I wish this was my kid

I wish this was my kid

Fast forward 20 years





Edit: let me tell you a story. The last week or so, I've been bummed about how /sub/2healthbars seemed to have quickly run its stride and was now dead. About 20 hours ago, I saw this gif and it made me think of that sub, so I mentioned it, hoping it would help people discover it. Def wasn't expecting the subscriber count to go up from ~700 (if I remember right) to ~5000. Thanks for breathing fresh air into one of my favorite subs, everyone!

As a side note, I did not expect this to be such a karma bomb XD. It's by far my most up-voted comment of all time, and in addition, the two most recent submissions to /sub/2healthbars are mine, so I got a few hundred post karma from those since last night.

Undercover Sting

Edit: Not WWE... Sorry bout that

Edit: Not WWE... Sorry bout that

I can't stop watching the dude in the beanie. Looks like a pissed off young Willem Dafoe. Angrily brushing hus pants, angrily crossing his legs, angrily sucking his teeth. Doesn't like being filmed I guess.


You done fucked up son.

(seriously remove that text from your link parenthesis)

What immediately popped into my head

Don't follow the link, you'll be rickrolled

Oh shit that's hilarious

Well screw you, bot.

done, thanks!

[Undercover Sting](­ https://imgur.com/AHD119K)

done, thanks!

[Undercover Sting](­ )

[Undercover Sting](https://imgur.com/AHD119K)

I got this.

The name of the sub is better than the content I think

Are the FNAF games really that popular with kids that young?

Seems a bit intense for that age

How big is this gif? Where's the gifv bot ┐( •̅ ₃•̅)┌

Makes me think of the porno with little red and her grandma(actually the bug bad wolf). At the end the guy take off the wolf mask and reveals he is skeletor.


Yup, they even sell plushies in the toy section. And they sell like hot cakes.

Is it just me or is it just a glitchy 3d paw print in that gif?

I love finding these kinds of subs for the first time.

Sorry I need to stop you here bud. He's wearing a toque.

Oh man that can't possibly be Sting in that mask. Oh wait, IT WAS STING ALL ALONG!!

My five-year-old is obsessed with those games. He is not allowed to play them, but there's a ton of videos on Youtube that he often watches. And his Minecraft world is full of Freddy characters.

I clicked it anyway, bro. Fuck that bot, screwing honest, unsuspecting redditors out of bamboozles in their purest, most traditional form. Bots will never understand the raw high, the unadulterated euphoria, the most primal ecstasy we get from an unexpected rickroll.

Shit, I'm getting hard just thinking about it. Keep doing what you do man.

Is it the bucket kid?

clicks link

Yup, bucket kid.

wtf, a toboggan is a thing you ride down a hill on

You're a hot cake.

Yeah I know. Couldn't find a link so ran it through gfycat 12.6MB->350KB


Then capitalism has beaten us both, my friend.

Pretty sure the majority of the fan base are kids.


Kid in the background is wandering around in an FNAF mask, takes his mask off, and reveals he's actually a spooky skeleton. Thanks Mr. Skeltal.

My 7 year old brother does something similar. He wears a Captain America shirt that has a built in mask on the hood. Then he puts on his Batman mask and cape. And he won't respond to anything but Captain Batman the whole day.

It's it? This is what I get.

It's it?

Be careful with those minecraft videos. Lots of assholes like to use awful language I'd not want my child to use.

Pretty sure it's a reference to boss fights in video games. Typically, you'll damage the boss enough (the first healthbar) to reveal the next part of the boss fight--leading to a second healthbar.

In the case of this GIF, it's two masks.

I just spent 5 minutes clicking through various posts there trying to figure out why there's a sub about multiple Heath bars.

I figured out my mistake eventually though.


Maybe in Canada, but in America that's a beanie

Trick is on you. Youtube gave me an ad before i was rolled over

Five Nights at Freddy's. Pretty popular game and the majority of the fanbase consists of children.

