Lit 🔥

Lit 🔥

Its a great lobby. Biggest lobby in the world. I was just talking to a friend the other day. He says "Donald, that's an impressive lobby." Because it is.

When russian ambassadors max out speech


Jenny I got yo number

There has to be a bot that mimics trumps speech pattern

Best bot we have made, ever and of all time. Greatest. Bestest. Believe it. Made right here in America.

That's fake news

Yeah idk what America was thinking when we maxed out one handed combat

Speech, illusion, and stealth. That's the Russian trifecta.

Btw your friends Pusey I grabbed it and it wasn't that great. Not as great as my daughters.

Back says made in China.

"Down the hall and grab em by the pussy"


Is this a reference to that one song? I forget who it's by.

They give that kid codes and Trump doesn't even know the layout of his own hotel.

(((Globalist media conspiracy.)))

Tommy tutone my dude. Did you hear, he got Jenny's number

But when they go into combat they can only sustain DPS in starter dungeons

I don't see why everyone makes such a big deal out of this launch code thing. You know the launch codes, I know the launch codes, everyone knows the launch codes. And believe me Putin is a great guy. Really great guy. One of the smartest. I was talking to him just the other day and I said to him if he doesn't know the launch codes he's gotta be fired. But he's a great guy, one of the best. He didn't know the launch codes and now he does. Everyone knows the launch codes. When I sat down with him I thought " What a great guy this Putin is." We talked about the launch codes and we had to talk about the election. I won the election.


rip anyone with this number

yes, they do get called and are annoyed by it

That kid doesn't look Russian

But seriously though , the launch codes are not a couple of random numbers ,and even if they were ,I doubt Donald could remember more than 3 numbers

It was that for an embarrassingly long time. They change it now daily, but I didn't know the reason behind that specific number sequence until now.

Edit: I was referring to launch codes. I have no idea about the 'lunch codes' you are referring to.

lmao, shit arguments like this is literally the only thing Trump supporters have.

Every fuckup Trump has, the counter argument is "w-well obama did this vaguely similar thing that was kinda relatable to this, but really not at all so HA GOTCHA LIBCUCKS!!!!"

Of cause not, that would require visual and spacual thinking, which is only reserved for the golfing


That's what makes him a good spy.

I wouldn't be surprised if companies just stopped handing it out.

The lunch codes used to be 00000000, because of the insane stress anyone even contemplating launching nukes would be under. AFAIK it is not known if this is still the case or not.

You're replying to one

Yuuuuuge launch codes. You've never seen launch codes this long. Believe me, I know launch codes, and this launch code is long. Ask anyone and they'll tell you, I know launch codes, and this ones huge, believe me.

When you're fighting technophobic insurgents, you can always sustain dps.

I called it today when I heard the song. Seemed to be a dead number.



Don't be so butt hurt you sensitive snowflake.

Danke schön.

Lord Buzzkillington, I presume

Dont tweet this. He will correct you on twitter

I love seeing hopeless romantics in this day and age

Try that whole comment again.

Awful, awful democrats.

This is some advanced /sub/outside level shit right here.

Maybe Trump is just trying a low intelligence playthrough.

That's an unusual username

Highjacking the top comment to post this:

If any of you guys really want to know how the nuclear codes work, try this podcast:

It's 12 min long, but worth a listen!

Totally unrealistic, like Trump could memorize a code that long.

Well you can't launch a nuclear war on an empty stomach.


Yuuuuuuuuuge lobby my friend

Believe Me

Everyone else here be trollin'. The song is "Sandstorm" by Darude.

That is the lo🅱️🅱️y d🅾️e

No you see they're like the US and rely on AoE, but the US has better sustain gear and can get away with it.

It could either not be registered in your area or someone was so fed up they changed numbers.

That's terrible and you should be ashamed, however, everyone knows it takes 4mins to fire a nuke once the order has been given. Thanks Hilary

His long game sucks since he can't get good wood any more, but he really knows how to grab a course by the putting


corporations are the biggest welfare whores, but republicans dont seem to ever bring that up.

Someone get this guy a safe space, stat!

Shouldn't you be on Voat by now?

