... fuck sprint... and fuck Verizon

Yeah, I mean, glossy? Really?

I read that in the movie guys voice

.... And when drunk....

Only if you are protestant.


In a world where all voices have been replaced with movie trailers guy.

That hit home hard. I concur.

Realistically, you could just make the coaster out of any metal, damage it a bit and then print on it.

I remember one time I didn't call my parents to tell them where I was one night. They were pissed and my dad responded by sitting me down and showing me a bunch of photos of teenagers dead from overdoses and drunk driving accidents. He's a defense attorney so these were legit photos from the scene of these accidents. Holy shit if that didn't scar me for life. After seeing a full brain, printed on glossy 8x11 paper, forced in front of my face, I'm just...yeah. It's nothing fun to see


Haha thatd be a

Jesus Christ that's a little overkill.

Or just an ad for Uber or Lyft. QR codes are dead and if you use them in advertising I just assume you don't know what you're doing in other parts of your business.

Vin Diesel in fast and furious 12: coaster car

Vin: I need you, for one last race

Coaster: I'm not a car anymore, that life's behind me. My place is here, with my kids.

Vin: Too bad, I don't know anyone else I trust enough to hit the junk yard with.

vivid flashback from coaster of car compacter killing his wife

Coaster: .....I'm in....

Proceed to have 2 awesome hours of Vin Diesel drifting around on a coaster.

There's still a lot of liability there.

For one, the machines would have to be properly maintained and calibrated every so often.

Plus, you can be under the legal limit and still legally intoxicated.

Metal coasters are shit. They mark the table they're protecting and don't absorb any condensation from the bottom of your glass.

What would the QR code do exactly? Open up Uber and press pick me up? Or open a popup a order a ride button?

Just asking because the current way to get an Uber is click on the Uber icon then click request ride. Your solution would be to open a QR reader app and scan the QR code and hope it works right away in a dim bar, then assuming it can do the popup thing you'd then you'd press request a ride. Either way the QR code way has more steps, you're not gonna get anything quicker QR wise than just using the proper apps.

A QR code could open up the dialer with a local taxi company already entered in though probably , for the people that don't have Uber. Either way I don't think it's a good idea and just having "ask the bartender to call a taxi" would be a lot better and simpler, especially for a drunk person.


Thanks dad.

And there's two brothers, and they're running

Cricket is AT&T. That's how they get you. Those 4 buy up all of the available bands, then they overcharge you for them. Then for people who can't afford it or decide it's not worth the expense spent, they create things like Cricket, Boost Mobile, etc...but it's actually owned by these 4. Then you get MVNO companies like Republic Wireless and Google Fi who buy data/minutes in bulk from T-Mobile and Sprint and then sell it to you. Sure it's not these companies, but these 4 companies are still the ones making the money from it.

I was thinking the opposite—it's an expensive way to get hold of sheet metal, having to select a car known to have been stacked by a drunk with enough remaining straight panels, arranging access, then cutting the sheet out (presumably by hand).

For fuck's sake y'all it's two Z's in buzz

Used to work in marketing. You're not alone. It's something creatives add on to tick the "call to action" box. Nobody uses them.

tragic results

Texting while driving can have .

This idea is great, as is leaving kind notes for those who leave their cars at the bar rather than towing them. I'm one of those who will not drive if I've had even a drop of alcohol in me, but for those who don't have the same constitution these coasters should be a good enough incentive.


It just drives me crazy that they have their drink getting the bar all wet sitting next to a coaster. There's a decent size puddle there too so it's not like they picked up the drink to take the pic, they've been sitting there for awhile and just noticed there's a coaster conveniently placed right next to their cup.

I don't think it's overkill. Teenagers are stupid - that's part of being a teenager. They also think they're immortal and "that won't happen to me". Cars are 3000 lb killing machines that people don't respect enough.

If that image changed the way he handled a situation such as feeling peer pressured to not put a seatbelt on since no one else was doing it, it did its job.

This table used to be a tree.

That tree never made it home.

The text doesn't actually say that the car didn't make it home because of a drunk-driving accident, just that it was a car and that car is no longer at it's "home". There's a lot of leeway there.

They should do this for days other then St. Patricks day.

You would be alienated by a coaster telling you not to drink and drive?

