It's just a different colour #trippy

It's just a different colour #trippy

to be fair, it catches you off guard a little if you don't think about it.

Right after that you think about it tho

ya, then you facepalm

m e m e c e n t e r . c o m

Or you don't realize and post it to Facebook.

To be fair he's a basketball-american, not a tennis-american.

But that is a badminton racket.

I think I'm retarted

9 out of tennis people don't know the difference.

If you zoom way in you can just barely see the W, if you are in a dark room.

Or maybe it's a joke

He noticed it, decided to post it, got out his phone, took a picture, uploaded it, thought about the text and added it, posted it.

Lots of time to think, plenty of action requiring decision making brainpower. Either he didn't bother to think about why you couldn't see the 'W' or he tried and was too stupid to figure it out. I'm going with the latter.

I was wondering as well now I feel like a dumbass when I realized it's a different color

This meme is old enough to vote.

This is still trippy though.