Just another protester pic

Just another protester pic

$550 Million opening weekend. We'll be getting Fast & Furious 15 at this rate.

Gonna get a Dom origins story titled First of the Furious

Fast10 your seat belts!

Sorry, I can't complain about something that millions of people are still paying to watch while I can easily just ignore it myself.

The charm of F&F movies is i seriously don't know where they completely lost their shit and went from drifting/drag racing with a semi-serious element to full out FUCK YOU IM A BALD JAMES BOND.

Fuck your maturity and reasonable attitude! Take your logical thought process and shove it up your ass!

Fast 15? Nah

Furious 15? Nah

15 Fast 15 Furious? Nah

Aha, I have got it! 1a5t and the 1uriou5!

When the cast members start dying off, they'll make Last of the Furious, then remake it with another intense bald guy.

This is bullshit! I need more Dom, MORE FAMILY! I want them to go into space, I want a snowboard car, I want a car to skim across the water and jump a sick wave, I want an off-road sequence in a canyon as it crumbles around them, I want a fight between rally racers and motocross gangs. I need more FAST. I need more FURIOUS.

Go to your room and think about what you've done.

Well, they're making 10 movies, so buckle up!

Speak for yourself. Those movies are dumb, stupid fun.

Yeah, I recently rewatched them because of reasons. I completely forgot it was originally Point Break about stolen DVD players and street racers instead of bank robbing surfers(or whatever that fucking remake was about. Anarchocapitalist free driving communists?). and the last one I saw had Vin Diesel stomping on the street to cause an earthquake to swallow the Stath.

suped up pontiac aztek BOI

...Bryan Cranston?

My friend group actually obsesses over these movies in that kind of ironic way. They love them because of how ridiculous and cliche they are. None of them are in to cars or car culture at all, but they've seen the last 4 at midnight release.

Here's the thing though, I can watch these movies and get a good laugh and enjoy the fact that someone threw a bunch of cars out of a parking garage then filmed it.

And I can also go marvel at the expert cinematography and storytelling of Wes Anderson or Stanley Kubrick.

A perfectly cooked real kobe steak is certainly better than In and Out, but sometimes I just want a burger and fries.


I thought it was Fant4stic.

As one of these people, it is becoming less and less ironic. I think the way the production team rallied around Paul Walker's family and used his brothers as body doubles to finish the scenes really cemented the whole 'family' thing. Like the movies are ridiculous, but those guys are having such a good time making them, it's like making movies in your backyard with friends. If you watch behind the scenes, they burst out laughing whenever they say cut. It's all very genuine.

That should be the tag line for the last one

You are underestimating how long this series has been going.  It was stolen VCR players.

You are underestimating how long this series has been going.

Meryl Streep gets a fucking standing ovation at the Oscars every year and her top lifetime grossing movie is Mamma Mia! @ $144million

Vin Diesel tops that on opening night every Furious movie.

People like dumb movies with explosions, man.

Not gonna happen... everything is all about family. Everything. Family.

The Rock will have a wheel chair with NOS boosters.

To be honest, I hated those movies until the Rock broke his cast by flexing. I'm hooked...

Your spirit inspires me.

Your goddamn right

Yeah I came too. It was the ass shoving that did it.

I just want another Tokyo drift type movie again.. where the movie is about cars.

I think the winning formula is (1) diverse case of likable characters, (2) witty banter, (3) good balance between humor and emotional moments, (4) crazy action.

Most successful movies seem to hit these same notes, e.g. the Marvel movies.

EDIT: Then again, you have hugely successful movies franchises like the Transformers movies which are pretty much just non-stop crazy action, so I guess that works too (I still don't understand how those movies are so successful).

I thought it was Fant4stic.

They have cashed in on what The Expendables tried to.




*this made it alone!

I think it was 5 man. 5 set the bar on the "new" crazy and it's been a surprisingly consistent ride since.

I've told people who try to explain why this stuff can't be done that it's a fucking movie! I'm not going to pay $18 to watch pretty people driving reasonably.

I WANT Dom and his crew to be able to immediately do impossible things with cars as if it's just a Wednesday.

I WANT to believe they're just that good. I find the movies entertaining. Good cinema? Not so much, but like eating a Twinkie I know what I'm getting myself into.

I'll be really disappointed if they don't use that


They've actually gotten rather decent!

Since the fifth movie they've abandoned the idea of trying to be serious, which they were not succeeding at anyways. From then on they've just had a lot of really impressive practical stunts and less reliance on CG. I'm totally into that.

Run for president.

