It's the end of the 1st Amendment!

It's the end of the 1st Amendment!

lol, since when does freedom of the press mean forcing someone to talk to you? They can print whatever the fuck garbage they want. They've proven that much.

Overheard on libard sites:

"Just WOW. Doesn't he know that he can be impeached for not taking a question from CNN!?!?!?!"

"We won't respect Trump! #notmypresident! Wait what he isn't letting us propagate fake news?!?! Literally Hitler!"

Duh, it's right there in the 0th amendment: The President must answer questions from CNN

Over the past year and a half I can't believe how different my worldview has become. I used to accept Obama talking trash about Fox News and I was used to the Liberal MSM villifying and bullying anyone who disagreed with their narrative, and embarrassingly enough agreed at face value. I never looked past their straw man arguments and tried to find out what was going on until Trump came into the picture. Now I can't believe how many hypocrisies there are on the left; I know the right has them too, but at this point in the game the number isn't comparable.

Good fucking riddance Obama, and here's to at least 4 years with change in the right direction.

TLDR; Got red pilled. Thanks, 'pedes.

Shills are down voting your comment. Must not like you making fun of their FAILING PILE OF GARBAGE!

Check out the megathread going on in the redacted. They are saying there are videos of Trump with hookers and BBC has the report and its going to be the end of Trump soon. Read this about 15 min ago.

It is illegal to listen to the President without first going through CNN. That's why they're there.

I know it's impossible to tell at this point, but what makes this situation even funnier is that Trump today is not president (officially). He was a private citizen speaking from his own residence. Yet somehow CNN is owed an answer.

Certainly Not News

here, I have a spare upvote for both of you

The projection here is thick - they do have video of Clinton on the Lolita Express. No way they have anything on Trump. This is going to play out well for him. They look like morons. (They are.)

What I like is how when Trump, as a private citizen, Tweets his thoughts and opinions and various lefties including celebs will Tweet back "shouldn't you be running the country?" No you fucking dolt, he isn't the president yet and you're revealing your secretly high expectations of him while also revealing how little you think of our current 'president'. They don't even truly believe their own shit.

Drones a hospital and a wedding, tries to cover it up. Scandal free presidency.

Definitely! They shot their wad with the pussy video and America yawned. LOL! That was their ace in the hole. Nothing else! (Except paid off tramps claiming victimhood who disappeared after he won.)

I am so glad he will be our president it's unreal. And I'm a former (rehabilitated) Dem.

I'll get in on this, upvotes for all.

2016 was one hell of a red pill

Yeah if they had something wouldn't they have already released it before he won the election?

Anti-Shill Brigade Squadron Bravo Tango Foxtrot Oscar, Memetic Warfare Division assembled and reporting for duty, time to tuck these tendies in over

They were literally encouraging censorship of dubious news articles 3 weeks ago. Now they're all for it. And they can't even see the hypocrisy.


Sends gun with GPS to cartels without realizing that GPS trackers need lots of power. The GPS trackers died within hours and the cartels now have US military grade weapons. #ScandalFreePresident

I didn't vote for Trump and I've been hesitant to post in this sub, but I cannot stand how pathetic the liberal media is and how reddit is so myopic and incapable of objectivity on any topic that involves Trump. I've been witnessing the most pathetic paroxysm of bias and stupidity among liberals that I've ever seen. They've basically made their declaration that the next 4 years are going to be a shitshow. This is their war cry.

The media and sites like reddit are saying that Trump just randomly freaked out on CNN because they asked a tough question. In reality it was the CNN reporter who acted inappropriately by speaking over Trump and being a brat, not letting someone else ask a question. It was not his turn to talk, he was not called on, and he interrupted a televised news conference and had a temper tantrum.

You'll notice that most of the clips that are circulating just show an apparently angry Trump, without any context as to why he was angry. He was angry because a belligerent, disrespectful CNN reporter was hijacking a press conference.

Out of every single presidential press conference I've ever seen, not once have I seen a reporter act like that CNN guy. He was raising his voice and demanding attention like an idiot with no decorum whatsoever.

These idiots bringing slander and libel into the forefront should get the law thrown at them. It should be a felony to throw out such vicious lies.

