"Leave the internet and come play with me."

You throw that toy right now!

No take, only throw.

How do you not play with that dog after that?


With great willpower.

You see, if you allow this, they keep doing it. Then they'll start taking your xbox controller out of your hands during boss fights, or pushing your throttle to full while you're on a landing approach, and all you're doing is teaching them that it's ok to keep doing that.

Don't forget about this one. http://i.imgur.com/oSiajTF.jpg

Don't forget about this one.

"I'm the Facebook now"

This is actually very, very true. Give an inch and they will take a mile. This dog was very cute though.

I never get bored of this one. It makes me smile every time

Yeah, but you say that like it's a bad thing. If mine didn't insist on walks at a regular schedule, I would do nothing but sit and waste time on video games. He's the best personal trainer I know.

My dog plays this but then he also plays No Throw Only Give. He will bring me his most beloved toy and put it in my hand. I'm an idiot so I think he wants to play.

I throw it. He looks at me. He looks down the hall. He looks at me again, this time with disappointment somehow. He walks slowly down the hall. He retrieves Hot Dog. He looks at me again as if to say, "That was a gift, bitch," and goes to the other end of the couch.

Windows has been closed by Dog.exe.

"Fetch" must be run before restart.

"Dogs reacting to being called a good boy" is the wholesome meme we've been looking for all these years

That shiny fur though

It's me, your dog. Time for that walk fatass! Woof Woof

want to feel sad? reverse it... http://imgur.com/a/Q8t7r

If you dont play with that dog so help me god

"It's me your real life friend"

quits job; plays with dog for ever

Be a dog

Do something /sub/aww worthy

Sell as lakefront property


When anyone gets home or someone enters the house, my dog will get a toy to greet with. Guests always think she wants to play so they try to take it from her and she always backs up like, "NO TAKE."


I like to acknowledge that my dogs are asking for attention, but not immediately give in. If one comes looking for a walk or play or needs breakfast suddenly, I look at them right in the face, pat or stroke them and say "Ok, just be a minute!"

Then they know they have been seen and at a time soon of my choosing, I will give them what their hearts desire.

Dogs aren't dumb. They figure out tone and consistency better than kids sometimes.

"Dogs reacting to being called a good boy is the wholesome meme we've been looking for all these years!" says u/Ervin_Pepper of the Chicago Tribune

I love how he doesn't really come back disappointed, he just gets ready for the next person to throw

I imagine that dog saying "Hey buddy, I said you needed to look after my baby. Here take him again I am heading out back for a while"

It was cute at first but then when he picked up the toy and nudged it towards you I lost it

"The greatest thing since the chew toy!"

-Woof Wilkins of the Daily Bone

EDIT: Get your minds out of the gutter, reddit!

The other dog is like "You see what I have to put up with?"

My golden does this, except he also does an adorable whine/groan with the toy and his mouth. Much better than barking with excitement

that's heartbreaking to watch and i know it's not the original!

Edit: YoureAGoodBoy

Hot steamy jesus, they're dogs. They don't care if your hand gets in their mouth a little and they're not going to bite you.

I notice that, too! She's gorgeous.

I know it's a joke, but too many owners don't get that toy tug-of-war is also a game.


My dog Bosco

yeah but it's like.. puppy, what do you want me to grab on to? The majority of the toy is in your mouth!

Same here with my golden. When I get home from work we have to keep a toy by the door so he doesn't walk around with a shoe.

The butt wiggle accompanied by a low pitch HOOARRGGHHRRGGLLELLLLLLLLLGRRRRRRL

And getting him more excited only makes the noises more hilarious

I am so happy I have a cat that taught me how to play fetch.

She woke me up in the middle of the afternoon (I work night shift) trilling by my ear and dropping a toy mouse by my face. She then starts tapping my face until I open my eyes. I see the toy mouse and pick it up; she follows the mouse with her eyes expectantly, so I decide to throw the mouse across the room. She chases it, and then brings it back, dropping it on my face (I am so glad it's a toy mouse); we repeat this several times, until she decides she's done.

It's the eyebrows changing that makes me laugh every time

Go on

Dogs imitate their owners which explains why we saw so many asshole dogs at the Vet's office I worked at.

My work from home days are like 90% playing with my dog. It's a nice change from my office days where it's 90% Reddit time.

play fetch by himself!

or the dog can just

consistently better than kids sometimes


consistently inconsistent, interesting.

I don't know about you, but if I stick my hand in my dog's mouth during tug of war, there's a pretty damn good chance that he's going to accidentally chomp down on my hand. I've seen him punch holes in steel cans, so I'd rather avoid that.

I have some bad news, Ivanka

This is awesome! What a funny little guy... My dog does something similar because he doesn't realize how plates and tables work. I'll be fixing dinner and drop something onto my plate, and he'll start looking around under the table for it thinking it's magically on the floor now. Priceless.

You monster

Upvoted soley for the "hot steamy jesus"

And also...you are correct

Breaking News: Dog memes on the rise /sub/memeeconomy

username checks out

My dog used to jump all over people as soon as they came through the door. He would get down when you told him, but then his doggy impulses overrode his brain and he'd jump back up again. So to refocus all that excitement off of the people, I started asking him, "Where's your toy?" He's go find it and proudly bring it back to show you, tail wagging.

