Just playing some music

DJ trash Panda in the house

I know he's on an abacus, btw, but it looks like he's trying to make some sweet sweet music, right?

There's something very 'Stevie Wonder' about his performance.

That cat is happier than I will ever be in my life.

"So, anyways.... here's Wonderwall."

Ah, yes. That CAT...

Whatever he's doing, he looks happy as fuck doing it.

It might really enjoy the feeling on its hands. According to some site, "the raccoon’s sense of touch, and in particular sensory input from the forepaws takes up more th...

So maybe it's like masturbating.

Shredding the wood without mercy, the coon gazed upon the furniture and sang, "this is not the home I was born in, but this is the home that I'll claim! Await the return of humankind to play the most dangerous game!"

With a touch of Jimi Hendrix.

Check the username

nah man, just looks like he's doing some serious raccounting

I have done the math, and the numbers here say that you owe me food.

I clicked really hoping to hear what noises the raccoon was making with the abacus.

Okay, either that is a reference I'm missing, or you just did something awesome off the cuff. Either way, noice.

Looks like he's playin that washboard thing you see in bluegrass bands on tv. They need another one blowing into a jug and another one pickin a banjo.


He should give a DJ booth a spin!

See this belongs here. Not the same goddam pictures of average cats we get every day.

Or doing someone's taxes.



You shut your whore mouth and enjoy the cats.

According to our records you owe us $2000 on your taxes...

Me doing my taxes

I immediately thought of the Tom and Jerry cartoon "Pecos Pest."


Glad I'm not the only one who noticed.