Just adopted this adorable little lady yesterday

Just adopted this adorable little lady yesterday

Apparently she lost her eye after one of her kittens got it. She's super chill but just don't sneak up on her right side. She didn't like the shelter very much but she loves her new home!

Here are some more pictures

Oh my gosh, that second photo in the album! Looks over her shoulder, smiles for the camera, & winks. I adore her.

Yay for kitty adoption. She's lovely.

Our childhood cat ended up with one eye (injured and had to be removed, nature of injury unknown)

I'll always remember the day our postman handed over a parcel and said "I love your cat, she always winks when she sees me"

I didn't burst his bubble.

It's Kaylie actually but I might call her winky as a nickname ;)

My son's friend had a one eyed cat. Named him Popeye.

Aye. She's a natural winker.

You're powered up get in there!

I hope her name is winky :)

Needs a lil eyepatch! Yarrrr!!

Thank you for giving this cat a home!

I be cap'n whiskurs , And I do believe me litter needs a chang'n!

ThAnks for being amazing and giving a homeless animal a loving home ! 🍥she is a beauty!