Kingsman 2 to Film in April, Forces Robin Hood: Origins to Shift Shooting Date

Kingsman 2 to Film in April, Forces Robin Hood: Origins to Shift Shooting Date

I wish there was a ban on words that suggest origins or reboots in the title like Origins, Untold, Refuelled. Just be original.

Guess I shouldn't be surprised they're doing another Robin Hood origin movie... cause they're ALWAYS an origin movie.

They'll just call the movie 'Hood' and give it a 150 million dollar budget.

Robin Hood: Origins is my least favorite movie title in a long time

Colin Firth's character, "I replaced his bullets with tic tacs and used blood packs when he shot me in the head. Why ever do something so elaborate? Well people seem to love BBC Sherlock"

Whaaaaaaa??? How would that even... Would they have like a RH movie, then a King Arthur movie, then a Henry VIII movie, then a big Phase 1 conclusion mashup where they form an Avenger-ish team to battle...... France?

Robin Hood: Origins... LOL. Sounds like a box office failure already.

Robin Hood: The Original?

No doubt.

The O.G. Robin Hood.

Very happy about this, Kingsman was one of the most enjoyable films this year and I can't wait for the seque

It is, yeah, what else would it be about haha. Robin Hood old, retired, constantly arguing with Lady Marian, can barely pull a bowstring back...

Edit: I guess I'm just irked by the lack of creative thought that goes into calling the movie "Origins".

fucking hillarious and reeks of desperation.

That's basically Sony's new slogan.

There is that movie. It's called Robin and Marian and it's actually pretty damn good. Amazing cast of Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn, Robert Shaw (Flint from Jaws, also From Russia with Love opposite Connery), Richard Harris (Richard Fucking Harris) and Nicol Williamson (Merlin from Excalibur). Directed by Richard Lester.

Personally, couldn't be less interested in the usual Robin Hood tale these days. Every possible variation has been tackled already, except that damn "Nottingham" script that Ridley Scott reverted into that dull as shit prequel.

It's pretty painful, hard to think of much worse, maybe Hood Rising.

That's fucking hillarious and reeks of desperation.

It's going to be a modern retelling of Robin Hood, set in a black slum.

Actually I heard once they were talking about a Robin Hood cinematic universe in the vein of the MCU. Not sure if that is still the plan. Hope not.

As long as Vaughn is directing, I'm game. The last Miller adaptation sequel without Vaughn was really lacking that same bite.

No, that was a boring history lesson about the magna carta.

A man's gotta have a code. Oo-de-lally!

That's probably why they delayed it. They saw how much money Pan lost and said, "Oh, shit! Let's make the movie people will go see first."

While everyone is talking about Robin Hood: Origins, can we talk about Kingsman 2? I'm really excited for a sequel, even though the first really killed off a bunch of people. I'm hoping Colin returns with an eyepatch and even killer soundtrack.

Robin Hood Genisys.

Robin Hood X: Space Pirate (Matt Damon as Robin Hood)


You mean like ?

This really is the darkest timeline.


More his schooling years. We'll see how Robin Hood's struggle with phonics made him into the hero he became.

Still the best Robin Hood adaptation to date

I think they meant Robin Hood: Orygyns.

Well that is the interesting part of the mythos?


How is the original "robin hood" not an origin story? Are they going to go back to his birth this time?

I read it in his accent.

So you're saying that the Kingsman should have defeated the villain and THEN went on to solve climate change for the entire world? Christ have high expectations for secret agents.

It's called "The Wire" Season One and it wasn't.

they'd just move onto different buzzwords

robin hood: the crunchiest story

robin hood: goopy

robin hood: crumtrulescent

... That might no be that bad.....

Agreed. The movie works best as a standalone.

I mean, how will a sequel even work? They basically set up an apocalyptic world. All the business and political leaders of the world are dead. Millions of people probably killed each other in the streets during the climax of the first movie.

Despite the "happy ending", that movie left the world in a bad place.

Wasn't Ridley Scott's Robin Hood from a few years back ALSO an origin movie?

If the movie starts with the ending of him dick deep in that princess ass I'd be okay.

Shared with WHAT?

Can that new shooting date for Robin Hood: Origins be 'never'?

Seriously, we don't need any more Robin Hood movies for a few decades. Unless it's a sequel to Men in Tights.

Matt Damon as Robin Hood

And he gets fucking stranded on a planet again .....

I thought you were gonna say Speedforce.

I'm glad someone else mentioned this.

Unlike many of Mel Brooks's other excellent films, Men in Tights relies way too heavily on topical humor that would've been dated inside five years of its release. Some of it is painfully unfunny.

Prince John and Rottingham are the best parts.

If Colin Firth came back in the most convoluted way possible in the kingsman 2 I wouldn't even be mad

They all fight the villainous Three Musketeers.

Sony is set to be developing a full Robin Hood shared universe

Wait, for real?

Here you have a very real problem facing the world which the antagonist actually addresses

I suppose you rooted for Ultron, too.

I'd watch the shit outta that

Young Richard Harris has the manliest jawline I've ever seen.

Robin Hood: Origins??? God damn it.

Different studios. Fox has priority on the guy who plays Eggsy, so the other studio had to delay their movie (he's Robin Hood) so Kingsman can film.

The annoying this is the history of the magna carta is a really interesting thing to have a history lesson about. So they failed at being an interesting history lesson and making a decent movie.

Worst movie title I ever heard was the title of the rumoured Untouchables prequel, "Untouchables: Capone Rising"

Serious question, when was the last time you watched Men in Tights? I tried watching it recently and it didn't hold up to my memory of it at all.

It's the same with Jungle Book: Origins. You just make me not wanna see the movie when you slap origins at the end.

They already made one of those with Russell Crowe