As an independent who believes a two party system is a joke, this year has been fun. I hope finally people will wake up.

Oh my god this is amazing. Wish it was better quality video though.


Im 12 btw

Rookie. I been here 15 years and I've seen Reddit get changed more often than your mom has changed your diapers

It was the first comment too, posted right after the account was created 2 hours ago.

Everyone on Reddit is a bot except you

..... You are in /sub/dankmemes.


actually the launch code is "launch code"

To think in 70 years this guy hasn't managed to become a real person. Kinda scary. Thank god I wasn't born rich.

It was written on a bathroom wall

Hillary Clinton, evil

Nasty woman



'Thanks Obama'. How long will this go on for lol

So why is your only argument "well Obama did this"? Do you not have a good enough argument that doesn't include Obama or Hillary?

It has been said that, given enough time, ten thousand monkeys with typewriters would probably eventually replicate the collected works of William Shakespeare. Sadly, when you are let loose with a computer and internet access, your work product does not necessarily compare favorably to the aforementioned monkeys with typewriters.

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I need to make you mine

This is the future old man.

The only place practicing fascism is the Donald sub. I was banned and I never even posted there. If this was the Donald, we couldn't even have this conversation

Hi, I'm a bot for linking direct images of albums with only 1 image

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Hi, I'm a bot for linking direct images of albums with only 1 image

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That's a fucking long launch code. I hear Russia's is shorter.

Alternative facts

The a horrible argument because you refuse to acknowledge that in both cases it would be wrong. I'm not an Obama supporter, or a leftist, or a democrat. Obama, in my opinion, was not a great president. But that doesn't mean that Trump can now do whatever he wants, and we shouldn't criticize him.


why you gotta stalk me ethan819

Jesus that's good. I can hear Доналд say it

How would you say this is fascist? You haven't been banned. If anything, our conversation is an excellent example of pure freedom! People throw their ideas out, and others vote if they agree or disagree. That's the most American thing there is! So where is the fascism in Reddit?


Trump told him on twitter

12-dimensional hungry hungry hippos

(not that an IQ score has any bearing on your ability to memorise numbers long-term)

Actually, I'm a conservative, so I disagree with quite a bit of what's posted here. Nice try.

Also, excellent fallacy by calling names instead of actually responding to the argument.

Now, to your point. Very clearly everything is NOT leftist. Quite a few libertarian posts have gone to /sub/all recently, and they are certainly not leftist. Furthermore, a group of people agreeing with each other is NOT fascism, unless they refuse to allow dissent. /sub/socialism? Totally a problem. They don't allow any counter arguments. /sub/the_donald? The same. No counter arguments allowed.

However, if you look at other subs, they allow debates and questions. Again, I'll point at this THIS VERY CONVERSTION, would NOT be allowed on /sub/the_donald, and you have to admit that. That is true, 100%.

Also, you sound really desperate. "I know it in my heart that I'm a fascist"? You don't even know who I am. I am simply some guy on the internet continually pointing out that you're wrong. Open debate, open free speech! You have every right to your view point, I won't sensor you. How is that fascist?

Gimme a sec, lemme try this

I wish Trump would spill the beans about aliens

So dank.

The year it went number one all but 4 area codes nulled it.

Because it is a dank meme bruh

At least he's specific, he doesn't want nasty cock.



"Our nuclear response time is 4 minutes, kid"

I member; 6 minutes

It's 4 min.

you got old.

Yeah, you're missing the joke

Also, you wanted a right point of few?

The top post of all time on /sub/television is a rant against how stupid Bill Nye's new show is. How leftist propagandized it is.

Perhaps you just don't leave /sub/the_donald often enough?


You are such a triggered snow flake.

Grabby Pusey.

Also, if Reddit is "pure fascism" why do you still use it? Are you admitting to being a supporter of fascism then?

Lunch Codes.

I still don't think you know what fascism means. As far as I'm aware, Trump won the election, did he not? If we were a fascist state, where dissent was not allowed, open elections wouldn't be had.

Also, if you want to compare this to Nazi Germany.. the guy who won the election was the fascist 😉