In response to the post on the front page right now, here's a gif of some real pen spinning.

"How's everyone doing tonight? My name is Chris, and I'll be your waiter this evening."

"Great. I think we're ready to order."

"Awesome! Let me just get my pad and pen here..."

flips pen around for 7 minutes

Job interviewer: "What skills do you have that make you qualified for this position?"

This guy: cracks fingers loudly "I'm glad you asked."

gets tipped by everyone in the room

"You're hired! Welcome to Pointless Talents Industries!"

You could always visit for some other great stuff

Edit - fixed link. Happy 4/20, y'all!


I think i'm going to be witnessing some Reddit pen spinning wars.


-Guy with even more amazing skills

-Guy with EVEN more amazing skills

-Guy who will parody it with a joke gif

I hope this causes pen spinning drama/competition.

My contribution

It's not pointless when it makes you happy.

/sub/penspinning for anyone who didn't see it earlier

Edit: This also isn't OP spinning in the gif. It's a guy called "chicken" from the Japanese pen spinning board.

Why should you not write with a dull pencil? Because it's pointless.


First post:

Second post: Another person spinning pen

But no. This one is real.

The dads are here

Spinning, that's a good trick!

Why do pencils shave? To look sharp.

panties drop


So funny, when I was about 13-14, I was looking up YouTube videos on Pen Spinning. One of the comments said, "If you wanna see some really dope pen tricks go to Pen Island .com. So my little ass is like "Hell yeah imma type that shit in" ..... it's fucking Penis Land .com and gay porn pops up all over my parents computer. So I close out as quickly as possible but don't want to delete the history and look sketchy. Well wouldn't ya fucking know, my step dad comes home and hops on the computer when he gets off work. 5 minutes later "GET THE FUCK IN HERE, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING LOOKING AT GAY PORN?!" I explained myself and thankfully they believed me, we all had a good laugh

It's reliving the glory days for some people. Hitting their peaks in middle school.

They're flipping their investment of countless hours of spinning pens into karma. aaaand there it is

Is it possible to learn this power?

Heh, almost fell for that one.

The funny thing? I read that as pen is land. Not penis land or pen island, just pen is land.

So I close out as quickly as possible but don't want to delete the history and look sketchy.

Doesn't want to look sketchy, so leaves gay porn instead

It is if you believe in yourself hard enough.

Everyone gave him a crisp $100% bill

That pen's name? Albert Einstein.

What? You've never been to pen island before??


You cannot escape /sub/prequelmemes. They always have the high ground.

"I just wanted to order a-"

flipping continues

"Can I just-"

"No, not yet"

"Oh, not yet?"

still flipping

"I just want some fri-"


flip flip flip


stops flipping

"Okay, what'll you have?"

"...we waited so long, I forgot."

"No problem, I'll wait"

starts dope flipping again

Yeah, but can he one-up this?

Yeah, but can he one-up

Way to be a one-upper.

I mean, yeah. But we're just a bunch of fucks who watch them do that online. At least they're putting a talent to some use.

this is the internet, you can say fuck here

This guy is so good with his pen, he could work as a teller.

Not from a jedi...

Still messes up your order

You joke, but as a person with a random but memorable talent, it has always helped out with job interviews. Something odd like that makes it easy to remember me.

Steve Buscemi walks out from the kitchen in a firefighter suit

I did the same thing. It sounds like some strange ancient proverb.

Pen is land.


fire mixtape starts playing

Yes, you simply have to be very bored at work.

Your girlfriend must be so happy, for reasons of course.

I know it may sound like a cat poster, but it's true.

Is it just me or does everyone find OP really sexy for his random pen-spinning talent?

You're right, I didn't mean to sound douchey. Its yoyoing, it's something to talk about, shows a sustained interest in something, hard work, etc. sometimes it turns into a meme to interviewers and others are genuinely intrigued and see it as a positive. I was US champion so I put it on my resume. I'm just trying to add to the conversation, sorry

The entire restaurant starts clapping.

I imagine right at the end someone yelled at him to stop fu*king with that damn pen and get to work.

Most aren't actual pens, just things that look like pens that are more well balanced.

They're bought with the primary focus of spinning, not writing anything.

That play it cool and get back to work ending is the bees.

Let's see what you can do with a light saber

Pen spinning technique

My dick is bigger than yours!

And it shows dominance.

Because of the implication.

M'pussy and m'crack

You should have put the link here as a comment too before telling your story. Haha


Well at one point, Hayden Christensen himself was in Higher Ground

France is bacon.

For people who might not have been here for what I just noticed is 6 years...

The pen spinning world tournament is on right now.

(For real)

Is handing out karma not a talent?

And if it's presented right, it shows they have a personality.

I wonder what he can do with a Gillette!

Sounds like something Family Guy would do, the sketch would probably go on for about seven minutes too.

Welcome to Ubisoft's Server Room Dept.!

And then you pee all over their desk right?

My cock can walk right through the door

lol this is all so ridiculous.

Not from a cuber...

Have you ever been spun the story of Darth penisland?

Probably not; that's a world record. Didn't you watch your own gif?

Does that hand even have blood? It certainly seems to haven't seen sun in a decade.

My wife LOVES the reverse fingerless thumbaround.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that was really turned on by this. I can't explain it but that gif does it for me.

sigh I need to get laid.

Nothing really, just odd...

It's the reddit life-cycle... like a self-sustaining ecosystem of useless bullshit. Sure helps pass the time, though.

You clearly want someone to ask, so what's your memorable talent?

Well of course, it was the obvious move.

I was all but drooling by the end.

Holy nope! Bad reddit. That's staying blue.

Oooooooo. Can someone edit these and make the pen a mini lightsaber?


Or /sub/meatspinning


Forgot to mention that this isn't me.

This is "chicken" from a Japanese penspinning board.

100% asian.


Why do all the pens on this sub look gigantic? Is it the camera playing tricks on me? My pen looks so much smaller when I compare, and I have small hands

He's like revolver ocelot from Metal gear solid except with pens.

the order of these events has peculiar implications.

The actual url to pen island. They embrace this joke and made their logo look like a penis.

"I've got to admit that it's intimidating."


Good point.

That... that's not how that works...

Pens have points though...

and I swear the whole restaurant started clapping

You fool! I've been trained in your Jedi arts by Count Dooku.