It took my dad roughly 2.5 years, heart and kidney failure, and a whole lot of small brushes to paint this. Here he is proudly presenting his best work!

It took my dad roughly 2.5 years, heart and kidney failure, and a whole lot of small brushes to p...

Not very many paintings can truly be called a "masterpiece", but this definitely is one of those paintings... It's absolutely remarkable.

OP, is there anywhere where we can check out more of your dad's work?

I have small art studio in San Francisco and have been painting myself for around 25 years. Your father's artwork is an absolute masterpiece. One of the first things that stood out to me was that your dad is truly a master of light and shadows - this lends to the fantastic depth of the piece. I would be curious to know where your father studied - I haven't seen artwork of this quality since nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.

Damn! When I saw the first image I thought it was just a shelf.

Oh wow now thats a compliment! You could check out more of his word here: (it's dutch tho)!


I hope:

(a) Someone pays a ridiculous amount of money for it and then very quickly puts it into a museum so everyone can appreciate it. OR

(b) your father donates it to a museum.

Either one is amazing, and BTW, this is beyond words.

It looks like it should be in an "I Spy" book.

I thought this was a DIY post at first. I was trying to figure out how it took him 2.5 years to build that shelf and put the toys on it. Then I thought OP goofed and Added a Decimal and it should be "25 years" and that's how long it took to amass this collection of toys. Then I went back and finished reading the whole title of the post and realized I was the dumb one for not "reading the instructions fully before starting".

For the ones interested you could check out more of his work here:

I wish that I could paint this well but I've never had heart or kidney failure.

The first thing I thought was "whoa, this is very ambitious". Then, after seeing up close I noticed it was very well done as well. When those two things come together, it's something special.

I hope:

a) They keep this in their family.

or, barring that,

b) OP's dad makes bank

But I hadn't seen him in so long! I just felt safe again. God dammit.

You sure took a lot of turns there friendo

Take at this video

I was just telling my dad about something I think is related to the combination of boldness and excellent execution.

Monet's "The Water Lillies" -- it's housed in this little museum in Jardin Tuileries in Paris called "Musée de l'Orangerie." The museum was essential designed at Monet's request, with this in mind. Two rooms were built specifically to house them. They've been there since 1927. They 8 panels, in two rooms, two separate 360 degree paintings. Why two circular rooms? Because it forms a helix, infinity. The rooms run east to west. Why? Because the paintings traverse a span of day. To the east you get sunrise tones, to the west sunset. He painted this at the twilight of his life, when cataracts was running his eyes out. A sort of grand finale. or this crappy colored Google map.

Man, this is incredible. Congratulations to your father for the completion of such an amazing work.

This needs to be made into a jigsaw puzzle. Not the original obviously, but I really want this as a puzzle.

Aaand we crashed it.

Every time with this guy. I think im reading a well thought out paragraph about something pertaining to the post and boom, there goes mankind.

He should seriously consider submitting that to ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI. It's an annual event that people from all over the world participate in. Grand prize is 200k. Your dad would have a good chance at it.

The Reddit hug of death.

We were thinking about it...

Or a huge puzzle with a ton of pieces

Your father is a brilliant and masterful artist. This piece tells a fantastical story. Rich with history, memories and ideas of colorful fun, this piece is relatable to everyone; boys & girls, men and women, young and old. Better yet, this work of art reaches beyond the paradigms of culture and race.

Send a picture of your father and his art to your local news station detailing his health battles. I bet they would jump on a feel-good story like this and give your father some much deserved exposure. Who knows, it could go national.

The worst part is, I even saw the username, and I said to myself, "Oh wow, that guy's an artist too?" How could I be so naive.

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Walt Disney has a museum, just saying you could combine the two.

This is better than having a shelf full of toys because you won't have to keep dusting everything. I get so tired of dusting my toys.

It's been one of them days...

Every fucking time. I play into it every fucking time. Once I've been had, I pay extra attention to usernames. But over a few days, I think to myself "they won't get me again..." and I let my guard down. Then, just when I've completely let my guard down and allow myself to just enjoy reading comments BAM I've been had again. Every. Fucking. Time.

I will pass it along! Thanks for the kind words!

I mean, that's pretty dumb.

I see him once a day, but rarely does it actually get me. Today, he did.


Their only dusty cuz you don't play with em. I think u should play with ur toys more often so they don't get dusty like u say.

Yeah, that's commitment to your passion.

Please do! My dad and I are no artists but we love puzzles and I would love to share this with him!

Between 100k and a million ;)

This was made for a client!

You wait, before you know it you may even see their nipplas brown areas, which would be very nice for your panis

First thought was that this would be a great puzzle

This painting would be a steal for far, far more than $20k.