Clinton Narrative Network

They are going to think he can be impeached at least weekly for 8 years only to have their dreams crushed. That's a lot of winning right there!

powerful new ally in their schemes
- Congressional investigation into how JP Morgan took control of 25 US newspapers in 1917 - CIA's Operation Mockingbird Everything you need to know about your education can be inferred from the fact that it deleted all mention of its own origins: Fabian Socialism

Global elites and Marxist revolutionaries -- you would think them sworn enemies from the way the narrative is taught in school, but the Marxist vision of a centrally-planned economic, social, and political order was not at all incompatible with elite plans for world ownership. It just needed some case-specific alterations.

The international banking cartels and industrial "robber-barons" of 19th and early 20th centuries that had amassed great fortunes (especially during wartime) often found their plans for the reorganization and modernization of society (on their terms) frustrated by the same "oppressive" monarchies, aristocracies, religions, nationalisms, tribalisms, and traditions that Marxism promised to overturn. By financing Marxism, global elites could both co-opt its message and steer its ultimate direction, thereby covertly recruiting their seeming opposition as a . Controlled opposition is, after all, the best kind.

Thus, in globalists' home countries, the Marxist victim-oppressor dialectic was reoriented from the axis of economic class to axes of biological identity (i.e. race, gender, and sexual orientation), securing much-needed cover for financial elites and their supra-national "non-governing" bodies by diverting leftist academic scrutiny from overt economic inequalities to natural ones. It also had the effect of agitating and exacerbating those same divisions among the citizenry, rendering them incapable of unifying around a coherent political platform. Divide and rule.

The global elite understood that the way to sell slavery to a Western, capitalist democracy was to brand it as a form of liberation. This necessitated a revolution in education that would dispense with individual virtues, traditional values, and objective truth. Instead they would institute an ersatz system founded upon a moral and intellectual relativism that stressed socialization, consensus, and collectivism. The subsequent leftward slide of the masses effectively arrested the development of any nationalist movements which pose perhaps the only serious ideological challenge to globalist rule.

Thus, for the past century or more, our schools and universities have been socially re-engineered by a professional cabal of progressive educators, utopian crusaders, marxist agitators, leftist academics, communist zealots, and other so-called "school reformers" and "change agents" laboring under the generous patronage of such esteemed names as Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller (through their tax-exempt foundations, of course) to, often by their own admissions, produce a collectivist, obedient, and technocratically manageable society of credulous, helpless imbeciles incapable of independent thought and political agency.

To understand how all this came about, it is necessary to study the genesis and history of our educational system outside the narrative parameters of that same educational system.


David Rockefeller's Autobiography, mentions his college thesis on Fabian Socialism at London School of Economics

David Rockefeller's resume scrubbed from Wikipedia for being "too much info" (berk 1, berk 2)

Somewhat off-topic but fascinating source material

Dr. Antony C Sutton of the Hoover Institute details deliberate transfers of finances, resources, ...

The Order of Death - Anthony Sutton explains the Skull & Bones Secret Society

COVER UP: Behind the Iran Contra Affair

Bill Moyers - The Secret Government

The Last CIA Whistleblower: Drug Trafficking, Training Terrorists, and the U.S. Government

CIA Drug Ops, Clintons, Bushes, Mena

Its different for us in CNN

There is no freedom of the press in America. All the regulations favor the big media corporations and designed to keep away new competition.

"He's going to be impeached as soon as he takes office!"

I've seen that one a few too many times. The left thinks they are on Oprah. You get an impeachment, you get an impeachment, and you get an impeachment! For what reasons, we don't exactly know! (They never will.)

Shoe's on the other foot! Uh oh!

I keep hearing that from liberals that you MUST answer press questions.

No dummies. The amendment means the government can't dictate what the press writes.

Of course, I love their logic so now I'm putting my "journalist" hat on and I'm going to go around demanding that politicians answer all my questions. I predict BIG SUCCESS in this endeavour.

Right there with you, the red pill is a tough one to swallow.

I think at least 10% of America woke up this year. It's a good goddamn start.

The rarest Pepes are locked and uploaded, sir. Ready for tactical dispersal to liberal fefes.

Killary probably spent one of her billions on trying to find dirt on T_D, and all they found was him talking some trash about trying to grab pussies if grown women let him.

"Could this possibly be the end of Trump!?"

Lol how many times have they said that?

The -1st Amendment: Eat the shit we're trying to shovel or omg nazi cuz muh speech.

Fucking liberals need to check their speech privileges.

"B-but CNN is more credible than Fox???"

Cuckcold News Network

80% of us used to be Commies.