Past of the Furious


Say that again

I thought it was Br4ndon.

Is gonna be called Fur1ou5

I still believe the only 100% impossible thing to happen in any of the movies is Vin Diesel beating up the Rock in a fist fight.

The rest I could be like..'hey, it could happen'.

Why is that so wrong? People enjoy different things. I work a very stressful job. When I go to the movies I want to veg out and be mindlessly entertained. And the movie theater provides the big screen and sound and experience thats good for these types of movies. Something that I cant experience at home without an expensive setup. A thought provoking movie is better suited at home with a good drink. Its less about the movie theater and the experience is the same at home.

Amen. Quintessential popcorn action flicks.

If you can't find something to enjoy in those movies, there's something wrong with you.

The key is knowing exactly what your movie is and not trying to make it something it's not. F&F knows that it's a straight up action movie full of cheesy one liners and thats what fans want to see.

Expendables had that with the first two movies. Had a solid base. Then I dunno if it was greed or a decision from above, but they decided to make 3 PG13, which cut out alot of what made Expendables work in the first place.

That's where your wrong kiddo.


But unlike the Transformer series, I kind of been liking the FF series more with each subsiqent movie. The FF series is just fun to me, and they're not afraid of embracing the crazy, while having characters that are entertaining and fun to watch. They're like the Saints Row of movie franchises lol.


Featuring Paul walker as Ghost Rider

Yeah Fast 5 was just enough over the top but still with a little racing in it. The thing with the Vault at the end basically lead them quickly to "how the fuck are we going to top this now?" which brings us squarely to where we are now

I thought it was Fant4stic.

Fast and Furious xXx (30): The Crossover

It was pretty straightforward.

1-3 were street racing.

4 was a transition film from street racing into heist.

5-7 were heist movies, with 7 being the transition film from heist to spy caper

8 was a spy caper

I love those movies...

I want them to go into space

I didn't realize I had anything left to look forward to. Thank you, stranger.

What's a VCR? Did they rob a museum?

Say that again

"Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should"


~Universal marketing intern

I laughed out loud

Guy looks like a twat.

F&F series is straight up Bollywood status now holy fuck.

My toes curled reading this


And drinking Corona with one finger.

people enjoy different things

You've been banned from /sub/movies

"let's actually drop shit from planes"

Yeah I appreciate the attitude about it all.

I think I know.


Eventually they will be superhero movies


Right? I kept asking myself during the most recent one: Wait-- all of this is happening basically because Dom is THAT good of a driver?

I swear you could drop the Vin Diesel character from XXX into the most recent Fast movie, and he'd look like a normally-proportioned massage therapist in comparison to Dom.

It was definitely Fast 5. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was sent in to kick the box office's candy ass

Fast Five is my favorite one. Turned it into a heist flick with cars, hell yeah!

The last one will be in space. I guarantee it.

I've never been more envious of the man.

About 5 minutes before that The Rock flexed a cast off his arm. That movie is the funniest movie I've watched this year, and I can't wait to see The Rock fighting a submarine. Hope they make them forever.

I could be wrong here, but I think the guy holding the sign might have been joking.

Fas10 Your Seatbelts

Racing submarines across ice sheets and heat seeking missiles? Gimme more.


Went from stealing DVD players to stealing EMPs, nukes, and Russian subs in F8. F&F16 is probably going to involve travelling back in time in a souped up delorean to steal dinosaur bones for the Jurassic Park crossover

We have the math. At which point in time will all movies created be Fast and Furious sequels?

claps loudly and smiles

Say that Brandon

I tell people that I love these movies and I can feel the judgement oozing out of their ears. They're not good stories. The acting is ridiculous. The stunts are unbelievable. It's a goddamn soap opera. But it's ENTERTAINING. Some people just don't know how to have fun.

Haha they are all superhero level strength. It's ridiculous.

They're stupid fun. They're like Michael Bay movies. Want to spend an hour and a half watching fast cars, hot people, and things blowing up? Well lets get drunk and do that. There's nothing wrong with that. That said, if I meet someone who genuinely thinks they're great movies...we can't be friends.

I try to say "If you ain't out of control, you ain't in control" at least once a week.

Not a chance, those movies are a gold mine.

On the upside, watching Vin Diesel ride around in a tricked out mobility scooter should be entertaining at the least.

Edit:  Found a picture of the set of F&F15

On the upside, watching Vin Diesel ride around in a tricked out mobility scooter should be entertaining at the least.


Thanks for this.

I hope one of them is a porno called The Slow and The Curious.


Head of marketing once he drops that on the studio's desk.