If Dems win the House, first order of business: Investigate President Trump

If Dems win the House, first order of business: Investigate President Trump
If Dems win the House, first order of business: Investigate President Trump

Good. Corruption is bad, mmkay?

And follow it wherever it leads, by which I mean to large swathes of the upper levels of the GOP.

The problem comes from thinking that having a private email server is "corruption", or giving a paid speech to a bank while not being a government employee is "corruption", or earning money for an actual fucking charity is somehow "corruption".

Corruption is a very specific thing: the act of acquiring money for yourself due to your position of power as a government official.

We need to accept that government service is specifically government service, and people that aren't on government payroll's have the right to earn private income.

People completely forgot what actual corruption is, so they tried to make up random ideas about what they thought corruption means.

If there's one good from the Trump administration, it's to remind the forgetful public what ACTUAL corruption is, like foreign governments paying him through his hotels, Russians spending tens of millions of dollars buying his apartments, people bribing him through his businesses, etc.. All that money goes directly to his PERSONAL bank account while he is a salaried government official.

All the sweet, innocent people that thought corruption is earning money for a charity... LOL. Motherfucker if I could use all my powers for a useful charity I would, and I would encourage everyone to do the same. That includes getting fucking third-world monarchies to donate millions.

The final lesson is: set very specific standard for ethics, and use that across-the-board. Don't make up different standards for different people.

You know that would mean the same for the Democrats right?

If the GOP won't even pretend to acknowledge the scandals that are sitting in plain view, they need to cede power to people that will.

Democrats have a lot of momentum right now, but they need to get their shit together and appeal to the middle and working classes again like they are supposed to or it'll go to waste in 2018.

We need more Beto O'Rourkes, Al Frankens, and Bernie Sanders standing up to special interests without taking their money.

I really hope that the democrats have a renewed legislative agenda as well. Investigating corruption from a political rival is one thing, passing laws to end it is in many ways the more important outcome. And not just anti corruption laws, but also pro working class laws as well.

This is an absolutely awful platform to run on. And what happens if there isn't any magic bullet that destroys the GOP? Talk about putting all of your eggs in one shitty basket.

The opportunity here is to run on an actually positive platform of Medicare for everyone, after the fiasco of the AHCA. Running on a promise to engage in political theatre that won't help anyone who is struggling, anyone who needs healthcare is just garbage.

I am 100% fed-up with the Democrats running on a platform of "hey, we're less shitty than those terrible Republicans." If they ever want to truly have sweeping electoral success again they need to stand FOR something rather than just against.

But realistically, anyone who ignores a scandal, regardless of party affiliation, is not going to just willingly step aside to let someone do the job they are supposed to be doing.

Any true American, regardless of political opinions should agree corruption in either side is a problem to be solved.

Well, to be honest, you just need angry voters to win. It's what essentially the Tea Party wave of 2010 was. They had no message or plan at all, it was just anger. it's not a long term plan, but it can get you electoral wins.

I really really like your comment. An interesting note I can't help but think of is how much grey area there is that makes this sorta tough. Like how you can start a non profit with the aim to "clean up the internet" or whatever and then just siphon funding to it instead of yourself. It's a business expense and a tax write off and it doesn't look like corruption and you can say you are donating to charity.

I agree completely, but for the Dems credit, last time we were really angry about the state of the country we elected Barack Obama, a man of immense class and integrity. The right elects Trump. I think it shows even in our anger we have better judgement.

The Dems aren't perfect and certainly are working to improve, but to compare the two parties is one of the most moronic things you see on reddit.

Look at the voting record. The GOP voted every single time to block campaign finance reform, undermine the economic recovery, block unemployment compensation, block Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform, prevent consumer protection, destroy the ACA, repeal women's health rights, continue discrimination, prevent closing Guantanamo, block immigration reform, side with the coal companies, attack environmental protections, block student loan affordability, and end net neutrality...Every-single-time the only thing that stood in their way are the Dems. The Dems just shut down Republicancare which would have ripped healthcare away from 24 million Americans to give the 1% a massive payout.

The Dems adopted 90% of Bernie's platform and are fighting for women's healthcare rights, lgbt rights, civil rights; were going to roll out a $206B renewable energy stimulus to make the US the clean energy super power and a $275B infrastructure plan to create solid working class jobs. They were going to make college tuition free, and massively expand civil service to allow students to participate in public service programs to learn about government and pay down their student debt. Obama shut down the Keystone and Dakota pipelines and has one of the best environmental records.

