James Woods Dropping Red Pills

James Woods Dropping Red Pills
This isn't News to US.

I've had libs roll their eyes at me when I tell them that.

Because they have no answer to it.

"What are you protesting today?"

"Get the fuck out of here with that camera!"

Very based ! Which means we won't get to see him in movies or shows anymore. He'll be blackballed.

The Democrats haven't been this mad since Lincoln abolished slavery!

Based Woods is Best Woods

Mike "Mass electrocution is my final solution" Pence

Mike "If dick you desire, fear my electric wire" Pence

Mike "Gay and proud? Get a thundercloud" Pence

Mike "Your perversion needs an electrical conversion" Pence

Mike "AC/DC for LGBT" Pence

Mike "Consider a lobotomy before engaging in sodomy" Pence

Mike "Blast gays with tesla's rays" Pence

Mike "Follow God's path or feel Tesla's wrath" Pence

Mike "The only power to queers is volts times amperes" Pence

Mike "If you're bi, you will fry" Pence

Mike "After these elections, say goodbye to gay erections" Pence

Mike "Lightning strike the turbo dyke" Pence

Mike "Putting the trans in transistor" Pence

Mike "You've got one in the belly? Better find a back alley" Pence

Mike "Dicks give you an erection? This circuit's making a connection" Pence

Mike "If you like bumming, this chair's humming" Pence

Mike "Homosexuality gets you a fatality" Pence

Mike "According to the constitution you belong in an institution" Pence

Mike "Man wants a penetrator, I'll start the generator" Pence

Mike "Closing gay chapters with AC adapters" Pence

Mike "Repent for all your sin or get some volts again" Pence

Mike "Like men in nylon, become a human pylon" Pence

Mike "Faggot medicine from Thomas Edison" Pence

Mike "Pray the gay away or stay for the death ray" Pence

Mike "Electoral Volts" Pence

Mike "If you're Queer pack your gear" Pence

Mike "Like It in the Crapper? You Get the Zapper" Pence

Mike "Mister thinks he's a sister, become a human resistor" Pence

Mike "If you enjoy cock, you're in for a shock" Pence

Mike "Saving Those Babies from Feminists with Rabies" Pence

Mike "Get your ass pounded, the wire won't be grounded" Pence

Mike "Electrodes for questionable chodes" Pence

Mike "Want some cock, get a shock" Pence

Mike "Gamma Ray the Gay Away" Pence

Mike "cum on your face? To hell you'll race" Pence

Mike "Disco inferno" Pence

Mike "Take it in the ass and face Zeus's wrath" Pence

Mike "Like to fap? You're getting a zap" Pence

Mike "LGBBQ" Pence

James Woods linking /pol/ news...I fucking love this timeline guys.

It's amazing how people don't understand that Trump was the first pro gay President. Obama became President and then later changed his position on the issue.

At this point it is because they smelt the smell of degeneracy, and it revived again the loathsome reminder of their dwindling numbers and they felt panic.

For that was and is the true 'why' behind their protesting and yet they remember of before those who would tell them to say something else far smarter. For those folks who were smarter and who coordinated this Frankenstein's Monster, they now regret their action by conscience or by just law and are gone.

But...but...the parties switched places! Everyone got up and played Musical Chairs and the Dems ended up in the Republican's chairs and vice versa!

Trump is pro-gay, and most of his followers are at least live-and-let-live when it comes to homosexuality. It's all bunch of propaganda.

Let's just take a minute to realize that Based Woods Best Woods reads /pol news... and thus very likely T_D.

Hi James!

"muh Nixon southern strategy."

Trump isn't Nixon.

"Errrrm .... Russia!"

Hollywood is all about green as in $. Hollywood knows traditional themed movies do well in the US box offices. And there are a lot of conservatives both front and behind the camera. Sadly many still in the closet.

I think it won't be long before a coalition of those conservatives, backed by investors will make series of movies. We the public, have to support them.

Didn't you hear of the great switcheroo of 64'?

All the racists joined the non racist party and all the non racists joined the racist party. It was all very orderly.

they pivot to VP Pence

Just ask them what PDJT has ever done to harm gay folks.

Liberals in 1940: We need black slaves to be able to afford fresh fruit and vegetables!

Liberals in 2017: We need illegal immigrants to be able to afford fresh fruit and vegetables! (also to get more democrat votes because the only way they can survive working for sleazy ranchers and farmers is with government handouts)

This can't be restated enough. Not only do most Trump supporters have a live-and-let-live attitude towards gays, but most traditional conservatives do too. I've been a voting conservative since The Rapist was President. I don't give a single flying fuck where you want to put your dick, or what you like up your ass, or what you like to lick, etc. If it doesn't impact me, why should I give a shit? Most other conservatives I know feel the same way too. This old refrain that conservatives are against gays is just bullshit. It's just more MSM lies.


Nope. We've been saying this for 2 years.

But James Woods reaches normies who follow hollywood. This is excellent!

Hillary's mentor was a KKK member.

Of course she loves hot sauce and loves black people.


Dude, those were all total gold. Don't tell me a lib came up with those, that's much to clever for most of them.

Hercules is such an underrated Disney movie and that is all because of how good James Woods is as Hades in it.

Stepped back and/or have been convicted in a court of law for either organizing or committing the numerous crimes during their temper tantrums that hospitalized people and destroyed city blocks.

We are literally the party of Lincoln.


those are from /pol/

Because they don't believe it. The media told them he's Hitler and hates women, gays and Mexicans and Muslims.