It's rather much for them, considering the premise of the game is warding animatronics on a night shift at a pizzeria away from you. If you're caught, they stuff you into an animatronic, which is deadly 'cause of the endoskeleton present in the animatronic. They're also possessed by dead children that were murdered, so it's a pretty intense game for the average age range it seems to be popular in.

Of course. It's a classic.

This reminds me of that porn scene with little red riding hood and the wolf. The guys like "I'm not a wolf" and he takes his mask off and shows a skull mask and is all "i'm skeletor!"

Apparently. There's an episode of the Triforce Podcast where both PFlax and Sips say that their kids (6-9 years old) love FNAF and want to get FNAF merchandise at the toy store, despite never having played them or even having watched YouTube videos of somebody playing them. They each just had a friend at school who told them about it (said friends either watched YouTube videos or watched their older siblings play it), and kids are really easy to enthuse.



Edit Imgur broke not sync

We are ALL hot cakes on this Blessed day

Can someone explain to me what happened? I just woke up and I've watched it like 5 times

I mean... isn't this basically the plot of the actual FNAF games?


I couldn't find it, but I remember it being shit. Here's something similar, instead.

Or if he got into acting

I'm guessing he's trying to adjust both masks so he can see.

I think he's pissed because he's ready to leave. Ever been out to eat where two people will just not stop talking? It's frustrating. They're done eating and the kid is bored, time to go.

You don't need the bot when the video is blocked in your land. Thanks Germany.

when they're making next to nothing you know they're doing it for the love of fucking

or for crack

It has been about 10 seconds since we looked at our lemon tree.

looks at lemon tree

some girl putting lemons in her outfit


Damn near shit my pants laughing

When I was like 10, I would put on 4 jackets, a couple pairs of pants, and a bunch of bandanas, ski masks and hats on my head to pretend I was wearing a space suit.

Who doesn't want to be Captain Batman?

[Undercover Sting](­ https://imgur.com/AHD119K done, thanks!)

[Undercover Sting](­ done, thanks!)

Is Reddit just choosing who to downvote at random now? I thought the idea was to make sure people contribute to the conversation

does this bot just hate fun or something?

Good thing anyone, even you, can submit content.

Link for research?

[Undercover Sting](https://imgur.com/AHD119K "Undercover Sting in the WWE")

Or like this. Then it shows hover text!

Undercover Sting
[Undercover Sting](https://imgur.com/AHD119K "Undercover Sting in the WWE")

Or like this. Then it shows hover text!

Low budget porn is best porn

That's TNA but it's also the weakest chair shot in the history of chair shots


Best Porn Plot Twist Ever [0:31]

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In the south it's a toboggan.

I'd also rather than learn it from me and not some random person online.

In reality it's just a bunch of jumpscares though, nothing of that appears in the game.

I really, really miss that bot

That's not Sting, that's a picture of Sting.


Bake for yourself.

I'm curious. My 3.5 yo loves watching Minecraft videos on youtube. I always thought it was for teenagers. When did your little one start playing?

Even worse than his formatting calamity is that this wasn't in WWE.

It was TNA.

The link doesn't work on mobile, there's text in the link


I thought they were synonymous. What's the difference?

Yup, makes no sense but that's what I hear them called in the south, too. Keep in mind we don't have to wear them often, if at all.

FNAF is like Tamagochis with kids under 10. Kids who think anamatronics coming to murder you are cool.

d00t d00t.

I'm a little weary about any of my kids becoming Captain Batman. I'm the parent, this story doesn't end well for me.

I was expecting Sting from The Police.

Link to the full length video for research?


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I think I got this

[Undercover Sting](https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ)

I think I got this

This may be my favorite gif thread ever

Dick goes in, dick goes out. You can't explain that.

What's FNAF?

Mostly SFW version

NSFW version

From FL, live in TX, no one down here calls it that. You're smoking crack. No one here even knows what a tabogen is. We call them beanies.

I enjoy FNAF - the fanbase is a uh... Some write fanfiction about animatronics getting it on. Not so weird when you think about the rest of the internet, but still. Some like to draw pornography of such things, others like myself just have a keyring or a t-shirt or something.

Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize this was /sub/mildlyinteresting and not /sub/unexpected.