Flat Earth confirmed.

Checkmate Nasa

Chlorophyll Falls.

My new(ish) neighbour got rid of centuries old stone dykes so he could turn his farm into one giant field and this gif is now an accurate representation of what happens to his top soil when the wind blows.

I live in the grass seed capital of the USA. This may as well be our pollen season.

Nasa: Fuck, we got kinged.

NASA under breath:

Fuck, they're good

Composition by Eric Joh. Animated by others. His stuff is awesome

You're telling me that when the wind blows, his SOIL moves ?


Eddie Bravo, I finally have photo evidence!!

Windmill windmill for the land

The landfall trigger is to mill 3, not mill 1.

Modern day dust bowl.

More like borofalls!

Original pic and making-of-video here:

Johnny Bravo, Hoo! Hah! Yeah mamma!

This is clearly fake... The higher density of soil compared to the water would require a much smaller mill wheel.

grass seed capital

Googling that gives me Linn County, Oregon...

There are about 1,500 grass seed farmers in Oregon, employing > up to 10,000 Oregonians. Most of the farms are in the Willamette Valley, especially in Linn, Benton and Marion counties. > Linn County is often called β€œThe Grass Seed Capital of the World.”

Are you some kind of mill shill? Are you working for the big mill industry?

There are literally modern day dust bowls in the south. I'm from Oklahoma and it happens once in awhile. The horizon turns this apocalyptic color.

I've been here on acid a few times.

What city is the grass seed capital of the USA?

Turn forever hand in hand

Have some respect man. We properly refer to them as lesbians.

The making-of video for this was on a while ago. The original isn't all green.


Other then getting his first and last name wrong, you got it totally right.

Also Erik not Eric.


big mill killed my father. Well, they hurt him real bad. Hurt his feelings.

Take it all in on your stride

No, I will not lake out with you!

Thank you for your outstanding observation.

It gets dried out by the wind, turns to dust and yes, blows away. Search pictures of 'dust bowl' to see what that looks like. Stone walls, hedges and trees stop that happening by breaking the wind into smaller vertices, so the soil just goes round and round and settles back into the same field, or these wind barriers may even soak it up altogether.

This gives me the hibijibis.

Is it from CNN?!!

What is real?

It is sinking, falling down

Edit: autocorrect made a derp.

Have you checked their collaboration with various artists? My favourite is untitled

Fellow Oklahoman checking in. We still get this shit, had a football game cancelled freshman year cause of all the dust in the air

Wow. For me watching him make it was more woah dude-y than the final gif.

911, there's a handsome man in my house!

Big mill shills killed my ill-will to be a mill...truther

Got borofall man up here talking about god knows what! All you're talking about is laking out with me! I'm here to lean, everybody, not to lake out with you! Go on with the borofall!


I'm a huge fan of others. Love their work.

Came here looking for this

The earth is a Torus, aka donut shaped, how else would the sun move up and down in the middle without the hole, and what is on the underneath side of your flat earth.