Tell that to Tim Allen.

But they say we collaborate with "The Russians"...SAD and PATHETIC...

Hope so.

Can we all just take a moment to savor the fact that James Woods follows /pol/

Mike "Homocaust" Pence

Mike "Deus Volt" Pence

DEUS VULT!!!!!!!!!!!


My mother is a lesbian, and was a die hard Hillary supporter. Neither her or her wife are bad people in any sense of the word, but they live in a bubble where everything is black and white because of past indifferences they've had with the GOP because of identity politics, and don't understand that this is a new wave of conservatism, and most on the right have already came to terms with homosexuality, and it's place in society. When i tell her of how most of us have disdain for most of the active republicans; she scuffs. But i assure her: while the media paints us as mindless drones we are the ones who will keep Dr. president trump honest because he is the first candidate in a long time who has honestly given a shit about "we the people". She told me "I just don't understand your politics, but i respect your right to your opinion."

The msm ruined it's credability in order to brainwash people who used to trust in its honest reporting. It's sad, but i feel as long as we keep exposing this horse shit; it will have an ever lasting impact.

It's actually quite scary that there are so many people who will swallow the MSM's narrative with zero questioning

Anybody with a link for the picture in question? Just curious to see it.

That's a great picture.

Pol, liberals? Fucking LOL.

Yes, the people who might as well view Hitler as a deity are liberals.

I know right, always thought he did but now it's confirmed...What are the odds that other celebrities do too..

Not acting like being gay is a big deal is about the most pro-gay attitude you can have. The left is so hung up on identifying everybody based on statistical anomalies of behavior, identity, and appearance.

Google killed the Alex Jones live feed

Well the agenda driven movies are total failures so regardless of politics, all money is green. Even the most liberal investors are going to realize that identity politics filmmaking is DOA. You won't see any of your investment back, including principle.

Lmfao. The sad thing is they actually don't understand that there's still a lot of Democrats in the South and many Republicans in the North. Just because the opposite wins the state doesn't mean the state is completely red or blue.

The Clintons come from the South for fucks sake. These people are ridiculous.

"Well. Well. Well. ....... Russia!"

I don't always agree with Trump, but as a homosexual man I've never felt like he posed a threat to the LGBT community.

Trump cures cancer.


Literally every time.

Pence has never actually endorsed electro-shock therapy. He simply said people should have the option if they desired it.

Ooh a piece a red pill!

Ooh a piece a red pill!

Ooh a piece a red pill!

Ooh a piece a red pill!


Therapy for those who request it.

I've seen all kinds of lies about this. From forced "therapy" to electric shocks.

All lies

I will always upvote that list

I'm a private person and tend to have a don't ask don't tell mentality to sexuality. But I do not want to control what two consenting adults do in the bedroom. Politicizing sexuality and gender was a tactic by the left to achieve power. Guilt and sorrow is their currency, it works much like a religion and if you don't believe in it then you're a heretic in their eyes. It's frightening to see liberals become this way through the years. I abandoned religion a long time ago because I'm a rational free thinker, I abandoned democrats for the same reason.


WTF I hate migrants now

No, Pence advocating funding organizations that promoted abstaining from sexual behaviors that cause gay men to get HIV at drastically higher rates.

Specifically anonymous anal sex, condomless anal sex and rampant drug fueled sex.

This came up all during Pence's efforts to stop the increasing HIV rates and had nothing to do with sexual orientation outside of the prevalence in gay males.

Me too, about time there was quality content. Haven't enjoyed a movie in years.


The problem is identity politic movies DO make money. I worked for Sundance this past year and while, yes, they were already cucked out of their mind, the financials behind what sells is driving them even further left.

If you're not making a super broad based blockbuster superhero flick, you have to appeal to a niche that will reliably come support your film. The two easiest ways to do this are documentaries and social politics driven narrative films.

Unfortunately most of the film's coming from the right suck a lot of dick. Things like God Is Not Dead are a snooze to try and sit through but because it was even halfway decent it made a fuckton of money. Can you imagine if the right had Good movies? I'm trying to make it happen now, but it takes a ton of infrastructure building that just doesn't exist in any meaningful way now.

Fuck them taking over the word progressive. We still are progressive. Just because we aren't putting people on pedestals or accepting blatant mental illnesses as normal doesn't mean we're automatically bigots.


Did you read the 1st comment?

"He's not pro gay. He clearly said he just didn't care. Stop the fake news yourself, and no I'm a Trump supporter I hate fake news".

"Trump supporter"? Yeah, sure.

Good answer from another tweet:

"If you expect everyone to run around waving rainbow flags or else they aren't supporting the gays enough, you are delusional".

Not giving a shit is the same as being pro gay in my book. Only libs can take indifference and turn it into anti (insert whatever here)

"But he apologized for being a KKK leader!" - My lefty friends.

Do they ever give any explanation as to why they hate jewish people so much? I like their work but I can't browse their boards with the fucking hitler picture staring at me in the bottom right corner lol

that redpill gave me wood

Holy fuck James Woods follows /pol/ news..He is the greatest Kekistani actor ever..

Based Mike Toreno


No because Democrats are the party of the KKK. That never changed despite the liberal bs libs try to pass off now on "The Big Switch" that Dinesh D'Souza completely debunks. They're embarrassed of who they are and I dont blame them.

Mike "Stick it in the doodoo walls, I'll attach a car battery to your balls" Pence

one of the most racist people to ever live

I bet he believed what was commonly believed in his time.

Shit, I was thinking of something completely different. whoops.