Idea for a sequel to 'New Vegas'

Idea for a sequel to 'New Vegas'

This is my idea...

The game will place in Arizona in the same region where Flagstaff is located.

You will play as 'The Tribal'. You were recently captured and become a slave for a legion lord.

This game is set years after a NCR victory at hoover dam and the legion is currently in the middle civil as the legion has slipt into several factions that fight for control of what remains of the legion.

The factions are as follows...


The Cult of Mars:

This faction is both the most loyal to Caesar and the smallest. They worship him as a god and will kill anyone who does not share their beliefs. They employ a army of inquisitors who they send out to hunt who they believe are 'heretics'. They are based in Flagstaff.

The Techno-Legion

After Caesar's death this group of legionnaires decided to start using advance technology. They are the most technologically advance legion faction and they have a army of legionnaires armed with advance tech.

The United Free people's legion

This group was formed from a slave revolt who over threw their master's during the chaos caused by the legion's defeat at hoover dam. They follow a communist/socialist like ideology in which everyone is equal and their is no upper or lower class.

The House of Dragoon

This is the faction that you start out as a slave of. They have the most slaves of all the factions and is the main supplier of slaves for the region. The leader of the faction 'Alfred Dragoon' enjoys a lavish life style from his vast slave trade.

The Western legion

They were originally suppose to be the last line of defence between the capital region of the legion and the NCR if they ever go that far east. But during the civil war they decided to defect and are now helping smuggle in NCR agents into the region. This faction is hated by most of the others due to the fact that they betrayed them all to the NCR.

Now that that's outta the way let's get onto the story.

The Story

You come from a small tribal village from the south of legion territory. One day a group of slavers from 'Dragoon house' show up and kidnap everyone who is fit to become a slave and kill all the others.

After getting taken and put into a slave holding cell you see an old mirror which you will use for the character creation.

After leaving the holding cell and get put into processing to decide what you will do as a slave. This is where you will choose your tag skills, stats, name, traits etc. Depending on what you choose you will be put to work in a different part of the area.

Now you can start plotting your escape. which can happen if different ways depending on what your stats are. Such as...

Slave revolt: If you have high charisma and speech you can lead a rebellion against the slavers. And set everyone free.

Escape: If you have enough sneak you can just sneak out.

Work for Dragoon: If you do something that makes you seem useful in the eyes of the slavers you can get hired by them and sent out to do work for them.

And other ways too.

After escaping you can start changing the wasteland. A new feature in this game will be to be able to take over factions. This will work in a similar fashion as settlements.

After founding your first settlement (Or if you overthrow the slavers) You will be able to train an army which you can use to attack other factions. outfitting your troops with better gear will cost money.

Or if you don't want to take on all the factions your self then you can join one of them. Doing this will get you special faction gear for your troops. But it will also make all the enemies of said faction your enemies.

To join a faction you will have to get high enough reputation with them. Reputation works pretty much the same way as it does in NV.

Rest of storyline is currently being written

Now for companions...



Nanna is your sister and fellow tribal. She was taken with you by the slavers and is the first companion you get access to. She is best at melee combat and stealth. She also can't be romanced (Since she is your sister)

Larry Bradstone

Larry is a merchant who's caravan got caught in the crossfire of the civil war. He gives you a bonus in bartering when around and also is decent with a pistol. Can be romanced by male players.

Albert Blackwood

Albert is a NCR ranger who was sent to recon Flagstaff but was spotted and is now hiding for a large number of legionnaires. He is very good at pistols and sniper rifles. He is also pretty good at melee and stealth. Can be romanced by female players.

Jenny Stephens

Jenny is a bounty hunter who is tracking down a outlaw who has a bounty on their head. They are good with laser weapons and grenades. Also good at sniper rifles. Can be romanced by male players.

Well that's all I got for now. If anyone wants me to expand on anything such as Story, Factions, Companions. Please ask.

Also please tell me what you think.

EDIT: Storyline:

War... War never changes...

In the year 2077 war destroyed the civilization that most took for granted. Wiping the planet clean and allowing new civilizations to rebuild and flourish.

Some would think that humanity would have learned it lesson by now. But.. War... War never changes.

