Little kitten dreams about riding a bicycle

He fell off his bike

Lol, wtf happened at the end?

Going down a hill

Oh man, sometimes my cats twitch this much in their sleep that I pet them awake just to make sure they're OK. They always are!

Probably dreaming of laser pointers or rabbits.

Seriously though, going down a hill on a bike is one of the best feelings in the world. Especially if it's hot out, or you've just gone through a long, slow climb. There's a winding road where I live that cuts through a low wetland, and I always turn my music off when I get there just to hear the birds and frogs going about their day. One day I saw a beaver.

dreaming of the overthrow and enslavement of hoomans

He fell into the water trying to save a skateboard.

That is the biggest "little" kitten I have ever seen.

Summer winds blow hot My bike, nature, so alive Oh fuck, a beaver?

Haha how cute of them!

Unfortunately the bicycle fell apart mid-ride

Ride on little guy, ride on..


Probably actually dreaming about fighting. Cats grab each other with their front paws and kick and claw with their back paws in an attempt to disembowel their opponent.

Sometimes my cat will accidentally twitch herself awake, and then frantically look around like "WHO DID THAT."

Looks like he popped a wheelie at the end.


He came to a sudden arboreal stop.


Adorable little murder machines.

Winds on my beaver Tells tales of summer glory It's a vagina!

Or is it the smallest big couch??

Hahaha awwww I hate that feeling when it happens to me. If I notice it, I pet my kitty back to sleep cuz she usually looks freaked out, the poor thing.

Reminds me of this guy:

Reminds me of this guy:

Every time someone sees a cat kicking their back paws they mention it's to disembowel the victim, and then the following comments end up arguing with the original commentor over the purpose of the kicking feet.

Can't confirm, never felt vaginal wind whilst on a bike seat.

Saw my brother in law's pug snore himself awake... He looked puzzled

The dream is real.

In actuality the cat was probably dreaming about murdering an animal, cats have a technique where they hold the prey with their front legs and use there back legs to disembowel their prey. Edit: I'm->in

This isn't true the real reason they kick with their back legs how they do is originally meant for defeathering birds they catch.

He tripped and fell out of a tree at night while running in the rain through molasses trying to get away from the girls who were laughing at him for showing up to class with no pants on after discovering that he overslept for an exam that he didn't study for and got lost in the endless corridors of locked doors of the empty 20 story school that looks like a hospital in a shopping mall with lots of staircases, balconies, and subway tunnels.

My friend's baby kept farting itself awake when he was was first born...... he would fart and then wake up looking really startled.

Going less than 2 MPH.

And then lately, the meta comment pointing that out.

I appreciate the 'kitten', but calling this cat a kitten is like when parents call their 2 year old 24-months.

peddle peddle peddle blarghgtahfga...

Turned into a Uni.


One time when I was 12ish it was an especially hot day so I had my shirt off riding down the hill when the biggest grasshopper I'd ever seen flew right at me and landed on my chest. It had to be like 5 inches long. It was pretty scary, especially since I didn't figure out it was just a big grasshopper until I was sliding off the road into the ditch beside.

Her squish beans tripped her up

Yeah until you hit a pothole and fly off your bike to break your jaw. Happened to my dad.

He ran over a skateboard and fell in the water

You should have done a tour round Belgium on a tandem with my ex-wife...

The birth of a legend.

Depends on offence vs defence

Fish don't need a bicycle but cats obviously do!

He really shouldn't have got on that damn bicycle if he was upset.

And now you've gone one step deeper.

My dog is 10 and I still call him a puppy

13 kilograms of feces! Unbelievable!

Last night was rough for you, eh?

Reminds me of a story from Sandman, but I think it was the reverse: cats originally enslaved humans, but eventually the order reversed. But it's been a long time since I read that story and I'm not sure I'm remembering it right.

Literally the exact same comment is right above this, so I'll be that guy and say "ummm actually, the back legs are for blah blah blah blah, not for disemboweling."

I used to wake my cat up too when he was twitching in his sleep, I always thought he was having a nightmare so I couldn't help it.

He was probably having nice dreams though since he always looked super chill when I woke him up.

That was the cutest damn seizure I've ever seen.

And then you hit a pothole.

It's so good. It kind of looks staged because everything happens so well.


My heart rate went up reading this

Freshly shaved beaver No way this is 'beautiful' The animal, yes.

I've farted myself awake before, does that count?

He ded

Well, it's true. Their back legs are primarily used for running.

Damnit. I've seen that video too many times today!

That's how I learned how to ride a bike. I was with a bunch of older kids and they all knew how to ride a bike and I didn't yet. They told me they'd teach me. Took me up a grass hill, told me to watch and just sat on the bike and rode downhill. Then they gave one to me and said to repeat. I was scared out of my mind but because every one of these cool older kids had done it, I figured I had to do it too. Sat on the bike and survived. Was so proud of myself that I kept practising and for about a week was riding my bike with them everywhere.

What a thoughtful kitter.

Yeah, it was. I kept having this weird dream about a bicycle riding kitten.