I was on the fence on defending Israel... not anymore! Israel best ally!

I was on the fence on defending Israel... not anymore! Israel best ally!

This is some Texas/Alabama level trolling

Awesome. I sometimes dont get why some ppl make some sort of distinction between Palestinians and the rest of the bloodthirsty muslim terrorists. These animals lob aimless missiles into Israel routinely, with the hope of killing and maiming as many civilians as possible. They brainwash their children with cartoons depicting the murder of Jews.

They're savages

I never understood why anyone gave a shit about a hunger strike. If you don't choose to eat, I don't give a fuck. Pass the ketchup.

I don't know about that. Have you seen those huge fans that the Texans have put in their pastures to keep the wind blowing?


Texas likes keeping its people employed and working even if it means something silly being pushed through - we all know it's silly but if it means jobs and stability then we let it slide. The draw Mohammed contest is an example of what I'm referring to.

Yo.. Im getting tired of driving, and I am from Texas, I would do that for 50k a year every day.

We have the best Jews, don't we folks?

I remember that one. One Texan and a revolver = Done.

This is fantastic

Had a buddy in highschool that was born in Palestine. At the time (don't know about know), his adoptive parents here in the US had to pay extra for a boy. Apparently they don't let you adopt the boys from there, just the girls. So he was smuggled out as a female baby (had him dressed in pink) so he could be adopted by his American family.

Pulled (not tugged you sick bastards) pork with some vinegar based sauce, onions, pickles and a side of potatoe salad. A cold beer and we're all suddenly in church.

It never has been their land so no ''Palestinian" was kicked off it.

I have always been a supporter of Isreal. Just an old white guy saying.

We can be allies. But they don't get taxpayer money.

Spez: go ahead, bring your entire JDF army, I'll still advocate for US interests over Israeli.

Spez2: one person deleted his account over USA > Israel, anybody else want to play?

weaponized tailgating

They got free lead

First, never believe anything on Wikipedia unless there are valid sources and you can track them down to verify that the reference is valid.

The Palestinian grudge is really about the land lost to Israel when the Arabs surprise attacked Israel and got their asses kicked. Israel kept the land as a guard band. Yasser Arafat made up the Palestinians and used them in negotiations with clueless liberals like Jimmy Carter.

I don't get it either. "Oh the jews kicked them off their land".

So that excuses targeting civilians for death? If they kept to attacking military targets, and wearing uniforms, I'd be right there defending them. Any one of us would hate to have some global body kick our families from our home. We'd carry that grudge for generations.

But instead they're stabbing children, running people down in trucks, lobbing rockets at schools. Using schools, hospitals, designated journalist hotels, and broadcasting centers for military purposes.

But only if you are eating a steak, gotta trigger them liberals.

Shitposting IRL. With just the smell of food.

That right there is funny, I don't care who you are.

The greatest myth ever perpetrated on Christian America is that our success and bounty as a country was tied to our support of Israel... doesn't take a brain-scientist to figure out the last 70 years had nothing to do with the 140 before that...

I'm not anti-Israel. Not at all. I think we should support Israel - those are some hard m-effers providing a landing zone in what is likely always going to be the armpit of humanity.

>tfw draw the pedophile was a sting to draw out radical Islamic terrorists for a lead bbq eating contest.

Saw this on /pol/ I was cracking the fuck up hahaha

It cuts costs. I encourage hunger strikes, especially among prisoners.

We can disagree about israel AFTER islam is erased from the planet.

even if it means something silly being pushed through

are you referring to Texas's large wind farms? because they aren't even close to "silly"

Texas, with over 20,000 MW of capacity, had the most installed wind power capacity of any U.S. state at the end of 2016. Texas also had more under construction than any other state currently has installed.


California used to be the leader on wind power, and what we got for our troubles were energy shortages and rolling blackouts.

Nuclear energy is where it's at.

I just wanted to note, this comment thread is best read with a thick southern ascent.

$120 million per year in Oklahoma subsidies. We have budget crisis too. I think they're fucking creepy. They are all over the state, ruining the countryside. If they can't run without subsidy, to hell with them. Rise of the machines. . .

Nah, Texas and Alabama would have been grilling pork. Would have smelled delicious, and gotten pork particles into their lungs.

My husband grilled a perfect pork loin last night; it was amazing. But I'm only from Louisiana. :,(

There are lots of reasons they are silly and many models won't be financially viable without subsidies




I'm getting tired of exercising and dieting to stay thin, get me a lawn chair and let me join lol

There is a scriptural basis for what you said, but I don't think that was the a primary motivation that inspired the U.S. to support Israel. I think THE primary reason for this is that Israel put the Christian holy land back into play rather than in Arab hands.

The U.S. also benefits hugely from having an ally and base of operations in the region.

