Its like the floor knows.

Its like the floor knows.

Went to a music festival where they make you take off your shoes at security for a check, immediately stepped in gum.

People who spit gum on sidewalks where they know people will step in it and ruin their day/shoes are literally worse than Hitler.

Just wear slippers arround the house. No filth on socks and on bed and on tabletop...

Usually it's pee for me. Brothers are dumb.

Welp, back to bed to start over.

My shoes tho.

Your brothers pee on the floor?

I dunno man. Starting a world war and being the sole cause of the genocide of a major world religion seems a tad bit worse.

"Monday is cancelled, see you all tomorrow"

Or cold pasta. It smushes into the sock fibers.

In the kitchen to boot. I guess that's what happens when you piss in the sink.

Or spit phlegm. If I have to spit, I at least spit areas people won't walk, like into the middle of the street.


I always wear slippers when indoors. I even take them with me if I'm going to be round a close family-member's house for more than a couple of hours.

Was about to say....When you haven't mopped, but you have dogs....

I don't recommend that, that's how you end up with foot fungus. I mean not instantly but you're better off blowdrying your feet or something if you're in a rush.