Islam is a religion of pea-

Islam is a religion of pea-

Thats only to 2010. Islam is now up to 30k


6 white supremacist attacks. See they do it too. It's the same.

"Unknown" is code for "We may never know their motives." And we all know what THAT'S code for.

Doubling down on stupid! They seem just like MSM. Heh

Liberals to facts is like vampires to garlic.

Facts is racist.

They probably count stuff like the Oklahoma City Bombing. Gotta be creative to make Islam look better.

What are the details of the Christian attacks? Are they actually motivated by religion? As a Christian I am skeptical.

Just look at Alexandria.


NeoNazi/ fascists/White supremacists only killed 12. And the left thinks they are the problem.

damn islamophobic statistics!

Left wingers on Reddit had me thinking fascists were about to take over Europe.

Religion of Death.

I think the lion's share of that might be the South Sudanese, who committed many "Christian" terror attacks in their war for independence after experiencing terrorism at the hands of their Islamic government for half a century.

Have a feel they just throw in people who happen to be Christian and call it "Christian Extremism"

San Bernardino was workplace violence, Pulse Night Club was right wing violence against the LGBT, and 9-11 was due to faulty aircraft.

Only 4 actually. 8 wounded. Bbbbbbbut muh kkk is is everywhere!!!1!!


Oh, you'll love them...The "Lords Resistance Army." A self Proclaimed Prophet in Africa. Guess Who the victims of the attacks are... no no... you have to Guess... That's right...They're Christians. Frigging "Go Team Venture!"

Afaik these are generally attacks committed by explicit radical Christian groups, such as the LRA. Keep in mind this is a worldwide count, and there are a lot of nominally Christian sects worldwide that are mixed with local religious/mystic traditions, ethnic identity, or even Marxist/radical-left ideologies. These aren't your everyday Catholic churchgoer, that's for sure.

Bill Clinton is a racist.

That guy was from Southern Illinois.

It's because Nazism is an ideology of peace, anyone who says otherwise is just a bigot, Hitler wasn't a real Nazi and moderate Nazis don't support him, Nazis are necessary for the political enrichment of our society. #NotAllNazis

Seriously, I don't understand how people manage to keep it in their heads that there are fascists roaming about doing fascist stuff getting ready to ship us all off to Nu-schwitz, but don't even bat an eye at the no bullshit commie street gangs trying to kill people on the daily.

That would make Pepe Italian.

Me too. I want their definition of "Christian Extremist". Just because some wackjob murderer has a Bible that his grammy gave him doesn't make him a Christian.

Knowing the false equivalence that libtards always draw with Christianity, I highly doubt the "Christian Extremist" data listed here. Besides, we'd hear about Christian terrorism 24/7 from the fake news. I'm not buying.

Kind of interesting how it's the white supremacists who are the second most peaceful groups of all the people here (inb4 CNN starts saying I'm condoning white supremacy, which i'm not)


Hey now, that's socialism.


How does anyone defend Muslimism, given the cold hard numbers?

Oh yea; those hundreds of thousands of people can all vote for people before they blow themselves up, and their high fertility rate ensures their votes will be succeeded.

Hindus are the religion of peace!

Lol at the actual neo nazi fascist being the calmest in the group

It's actually global warming's fault!

Can someone explain why Sunni extremism is so massively violent, while Shia is not?

Is it just a factor of population size? Or are there large differences in ideology?

And you can bet your ass that those in the unknown category are predominantly Islamic

Hitler wasn't a real Nazi

lol my sides. Too good

Specifically the last 30 days... Always amazing to see how such a small amount of time results in a large amount of murders.

Chicagoan here. That subhuman was a disgrace. I love my city but holy shit do a lot of its people piss me off

"The Worldwide Incidents Tracking System (WITS) was a publicly accessible terrorism database operated by the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). NCTC discontinued WITS in April 2012."



Neonazis, Fascists, and White Supremacists are the racists of peace.

but that represents gun owners not liberals duh

Christian extremist is basically an oxymoron. The entire religion is predicated on loving your neighbor and being charitable. The extreme version of that is Mr.Rogers.

Radical Leftist Extremism!

Guessing Wahhabisim is a big part of that.

