Joe Rogan has an interesting point...

Joe Rogan has an interesting point...

Plus Joe Rogan who is a heavy cannabis user is a jacked gorilla man who only eats ketogenic food. Great example of how pot doesn't dictate who you are.

Some of us got into pot use to ease the aches and pains that come with athletic training.

That's sooooo not why I started tho, I'm athletic and shit but I don't think the pain ever got too unbearable. However, depression thoughts and that stuff are more unbearable imho.

Whatever [6?]

Guess people are strange when you're a stranger faceslookugly whenyou'realone

She's been a heavy cheeseburger abuser for a while. How about the white wine abuse?

Is Nancy Grace still a thing on TV?

I hate all the arguments about specific things being illegal because they are "bad for you". I should have the freedom to put whatever I want in my body

Upvote for The Doors

She must have ZERO friends in life. Or they are just carbon copies of the same narrow mindset that she is preaching from. Fuck her.

sadly yes

I thought she finally quit or died or something?

I declare the "Nancy Grace excpetion"

She is open to all the insults we can throw at her before her fat ugly man looking face dies of a heart attack

I really just think it's not cool to treat people like that. it doesn't matter if she "deserves" it, we don't need to stoop to that level. there is already enough negativity and pain in the world as it is without us putting more into it.

I wish. I have a deep hate for this woman.

Anything that triggers the pleasure/reward center in the brain has the potential for abuse. We are inundated with TV ads that push us to buy things that target this area of the brain and because of this constant bombardment it has become normalized and we expect to see this type of advertisement and accept it without a second thought. It is no accident that we consume these products with a voracious appetite because the ads are using psychology on us that has been developed over decades and is known to work. One common approach companies use is obvious, they make it attractive to buy their products with beautiful, sexy people smiling and laughing and appearing to really enjoy the product and the person watching thinks, wow that person looks really happy I want to be happy too or I deserve to be as happy as that person. They use different psychology depending on the age group they are targeting, kids are even easier to dupe than adults and as parents we want to make our kids happy and give them things we never had as kids so we buy it for them. I suggest you start ignoring commercials all together, instead of watching them engage your significant others or friends in conversation about a challenging topic, you may even find that your conversation is more engaging than what you were watching on TV and for those of you with a DVR you can simply pause and resume the show after you are done talking, oh and be a pal and let other people talk don't pontificate and dominate the conversation.

Eh debatable lol

Mhm, personal liberty isn't liberty if there are caveats.

I am with you. If she was on fire I wouldn't waste the piss to put her out. If she wasn't on fire I would provide the torch.

precisely. I was thinking the other day, if all drugs were legal worldwide and the people producing them were companies, not gangs/cartels, world violence would probably drop like 50%, then the other 50% we gotta work on this religion differences bs.

And good, clean Nancy Grace is a fat, lazy cheeseburger addict.

I tend to find people who make assertions about a demographic such as the Nancy Whatserface one is usually far more revealing about that person making the assertion than it is about the demographic being discussed.

When people tell me they are worried about Universal Basic Income because people are going to do nothing but shoot heroin all day I cannot help but get the impression that if the person I am speaking to were to receive Basic Income they would just shoot up heroin all day.

Nothing beats coming home from the gym getting stoned and then chowing down on some food


Whoa, can't we all like, just, chill?

Plenty of brilliant people have overdosed because addiction is a very real thing

If I had a gun with two bullets and was in a room with her and Hitler, Id shoot her twice.

Lmao fat ass bitch should just shut up

her tv persona is likely very different than who she is in life

Well, you gotta put these arrows ^ before the word you want to be smaller. Like this. More arrows, more smaller.

Morally, this is where I want to stand. But opiates throw a wrench in my ability to fully stand behind that concept. I don't think it's best to trust the public with certain substances.

It's like making the post-workout high last the rest of the day.


Yeah she criticized pot users so let's call her a raving cunt and wish death upon her. Seems reasonable.

I don't think Nancy grace has anything to say of value.

Important to note how frequently she jumps all over him for his lifestyle choices and doesn't even attempt to have a real discussion with him. She just pulls up two videos of extremely irresponsible and possibly mentally challenged "parents" who should be arrested for child endangerment and uses it to make an overly simplified justification that legalization is a danger to society. Smdh.

I'm with you on not putting the fire out. I'd light a blunt off her flames though.

What is interesting is that commercials that seem stupid still get you talking about the product, it's just a different method of using psychology but it still gives them the end result they are looking for. As an example a person sees a commercial that is worthy of making fun of they may say to their friend, hey did you see that <insert brand name here> commercial with the talking horse advertising <insert product here> that shit was stupid, which gets them thinking about it, so it is much more insidious than most people realize.