In the year 2277 exactly 200 years after the war that almost wiped the earth clean of human life another war is fought over hoover dam between the democratic new Californian republic and the slave armies of Caesar's legion.

The war lasted many years until the year 2281 when the NCR struck the final blow to completed obliterate the legion's army thanks to the help from a unknown civilian contractor.

The legion now without the guidance of Caesar is thrown into a deadly civil war between five factions who want to control what's left of the once grand empire.

In the capital of the legion Flagstaff The Church of mars worship Caesar as a god and send out their deadly inquisitors to hunt down heretics.

Meanwhile in the mountains north of Flagstaff the house of dragoon imprisons a vast collection of slave to sell to the highest bidders.

Down south from flagstaff is a former slave camp that is now the base of the United Free people's legion. A nation of former slaves who free themselves from their captors.

West-South of flag staff is the fabled Techno Legion. With their army of cyborgs legionnaires and cyber hounds they strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

And lastly to the west is the traitorous western legion. A group that was meant to defend Arizona from NCR forces who decided to defect and join them. They are trained and supplied by the NCR.

You are a tribal from a small tribe south of Arizona. What seemed like a peaceful night was about to take a turn for the worst.

A group of Dragoon slavers attacked your village in the night kidnapped the young and able bodied villagers while brutally murdering the sick and elderly.

You were then taken and locked away in one of the many dragoon slave camps.

After freeing your self from the slavers you set out to make your way in the wasteland and get revenge on Alfred Dragoon for destroying your village.

How ever you go about doing that you will eventually be able to gain access to the man.

When finally meeting him he tells you that he is impressed with your dedication to find him and offers you a job. Working with him will make some of your companions such as your sister Nanna leave you in disgust.

Or you may choose a different faction. Each faction has their own end game.

The Church of Mars wish to access the old nuclear silos from before the war which they believe were built by Caesar. They want to use the silos to wipe the earth clean of heretics and non believers while they hide in a vault that they had taken over.

The Techno-Legion wishes to take over all other factions and bring about a new era in which humanity is not limited by their mortal and fleshy bodies. They have found out information about a group called the commonwealth institute of technology and how this group was working on human like robots called Androids before the bombs fell. They want to create their own androids and upload their minds onto them.

The United Free people's legion plans on freeing all the slaves from their captors. And installing a communist like rulership in which all people are equals.

The House of Dragoon wants to insure that the NCR will no longer interfere with their Business. Why destroying the Western legion and also destroying all other slavers so that they become the only supplier of slaves in Arizona.

And the Western legion wants to weaken the other factions enough so that the NCR can show up with an invasion force and easily defeat what's left on the other factions.

Or you could build your own army and either peacefully negotiate with the factions or take them over by force.

But know that whatever choices you make will have drastic effect and change the face of Arizona and the rest of the wasteland for many years.

But also know that even if you insure peace in your life time that does not mean that war will never show it's ugly face again.

Because War... War never changes..

Roll Credits

If a canon ending for NV is revealed, I'd like it to be either House or Yes man.

he jump starts the economy and advance science sectors, and uses vegas as a centre point and funding mechanism to fund humanity's rebirth. if the pc is good karma he points house in the best direction and leads to a better future for mankind, if bad its a dystopia.

EVERYTHING changes the ending is NV.

Yes, good karma, Securitron army, Kings allied with the NCR. Maybe something else as well.

I never realized your karma changed the endings. Better go start a new playthrough

You know who'd be great antagonists? Some sort of NCR vengeance black ops, on a campaign of destabilization and terror on the shattered Legion. Joined by militant Followers of Apocalypse, ashamed of Edward Sallow's legacy as Caesar.

I don't actually remember the specifics of that ending(House, that is). Mind refreshing my memory?

Implying that the House didn't win. THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS

You bet your ass I did for that achievement.

Actually Mr.House ending is my favorite ending. People usually hate it mostly because you need to destroy the BoS, otherwise is a good ending, with the best chance to make Vegas great again.

Then you are a bad person and you should feel bad

*sits down patiently waiting for a storyline write-up :3 *

For Freeside, what /u/otrhoxerox wrote.

However for Wasteland as whole, independent Vegas is not that great.