I'd be curious to see what qualifies as "Christian extremism"

In other words, the one-drop rule is applied but only for the sake of inflating the Christian count.

Yup, one religion based on the thoughts, teachings and actions of a hippie (classic) liberal saying he came to "complete the (violent) old testament (in peace)", versus one based on the actions of a warlord sacking several cities, raping women after killing their husbands, lying after truces, and causing lots of fear and terror - and calling his actions that of a "perfect man".

Hm - I guess all religions ARE the same - never mind the terrible Amish, and the Buddists - wow.

London needs a new mayor.

and a replacement for 12.4% of its population.

Dead serious; last nite, I had a dream in which my family and I went to London, and we drove by an outdoor meeting of Muslim extremists. The guy was an Iranian born one in the dream as well.

You joke but..

Italian discopop belies the truth.

DEUS VULT since Muslims sacked Spain in the 8th century. The world doesn't know a time without the crescent scourge.


I just want to point out that this is the exact defence Muslims use against terrorists

BULLSHIT. Christians do not scream "Praise Jesus" as they blow up themselves and 30 innocent women and children. Christians don't kill in the name of Christ. And if they did, you'd see MILLIONS of Christians in the streets condemning the asshole who did it and calling for his head. Moozlums respond to terror in the name of allah with false flags of supposedly racist attacks on moozlums.

Fuck your false equivalence.

You are so right. Hindus are some of the kindest people I have ever met.

Just because some wackjob murderer has a Bible that his grammy gave him doesn't make him a Christian.

I just want to point out that this is the exact defence Muslims use against terrorists... I was once discussing the Pulse Nightclub shooting with a Muslim friend, when I mentioned the shooter may have been gay he was immediately dismissed as "not a real Muslim".

Not disagreeing with you, I too have no idea what a "Christian extremist" is but yeah, it goes both ways.


According to this data neonazis, fascist, and white supremacy is the real religion of peace. Lmao.

except that KKK is the militant wing of the democrat party. it targeted republicans and white catholics. the blacks it targeted were the one who were supporting republicans.

and Nazis are technically and literally left wing.

300 attacks with 3000 dead by "christian extremists"? WTF? What are they talking about? Where did this happen?


Funny how they are the lowest on the chart. There goes that narrative right out the window.

Buddhism is at least as, if not more, peaceful. It's not even listed


Nah, you only Sunni Islam to achieve this level of violence. The vast majority of murder in Allah's name was committed by Sunnis. The Sunni sect was baptized in blood as soon as it was conceived. It's been that way ever since.

Yeah there are some African incidents every year. Might also be partially tribal, but then again so are many Islamic attacks.

Do you know why croissants are shaped like a crescent? It commemorates the final victory of the Holy Roman Empire over the Muslim Turkish invaders at the Battle of Vienna in 1683. The crescent shape is taken from the flag of the Ottoman Empire.

Sunni does outnumber Shia 9 to 1. But even factoring in that the ratio here is way outta whack. So it must be something else.

Sunni is by far the most violent sect due to its founders. The men responsible for the Sunni sect very likely poisoned Muhammad and once he was out of the way they started a massive invasion in all cardinal directions. Sunni was immediately christened in wave after wave of blood as they conquered much of the old world within 50 years. Hyper violence right out of the gate solidified the true charge of Sunni Islam: Convert or die.

Credit where it's due, as far as terrorist group names go, that one's pretty good.

2-minute sticky?!


Listed in history as hundreds of millions.

Listed on the chart as secular/political/anarchist.

Maybe theyre talking about civil wars in African countries where christians clash with al-qaida affiliates like boko haram. I checked wikipedia "christian terrorism" and thats all they come up with for the recent time period.

Are there updated numbers on Shia versus Sunni? I was actually surprised by Shia's numbers being as low as they were, just wanted to compare up to date numbers today by estimated populations.

Also there's another one in China called Eastern Lightning.

I'm from Chicago area too. So many pricks out that way.

I'm just stunned that Jewish extremist attacks outnumber actual Nazi attacks 6:1

But only until they make up 51% of the population. Then they'll form an islamist party to vote for.

