Just another lazy day

Golden Retrievers are always so damned adorable.

that right there is a happy doggo!

perpetually ready for belly rubs!

Hammock dogs are the best dogs.  Mine: http://imgur.com/Qb8MHoD

Hammock dogs are the best dogs. Mine:

They always look so happy!

They always are so happy.


f is for fuck right off i'll write how i want, you're not my english teacher.

edit; for context, before he pussed out and edited his reply to something kinda cuta and funny with a pun, it used to say:

C is for Capitalization.

They're happy dogs Brent.

There's the Hammock Hut, that's on third...

What the hell is going on here?

Banana hammock. ha


How big is this dog?

They have a lot of fur so when they get wet they can get a strong wet dog smell. Other that that though they are fine with regular grooming

For the uninitiated, the hammock district

a failed english lesson i think.

I'm trying to figure out the order everything went down... first you post your controversial trouble starting views on happy dogs. The unrelated note under "indeed!"... was that a response to someone? But then the edited comment, that's not what that comment said a minute ago. Said something about "c is for capitalization" and that was it. Either way I've spent way too much time on this. I think I'm gonna go hang out under another comment where people aren't so mad

For those of you interested in the hammock


Happy dog, happy every day.

That escalated.

The dog totally doesn't know how to get out now.

Imagine being this doggo.

There you are, relaxing, then your human comes around from time to time to give you belly rubs.

That is the life i wish i had.

This feller begs to differ

"What if I never find out who the good boy is..."

"What if I never find out who the good boy is..."

That dog looks like it just told the corniest dad joke of all time.

There's hammocks r us, that's on third too

If I recall correctly that whole dialogue was unscripted and they were just screwing around.

The very face of HAPPY!


He edited it. It was correcting his grammar originally.

He ded.

Lmfao that was not what I expected

Hope she doesn't tucker herself out too much chasing butterflies across the rainbow bridge <3

My condolences for you and your cousin.

You got put your butt there, that's on third.

Also there's swing low sweet chariot, as a matter of fact there all in the same complex. The hammock complex down on third.

Because he edited it from an unnecessary complaint.

Honest question because I've only met a few, do golden retrievers have a smell? Like a weird odor or something? My roommate mentioned it immediately when one came up in a conversation the other day. I had never heard of this before

I think the story is that Al Brooks was improvising and Dan Castellaneta was basically just trying to keep up, which is saying something.

I think he's ok with that life. I would be.

Is doggo stuck?

Oh, in the hammock district!

Princess Consuela?

I own a Golden. They would more then likely lick the attacker while stabs your daughter then go home with said attacker. They are great family dogs but not a guard dog.

I have that same hammock. Except in blue & green. Comfy!

My cousins Golden Retriever died last night. She was the cutest and most loving dog I have ever meet.

The degree of humanistic expression in this dog never ceases to creep me the hell out; no matter how many times I see it.



The only times my Golden has smelled is when he tries to make friends with skunks and when he rolls in horse poop. If you get one smarter than mine you should be ok.

Dogs paws have a smell too. Similar to cheetos or corn chips. We call them cheeto paws. It's not nearly as awful as wet dog though

Serious question, would a Golden Retriever still defend its owner like for example a German Shepherd would? Golden Retrievers seem to be such happy and playful dogs, what if I let my daughter take it for a walk, would it protect her if she gets attacked? How willing and capable are they?

I appreciate it. She was a rescue dog, lived to the age of 15!

You know, there's a little place called Mary Ann's hammocks, the nice thing about that place is Mary Ann gets in the hammock with you.

That's not huge, this red bastard is the size of a house. And he can hump it. https://lh5.ggpht.com/4ncFLGjxrOKsmkvdzKwdMKVHlWHCyTnE_IT9_C0dZeHpxHwz0eW_fRilkJoNPU7V1Uxw=w340

how many childhoods do you have left now

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j is for JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's a very good age for a very good doggo

I swear it feels like I've missed my golden retriever at least once a day since we lost him 2 years ago. Make no mistake, a love my GSD like a son, but that retriever was a Saint. What we did to deserve these animals, I'll never know.

Thanks for posting this, I needed a smile