I think the only one that benefits everybody is NCR victory

Arizona is the perfect place for a game, the Grand Canyon, Phoenix, Sedona, FLAGSTAFF. So many nice natural spots.

Do what Mass Effect 2 did with "Genesis" - allow players to simulate their choices from ME1 in a short interactive video.

Goodsprinhs, Jacobstown, Primm, Freeside benefit from indepentent vegas.

So is there any way to get an independent ending that doesn't end with chaos in Freeside?

Here's a good first line:

"War...war never changes..."

It has worked very well before.

I'm sorry but in my opinion Techno-legion sounds like a horrible nightclub. Good idea but please have better names.

Because a courier knows less about successful governing than someone who's been governing for about 200 years. It's not about your position, it's about what's best for New Vegas and placing your trust in Mr. House.

That would be interesting. But In this idea the NCR would be sort of joinable by joining the western legion who are helping smuggle in NCR agents.

He hasn't been governing for 200 years. He started uplifting tribals less than fifty years ago, and he's already at the point where basically every one of the tribals has turned against him and his philosophies.

So... Hard to really argue for him as a great success from the leadership position. Very brilliant robotics guy, though.

Palo Verde nuclear power plant too. Not natural, but damn that'd make a good way to introduce ghouls AND maybe even super mutants

I suppose if there is going to be an sequel to NV, They could do the Dragon Age Keep mechanic of what you did in the previous game effects the options in the new sequel. This of course being a huge project to accomplish and will be sooo good if they did.

How about the the the Clan of Vulcan? Named after the god of fire and blacksmithing, they see using advanced tech (specifically weapons and armor) as simply a form of metalwork.

New Vegas remains independent under the control of House. With the help of the courier, the Securitron army is able to route Ceasar's legion by pretending to back the NCR, then "convinces" the NCR to withdraw.

Pretty much. Their end game is to help the NCR bring in a full invasion force.

I would always rather go independent than house though. Just like why be the errand boy when you can be a king

Wait. Ideas for companions/characters.

Ex-Legionnaire named Max - think a reverse Ulysses, knows the Legion inside and out, and hates it with a passion. Rich backstory coming from the first of the 87 tribes. Extreme proficiency in melee and Legion-type arms.

Boomer-exile named Bob. Heavy arms and explosives. A real wild wasteland type of character, exemplifying the really ridiculous aspects of the Boomers and life in the Mojave Wasteland. Think a homicidal Forrest Gump. He also yells all the time because of hearing damage.

A courier, from the same company that hired The Courier. They're all apparently bad-asses. Saves you at critical moments to deliver you mail, if you're important enough.

Also, a Cyber-Dogmeat.

but crusifiction is neat

She also can't be romanced (Since she is your sister)

That won't stop me.

I think the NCR wears brown, not red.

So the Western Legion is kind of like the "democratic " option?

NCR is too corrupt though, they would no doubt keep their people safe, but they would use NV's economy to fund their rabid expansionist activities.

You can convince Khans to join up with Followers or something like that, IIRC.

No genocide necessary.

most definitely super mutants*


As if there'd ever be a Fallout without everyone's favorite angry balls of testosterone.

No. No synths. Synths were fine in Boston but they have no business being in Flagstaff.

I will start writing now.

The Mojave BOS are dicks if you let them live. They don't change their ideals at all and because they realize that their most feared enemy is obarely holding things together, they become more audacious and start acting like the big dogs again. I let them live the first time I did an independent run because I pitied them but I made sure I eradicated them the second time. Them and the khans.

So every military and government ever. I mean were not great right now but I think America did pretty good with the mindset, same for the UK. Taxes aren't all bad, and if it ever got to a point of corruption or evil, people would just rebel more then likely. NCR wouldn't even care because they're busy with other shit while moving east.

Sounds fun. Always wondered what the complete/planned legion would look like.

On an unrelated note, are all the companions human? I love me some ghoul companions. Or some other nonhuman race could be introduced, like synths were in 4

You just earned a perk!

"Luke & Leia" - You sick nerfherder, she was your sister!

-50% Reputation -3 Charisma +15% exp

Might work on PC but what if you're on console and now you're on a different box?

