I took a picture of a film negative, and put a negative filter on it

I took a picture of a film negative, and put a negative filter on it

Two negatives really do make a positive.

Well, damn.

That child is missing a face and it's terrifying.

/sub/theydidthemath ?

You forgot {A, B ∈ R}. Otherwise we can get A = -4 + 9i, B = -6 + 6i, and we end up with A*B = -30 - 78i = C, in which Re(C) < 0.

e: Gold! Also, this isn't the technically correct way to compare complex numbers. Don't do this in your exams pls.

They had to stand still for several seconds for a photo in those days. It's still hard to make a toddler stand still long enough for a pic even today. Thankfully we only have to worry about our kid looking like he has developmental issues as opposed to a Keter class harvester of souls.

A linguistics professor was lecturing to his class one day. "In English," he said, "a double negative forms a positive. In some languages though, such as Russian, a double negative is still a negative.

However," he pointed out, "there is no language wherein a double positive can form a negative."

A voice from the back of the room piped up, "Yeah, right."

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Oh boy... Incoming.

Can confirm. Given A<0, B<0, A*B=C, where C>0

Original picture for refrence

Please, I took my differentials midterm today, no more math, please.

This is borderline interesting as fuck territory.

So it's crazy how people defined i so that i2 =-1, right? Like that's some bullshit already. But people went on to define j and k. The numbers i, j, and k are called quaternions.

How they work: They all work like i2 =j2 =k2 =-1, but we also have ij=k, jk=i, and ki=j. However, their multiplication is weird in the sense that if you switch the order, they suddenly multiply out to different things. In particular, ji=-k, kj=-i, and ik=-j.

Why we give a fuck: These make calculations easier if we're talking about rotating things in three dimensions. In particular, 3D games can give mechanically involved graphics with this stuff.

As someone who's worked with negatives before, what did you expect to happen?

Keter class harvester of souls.

Found the MTF member.

I've never heard the term "quaternions," but the behaviour you're describing is the cross products of the standard unit vectors in 3-space, where i = [1,0,0], j = [0,1,0] and k = [0,0,1]. These have nothing to do with sqrt(-1).

The use of these vectors, and linear operations on these vectors, are what produces transformations (like rotations) of lines, planes, and spaces in 3-D space.

EDIT: Thanks to those who replied. It seems that quaternions and vectors are analogous to each other with some nuanced differences. I'm actually interested now, so I will read further into exactly how quaternions work on my own time.

I'm sorry, I don't want to be a wet blanket... But what did you expect to happen?

I never considered before now that you can use the iPhone home button triple click to do this.


The negative filter? That's a bizarre thing to make so easily accessible if that's what you're talking about. I've always used Android.

Haha my thoughts exactly -- I don't work with negatives or anything, it's just kinda...logical...

People with certain vision problems have an easier time reading a screen with inverted colors.

SCP references? Haven't read that stuff in years so im a little rusty in the terms

Damn, if only Reddit gold was a real object to give someone for that level of response

Way back in the nineties I remember scanning Nirvana's 'Bleach' album cover and inverting the image in whatever image manipulation software I had at the time and thinking that I was some kind of genius futureman.

I've seen that joke on 9gag decades ago with the caption "troll classmate! epic".

TIL the use of inverted colors on your phone

I dunno, but three rights make a left.

I think yall mathed u/dudewithbrokenhand to death

I've seen that joke on an old Reader's Digest. It's a veeery old joke.

Yeah this is the exact reason the invert filter was first implemented, for inverting a negative image scanned into the computer.

Yo dawg I heard you like negatives

You positive about that?

This joke was discovered in pictograph form on the walls of caves outside Lascaux, France.

Isn't this kinda trivial to be in the interesting as fuck territory?

Yeah, I feel like I might be missing something, maybe. It's a film negative. Of course it looks correct when you reverse it.

Yeah, MTF stands for mobile task force, I believe.

I'll see your reverse of photo of a negative and raise you a reverse of a photo of a reverse of a photo of a negative

Note: Yes, I know how to take a screenshot.  The point was to take a photo.

I'll see your reverse of photo of a negative and raise you

Note: Yes, I know how to take a screenshot. The point was to take a photo.

Stephen Colbert needs to get the fuck away from that kid without a face.

Spooky stuff, man. Spooky stuff.

If you've used vectors and rotations in 3D space you might've heard of/experienced gimbal lock. Quaternions can help avoid that.

Just because the technology existed, that doesn't mean that it was wide spread and/or every photographer was using it. The kid moving is a pretty reasonable assumption.

Don't forget to floss

Yep. I'm a photographer. This is exactly how negative photography works (except for all the test strips to get contrast correct). This is about as interesting as inverting a normal photograph and changing it back.

Maybe it should be in /sub/noshitsherlock

Super iPhone LPT: you can customize it to make the screen brightness go lower than normal. It makes night reading a little easier on the eyes

Is it really? I don't think it's even mildly interesting. The negative of a negative is a positive. They take the negative and make it positive. That's how film negatives work.


EDIT:decided to tone it down a bit.


But thats using sarcasm, which means I could use any double positive and just make it sarcastic.


