It's almost as if they're biased πŸ€”πŸ€”

It's almost as if they're biased πŸ€”πŸ€”

Trump attended military school. Which military school did Hillary go to again...?

She can dodge imaginary snipers like lightning.

Yea-I'm sure she was on the front line in WW2.

I think you mean WW1.

Donald Trump is 80 days into an 8 year tour as commander in fucking chief.

Slick Willy dodging drafts like a pro.

Landing under Bosnian sniper fire lol yeah, they're reaaaaally gonna try to shoot a fast moving jet/plane in midair.

I think you mean the Civil War.

I think you mean the American revolution

She also doesn't like the taste of Islam and immigration, arguably worse than Trump. Good job proving that point Liberals

Couldn't dodge The Herps though

Hey, i can do it in Battlefield.

Well London was bombed a lot..a whole there was real danger.

She was a mechanic. She just happens to be standing next to a medical truck. The Queen was bad ass.

She was a medic within the UK, so the most danger she ever saw might have been some V1/2 missiles buzzing by

Don't tread on me reeeeeeeEEEEEEE

Obama, no experience. Little Bush, worthless 1st Lt, so who gives a shit. Both Clintons, no experience. Old Bush, LtJG, worthless xp. Reagan, Army Captain, minimal level of military xp. Carter, Navy Lt, minimal level of military xp.

Gerald Ford, LtCommander. Finally getting some value. It's more than a single ride in the military at this point. Ford was president back in 1977.

So it's been 40 years since we've had a president that could even reach the rank of O-4. Let's not pretend that this country has cared about military experience for the role of president anytime recently.

For further perspective, Spicer is a Commander, that's an O-5. Spicer reached a higher rank in the Navy than President Ford did.

Queen Elizabeth II was born in the US the same number of times Obama was.

The LARPer in chief. She'd have been the perfect leader for generation Antifa.

That's not true. Princes William and Henry have both been in danger. Henry deployed to Afghanistan.

This is a stupid and despicable attack, but don't denigrate the royal family over it.

She once used her military driving training to take the king of Saudi Arabia on a wild ride that terrified him. He wasn't even used to women driving at all. This meme is stupid, but she really is pretty badass.

Fun fact: The Queen had more in common with the Hessian mercenaries than then actual British redcoats.

I think it was a bold, inspirational thing to do for someone of her status, even back then.

I don't hold it against modern American leaders for not having served, and I did serve. That's because, the draft aside, in the United States you don't have to serve if you don't want and in anything but the most desperate time of war, that is a good thing, that makes people more free.

Not to mention, at least Trump went to a military academy as a teenager. That's not the same thing as military service as an adult, but it is definitely about instilling those kind of values into you. Obama, Clinton, Bernie and Hillary most definitely can't say that.

I think you mean the Great Meme War of 2016

The Falklands Campaign.,_Duke_of_York#Falklands_War

... the possibility of the Queen's son being killed in action made the British Government apprehensive, and the Cabinet desired that Prince Andrew be moved to a desk job for the duration of the conflict. The Queen, though, insisted that her son be allowed to remain with his ship.

Technically speaking, his school had nothing to do with the military. It just had military-style discipline.

Hahaha that thread is INSANE!! Any reasonable person looks at that post and thinks....uhh so what!? There is no way that post reached the front page organically. There just isn't.

Yeah, this kind of seems more pro-Liz than anti-Donald

I can do it in real life.

She’s so good at dodging, it’s like the snipers aren’t even there.

She fought against ISIS. The original ISIS.

TIL you can't make logical arguments unless you've been in the military.

I can assure you that Hillary Clinton was not on the front lines of the Great Meme War of 2016. Her name was, her picture was, her beef handlers were. But she was not.

One of the conspiracies that arose around the death of Diana was that she had become pregnant to Dodi Fayed and the royal family didn't want the association

Defending the interests and sovereignty of her country. That's what a leader should do against "freedom fighters".

Was this on Occupy Democrats Logic? I'm not seeing it.

He's also literally Commander in Chief of the largest military in the world right now.

Yep, dangerous whether you were a medic or not.

She's standing beside a military truck, dude, look how much harder this frail old woman is than all the US presidents combined is

You wouldn't have. Diana divorced from royalty long before shagging Dead On Dashboard Impact.

She was pretty cool when the shot was fired during the trooping of the colour, while riding sidesaddle in full dress uniform just kept on at the same pace no visible panic or fear.

Lord Mountbatten (father of Prince Philip, the Queen's consort and former Allied Supreme Commander before Eisenhower) was killed in an IRA terrorist attack. If anyone knows the damage terrorists can reap it is the Queen. I'm not a fan of monarchy but I give the queen her dues.

I'm pretty sure the Bayeux Tapestry clearly shows that she fought at the Battle of Hastings.

With Brian William's giving them the news, they'd be unstoppable...

She was a mechanic

She nearly got killed in london by a parachute mine.

Also, danger in battle is no reflection of character, loads of ISIS fags are risking life, limb and being righteously exterminated every day.

they get deployed too. protected or not, they go to the front. sure, protected, but also, the front.

they are a lot of things, bad things, but cowards - nope.

Leave that to obama and the clintons.

Isn't that another country ?

Scientists believe that recently discovered cave paintings suggest her involvement in an ancient battle with primordial lizard people with whom early humanity shared the planet.

Trump went to a military academy as a teenager. That's not the same thing as military service as an adult, but it is definitely about instilling those kind of values into you.

It's not just values. It's an education in strategy and warfare. Military school is yuge!

Actually she would often visit with soldiers in various areas closer to combat than any modern leader would dare go. My family has a picture of my grandmas brother being inspected in a lineup by the Queen when she was 18.

The youngest princes both served during war time. I know Charles kind of served, he held an honorary position and I'm not sure exactly what level of command he actually had. I felt bad for the sons, they basically had to leave because they were putting their units in danger.

Lmao, love it. IDK why youre being downvoted, ISIS was a colleague of KEK himself!

If that theory is true, she did the right thing I wouldn't want a Muslim king.

Come on, the Queen is all right. Too bad she doesn't have any power.

Oh, I definitely don't doubt she is actually badass. Maybe I should have thrown a /s on there. I just think her badassery is a weak argument overall

She was a mechanic. So while she wasn't on the front line, vehicles she worked on most certainly were.

Yeah, if you look at the time leading up to the American Revolution there's definitely a few things the king and parliament could have done a little differently to cool things down. I imagine as history progressed America would have broken off like the other colonies sooner or later, but it wouldn't have gone down like it did in the late eighteenth century.

Trump went to a military school and he's the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Good enough for me

And William was a rescue pilot in angsley, like the us coast guard rescue. I've also read William was jealous he couldn't get a combat role like harry because he is a direct line to the throne and they wouldn't let him. They may have a lot of things you don't like about them, but pansies afraid of getting their hands dirty ain't one of them.

Right but even civilians were in danger from the bombs. Its not like she was MORE likely to get hit because she was in that military role.

Lord Mountbatten was the Supreme Allied Commander for a good part of the war.

She also invited Trump to a state dinner almost immediately.

It took Obama until his second term to get invited.

What the fuck are you talking about we always loved royalty. Imean, God-Emperor?

British America at the time revolted to defend the liberties which come from English culture and tradition. It was the fault of the British government/crown that the 13 colonies decided to break away.

dont knock people who served

Even Buckingham Palace was hit.

That's why the people loved her mother. She was advised to leave London and send Elizabeth & Margaret out of the country but refused.