HRC was going to appoint Joseph Stiglitz, the nobel laureate who coined the phrase 'the 99%' to a senior economic post. She was using his studies in her campaign speeches. He wrote Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy a 600 page policy roadmap to level the playing field for working Americans and small businesses. She was committed to providing universal healthcare. The Dems are responsible for the economic recovery and for the US joining the Climate Accord. Obama signed several EOs greening the global US infrastructure and the Dems are on track to continue those policies.

Bernie said HRC won 'fair and square,' and the emails proved nothing - except using a private server was widely common in DC. Her two predecessors used a private server. Colin Powell literally recommended HRC do the same. It was also established many GOP members including several on the committee investigating the private server were using private servers themselves.

The only thing I've seen from the Democrats is not having learned their lesson from the humiliating defeat in the general election. They couldn't keep Congress control during Obama's first term, mid-term elections and then they lost the Senate as well. I think that was in 2014 mid-term elections.

Then they shoved a shitty candidate like Hillary Clinton on everyone. People are ready for a woman president. They just aren't ready for a shitty/corrupt/corporate puppet president.

For Democrats to win the presidency they need anywhere from 5-7 million votes more than the Republican candidate, a sizeable chunk of them in the Republican states. Failure to do that and the Presidency will always go towards Republicans because of gerrymandering and the electoral college.

When the country is already deeply divided, boggled down with economic hardship and kept on edge with the constant and ever present threat of "TERRORISM" someone like Hillary Clinton is the worst person possible. She isn't inspirational, nor did she ever bring a message of unity and hope. With her corporate donors her message basically was vote for me and maybe I'll throw you a few scraps once I finish giving my corporate donors tax breaks.

Her campaign slogan handed out on stickers and boards was "I'mWithHer" whereas Bernie's was "A Future To Believe In", "Not Me US". Trump's was "Make America Great Again".

Do you notice a difference between them?

She isn't the inspiring type and there was no way she was going to inspire Obama level numbers to vote. There was no way she was going to inspire people from the Republican side to cross the fence and vote for her over Trump. Heck, she wasn't even inspiring enough to get voters pissed off at how inept and corrupt the Democrat primaries seemed and no way were Independents were going to come out for her. Again it's not because she is a woman. It's because she has LONG HISTORY of being as shitty/corrupt/corporate puppet politician.

In my opinion the Democrats are still incompetent and inept as they were during the elections. That hasn't changed. Come mid-term, the Republicans will still control Congress and the Senate. Keith Ellison not getting the DNC chair proved that and no getting co-chair wasn't positive. They still want to sucker Bernie supporters into voting for the shitty candidates like Hillary that they pre-pick, the current DNC chair will always, ALWAYS do the bidding of the DNC corporate donors and upper leaders over the choice of the people and their votes.

Come mid-term if the Democrats continue down this road, the outrage of the people at the Republicans isn't going to be enough to give Dems control over the Congress and Senate.

Democrats need to start representing the actual people they hope to serve and not just be another shade of the same political system.

Except they aren't

WTF? Corruption is bad no matter what. I guess this what separates liberals from conservatives.

To you guys the ends justify the means. As long as it lets you "win" anything is okay I guess.

Here we go with the "muh emails" statements again. Look, there is unacceptable bullshit all over the place, on "both sides of the aisle" ( Not that there should even be aisles, by the way... ) and it all needs to stop. Accountability needs to happen, from large to small. If what someone is doing is legal, acceptable, and not corrupt, then great, but if it fails even one of those things, at any level, then it's not. It's that simple.

I think he's going for the ridiculous "both sides are the same" argument... even though we're specifically talking about the corruption surrounding the Trump campaign and administration. He's saying if we investigate Trump we'll discover Democratic corruption too... which is absurd.

There are plenty of corrupt democrats, but their corruption isn't related to his campaign. Investigating one specific kind of corruption (unfortunately) doesn't mean any other corruption will be uncovered. That's like saying that you'll discover all the diseases in the world if you test one person for polio. No, you won't. You'll only find out if one specific person has one specific problem. Or, in this case, if one specific group of people has committed any crimes.

Unless Trump and his crew committed crimes AND we find out about them AND Democrats were directly involved in those specific crimes no Democrats would get caught up in a corruption investigation.

So either he hasn't thought this through, or (more likely) he's trying to completely change the subject so we'll focus our anger on Democrats instead of Trump.