Evan evan evan evan


Only 17,835? That's less than 0.0012% of all Muslims! Stop generalizing! #NotAllMuslims #RefugeesWelcome #PrayForInsertLatestAttackedCityHere

Well not really as only one book actually preaches murdering non-believers.

We will not surrender this country to Islamic extremists and their sympathizers.

...Southern Illinois is far and removed from Chicago...different type of crazy breeds there.

high energy moderation!

I wouldn't say that's a fair assessment. There might be an attempt to conflate Christian terrorism with Islamic terrorism in some corners of the popular media, but that usually comes from ignoring the actual data/frequency on the two types of terrorist attacks altogether, not from a selective/arbitrary counting method. Using a "one-drop-rule" on Islamic attacks wouldn't significantly change the results. The situation in Islam is actually reversed: modern fundamentalist sects, such as Wahhabism, are relatively orthodox. They mostly started off in the 1980s as a "puritan" reformist movement that tried to purge Islam worldwide of its Western moderate influence and of its Southeast Asian or African admixture. Of course, the reality is that what this movement describes as "pure" Islamic traditions is usually a contemporary concoction of revisionist history stemming from anti-colonial sentiment and Arab nationalism. But these are not fringe sects with "one drop" of Islam; they see themselves as well-educated protectors of a sacred tradition that's been pushed aside by modernization and global influence. (Not unfortunately in the same way that some far-right white ethnic nationalist see themselves -- these are two opposing consequences to the revisionist far-left narratives that's taught in both Western and Middle-eastern schools that impose an extremely distorted view on colonial history and early-modern history in general)

On the contrary, some Islamic traditions that are relatively assimilated into local traditions, such as Islam in Indonesia, are very non-violent and tolerant as a whole. Non-Arab Islamic terrorists are almost as rare as Christian terrorists on a relative basis, and they tend to grow in regions that are already struck with civil disorder and ethnic tensions, such as northern Nigeria.

I was wondering that too. Is that like counting Catholic IRA attacks or something?

Jewish extremists kill more people than white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Never even knew Jewish extremism existed.

I swear to God I've heard this track in some cheesy 80s tv and movies before.

The takeover has already begun. Brace yourselves

I found this interesting as well. Does anybody know the official reason for discontinuing the database?

Edit: It was made part of the GTD (global terrorism database).

LMFAO. Neo nazi attacks are the lowest.

Nowhere. It's bullshit, I'd like to know where these numbers came from.

Its Saudi Arabia who has been using the West to take out secular governments and Shia majorities.

No, that's Communism. It starts out as socialism, then turns into communism. Sorta like the HIV and AIDS distinction.

Its only when the state gains full control over your life and the information you hear does it become full blown communism, and only then can it be treated as a cult of death.

Aka motives unknown

It's an extremely red area in a very blue state....look at the county-by-county breakdown from the election....I think there were like 6 or 8 out of 102 that went blue....but 4 of them happened to be Chicago....


Are you saying Global Warming is "packing heat"?

Eastern Lightning. 

Okay let me look them up to see what that's all about.

The group teaches that a woman who styles herself "Almighty God" (全能神), from Zhengzhou, Henan, is the second Christ. Her most widely distributed book, The Word Appears in the Flesh proclaims itself the Word of God. 

Hrmmm, looks like on a scale from not a heretic to burning at a stake, I'm gonna need two Bolters for that heresy.

Eastern Lightning.

Okay let me look them up to see what that's all about.

The group teaches that a woman who styles herself "Almighty God" (全能神), from Zhengzhou, Henan, is the second Christ. Her most widely distributed book, The Word Appears in the Flesh proclaims itself the Word of God.

Hrmmm, looks like on a scale from not a heretic to burning at a stake,

Really. India has like 2% christian population. Come to any city during christmas and see the santas and the sales and the decorations. It is celebrated at the same level as diwali. You will find hindus wishing each other 'Merry Christmas' FFS. Hell, we even wish Jews merry christmas because there are only like 5000 of them in the entire country and we don't know the difference because their names are the same. And when they do not respond enthusiastically we just assume that there was some death in their family.

While the world’s population is projected to grow 32% in the coming decades, the number of Muslim...