I've done something stupid.

I've done something stupid.

Is that Quintin Tarantino?

Two croissant, toasted with a flame

From toaster strudel to a whole other domain

Out the kitchen, it's the living proof

Ain't compromising, I need at least two

Confectionaries, looking like France

Bake anything, when they get the chance

So much butter, I can barely move

Ask about it, you can get one too

add some Shrek in there and you got yourself a real song

Tintin Quarantino

Yes and it took me years to realize it

Maybe not the voice acting but the character is supposed to be a paraody of him.

Carl my man

the classic

Reminds me of .

Carlos mi amigo

Now that we have the lyrics for the parody, we just need to make the 4K Minecraft animation video for it.

Timmy Tortellini

carl my boi

Squidward Tortellini

Carl my friend

carl my pal

Carl my dude

Carl my buddy

Carl my guy

Donkey is a must.

Quentin Tarantulino?



How has this not been posted?

Is it actually?

Join us at /sub/youtubehaiku for more of that.

Carl my senpai

Quenten Smithee (if I remember correctly)

I mean, this is literally what YouTube was made for.

Thanks for keeping the spirit alive.

Carl my son

Tintin Parratino


Dan "The Hymen Collider" Schneider

Darude Sandsantino

[West-coast ladies singing, Chorus] Le Croissant, finish Le Croissant (*4)

One croissant, two croissant, three croissant, four, One more croissant boiii I will hit the floor. Cuz' this buttery flakin' got me feelin' fine, This magical creation knows no age or time. The French made a Connection to the real OG. Croissants, you the best and number 1-homie. BRUH. [vuvuzela sting]


Future - Mask Off

I'm using an instrumental version made by Ditty Beatz.

Quentin Smithee

Queball Tarantula

What's the name of the character?

edit: I regret asking this question

needs a 10 hour version


Quebec Territory


Oh shit waddupp

Quiqui Tomuntulai

What is the song?