One voice had the courage to break the mold.

And fuck Cricket

I dont think this is a stock photo or profesionally taken photo. I think someone just took it with their phone.

I have never ever seen anyone scan a barcode

They didn't order a Bushmills

Drunk people be using QR codes erryday.

Yeah that's crazy I'm driving now and it isn't dangerous at

Actually, I think it hit a mother and her kid.

It should be a law that you're allowed to leave your vehicle overnight if you're too drunk to drive. I'm sure many times people have driven drunk because they didn't want to deal with the hassle of having their car towed.

Yeah but then no one crashes and suddenly they can't make any more inspirational phone cases.

From giant cat monsters... and then a giant tornado came.

how about if you scan the QR code it puts your browser history on linkedin.

I'm so glad this meme started making its rounds again

Seriously, aren't cell phones like a factor in 90% of car accidents now?

Yeah, I suspected they might have done. I had a look elsewhere and found a picture of a bunch of these where the scuffs and paint flaking all looked unique, so I think it's just a small run and is the real deal (or might as well be). Can't imagine it'd be viable to make thousands this way, though.

you want us all on wellfare?

Those coasters are fuckin metal!

That's really not the bartender's job. It's really just a matter of personal responsibility. Who the fuck drives to a bar anyway? Unless you're the designated driver that would be incredibly stupid.

the problem i have with it myself is i don't like leaving anything, especially keys, with anyone i don't know very well.

Tailgating and improper lane changes are still much worse, but cell phones don't help.

But then you'd still never get home, because the taxi would never show up.

"rob schneider is........... a coaster. Rated PG-13.

And if you leave it on the coaster for too long it will cool the coaster and then the coaster will leave a ring of condensation.

"I mean, the driver is okay, we just stole his car and turned it into coasters"

Ask for a shot glass half whiskey half cream liqueur and a pint of stout. Just name the ingredients.

Or probably just don't do it.

Don't sass me! That's it. I'm getting the projector and the PowerPoint.

And the sharp edges for throwing them at the dart board.

I use them.. I'm too lazy for anything other than the equivalent of clicking a link. I wouldn't use them just to go to an app I already have, but anything where they say "visit this link to do this", I may do it. Anything that says "visit our website and fill out a review!" I definitely won't do.

Had the guys that made these been professionals, the would've added a small layer of cork underneath the metal part

Or maybe don't take the car to the bar at all?

Retrofit those pay stations with breathalyzers. If you blow over the limit, it gives you parking till 8am the next day and spits out a reminder of where you parked.

Or maybe the drinker drove drunk to the bar, running like three busses full of nuns off the road, just so he could be a jerk and refuse to use the coaster.

I bet he curls in the squat rack too.

You know, bars could do a hell of a lot more to get people home safe.

Why not, when you come to the bar, you get asked if you'd like to hand over your car keys. You say yes, hand them over, and they don't give them back until you can blow below the legal limit in a breath testing device.

Entirely optional service for the customers, but whenever a customer that didn't hand over their keys sees someone do it they'll think, "Hmm. Maybe I shouldn't drive."

Just a thought.

All we have is a picture, we have no idea of the context. Maybe someone behind the bar noticed the puddle and offered the coaster, which the customer found interesting and took a photo of it before putting his/her beer on it.

Not even at checkout?

I feel the same way about seeing the collection of icons of FB, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever else at the bottom of an ad.

If I care enough about what you're trying to sell, google will point me to your site... But I don't care what your HR Director decides needs to go on your company's twitter/instagram feed.

Damn Quadopoly

This is classic ad agency stuff. http://www.adweek.com/creativity/for-st-patricks-day-this-agency-made-metal-bar-coasters-from-wre...

Looks great in One Show submissions.

Okay? But they do fuck all for ads in the West where this coaster is presumably a thing

That son of a bitch did it!

Don't order a Car Bomb in any real Irish pub, no matter where, if you're a fan of all your teeth.

I find it so ridiculous that it's ok to get so drunk in public that you can't drive home, but you can't smoke a joint in your garage with your uncle Jeff



Fuck it. Pass me a bong

At least we can make those extra coasters

gotta get those brain prints in matte. with glossy you're too busy fighting glare to really get the details