Put it on a jigsaw for everyone to appreciate!

Nothing so far. This account is only a month old though.

That is awesome! A lot of work, but incredibly beautiful. What's his plan? Will he sell it or keep it?

They could just cede it to a museum. If they want it back they can.

/u/jontheboss isn't embellishing. I'm not going to claim I know anything about art, but it does take a lot to impress me.

This is just about the most impressive modern piece I've seen in a long time.

Wouldn't need to donate it to a museum, just lend it out for a month or two. Would be incredible to see in person.

And he gets gold on so many

I hope they paid a lot!

This is brilliant work! Now, take a high quality digital scan of this and make a 1000-2500 piece jigsaw puzzle out of it. This is exactly what I look for in a puzzle.

PS, tell dad he's very gifted and his masterpiece is appreciated.

You get the wine, I'll bring the turkey. Meet at OP's house at 6.

OP I love your dog. (Dad's dog?)

Looks like he's wearing pajamas.

OP I love your (Dad's dog?)

Looks like he's wearing pajamas.

this would be a steal at under $20k. I really hope he's not taking anything less than that. There are plenty of super rich people (apparently) who would be happy to pay what it's worth to have this in their lil prince or princess' room. Either way, great piece. You and he must be really proud.

Your father has an amazing ability to convey depth.

Haven't run across one of these in a while. You bastard.

Please PM me if you create a jigsaw from this, I will absolutely buy one.

Yes yes yes! This was my first thought as well! It has everything I look for in a jigsaw puzzle: all of the intricate details come together to create a well organized, logical chaos that doesn't have large spaces of "sky" or "ground."

Every inch of his work is distinguishable from another. This is so imaginative and absolutely beautiful. 2.5 years of labor well spent.

I also really enjoyed the photos of his progress. Like a look into the artist's thought process. Wow.

How's that username working out for you? No snark, genuinely curious.

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Two birds one stone

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I would love to do that as a jigsaw puzzle!

2 x 2 metres 6.5 ft x 6.5 ft

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Here you go.

IDK I've been at it 7 months and not one single beer or bird

That's pretty amazing. There is more to that work than I realized.

Every. Fucking. Time.

Every damn time. Was so engrossed in this I let my guard down.

I guess i'm a simpleton, because that just looks like some pretentious ding-dong painted a good portrait and then smeared paint down the front of it and said to themselves, "this represents the detachment of self from the desire of the being of what once was, if one once was being" or some stupid shit that doesn't make sense like that...

painting myself for around 25 years.

You vain bastard

Got me again

Well, that's something else to see next time. Thanks!

I think OP's dad is just a supremely dedicated troll that's trying to break the hearts of children.

2 years of dedication to see it realised.

I like it.

How much would a piece of art like this usually cost?

This is the kind of art I would actually pay money for. Amazing job.

Oh he's Dutch, that explains all the magnificent detail!

Listen to this person.

It was an incredible match after all.

An "I Spy" puzzle

Prolly all them beers and titties

That was my first thought too, and considering that the I Spy books are photography and photomanipulation, that's pretty high praise

heart and kidney failure, is he drinking the paint?

It really is incredible work. So many tiny details. I've been staring at it for a while now and just found Waldo!

good bot

Holy crap it's 4D

Well, he's charging $3000 for This which is 20cm by 40cm. So imagine he's getting his due.

Well, he's charging $3000 for which is 20cm by 40cm. So imagine he's getting his due.

Just did a quick search to see if anyone had suggested ArtPrize. It my first thought upon seeing this; definitely worth a submission.

I've been there. It's incredible in person.

its the upvotes, always bamboozled by the upvotes.

That "blobs of paint" post that hit the front page yesterday was pretty impressive and ingenius. I also saw this in r/artporn yesterday and I couldn't stop looking at and examining it, for whatever reason.  

Guess what I'm saying is really good art is everywhere.

That "blobs of paint" post that hit the front page yesterday was pretty impressive and ingenius. I also saw yesterday and I couldn't stop looking at and examining it, for whatever reason.

Guess what I'm saying is really good art is everywhere.

Tell your dad he is awesome

Love love love the "Behind Closed Doors" ("Achter gesloten deuren"). Just incredible.

“heart and kidney failure” he just makes us all feel bad so he can get karma.

Yeah. I checked his site and he seems to know what he's worth - which I'm happy to hear.

I even saw your "Fuck" before getting to THE sentence and thought you were just commenting in awe about how incredible this gracious comment was. God damnit

I'll pay to come see it at his house/studio. What's another art gallery in the Netherlands?

Dutch weed + staring at that for an hour = reason for a holiday.

Does he speak Englando? Show him this thread.