I'm normally good with money, but lately my finances have been suffering because of this. I feel pathetic.

I'm normally good with money, but lately my finances have been suffering because of this. I feel pathetic.

Switch to buying your needed items online. It's cheaper and you get almost as a big a kick from it. I get shaving soap, toiletries, clothes... everything I can, I buy online.

I used mini milestones when my anxiety and depression was real bad, so I understand. I'm still mad lonely though so If you need an ear/eye Pm me we can talk tracking number tracking apps.

Not to mention you have more variety so you can try out different things. I love buying soaps, shave soaps, aftershaves, etc. online. Of course now I've taken to making my own soap and it seems silly to pay $4 for a bar of soap when I have 30 practice bars sitting around.

Write actual paper and pen letters to one another. Pen pals solve both problems, no? You get to expect mail frequently and you get a social connection. Just a thought....

Get the geek app. Stuff is super cheap, and takes forever to come. When it doesn't come on time which happens most of the time you get a refund. Then you get the anticipation of whether or not it will show up one day. I've had things come 2 months after they were supposed to and I was already refunded.

What is there to worry about, he's clearly not the killing type

You'd be surprised how many people do this. I do.

A support ticket doesn't wipe your ass.

You should get a pen-pal.

Edit: /sub/penpals

Pm me your address and I will send you something in the mail based on your reddit profile. It will be there within the year.

I was going to mention that! And the converse is true- once you find something you like, you can buy it in massive quantities and save more!

This would kill me lol. I hate having to wait when it just says in transit.

This is great until you start running out of toilet paper, order some on Amazon and for some reason Prime's one day shipping becomes 4 day shipping and you end up on your last square before the delivery man comes.

Source: I ordered toilet paper on Amazon.

I appreciate the sentiment, but I'm a little wary of sending my address to someone I don't know...

While I generally agree with you, there's a difference between buying 30 rolls of TP vs a pallet of TP.



Amazon will refund you if prime takes longer than two days. Open a support ticket!

Yeah... Steady packages coming is like Christmas everyday

Completely understandable. I actually didn't even really think of that.

Then you only have to move the 50 pound bag 10 feet, instead of into and out of the car.

Pro Tip: Buy two of every important non-perishable item that you know you're going to use.

So in this case, you'd buy two packages of toilet paper. Then when the first package runs out you know it's time to buy another one. This way you'll always have a back up and you won't ever be caught with your pants down (literally).

I do this too. My big purchases last month were a bunch of hot toys iron man figures.

Yeah it's called the faptory.

The buying in bulk mentality is a problem. Sure you might save a little money up front but storing all those bulk purchases just leads to overloaded storage and clutter. Some of it ultimately expires, or you get tired of it, or you switch to something else before you use up what you have. If it's a food product you tend to eat more because you have more and gain weight. You tend to start stocking up on other stuff you don't really need either. All those issues have a cost that isn't factored in to the "savings" you get bulk buying.

You are far better off just buying what you need for the short term and maybe big bottle or a few extras of the daily use stuff that it's inconvenient to run out of. Don't buy anything without having a place to to neatly store it in mind, and while you are at it get rid of all the extra junk around the house you don't need either. You'll be happier and healthier if you are minimalist.

Sounds quite uncomfortable using the shower head why not just use the water?

I'd just go for the pallet. I don't foresee getting tired of toilet paper

Or he can send you a letter that you can track and anticipate.

Win win.

Well... If you ever need someone to talk to PM me your troubles.

No stress. I really do appreciate the intent behind it :)

Or just cut out the shitty middle-man and shop directly on AliExpress

Providing a link to both app stores. What a fucking gentleman.

I bought a bunch of skit on Kickstarter, same thing. Now that I'm not in that particular slump I feel foolish...two years later as the stuff starts to arrive.

The good news is, I made it, so far, and can look back at the progress I made. Plus I'm getting a hammock tent!

Dirty ass for a couple more days for free toilet paper? Sign me the fuck up.