The victimhood mentality perfectly explains their living conditions and state of depridation. They don't have to admit their culture, which glorifies death, is rotten to the core.

All Jews agree that Israel has to be a Jewish ethostate but most Jews think Europe and North America need to be multicultural hellholes. Why?

Yeah, I don't like Palestinians but I don't like Israel either, who do you think is trying to push us into a war with Syria.....

And all of the birds they kill. They're a Jeb! level mess, imo.

Beautiful. Based Jews. I wish American Jews could be less libcucked and more like their based brothers and sisters in Israel.

As a Christian, I stand with Israel.

Drawl or accent. The southerners are not ascending, because if they tried to purge the southerners..

1776 would commence again, dare I say.


I have a friend who is palestinian and they are great, and smart enough to dodge all the really retarded palestinian political causes. The father is still very caustic to the wife though. : /









nevar forget

How is this getting upvoted?

What a shit thing to do.

This post is such a bait. Its amazing.

they hate everyone tho, even muslims

It's funny how they don't say "Jews cook barbecue to increase Muslim suffering", they put "Israeli alt-righters" and "Palestinians". Jews and Muslims have been feuding for thousands of years, but they revise it to make it like Trump supporters are doing it out of hatred.

Israel is quite literally the worst ally you could have though.

Trolling some Palestinians doesn't give back our government secrets they stole, it doesn't unbomb the USS Liberty, and it doesn't undo their intentional destabilization efforts which we're forced to clean up.

Israel could define their borders as Tel Aviv only and the Palestinians would still find a way to contest it as "their land." The PLO was created in 1964. They had the West Bank and Gaza. The Palestinians want all the land.

The Protestant reformation lead to many people reviving a scriptural mindset to bless the descendants of Israel, though Luther himself ended up being fairly anti Semitic later in life. The first protestants were very focused on Salvation and identity and didn't break away from Roman theology on many things like covenant theology and eschatology. When you believe the Church has replaced Israel permanently as God's people in regard to Old Testament prophecies, the Jews have no place in your eye. Further into the reformation people began rethinking that in view of Paul's teachings in his epistle to the Romans, and became much more oriented to treating the Jews with respect, expecting them to have a restored kingdom when Christ returns in the future. Once they got national sovereignty it only made sense to be their ally as well. I don't think many Christians who hold this theology care much about a "Christian holy land." Biblically, the body of Christ doesn't have a home on earth, but we do want to show favor to Jacob's people.

By the way, much of the land was sold to Jews from the late 1800s all the way leading up to '48 and beyond. Some of them were persuaded to sell the land with a plot to take it back from the Jews by force, and when their attacks failed they played the victim card. You're the descendants of vicious conquerors whose land was a waste place under some British mandate following the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Now it's an amazing country with a strong economy and you don't want to participate because it's not an Islamic state, and it's run by Jews of all people? Yeah you get no sympathy from me.

Deep underground nuclear power plants

Deep underground thermal power plants

Cold fusion (if we can work that shit out)

Take your pick, sooooo much better than tearing apart the country side with giant bird killing fans that aren't even viable


I still dont see why i would give a shit. One thing is withholding food and then they starve. If they starve themselves...how the fuck is that my problem.

Or plain bacon strips


Americans have far too little knowledge of history. It makes it easy for the left to create narratives that stupid people believe. For example, what actually happened with Galileo and during the Crusades has been replaced with libera memes that are completely wrong.

THIS!!! The amount of misinformation is staggering, honestly.

This Jew had bacon this morning

Israel would become the largest country in the world in a year or two.

Now California has giant solar farms in the middle of desert that are causing birds to ignite into flames in midair while flying over and then fall to their death in a plume of black smoke because of the intensity of heat the solor panels are redirecting back up into the air directly above them.

I'm talking from their perspective. Whether they have a historical claim to it or not, they were living there at the time, and had been for generations.

I know that if the Ottawa and Chippewa tribes took my family's land away because they (the tribes) historically owned it, I'd be equally pissed. But I wouldn't turn to terrorism.

I'd be quite happy to make it official foreign policy that, for every attack on The West committed by a Muslim; Israel gets to extend her borders by say, a kilometre.

Shit would stop really quick.

Israel is our greatest ally in the region.

You all can stand with Israel, I'll stand with America.

Also: Stop interfering in our politics. The Israel lobby is by far the largest lobby in the US, and the way they manipulate our politics is sick. The US has NO INTERESTS getting involved in mid eastern and Saudi wars.

And you know what the retards were shouting the WHOOOOOLE FUCKING TIME. aloha snakbar aloha snakbar. I saw a video a few years ago of the jihad is running around those shambles in the ME literally using no strategy just shouting aloha snakbar the the WHOOOOOLE time. I knew then these people weren't too bright.