Is that really what we want? Just to become the new tea party? I'd rather win on angry voters, but also end up with good elected officials that after getting rid of Trump will hopefully tackle Citizens United and Universal Healthcare next.

The funny thing is that the official DNC platform is actually really good. Over 100 Democratic Representatives co-sponsored Medicare for All

It's just that Democrats campaign like total garbage. We need a serious PR overhaul. They have the ideas, they need to actually say them instead of wasting effort on things people don't care about.

It'd take a hell of a turnout for that- you'd need two-thirds of the Senate with you to overturn the repeated Presidential vetos.

He's trying to say the Dems would never investigate because they're just as guilty as the other party.

I hate this bullshit line of thinking that just because one side isn't as corrupt it means they are not corrupt.

Classified information on a private server is illegal and blatant corruption. Pretending you weren't going to run for president so you technically weren't taking a bribe while taking bribes then once done taking bribes declaring you are running for president which is the reason you were bribed in the first place. That's corruption.

No, it's not as bad as selling out to Russia. Yes, it's still bad.

If Dems win the House, first order of business: Investigate Impeach President Trump

Having a private email server to keep stuff out of public record is corruption though.

Some are. I think it's a mistake for dems to blow their wads over this prematurely. Keep the powder dry, build a coalition, and beat the fuck out of him with actual power. Temper tantrums and exasperation will not work.

People don't normally turn out in large numbers in midterm elections.

And if anything about this upcoming midterm strikes you as normal then you're not paying attention.

Lol if you think the DNC won't fuck this up. They'll get literally nothing out of this because they're completely inept and out of touch.

That's an awful big "if". I keep hearing that there's nothing wrong with the democratic platform, and it's mind blowing to me that people actually believe this.

To you guys the ends justify the means. As long as it lets you "win" anything is okay I guess.

That is the heart of the GOP.

People don't normally turn out in large numbers in midterm elections.

I never voted for anything outside of the presidential election. I'm voting tomorrow on a DA race, a lowly fucking DA race. That's how much I hate what the Republicans and Trump have done to our country.

Especially when they make so much money. Wealth and corruption go hand in hand.

Unfortunately, you are right. There isn't a bright line rule. But, like pornography, a reasonable person "knows it when they see it." So maybe we don't lock up the official that got an extra tax write off when their underlying charity seems legit. But if the charity is "Foundation to End White Male Persecution" ... It's probably safe to pick up the pitchforks.

Edit: autocorrect corrections

One of the things Trump has done is to really open the eyes as to how much of the ethical foundations in our society were merely expectations borne out of tradition, as well as to really make people sick to their stomach with the personal enrichment.

Do I care that Obama gave a $400K speech to an investment firm? Admittedly, I find it somewhat concerning. If you don't - does your opinion change upon the knowledge that Obama has pretty much made it clear that he's not finished with politics? If you knew Obama was planning on running for office again (which he's given allusions to) - would you support himself shamelessly making such a lucrative living from the same industry that he shielded from prosecution?

If not - did you support Clinton's doing so? If so, why?

This whole administration has shown us that this country has some serious ethical loopholes in play. Kushner's sister used her brother being in the WH as a sales tactic. Trump filed to campaign immediately after his inauguration. Maralago was advertised on a State dept website. Trump still hasn't proven to anyone that he's actually divested himself from his businesses. Sessions just advised on a matter that affects national security after having supposedly recusing himself, after having perjured himself on national tv. Obama is getting payouts from an industry that he refused to prosecute after they nearly bankrupted the world with their fraud.

Perhaps not all of this is prosecutable corruption - but that doesn't mean we should deem it acceptable either.

Regardless of how Russia turns out I am terrified that in 2020 or 2024 when we are critizing politicians we are going to accept things we would not have in 2008, 2012 because of Trump. Starting with tax returns, even Trump thinks Romney should have released his returns earlier. Trumps private stays, lack of transparency, constant vacations, weird messages, campaigning one month into his presidency, SHOULD NOT be accepted as something both sides do. We need to get back to normalcy and Trump is scaring me. Remember when Obamas yearly vacation to Hawaii was a big deal, but Trumps 15th straight weekend to Trump properties was not?

But how? People don't vote in midterm elections

I don't know. Those GOP cowards and sell-outs will still have their minion base. Trump and the GOP aren't the true problem - it's the millions that voted for them.

You must not follow politics much, temper tantrums and exasperation is a pretty common tool

I voted for Hillary but giving (over)paid speeches while planning to run for president and expecting to win sounds like corruption to me.