Oh yeah, that would tooootally work.

lol, was gonna say...

Have I been sitting on 20 years of sealed karma?

He's HIV positive.

I applied a negative filter to a picture, then applied a negative filter again, and now it looks normal!


I usually use it for reading in bed so the screen isn't so jarring against the dark...

So you think it's more likely that this kid actually has no face?

As an English teacher, half of me laughs and the other half wants to tell that kid about the differences being a grammatical negative and a negative expression.

They had to stand still for several seconds for a photo in those days.

That's not true.

The 1878 discovery that heat-ripening a gelatin emulsion greatly increased its sensitivity finally made so-called "instantaneous" snapshot exposures practical.


Unless this picture is from before 1878, they didn't have to stand still any longer than we have to today.

Yeah, im pretty sure youre right now that you say that. Man I completely forgot about scp, now I have to go back. There has to be new stuff by now.

Me, thinking I'm pretty good at math, reading this.

It's configurable. By default, nothing

What? How is this mildlyinteresting. It's a negative, so when you invert it of course it's gonna be a positive.

If I did anything but stare at reddit in night mode this would be so useful.

Oh god I doubt I'll ever run out of new shit to read on that website, I started casually reading from SCP-001 like 4 years ago, and I'm only on 649.


Creepypasta in a scientific format. It's worth delving into. Just look out for the textual memetic hazards.

Guys I'm only in high school still, what the fuck are you guys saying?

Interestingly, I seem to remember learning that historically quaternions came first and then vectors were developed as a "generalization" of that (if you can call it that). This is the reason i, j, k are used sometimes as the basis vectors in R3, because they came from the quaternions of the same name.

(-1)*(-1) = 1


Pre-Jurassic dinosaurs scribbled it on the ground

Ahh the aladeen news

...it's no shit Sherlock territory. He made a negative of a negative, what the hell did you expect to happen?!


-4 + 9i and -6 + 6i are not less than 0. The complex numbers are not an ordered field, so it doesn't make sense to say that a complex number is greater than or less than 0 (unless it's also a real number).

Thanks b, gotta be minty fresh to succeed at math

edit: that's not an insult

They have it set to Invert Colours

Is the guy on the far left Stephen Colbert?

I think we all knew what would happen, but the totality of the effect looks a lot cooler than anyone would have thought.

Are you my mummy?

No but two Wrights make an airplane.

Obviously technology takes time to spread. The thing though is, I have a hard time believing this picture is from any earlier than the 1930's. Assuming I'm right, it would be quite a stretch to assume people were still taking long exposure photographs 60+ years later.

Not to mention the Kodak Brownie, which was released in 1900 as the world's first inexpensive camera. It transformed the nature of photography and meant everyone could start taking pictures.

So, most likely when this picture was taken it was 60+ years after the introduction of instant photography and 20+ years since the release of the Kodak Brownie. I have a hard time believing that the well-dressed people in this photo were using an antique camera.

Dude, no. This photo is from at least the mid-late 1940s, probably the '50s, judging by their clothing. The kid's face is blurry because they moved, as kids do. Not because 1940s cameras couldn't handle normal exposure times.

Taking a break from phys midterms to cruse reddit I just can't seem to escape cross products and vectors anywhere

Also a photographer here. If I knew posting a picture with a filter of a negative could get this much karma, I would have done it years ago.

Looking at the facts, I don't see how one couldn't come to that conclusion.

Stephen Colbert

I believe he would be more accurately described as centre-left.

Is sarcasm a language

Yeah, I gotta agree with you on this one. I see other comments being like Oh, wow! This is SUPER interesting! meanwhile I'm just sitting here wondering how something so obvious can get upvoted to the moon.

And those red eyes on some early 2000s cameras... Christ

I would expect this to happen, I've just never seen it done before.

We don't have to specify that A and B are reals. By specifying that A<0 and B<0, that automatically rules out A and B being complex numbers.

The reason is that complex numbers can't be compared as less than or greater than---only equality.

But do two wrongs make a right?

So it really is a Keter class harvester of souls.

TIL there's been a "fuck you" sub for 3 years...

I hope you made a full recovery from the darkness of your former 9gag usage.

So I put a negative in your negative, so you can be negative while looking at a negative of a negative.

For the uninitiated... wat?

In addition to Night Shift?

I'm about to take mine tomorrow. Tips?

We've found traces of this joke in the CMB

No, you're describing linear algebra, while they're describing one application of quaternions. You can freely convert between them, and neither are commutative, but they're not the same things. Check it out.

Can confirm. There's a way to essentially enable a "nighttime mode" which dims the screen beyond what you can normally do. I believe it uses the "Zoom" Accessibility feature with the "Low Light" Zoom Filter. Great for when you want to check your phone in the middle of the night.

Edit: Reduce White Point, as /u/pixellior points out, does the same thing. The light reduction of both methods stack though, so you can effectively dim your screen to unreadable levels.

The way the triple-tap shortcut works: If you have one accessibility shortcut selected for triple-tap, a triple-tap turns it on. If you have more than two, a triple-tap brings up a menu to enable the accessibility feature you want. Most people only enable one feature for triple-tap, but to each their own.