Instructions for a Happy Life

Instructions for a Happy Life

In one second he encourages you to make your passion a job, and in the next he tells you to prepare for crippling failure.

Perfect life advice.

Within the first .001 seconds of the video I knew I was fucked.

Edit- And I got a reminder at 5:14

This seems heavily inspired by "Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen" by Baz Luhrmann:

always check the lid hasn't fallen down

I'm a guy...and I have never had this situation occur or HEARD of it occurring. Is this a thing that EVER happens?

No offence, but given the state of the us govt right now, I'll find my dental advice elsewhere.

Edit: a word

First Contact

Also, some of my favourite videos by Exurb1a

And Nothing Can Ever Ruin This

The Universe in 4 Minutes


Heck, every video by him is great. Check him out.

If you like his stuff and want to help out, here's a link to his Patreon.

I knew within that same time frame that i was getting a bunch of unsubstantiated advice.

The evidence that flossing is essential for dental health is weak enough that the US government no longer recommends it:

Maybe you should calm the hell down before pissing, man. That can't be good for your blood pressure.

To be fair, the British aren't the people I'd go running to for dental advice either

He thought no one would remember!

Avoid any fucking video about how to be happy. Close Reddit and check your todo list.... and then DO IT.

yep, sad!

When you slam the lid up too fast and then it bounces back down and you then you're fucked.



I think the conclusion from many of these studies was that improper flossing does not do anything, but if you know what you're doing it does help. The problem is most people are not doing it properly.

Yeah, the flossing bit gave it away twice! I prefer Luhrmann's version.

...It's a joke. I'm also from the UK, I know how good our dental care is. But it's a stereotype. It would be like if someone said "Americans are so fat" and someone replied "Common myth, here are a list of countries fatter than America". It's a joke, nbd.

Don't ever buy cheap running shoes. Buy medium priced and a little bit above if you can afford it - huge difference.

The one that truly got to me:

Accept that there is a set point in the future, after your death, when you'll be thought about for the final time by a friend or family member, and then forgotten from history forever.

(side note, closed captions expands on this a little: "unless you become a meme ofc", heh)

That was surprisingly uplifting

A lot of these points have actually been very relevant in my last year, good stuff

If you want to try the game Factorio he mentioned, download the free demo here.


Check reddit

Nah dude you really should floss. You're literally extricating little bits of food that will otherwise rot in your gums. There doesn't need to be any real evidence apart from halitosis.

So far it never failed to make me happy.

Yeah half way though I figured It was the old sunscreen joke.

He rapes but he saves.


What does ulysses have to do with instruction 20?

So basically fuck poor people.

Well, #2 hit a little too close to home.

With the amount of content out there, is anything truly original anymore??

Got any other evidence, from a more reputable source?

Yeah that was a weird part in the video. Shit running shoes, same with a shit bed, and shit food are things that greatly decrease quality of life. On your feet 2-8 hours a day? Get good shoes. Sleep 8 hours a day? Get a good bed... repeat...

But I like my expensive running shoes :(

Common myth, free dental service available for all. Dental health in the UK is exceptionally good.

Floss isn't that expensive.

this one

Look up a youtube video on how to floss. I like .

Key points: Floss, then brush in the evening. This will remove plaque and help toothpaste clean between teeth better. If it hurts, you may be doing it poorly or too hard. If you're new to flossing, you should expect some bleeding. This should improve as your gums' health improves. If bleeding persists, there may be a more significant issue that should be assessed by a dentist or dental hygienist (ask them informally if they're a friend, they may be willing to help). Try not to traumatize the gums, they will recede more if you continually batter them with floss, toothpicks, toothbrushes, etc.

Source: I'm a dentist.

I would love to tbh.

Which itself was inspired by some essays written 20 years ago.

My friend, you can do nearly anything in Factorio. Except stop playing.

The book is about an butcher's advertising agent's single day in Dublin, Ireland in 1914ish, written in a 3rd person perspective from Joyce's memory. It's basically a thesis on writing imo, the chapters mimic Homer's epic "The Odyssey" and usually contain different themes (one chapter has the main character visiting the hospital with the language moving through the beginning of written history). It's a book that you can take a college class on and usually need guided instruction to "get" the jokes and references to the times. It's also very dense, ,I personally, am around 3/4 done and I have to read maybe 2 pages at a time and reread sentences constantly to get the meaning of the paragraph since Joyce switches between action and thought as if you began thinking about your actions and started daydreaming or thinking back in the past in the middle of it, but I haven't picked it up in a few months.

Please stop stating this as fact. As mentioned below, that conclusion is based on the fact that most people don't do it correctly.

Source: I am a Dentist

Keyword: alleged

Fuck off until there's a verdict.

Maybe you sexually abused me. Who's to know? Can't prove you didn't and I could sure use some money and public exposure. GTFO

Can't he be an alleged rapist and produce content that's enjoyable at the same time? I don't particularly care about his personal life, I enjoy his videos.

LOST IT at Factorio!