There are very specific rules on how charities can spend money. The IRS can always spot when people use charities as personal funds.

Society works on clear legal rules, since people's lives depends on it. And that's fine.

If those legal rules are ever unclear, judges get to make rulings, and that sets precedent for future judges.

This is the true point. The Republicans have fomented an entire voter base of suspicion and mistrust of liberals that has become a moral issue for them, and that will not go away with the removal/investigation of Trump or current Republican leadership. The true crime is that politics has become not a matter of opinion, but a moral matter of right and wrong, whose arguments are diametrically opposing depending on where you sit. True democracy lies in an educated citizenry having open discourse and the political ability to compromise, and we are losing all three of those elements.

Doubt any of it will actually get signed into law with Trump in office, but it has to start in 2018.

They need to run on a united platform with a few big policy points (e.g. single payer, voter rights, legalize it, raise taxes on the 1%) and the message needs to be that none of this will possible w/o also winning back the Senate and the presidency in 2020.

The party needs to be saying "Vote for us and we promise to pass this legislation" in order to keep voters engaged. What went wrong in the Obama era was that the promise was basically to raise the issue, which just exposed the dissension and flaws in the party's message and wound up wasting a lot of valuable time.

Except the cynic in me is saying "True" Americanism is expansionist and built on the idea of stealing for your own anyway.

But that's the cynic in me speaking.

SHAME! The American media has beat up on our president Trump for too long. Leave the man alone so he can do his job.

Obstruction of Justice

This whole thread is OVERRUN with The_Donald poster spreading propaganda and lies with their allies (or alts) from /sub/wayofthebern. And the mods are doing NOTHING about it

The current White House is using a private server right now to avoid FOI requests.

I know this is an anti Trump sub but can someone explain what he has done that is worthy of impeachment at the moment?

What would mean the same what for Democrats?

Good luck with that. Propaganda aside, the DNC will shoot itself in the foot and push candidates nobody wants... again. If you guys don't dissolve the dnc and start over you really don't stand a chance.

Their very worldview is corrupt.

No. This needs to be based on facts and be a case that can be proven to the remaining sane people in America. 20% of the population will bury their heads in Breitbart, but for the long-term strength of the nation, actions against Trump need to be based on facts and the law.

This is just getting sad now.

He's given plenty of alone time when he golfs

Good luck getting the senate to approve of that

They absolutely have momentum right now, the vast majority of the country hates Trump and Republicans in general thanks to their bullshit healthcare reform bill. The Democrats have a ton of momentum right now, they just need to keep it going until Nov. 2018.

"Is he guilty?"

"We only get to do this once. Have we got the votes to impeach?"

I have no idea why people think giving paid speeches while planning to run for president is corruption.

Planning is completely different from doing. You can plan all sorts of things. How about a Mars base? That's pretty cool.

Millions of people want to run for President. Does that mean they don't get to make money?

Would the stuff the Clinton campaign and the DNC did to disrupt and block the Sanders campaign be considered corruption?

Wow. Those are some serious allegations. Has anyone investigated those claims and decided to bring criminal charges? You know, considering that what you're implying is massively illegal and easily provable.

I'll wait

Came here to say this.

The first order of business should be ending gerrymandering. 2nd should be campaign finance reform. If we get nothing else, that alone may save democracy.

If we spend our political capital and momentum on what will then be a lame duck president, that would be insanely stupid.

Is that really what we want?

No, but Trump is so insanely dangerous that I'm willing to take it.

obligatory "I AM THE SENATE"

I know at least a dozen people who will vote on 2018 for the first time ever in a race outside the presidential election, and I get the sense the turnout will be in record numbers.

Spoiler, they wont..

I fully agree. Comey made it clear they were taking their time to get it right, and now McCabe seems to be following the same rule of thumb.

If there is one thing I know about the FBI, is that they are far more loyal to themselves and the USA than any sitting president. No matter what stooge Trump tries to put in there, the hammer is going to fall, and hard.

Or, nothing will happen and we're all suckers, just like always. Guess we'll see!

Trump will be out before that even happens. Trump and the GOPs days are numbered.

keep telling yourself that, nothing has indicated even a remote possibility of RICO, laundering, treason, or obstruction of justice.

Its just going to be the democrats version of Benghazi hearings. No amount of showing absence of evidence will be enough.

The Democrats have ZERO candidates to present in 2020. Unless Michelle Obama runs (which she already said she wouldn't) then the Democrats do not have a horse in the race come 2020.