Now he no longer jumps on people when they come in the door but instead greets them with a wagging tail and a toy in his mouth. :)

attempts to block dog in real life

If you like me so much you'd get Facebook

My dog is a bit of a disappointment. She will pick up her favorite ball, run up to me, show it to me, jump up and down, bite down on the ball... and then not let me have the ball. If I somehow track her down and get a hold of it, she will go nuts until I throw it, go chase, and then resume teasing me with the ball.

I get the impression she wants to play 'chase' more than 'fetch'.

A dog only lives for 15 years at most though. And you are their entire world. No matter what you do, the dog will be there for you. He will be your best friend and your greatest supporter. You could be the president or a homeless man, your dog would love you unconditionally all the same.

throws toy

"OMG Why did you do that!?"

I don't want to know why my parents' dog started peeing on the floor.

Fetch.exe has crashed. Ignore. Try Again.

So are you. Have a nice day :)

I have been on Reddit for 3 years, I have posted hundreds of comments, maybe even thousands, in a variety of subreddits, and you are the first person who has ever replied with the reference that my username is referring to. Thank you, Comrade Vlad. Much obliged

I drew the cat version of this a little while ago: http://i.imgur.com/LGWTyVe.png

I drew the cat version of this a little while ago:

And she'll still love me just the same if she waits for me to finish the goddamn level before we go play. :P


My dog is so gentle with my hands. He used to draw blood when he was younger but now he's so gentle, he totally doesn't want to hurt me when we wrestle.

As the owner of this dog I can confidemtly say it's still really cute. Probably because he's pretty good after being told no. He has gotten really good at throwing his toys himself, so he'll usually just throw a toy on our lap and if we say no, he'll throw the toy around the house and chase it.

dogs within memes are a pretty stable investment. Especially with the introduction to /sub/wholesomememes as a new market for memes, even old dog memes, previously thought to be retired, have value. Due to the large distaste of 2016, the start of 2017 has a high demand for more motivational, happy, cute memes rather than the dank dark memes of 2016. There will be surges in the upcoming months as current events unfold and the market naturally fluctuates. But overall I would say that dog memes are always good to squirrel away for one of those rainy days when you want to make someone laugh and cash in on some light karma.

Your puppy knows the difference btwn a hard can and your soft hand- give him a little trust and remember to exhibit discomfort bodily. Your baby loves you

I don't mean to say it like it's a bad thing. It can be a bad thing lol. Don't get me wrong I love my dog and all of his shenanigans.

"Dogs reacting to being called a good boy is the wholesome meme we've been looking for all these years!" says u/Ervin_Pepper of the Chicago Tribune Tribone


This actually happens. A friend's dog when I was a kid would bite the nintendo controllers out of people's hands. Annoying shit

Magnicifent coat!

My God, I could hardly watch.

"Just look. It's fucking awesome, right? NO TAKE!"

That's a healthy dog for sure.

Hurry hurry hurry!!!!! NOW NOW NOW! YES!!!!!!

My dog just likes to play chase. He'll walk up to me with the toy in his mouth and if I get my hand with the same postal code of him, he sprints away at Mach 4.

13/10 pupper. Would boop the snoot.

Hey that was interesting! It also explains the behaviour of our in-laws dog which we keep for extended periods of time. She's a beautiful girl and I love her to pieces but she has some really annoying habits that she exhibits so much around her owners.

At our house she rarely does them because i show disapproval. She continually paws up as if to shake a hand any time we stop on a walk, or happen to just be sitting. She nudges under elbows with her nose whenever an elbow is within her head range. Only had to have my coffee spilled once to let her know that wasn't to happen again. You know, she completely understood my body language as I pulled my arm away and said firmly "Stop it! We don't like that here." Gave her a minute to digest that, patted her on the head and now it only happens occasionally when she forgets herself.

Oh god, my heart broke when the screen went up

I did this to my poor dog the other day. He brought his little fox toy over and dropped it on the couch beside me and started to climb up. Thinking he wanted me to toss it I did...he looked at me like I had just ruined his life forever. He slowly got down from the couch grabbed his toy, walked way out and around me to hide it under his bed on the floor. Then he laid down on top of it and stared at me like "I'll never trust you near my baby fox again you monster". Whoops.

You sure you have a dog and not a Kobold

Like my squeezy toy.

My dogs always bring our shoes and they won't let go of them until you pat them and say "good girl". Sometimes they would get cheeky and try to steal them away while you're trying them on.

Sigh I miss my dogs :(

Robot took my job ;(

fetch('doggo.jpg') .then(function(pupper) { return pupper.smol(); })

I watched this gif while poopin' and right as the doggo put the toy down my kitten put her little paws up on my leg and just looked at me as if to say, "take note, human" I'll put my phone in my pocket after this comment and pet her. Then I'll finish poopin'

Mine is lazy. If I put food too far from his mouth, he won't get up and he'll just stare at it.

My mom then walks in the kitchen and says, "Holy shit! He's just like you!" as she hands me some fast food she picked up.

Exactly like our dog. She loves to be chased around.

run out of space for the d.

OP's mom is a giftcar.

Enough of that, come play with your Labtop!

And we pull out the camera, have him do it again and post it to Reddit.


Anyone who doesn't do exactly this should be banished. Forever.

Those brows are serious af

Exactly. It's cute the first time, and it's doubly cute if you see it on a gif on the internet, but if you have to live with that dog doing that to you every day, it would get annoying with a quickness.

I have no idea what i'm doing

Very subtle! Love it!

That broke my heart... :(

I just realized that the different panels are literally the same drawing zooming in with only the eyebrows changing.

This one now has new life for me hahahaha