Most people want to avoid their prisoners starving to death

Posts like this pop up every few days. It's quite obviously Israeli Internet activists paid to try and spread pro-Israel messages on the internet. Luckily if you scroll down to most of the comments that don't have suspicious amounts of upvotes, most Pedes aren't falling for it. America First means America First. Not America First, Israel Firster.

No you didn't. There is no Palestine.


some vinegar based sauce

Acceptable, and better than what most of the country goes for, but mustard-based is the superior choice

Spicy BBQ!!

Amen to that, uncucked Pede.

What has Israel ever done to help the US? We give them so many of our tax dollars, and what do they give us in return?

That's pretty fucking metal.

This is an easy game. Find who the Muslims hate. Those are your friends.

I've never met a Jew that didn't eat pork, including the ones from Israel I have worked with.

B-b-b-but Bill Nye said that we can provide power for everyone with wind, solar, tidal, and thermal energy!!

And people wondered why I stopped listening to him years ago.

Jordan had annexed the West Bank and Egypt Gaza in 1948 and up until Israel gained control in 67, but..... No Palestinian state. It's almost like their own Arab brothers give less of a shit about Palestinians than they do killing Jews.

Palestinians only ever had any sort of autonomy once Israel and them signed the Oslo accords in the 90s.

also the theory behind it I guess is that if they care enough about it to starve themselves to death maybe the thing is actually a big deal. idk if it actually works though

As an American Jew, I wish the same thing! I, too, stand with Israel.

Also, Bombing buses, blowing up cafes, blowing up malls, purposefully putting children in the line of fire so they can use their deaths for their narrative.... etc etc etc. Not to mention, they actually get a crap load of rockets, (not just at schools) lobbed at them daily, that largely go unreported. (I have pics and video though...)

Many people don't realize that Israel has been trying to stop terrorist attacks long before they became more common in Europe and the USA.

I was thinking about doing a full list of Palestinian terrorist attacks, but I realized that reddit only has a 10,000 character limit.

Only the orthodox jews actually avoid pork, I think. They have a more strict interpretation of the Torah.

Correction: Muslims have been murdering Jews (and everyone else for 1400 years).

That's why food is offered. If they choose not to eat it, that's kind of on them.

Especially if they had some pork chops and ribs. I know they wouldn't get eaten, but the smell would be tortuous.

This. I'm tired of hearing about "the Jews" being the problem. It's cucked Jews, just like cucked Christians and cucked atheists are a problem.

Cuckoldry cares not for your religion, race, ethnicity, or income level.

Israel is our family in the region... Uncucked and med-rare

Jew can say that again!

Nuclear energy

We have that too!

tons of propaganda pushing that narrative. look at post-ww2, it was Communist (Soviet, Cuba, etc) instigating these terrorist groups and selective 'oppression' narratives. like, nothing about soviet occupations, but black panthers and hamas and hanoi jane etc got pushed for public sympathy. john kerry was spouting soviet propaganda, some of his associates admitted it later on.



North Carolina? I'm still learning about the regional barbecue recipes.

The crew of the USS Liberty might take issue with that. However, I will add that this is pretty funny.

70-80% of the jews voted Hillary. Jews provided 50% of Hillarys funds.

There are extremely few based jews, and very many of them are cucked. Or rather, cucking us.

Israel essentially annexed the Golan Heights in the 1980s. They also don't harass Christians (or Palestinians) -- that is overblown propaganda from the MSM. The only country that lets Christians worship freely in the Middle East is Israel (while Arab countries may allow freedoms for Christians, they tend to be partial to Arab Christians).

Palestinian Arabs were created in the 1960s when the PLO Charter defined what a "Palestinian" was (see Article 5). There was no distinct Palestinian flag, identity, ethnicity, history, food, or culture prior. It has been entirely fabricated because they opposed the Jewish people from returning to the land: http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/plocov.asp

Right there with ya.

Jew better believe it!

Extremely true!!!! Honestly, the truth has been buried so far on some of that, it's hard to even find it when you're looking for it.

Yes, dad is our #1 ally. I don't know why some people have such an Isreal obsession. They cause us nothing but problems.

Seems pretty petty, some class from gods "chosen people"

By the way, much of the land was sold to Jews from the late 1800s all the way leading up to '48 and beyond. Some of them were persuaded to sell the land with a plot to take it back from the Jews by force, and when their attacks failed they played the victim card.

This. Just before WWI the area we consider Palestine sold massive amounts of what they believed to be worthless land to Jews, who managed to work it into something useful. When it became viable, they attacked it and took it back. Guess what the land is now? Back to being fucking rock and desert.

There are very few better sites I've ever witnessed in my life, than sitting on the beach in Tel Aviv, sipping a cold beer, and a pair of BADASS APACHE HELICOPTERS CRUISING DOWN THE COAST. Instant Boner.