I can see it now. Crouching behind a boulder, quenching my thirst, making sure my weapon is in working order. I raise my binoculars to peak over the rocks and down the ridge. A threat, and it looks like they've spotted me. They're coming my way. I can hear them now, uhn-tiss uhn-tiss uhn-tiss uhn-tiss. I peak around, theyre closer than I thought, waving glowsticks, arms clad with candy. TECHNO-LEGION.

I just hope Obsidian does it and they get rid of the lame ass voiced protagonist.

I think it does more harm than good.

I rather have the far more extensive dialogue choices of new vegas with zero voiced protagonists.

Because a courier knows less about successful governing than someone who's been governing for about 200 years.

As someone pointed out already, he hasn't. He only recently started. And didn't Lonesome Road establish that Six led a community before he managed to nuke the place? Seems like he'd be capable of leading Vegas minus the Technological advances but even then, I'm sure they'd find a way.

Bitch please. My courier was int 10 + cybernetic enhancements.

I recently had an Independent run where I allied the BOS with NCR and upgraded the Securitrons. Don't know if it's intended, but the ending slides skipped the BOS rather than giving the "BOS starts raiding and robbing" slide for a surviving brotherhood.

Peaceful Brotherhood, humane Kings, dead Fiends, dead Powder Gangers (both groups), escaped Khans, Fort Securitrons active, "Father's Footsteps" Gannon, improved Ghoul Rockets for Novac, non-NCR sheriff for Primm, politician Hanlon, save Jacobstown.

At that point, basically every major settlement is somewhat structured, ordered and safe. You still get "violent" and "unstable" mentioned, but there's not really any major locations to be that. I assume it must be happening outside the settlements proper.

Just. Stop. Feeding. That. Troll. He has nothing to do with Fallout; he has nothing to do with most things.

What about instead of synths, just a synth? Someone who escaped the Commonwealth years ago and doesn't even reveal they're a synth until after the player completes their loyalty quest at which point you could continue adventuring with them or reject them.

All BoS are dicks. Fallout 3's was just a lie.

They were never truly good. In terms of alignment, they always fell kinda Lawful Neutral - they have a stated goal and are going to achieve it. You can help and in return, they won't kill you if you get in their way. In 1, 2 and NV, they don't really like you, but they can be reasoned with to face a larger threat (the Master, the Enclave, the Legion).

I chose Mr House

Just so you know it will probably take me a little while to finish it. But I will let you know when I do.

goodsprings is the only one of those 3 that suffer under ncr. primm thrives

Or the yes man ending. That one also does about the same.

Those are just the companions I could come up with while writing this.

But each faction would have their own companion, plus neutral companions and some will be non-human.

Also maybe Larry Bradstone could be a ghoul.

We should be able to romance the sister. Modern sensibilities be damned!

In all seriousness, cool idea. I'd love to see more of the Legion

It sounds pretty great, I might use this as the basis for a pen and paper Fallout campaign!

I'd reccommend that you have more companions with allegiances or hatred towards certain factions, though. What kind of annoyed me about New Vegas was that every single companion was opposed to Ceasar's legion, and some would leave you if you joined them, but nobody was that opposed to the NCR or House.

What they did really well though, and I think should be included in every fallout game, was smaller 'factions' who had little interest in the outcome of the war, but still had interesting quest lines and informed your decisions, like the people of Goodsprings or Novac.

The BOS are dicks most of the time.

Voiced protagonist is not bad by default, but it takes a lot of skill to implement correctly. Bioware does amazing job with theirs.

Just had an idea for an alternative to the mirror that might be cool for character creation.

Water, specifically in a trough. Right before your head is dunked in a water trough in an effort to break you in as a slave. Might be a cool dark/neat way to do the intro to the game

Wonderful! :D

My first role play was a good hearted guy but always followed the caps. House hired me to get the chip to him, I do what he says until that job is done. Then he waves this huge wad of dough in my face and says if I play nice Ill be the richest man in Vegas. Top ot off with the fact that he saved Vegas to begin with I think House Always Wins made a suitable ending for that character

That's a great line. I now have you tagged as Angry Balls Of Testosterone.

Would have to either do a lot of options or dumb them down to the important ones, though.