Sanders = Sold out to the establishment. Handed his campaign donations to Hillary and conceded the primary race. Clinton = 2 failed presidential attempts. Not going for a 3rd. Warren = Liar (Claimed to be Native American - Isn't). Too far left. Booker = Is African American and Liberal / But is no Obama Gillibrand = Clinton wannabe. No thanks! Biden = Will be 77 years old in 2020. He's too old and he's also too weird. Cuomo = Centrist who would not appeal to neo-progressives. Harris = Has no desire to run. Kaine = Get real. This guy was nobody until Hillary brought him on. Winfrey = Can you honestly think of anyone as out of touch with reality and the middle class as Donald Trump than Oprah Winfrey? We don't need anymore megalomaniac TV personalities running for office.

You guys are on here running around in circles foaming at the mouth with no direction and you've got an election that is literally 18 months away. If Trump get's impeached for a crime between now and then it will have nothing to do with you "resisting" and everything to do with politics at the top. There is no grass roots movement that is going to get Trump impeached, so get your heads screwed on straight. You all need to focus your time and effort on donating, propping up and supporting candidates in the upcoming election in 2018 to take back the majority in Congress - WHICH THE DEMOCRATS HAVEN'T HELD SINCE 2010!!!!! Get a clue or you guys will be under Republican rule for another 7 years.

Then maybe this sub finally start doing what it was created for, helping provide information and tools to fight back against the current administration. Like when elections are, ways to contact representatives, when rallies are, etc. You know, instead of what it has become, the lefts version of T_D. Fuck this place has become a cesspool circle jerk.

Obama was planning on running for office again (which he's given allusions to) - would you support himself shamelessly making such a lucrative living from the same industry that he shielded from prosecution?

What Office would he run for at this point? Jr. Senator of Illinois? 22nd amendment bars him from EO. Where has he alluded to running for anything? It would severely hamstring his political capital. Obama will be more effective politically outside of holding office, just like every other former president.

Yeah, that's why I don't think "left wing Tea Party" candidates are going to cut it. I think people are sick of the blind anger, hatred, and ignorance of the GOP, and countering with more of that is not the answer.

If you look at Bernie, the most popular politician in the country at the moment, he is, above all, a pragmatist. Yes, he's curmudgeonly, but he's a curmudgeon with a heart. He cuts through the bullshit, but ultimately he's about lifting people up. We need more like him.

Angry candidates running on an anti-Trump platform with nothing of substance to contribute and no positive message or vision are going to choke. And rightly so.

I think the FBI is being patient. When they start making arrests, it will be undeniable.

You're right, there are only 1,268 days until Trump is out of office.

As much as I'd like to see Trump gone, how in the world can I trust the Democrats? They told us they'd go after Bush and Cheney and what happened?

"Impeachment is off the table!"

Fuck these people!

It's a tool, but not effective. Building a coalition that results in an enormous wave, now that will be effective.

There are very specific rules on how charities can spend money. The IRS can always spot when people use charities as personal funds.

I got a master's degree in nonprofit. This is legit shit. The IRS is a force to be reckoned with, feared. This all happened because of Enron.

Enron show such massive collusion and conspiracy that bipartisan efforts were put forth to change the nature of reporting of finances (which also bled into nonprofits). Unless you've got a reeeeaaaalllly corrupt accountant...or a stupid one, they won't lie on their reports. CPA's are liable for what they report so if they see problems they will say it. If they don't, they loose their license and are banned from getting it back. Now, that doesn't stop a business owner like trump from doctoring the report, but any CPA with a teaspoon of braincells will have a backup copy.

tl;dr - nonprofits fear the IRS for good reason and will take care to accurately report their earnings.

I came here to say the same thing. Democrats, wanna run on being progressive but the party is run by a bunch of sell outs, just like the republicans. The only difference is the Republicans don't give a shit, and the democrats tell themselves that they do. Just a sad state of affairs in this country.

People completely forgot what actual corruption is, so they tried to make up random ideas about what they thought corruption means.

When you've already decided guilt, then everything you can find to support that conclusion is corruption. However far fetched it may be. That's how the definition got so skewed.

This happened particularly with the Clinton impeachment, and the definition of "corruption" has never been the same since. It apparantely means whatever you want it to mean now.

Yep, this exactly.

Democrats can fuck off if they think that leftists like me are part of their momentum. We may share a common enemy in the GOP, but I consider the DNC to also be an enemy of my family.