Lol, someone got butthurt when I said to revoke their credentials.

"That's unconstitutional!"

You can check my post history if you so desire, but I'll obey rules and not link to it.

"Bernie Sanders can STILL WIN - Here's how!"

LOL, if anyone hates the first amendment, it's definitely liberals. Every other "WE SHOULD DO IT THIS WAY" rant they have involves suppressing speech one way or another.

If Trump has done nothing else, he's caused a great many people to question their information and the status quo. Politics will forever be different because of him.

I can't wait until he's holding press conferences in the White House and has CNN clowns ejected from the meeting for speaking out of turn.

i can't even even right now theyre normalizing hate how will i identify as an apache attack helicopter under trump's presidency im literally shakabrah right now

I don't think Liberals understand rights. Let the federal government override all conservative states' rights, but God-forbid a president actually do his job regarding immigration.

I truly think at this point liberals don't even know that the constitution is an actual thing, because all of them seem to refer to it as a sort of guideline for what they feel should or shouldn't be allowed.

It is. Tbh, I'm still recovering. Feels weird using that word, but the red pill hit me hard these last couple months, & that's genuinely what it feels like I'm in the middle of at times.

Don't know if that makes sense or not.

They understand it. They are just dead set on undermining it. It is the final push to have complete control over us. THEY WILL NEVER WIN.

the hypocrisy of liberals knows no bounds

I'm glad that this sub actually listens to and even upvotes people who come in who claim they're not Trump supporters but share an opinion.

There's been times in /sub/politicss where I've agreed on some liberal policies with them. I would even state that I'm a Trump supporter and that I still agree with them. They would downvote the hell out of me anyways even though I agreed with them. They are so deathly afraid of an open Trump supporter getting upvotes. I've even had people tell them in there that they downvoted because "Trump supporters are inherently evil and I will do what I can to silence them. Even if they agree with me or say something that is factual"

This sub truly sees everyone as Americans. If you share some our ideas and want to make this country better we don't care where you came from or your past.

Good luck, BTFO Team. We must hold the line!

With no power left, maybe they will start understanding now that 2A is what protects 1A.

I creamed my panties when he shut down that CNN reporter.

If all his future press conferences are this good, I will have to forsake all things, children included, to watch it without interruption.

To my understanding that is actually pretty much exactly what happened. CTR was offering rewards for dirt on Trump and it appears Kek, blessed be his memes, saw fit to have a wave of trolls crash down upon them. They might have even got some real stuff on Trump (if it existed) but it would have been buried in a tsunami of bullshit.

Waiting for HQ to respond to fire mission request. This'll take anywhere from 8 hours to 8 months.

Your rationality and intellectual honesty is appreciated here.


Liberal Hypocrisy.

Amazing post. This is SOOOOO fucking important. The indoctrination of our society has been in the works for over a century. Having Donald Trump elected President of the United States is the most hopeful sign I have seen of America waking up to the bullshit it has been sold all this time.

Liberals have never lost before and can't handle it. They are gonna have a long wait because WE HAVE A LOT MORE WINNING TO DO

Yep. Giving you an NPR link so that you know I am not being all ProTrump. (search for gps and batteries on that page)

Does anybody want to see a video of me with a hooker? What about a picture of my penis? Wanna see? It's not a problem, believe me.

If Trump had really done this, that's what we'd be hearing from his twitter five seconds after he set foot on US soil. He sure as heck wouldn't wait for the press (that he hates) to tell us.

They CAN'T possibly think that, can they?

I was a deplorable way before it was cool. Hipster deplorable. (Rural American)

The amazing thing about this election cycle to me is that the Establishment redpilled people who weren't even looking to be redpilled.

Millions of people were mugged by the reality that our elites have lost the plot. Hillary is the poster child. They shot themselves in the collective footsies.

lol! "He literally mentioned Nazi in a tweet! Who does he think he is, always tweeting!!"

Yes. 100 times over: Yes. The fluoride in the drinking water has reached dangerous levels. If they were sitting on a video of Trump with Russian hookers, Trump wouldn't have won the election. If they're sitting on a video of Trump with Russian hookers and didn't release it, it's because Trump's team has even more unfathomable dirt on Clinton/Obama/etc. It's sort of the Mutually Assured Destruction scenario from the REAL Cold War, ironically enough. Either they're both bluffing, or they're both too scared of killing themselves while taking down the other. I just hope they don't kill me in the process.