Same if it says out from depot i refresh every 30mins seeing how far it is then get pissed when it sticks half an inch away from "delivered" status for 3 hours.

Probably this:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.contextlogic.geek&hl=en

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/geek-smarter-shopping/id949697552?mt=8

Pm me we can talk tracking number tracking apps.

Don't you think this man has suffered enough? /s

Check out http://bobcatinabox.com

They created bots which find random supercheap stuff with free postage and send you mystery packages. It's pretty cheap and you get mystery crap!


Tracking is for* suckers. I'm constantly getting tiny packages from China that I totally forgot I ordered two or three months ago.

Sorry can't hear you on my AMD rocket ship

idk if my parents are like that as well but my dad orders dog food from amazon prime instead of going to the store even though it's the same price

It's not always a choice, because you can't always control how your brain functions. Anxiety is not a choice, and it can fuel loneliness in a huge way.

It's true. He sent me a package and I'm like 80% killed at most. Quality guy, 1/5 stars because the shipment took like 3 weeks. The killing was cool, but jeez, come on, pick a faster shipping method...

I need a pallet of TP for....things

Actually, you are lacking Dopamine. You need constant hits of it. When you shop and buy, you get a hit of Dopamine. Watch "Leaders Eat Last" by Simon Sinek on utube... it will explain a lot.

After a while the choice becomes the curse.

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Call them on their bullshit, you get a guaranteed delivery date, if they don't meet that date open up a chat.

"Hello, I ordered a product from you, order number xxxxxxxxx.xxxx, it was supposed to be guaranteed delivery by xx/xx. Unfortuantely it looks like it has not yet arrived. It still shows as in transit and not yet out for shipping even though it was due yesterday.

As per your guarantee I would appreciate 1 month of Prime service for the inconvenience.

Thank you."

This is the script I use each and every single time I open a chat for a late arriving item with them.

It has failed only one time, and the one time it did fail the CSR gave me a 20 dollar amazon credit instead of 1 month of prime credit. Which I thought was hilarious since a month of prime is worth 99/12= $8.25. So basically I got double the monetary value.

While it is not the policy to give a free month it has only ever failed me the one time. And I shop a LOT on amazon.

Comfort buying sucks. I've found that checking out a bunch of books or DVDs at my local library helps with the consumeristic urges.

This guy has his shit together

Simple solution: write a will and leave only your excess tp to your least favorite person that you can't rid from your life.

Yea, just like OP I am good with money, but I'm making bad decisions because I've been worked to death lately and I need to feel like I'm gaining something for it other than taking a few drops out of the debt bucket. I know what the technically better thing to do is, which is not buy guns and gun related accessories, but I also know I have my own mental health to account for...

I know I'm spending money that could be better spent, but I stay happy as long as I get some new shiny toys every once in a while. Plus there is some retained value if I get in financial trouble, most of the things I buy I can resell pretty close to what I paid for it.

Gotta Treat Yo Self

I do the same thing to help cope with my anxiety and depression. I mostly buy water bottles and phone cases. If I don't have a package on the way my mind doesn't have anything to fixate on and I get more depressed because I'm alone with my thoughts.

Do you work at a masturbation factory?

"Whisper slow, baby" if you were wondering what the letters meant.

So do I, PetSmart is depressing as fuck.

I'm currently buying too many vinyl records online

they were referring to shoes

Consider getting a PO box, and then have subs like /sub/randomactsofcards send you smiles :)

I'm guessing you didn't see this guy's username.

Right. The worst is in prime now when it shows the delivery car like two blocks away and it still takes 4 hours. So stressful.

When you're going broke from Wish purchases, things are getting pretty bad. Good luck my friend.

I just planted cilantro seeds and nothing has made me happier than watching them turn from small seeds, to sprouts, to little plants. If you can get a small bowl or container to plant things in and some dirt it can be extremely rewarding to watch something grow and take care of it. I highly recommend it. I have mine in a pretty visible location and it brightens my day when I get off of work to go to my windowsill and check on how my plant is doing, see if it needs water, see how much it's grown. A slightly cheaper alternative than amazon that you could try.