Leave the man alone so he can do his job.

Yes, let's just let him commit gross abuses of power, lie constantly, and openly obstruct justice with a free pass. /s

Completely ignoring any (currently alleged) collusion with Russia, he has been violating the Emoluments Clause since he took office.

Also there is a strong argument with the Comey firing that he is committing obstruction of justice.

Could the first order of business be getting some form of the ACA back? Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see the guy get what he deserves; but I'd prefer that millions of people have healthcare relief first.

People first. Country second. Party third.

The fact that Hillary got more votes from the working class than Bernie did. Example, from a state that went about 50/50.

Hillary tended to win more among the working class, the upper-middle-to-upper classes, undereducated people, overeducated people, women, old people, and minorities. While Bernie tended to only do better among college students/graduates, young people, and white men.

Unfortunately for Bernie, women vote more than men, old people vote more often than young people, and minorities are a vital part of the Democratic base that you have to have strong support from to have a chance.

Then can it be saving Net Neutrality? Please. Get started with something everyone can agree on.

Don't hold your breath. Notice how Trump got away with firing Comey last week?

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Donald "The Cheeto"? I thought not. It's not a story the GOP would tell you.

Two scoops of ice cream!

It was absolutely illegal for her to have classified info on a private server dipshit.

That's a weird way of spelling single-payer.

But really though, I doubt people are largely gonna want another ACA, at least not anything that could easily be labeled "Obamacare 2.0" or something like that. And single-payer​ is what we really need.

Because the first order of business should be petty revenge and not lawmaking ... >.>

Actually 30 years of concentrated and exhaustive investigations by the GOP have found very little corruption among Democratic leaders. In fact the "most corrupt" Democrats are supposedly the Clintons and they have been cleared by every single investigation from Whitewater to the completely legal private server used by Sec. Clinton. Even the frivolous lawsuit against the DNC for refusing to support and aide a non-democrat politician is farcical and will result in another victory for the Dems and another failure for their enemies.

The problem is their base won't tolerate being told that this isn't fake news. Their base is the most active in the primaries, so moderate Republicans that go against Trump will get voted out.

Maybe Hillarys camp shouldnt have started that rumor so she could beat him.

He hasn't. This is just the "Bush is going to be tried for war crimes in The Hague!" of this generation.

Yea.. That's a big 'If'

Me and you planning to run for president is a lot different then a career politician that had already failed to win primary. It was 100% guaranteed that she was going to run. So any speech she gave was a pay for play move by her. I mean who really wants to hear what she has to say to the point of paying her for it.

I doubt trump supporters are aware of what congress is

This is such a terrible mindset to have. You really think the entire other side is full of mindless idiots that don't know shit about anything? Get your head out of your ass. Both sides have good and bad, well-informed and misinformed people. Just because you don't agree with what the other side says doesn't necessarily make either of you right or wrong, smart or dumb.

we elected Barack Obama, a man of immense class and integrity.

Ah yes, the Obama who condemned the Patriot Act for violating the rights of American citizens, but then signed and renewed it as President.

The Obama who argued that the Patriot Act allowed government agents to perform extensive and in-depth searches on American citizens without a search warrant and argued that it was possible to secure the United States against terrorist attacks while preserving individual liberty, but still signed and renewed it anyway, and expanded more spying programs, because I guess he was actually okay with it?

The Obama who led and expanded the NSA's mass surveillance on innocent citizens of the US, reversed multiple privacy protections for US citizens, defended NSA mass surveillance programs, and so on.

The Obama who, following Snowden's admittance to leaking classified documents regarding national surveillance, attempted to ignore the issue of NSA surveillance entirely.

The Obama who stated that it would have been best for the American people to have never learned about the programs, and that they be allowed to spy and violate our privacy freely.

A man of integrity.

Definitely not a hypocrite.

The House impeaches on their own.

The Senate is the jury.

When has Obama indicated he might run for office again?

To the larger point: If your knee jerk contrarianism compels you to suggest any similarity between Obama and Trump, or D's and R's, you are way off track. Don't let your overwhelming desire to say "both sides doing it!" drive you to make blatantly false comparisons. The D's are far from perfect, but it takes a truly wild imagination and little connection to reality to believe they are anything like R's.

Yeah the GOP really gerrymandered those state borders, the evil bastards!

Nope. The law came in long after she left office. No crime was committed, therefore no charge.


Alex Jones has some testosterone supplements he'd like to sell you.