Konichiwa to that booty

Konichiwa to that booty

Extra Thicc

just the way player's play, leave it up to me I get fucked all day, sucked all day, smokin blunts, countin cheese, fucking bitches til they assholes bleed

Japanese is such a beautiful and concise language.

乍 回 回 し 工 己 廾

己 丹 冊 凵 尺 丹 工

山 丹 尺 尺 工 回 尺

What does it actually say tho??

It doesn't say anything, half of those symbols are nonsense / mirrored / incomplete.

Yeah but what does it say tho


I've never seen an extra thicc japanese girl in my whole life. Someone post links please.


Oh shit aku what's up

beep beep lettuce

That's a weird way to describe your hands.

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