Liverpool 2-[2] Sevilla - Correa 72' (Group E)

Liverpool 2-[2] Sevilla - Correa 72' (Group E)

World class first touch, "the Welbeck"

moreno was like when you accidentally control the wrong player in fifa and they run in the wrong direction

Klopp just look at the defence plszssss

I think the floating BEIN logo might be our best defender

Almost... Correa stayed on his feet

He had 2 players to guard unfortunatly once Lovren decided to plant his roots.

That first touch was perfect

Classic Liverpool: miss loads of chances, opponents score with every shot they take.

I think that's on midfield. Can and Henderson were already behind the play when Muriel got the ball.

And scored...

Fade me

I don't know. That's what my gf told me.

what we get for not finishing our chances and killing the game

He's an extremely underrated player

No real big chances missed since the penalty though, not created much in the second half. Intensity has dropped this half and been punished

1 on the top, skin fade yea?

Who should he track? If he goes for the guy behind him, that's a free shot for the player with the ball, if he over commits, the pass becomes easier, he didn't have a lot of options. Can should've been there to pressure the receiver of the throw.

What should Lovren have been doing?

Cause in that situation with a player running straight towards goal Lovren has to stand his ground.

If he moves to follow Correa's run he leaves the man on the ball with a free shot on goal.

If he moves forwards to close down the guy with the ball he opens a gaping hole in Liverpool's defence.

And that's a decision he had to make in the split second it took to realize that Sevilla bypassed Liverpool's midfield with a throw-in.

Brilliant finish but like fuck he meant that first touch!

Lovren ffs.

Great finish. Cold as cucumber.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Should have brought on Ox to shore up that midfield.

wrong thread

With all their exciting, quick counter attacking football you have to imagine Liverpool will go through periods of fatigue. I always judge the team by how well they do during the last 20 minutes, because it's always around the 70' that they seem to slow down.

Good thing there's Coutinho!

Seen that coming, Liverpool slow and stodgy in the second half, intensity dropped

Sevilla scored with their only 2 chances

His play with the ball was mesmerizing to watch. Dominated our midfield when he was in possession. Can't say the same for Henderson, Wijnaldum or Can.

Can't really think of anyone in our team that had a better game than him tbh.

20+ shots against 3....

Agreed completely, he can't do a lot there, just a lucky touch that sets it up perfectly.

I'm not his biggest fan by any means, first was unforgivable, but he can't be blamed for this.

To his credit, that ball could have and most certainly should have gone past Correa. Incredible touch. Had he not controlled it, Moreno would have read it and started a counter

Best player on the pitch by far.

North Correa is best Correa


That's what i was thinking: alot of pressure, clearly the better team, but hzrdly alot of open play clear cut chances outside the goal and the penalty

Are cucumbers cold?