Hail Hydra!

Lol his only friend ends up being doxxed and/or killed.

Or at least get a Tumblr account.

I was told when I was having shipping issues that SHIPPING is two days but HANDLING can take longer. I've waited weeks for prime items and gotten non-prime items from china in less than a week before. I don't even know what to believe anymore.

link for the lazy

Just watched it. That was great, thank you.

No, he's getting water bottles and phone cases. Weren't you reading?

Dude you should try to get a logistics job in a company that regularly needs to ship things to multiple sites.

i've been delivering mail for 20+ yrs and i actually have started to suspect this was a thing. Ty for letting me know im not going insane.

Hey just a reminder if you have no toilet paper you can use the shower head to clean your bud. I do that since years but im single.

I have been, that's the sad part. I've just been buying lots of shit and have very little money.

Not totally dumb, then. Some people buy lottery tickets for the same effect. Maybe shift to inexpensive trinkets?

Use Wish. Way cheaper.

Small victories.

/sub/personalfinance The money you people are wasting....

Agreed, everything within reason, but there's often a benefit of reduced garbage as a result too. I buy laundry detergent and dish soap in large pails, the costs is much lower and much less garbage. Also who doesn't need a good bucket.

Damn, i want a hammock tent

you could die before getting through it though, and that just seems like a waste.

Or a Reddit account!

Is loneliness a choice or a curse?

obligatory xkcd

This. Your buying directly from the factories and the sellers are always really polite.

I won't waste time with a whole advice column, but you need to identify if it's more retail therapy or anticipation thrills.

If you just want fun mail, get Netflix's DVDs. It's cheap as heck, you can get a new one like 4 times a week, AND if you like surprises you can stuff your que and get surprised by something you may never have watched or an old favorite. Hell, don't even watch em idc!

Not if you're a mummy

Maybe don't wait until you're almost out to order more?

i go to the dollar store and "ball out" on a ton of shit i don't need. it usually costs me around $20

How much are they online?

Is it hard to get over the barbed wire at the liposuction clinic? What are your thoughts on lip shaped chemical burns and Starbucks?

Yeah, I want people around me so badly, but as soon as someone is around me for more than a couple hours I feel sick from anxiety.

Feels good fam

Well, you're not wrong... but "40 gallons of wine sitting in the basement" is apparently "not a good enough reason" :(

Neither is "we might need it some day" and "we can store food in case the world ends".

Women have different priorities like "real life" and "sanity" Blah...

Nothing wrong with that. There's a reason why they call it living dangerously though, and someone who chooses to gamble on running out of toilet paper deserves no sympathy.

At my work we have a special pallet deal that's 3/4 pallet of toilet paper and 1/4 pallet worth of jergens.

Come on, he's not the killing type or anything.

Why tumblr?

I hate the new Amazon private courier delivery. They come by call you, sitting in their truck, and leave if you don't answer. God forbid you miss the call there's no way to contact them back, you call the number back and it goes to Amazon customer service , the best part about it is that the Amazon person then tells you "there's nothing we can do right now we can just hope that he comes back to deliver it tomorrow". Oh you don't know which courier has my package? You don't have their number? I only missed the call by 1 minute you can call him quick and have him come back around the block. And if you miss him twice they fucking send your package all the way where it came from, while I'm on the phone with Amazon telling her how the fuck could you not contact the courier and tell him a time to deliver. Nope, Amazon courier bullshit is fucked up and not a single courier in the last year could even understand "hello" in English.

I'll take ups or FedEx any day at least i can call them and have them hold it at the ups center for me to pickup anytime i can.

Thanks, man. I need it.

Ah.. the ol' Reddit washaroo

I did that for a while because I didn't like lugging the bags. Porch, FTW.

Switched when the Amazon price went up and a locally owned store started carrying the same brand. Still get plenty of other stuff from Prime though.

Or used books for like, 2 bucks.

Means to an end, means to an end, and beans to an end.

Print it.