If I were Trump, I wouldn't take a question from a news organization that pushed a bullshit story with no evidence about me ordering prostitutes to piss in Obama's bed.

Who do these people think they are?

To a liberal, anything they want to be legal is a right. That's of course NOT what rights are. If something is legal, that doesn't ever make it a right.

"That's unconstitutional" Lol, did you tell them it isn't?

I should start a news segment right now called "MAGA Flocka, Freedom Talka"

Now that I am "the press", apparently I'm supposed to automatically have White House credentials. Well where are they? Where's MY CREDENTIALS!?


(Oh look, I didn't get them. I even screamed to get them. Apparently that's not how this works)

My thumb is tired from all this upvoting (it isn't)

It does. Massive shifts in the way you perceive things can do that.

I am convinced they hate us because in our world you have to prove yourself by merit and not race or how hard you hate white people.

Since you're... Mister president-elect, since you are attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance? Y-you are attacking our news organization! Can you give us a chance to ask you a question? Sir! Sir? Can you state categorically... Mister president-elect... can you state categorically... Mister president-elect, can you give us a question? You are attacking us! Can you give us a question? Can you... Can you... Can you state categorically... Sir! Can you state categorically that nobody... No. Mr president-elect that's not appropriate!

Haha I love this comment!!

Really? Wow, that seems like someone at some level should have twigged to that. I guess we should never underestimate the stupidity of people in large numbers.

Also question their construct of reality. The political landscape has not only shifted, its begun to crumble. Party and identity politics are no longer the measure by which we are defined. Media no longer holds key to control the narrative. Straight up truth as it happens, crowd sourced and viral will become the norm.

Not per Rasmussen!

CNN on here downvoting lol Not enough to push fake news, gotta stop the mockery of their treachery as well

Speak for yourself

Trump is turning everyone into a constitutional lawyer


This is a good point. It's crazy.

You can't legally read the Wikileaks emails (you can)

Reading /sub/politics makes it seem like there's still another billion still asleep. Mind numbing.


Creating Neurotic Narrative

Remember, projection is their modus operandi

this is why we won so big

Even if it's a RIGHT it's not a guarantee, yet they don't know that. We have a right to bear arms, but they don't hand us a gun with our birth certificate nor when we pass a citizenship test.

They don't even give us arms from a bear either!


Admit Nothing - Deny Everything - Make Counter-Accusations - Demand Proof

That is the biggest thing for me.

Hillary and her gang must have spent an ungodly amount of money and resources trying to find dirt on Trump. The fact that her and the rest of the left couldn't come up with anything substantial says a lot.

You know that must have pissed her off big time. I can just picture her in her office throwing a hissy fit and screaming at her assistants. "YOU COULDN'T FIND ANYTHING?!?!?

"Well you didn't specify it was revoking from the White House."

Where tha FUCK did they think it was being revoked from, Chuck E Cheese?

You handled that much better than I would have.

You are a Prophet of Kek with the patience of a Saint.

One month you'll be like "this celebrity is such a fantastic and genuine guy" and the next "freakin cuck"

I'm repost a comment of mine in response to a /sub/redacted poster claiming Obama never punished the media:

Yes, because Obama never punished news organizations...


On May 17, 2013, the Washington Post reported the Justice Department had monitored reporter James Rosen's activities by tracking his visits to the State Department, through phone traces, timing of calls and his personal emails in a probe regarding possible leaks of classified information in 2009 about North Korea.[8] In obtaining the warrants, they labeled Rosen a "criminal co-conspirator" with Stephen Kim.[9] Rosen was also described as a "flight-risk" to keep him from being informed of the ongoing surveillance.[10] ever

Seriously, it never happened.

In the last days of the 2008 campaign, the Barack Obama campaign found itself in a similar spat with three newspapers after kicking their reporters off the Democratic nominee's press charter plane. ever

Most Transparent president in history

The Treasury Department on Thursday tried to make "pay czar" Kenneth Feinberg available for interviews to every member of the network pool except Fox News. Getting the picture?

Also, keep in mind, being "impeached" doesn't necessarily mean you have to leave office. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both impeached, but subsequently served out their terms in office.

They're 90% fake. Also, /sub/redacted lest you get your post deleted.

Yeah I have. It's actually scary to me. This is Volksempfänger level of brainwash.

Sorry bud, according to Democrats, it's only charity if the government gives it away for you.