It has begun

It has begun

Oh, do liberals not like having their things interrupted by people yelling at them? You don't say.

The steps are leftism

On some level I'm sad this is even becoming a thing started by liberals.

I would be pissed if some thing I had paid to see was interrupted by someone. But I guess I would never go pay to see something so politically ignorant.

It's free. The fact that they are pressing charges on that girl is laughable.

Saint Telemachus travelled to Rome and entered the Colosseum for the first time to see gladiators killing each other to satisfy the blood lust of the crowd. He screamed In the name of Christ stop this thing, over and over. He interrupted the crowd's entertainment and they stoned him to death but upon hearing of this the Emperor put an end to the games.

Sometimes it just takes one man (or woman) with courage to speak the truth even in the face of death for change to come.

Judging by the picture, was the protester flying?

In a public park at that.


Elevated by righteousness.

You mean like that one guy in the US flag shirt and spangled pants? What was his name again?

This meme.. KEK!!

Lmao. the protesters should show up on bmxs and wallride over their all seeing eye backdrop.

Show up with one of those 5gallon bucket drumsets and just start jamming away.



Lol, anyone know how this meme got started?




It would only take a few of us to fuck up their little traitorous fantasy every time it airs. Kathy Griffin demonstrated that most people are with us.


We are like Julius Caesar. By using the leftist rule book we are taking emergency powers. But after defeating them we will lay these powers down.

Holy cow!!! That is awesome!



Know your meme dot com should have all you need to know about this meme.

That would make us Cincinnatus. He retired back to his farm after using emergency powers.

Based patriots. Good people.

The people are getting tired of these hate-peddlers.

Or America's Cincinnatus, General Washington.

I'd pay money to see a bagpipe protest. That shit would be epic.

Don't even have to rush the stage since it's a free show in a public park. Just have some people with airhorns.

the girl should have pulled the liberal line, and say she was "an artist" as well.

Two steps at a time

I wish I could be there with an air horn to mimic the Antifa Cucks.....

Give some of there own back to them. lol

This happened today?

Muthafuckin bagpipes, Bitches!

Two terms. Two genders. Two scoops. Two steps.

Dude... We're in the absolute best timeline!

Now were talkin!

It's funny how they never actually expect the bias foundations they build to be used against them.

Wtf the thing is free and at a public park and they're getting arrested? What? Get a good lawyer and reduce it to community service if anything.


Seems like this person already performed a service to the community by interrupting this bullshit. The courts should compensate them.

It must continue

I'm not sure I understand your objection, here. You're telling me that Washington can't be Cincinnatus because he was a General and a wealthy, patrician, slave-holding, land-owning sinner. But Cincinnatus was all of these things as well.

The reason Washington's known as "the American Cincinnatus" (this is not my's famously been said of Washington since the 18th century) is because both men came out of retirement, assumed power to "save the Republic" on multiple occasions and voluntarily gave this power up when the Republic no longer needed them. And they transferred this power with little to no prodding by any competitive entity.

The right side of history

I didn't know that. Thanks for posting it.

Also, that's one seriously fucking badass name! Telemachus! Shit. How do you top that?

And what will they do when Augustus rises and creates the REAL empire backed entirely by his authority? Because that's precisely what will happen if their stupid scenario goes through.


The left are systematically promoting political violence and literally creating domestic terrorists. We must intervene. They must be held accountable for their actions.

You realize that the point of the play is that killing the elected leader causes Rome/America to disintegrate, right? Killing Caesar even causes Brutus to immediately go "I made a really bad choice"

whenever the Trump character says something just do a tiny little toot.

I certainly believe the leaked DNC e-mails had a lot to do with the election outcome. I personally was decided on June 16th, 2015.

They're taking a page from the HWNDU playbook. Next stop, a random field in rural Tennessee /s

Julius would have as well. If they hadn't, you know, murdered him.

>"Rules For Radicals" #4: "Make your 'opponent' play by their own rules."


I bet it never occurred to them that someone might turn that around on them!

>(After going hard for 2 years disrupting speeches, herpderping baseless fictional propaganda, and rioting any time they decide to have another mass microaggression hissy-fit)

LOL as if they think that far ahead..

"I'll wait for someone else to fix the world."

Who is this Pede?!? Where is his coat!

A publicly funded play that depicts the president being assassinated is beyond the pale. Bursting the bubble of these lemmings that are gobbling this up as 'art' is a good thing. A non-violent interruption in their lives shows that the people that support Trump and disdain this type of theater don't only live in flyover country but also exist in their sacred land of New York.

Aaaaaaah, no. Cato-pedes will help me out here, but the problem with Caesar was that he named himself Dictator en perpetuam (or whatever the actual latin might be).

First Follower

Ah, a

Caesar will never escape his pirate captors.

Caesar will never hunt down those pirates.

Caesar will never raise his own army.

Caesar will never become Praetor.

Caesar will never become Consul.

Caesar will never expand Roman territory beyond the Rhine.

Caesar will never return from Britain.

Caesar will never conquer the Gauls.

Caesar won't dare cross the Rubicon without disbanding his legions.

Caesar will never recover from his loss at Dyrrhachium.

Caesar will never outlive Pompey.

Caesar won't dare support Cleopatra over her brother.

Caesar will never bang Cleopatra.

Caesar will never be appointed Dictator.

Caesear will never be Dictator en perpetuam. <--- We are here.

What if 5 people with boxes of airhorns just honked the entire show? Would that be disrupting the peace or whatever law they could enforce.

We must use rules for radicals to fight the left.

They are putting on a take on Julius Caesar in which President Trump is stabbed.

Because it was premeditated. It was not a crime done as the result of shock, it was planned. Her boss had her funds page set up hours in advance.

This is the new HWNDU.

Scott Adams explains it quite well. The play is persuading people to think of Trump as a dictator to be assassinated.

You never played the floor is lava as a kid?

The floor is Leftism.

No right now we are using their tactics against them. They've been doing shit like this for decades and we are JUST NOW getting ballsy enough to fight back. I say let this play out for a few years until they understand that we won't stand for their shit anymore

No she isn't. Only the government or its agents can infringe on the 1st amendment

Maybe vuvuzelas should make a comeback...


I had never heard of cincinnatus and I have a degree in political science lol. Lots of pedes dont know this info I promise you.

After 200 years of violence from Democrats and liberals, one day we will defend ourselves. God help you liberals when that day comes because once the door is open we are kicking down the whole damn building.

Vuvuzelas for Trump!

And the funniest thing of all? If the leftists start screeching about it, you can pull the "racism" card like those fuckheads do! Beat the bastards at their own game!

This is the cultural version of mutually assured destruction. The left has been able to get away with this crap for decades without consequence. I'm interested to see what happens when they realize we have people crazy enough to dish it right back at them.

Never underestimate the Power of Kek

People don't make up their own minds a lot of the time.

This is why advertising works.

Is there a link to the video?.

He's really springy and has good posture.

Nah, we've always been ballsy, we've just had enough of their juvenile tantrums.

This is their last play, not sure if they travel around the country doing this?

It's our tax dollars, it's public land, it's backed by major media giants who normalize the assassination and violence against our POTUS.

This play was put on in 2012 with Obama-type Caesar. But it was never being pushed and backed by major networks. It's propaganda, and it needs to end. It's needs to be unacceptable to promote this filth.

The people behind the play that are the ones doing the damage, not the play itself.