In which I'm ignored, fat, and not welcome at my kid's playdates.

In which I'm ignored, fat, and not welcome at my kid's playdates.

The lovely BitchBot should show my recent history with MIL, I haven't posted much on this account though. Last time we heard from her she wanted to go for lunch with DH "to discuss a solution to their problem" because she misses her grandbabies.

So on Monday DH texted her back and agreed to meet her for lunch that day. He was off work so he brought the kids to meet me at work so we could all go to the restaurant together. When we arrived MIL greeted him and the kids by name, and completely ignored me. Lol. She was thrilled to see DD1, mostly ignored DS, and barely noticed DD2. 🙄 She's so obvious about her favouritism.

We made small talk for about 20 minutes and I surreptitiously texted DH under the table to ask if he planned on having an awkward conversation or not. He didn't bring it up, and he told me later that he wanted to leave it up to her, since she's the one who apparently has enough of a problem with us to go NC for 3 months. Near the end of the meal she made some passive aggressive comments about how much we were eating (DH and I are both a little overweight, but with my current lifestyle I've lost 30 of the 50lbs I need to lose in the past 3 months, so she can go fuck herself with her judgment). And then she finally said something that actually pissed off DH. She asked if she could take our toddler (her favourite of our kids) over to her favourite daughter's house for a playdate with her toddler (MIL's other favourite grandkid). We weren't invited, and our other 2 kids weren't invited either. YEAH RIGHT. Our kids aren't going anywhere that we aren't welcome. He shut her down immediately and said that if his sister wanted to text him or me to set up a playdate she would be welcome to do so. (This sister will never do that, she can't stand us.)

Then as we were leaving she asked when we were planning our youngest's first birthday party (she'll be 1 in a couple of weeks). DH totally threw me under the bus here, he was like, "I dunno, what do you think hun?" So I had to be the bitch and say, "we probably won't have a party at all," with, "because we don't like you people and you all clearly dislike us," left unsaid. But I don't mind, it's not like there's anything I could say that would make her like me.

So that's it. Nothing is resolved, but DH and I are agreed that our kids still won't be going anywhere that we aren't welcome, but if MIL or any of the SILs want to see our kids they're welcome to contact us directly to set up a supervised visit at a time that's convenient for us. And if I'm being honest, there's no time that's convenient for me to see those bitches. But I highly doubt that they'll try to contact me for any reason, except maybe to wish DD2 a happy birthday. Even that is a long shot, most of them have only met her once when she was a newborn and they probably don't even know when her birthday is.

As for the money problem, he's going to approach her one last time, cash in hand, and offer her money in exchange for her signing a legally binding repayment contract and removing her name from the title of our home. If she refuses he will retract his offer to pay her any money ever, and he'll force the sale of her home if she attempts to force the sale of ours.